Tafseer Bites 2022 – An Ayah that would change your life Saad, azzumar, Ghafir

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The transcript describes a man who surrendered to Allah and gave a bundle of straps to his wife, as well as a woman who lost everything and stopped supporting him. The segment also touches on the history of Islam and its cultural implications, including the importance of acceptance and avoiding false accusations. The segment ends with a discussion of " evils of Islam" and the " evils of the beast."

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smella me lots of the summer so less than America. I don't want a castle.

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So the shift has completed Java have sort of suffered from last night and then he started sort of, sort of sod. They're gonna cover three swords today, sod, zoom up, and Rafa, these are very beautiful souls. They're all mkisofs And they're all from the Mitanni they're less or below 100 iron. Solid sod

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is a continuation of the souls that were prior of it all about the surrendering and submitting to Allah subhana wa Tada. And it talks also about the struggle, the struggle between between the believers and the non believers. And those who ridicule the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada. So, so much so that they say

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that, in a very color shirt on a new job, this man, this prophet who came in this man who came in this prophet who came in who's calling up to only one more, he made all these idols turned me to unlock one Lord in a dedication earlier, this is amazing, you know, how can he turn all these gods into one? And then Allah subhana wa, tada talks about the study of the road, and he said, I'm sorry, man,

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are you

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and Allah calls them a beautiful, beautiful or describes them with a very beautiful quality. He describes them all with this term, a web

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in a web, starting from download and install a man

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who's the father and who's the son?

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You raised his hands. So this is how it works. You raise your hand you take it or you. You raise your hands with it. No.

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You did. Who's the dad?

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Send him like a son. Okay, yeah. You're good.

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All right. So that would start it from there. But these profits, there was something that they have done, which

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maybe they were not supposed to do that with Ali Salam he made the first one and he realized that he did something wrong. And then they surrender to Allah subhana wa Tada. So they might listen. Are you Valley cinema as well, then the Lazarus has called them with a webinar with me What's the meaning of our so the humanity Sudan when he had the story of when he was amazing, when he was sick for years, some note, I might say 70 years after he lost everything, but then his wife who was used to take care of him, despite the fact that all his he lost his children, he lost his wealth, he lost his properties, even his friends. They deserted him because he stopped you know, he doesn't have

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anything and then his wife, she wanted to keep on supporting him. She did something which was maybe she was not supposed to do he made an oath to striker to hit her, you know, like 100 strikes. So Allah subhanho wa Taala after he after gave after the after you already said to me that that was the vision and I was like, give him Shiva but now he has. He didn't know Allah azza wa jal does not want him to break his oath. So he says he told him to take a bundle instead of having 100 Lastic a bundle of the straps and then slightly he try to keep your oath and don't make this promise again, don't make such a promise again, don't make such an oath again. And then Allah calls him a web what's a

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word? What is the one who swiftly goes back to Allah?

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The one who repents to Allah, you and I we need to be aware from from an LLB Sultan llbean

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whatsoever is that the prayer of the Webby

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serata Surah

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mother like Morocco

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they have you

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know Mary Jiang

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is there gonna

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be no.

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Solid awarding is

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the profit process really describes it solid woven solid. That happens after sunrise all the way about 20 minutes before it's all called salatu wa salatu LLB Alright, so that's sad. But then Elijah also talks back about another example of some people who did not or someone who did not surrender to Allah as Asian. Allah talks about Chapin within that IBLEES in particular Paula Booker lil Malika in this is the very last day of solid thought if other bookish melodica to any higher conversion on Neupane for either so we're gonna factor for him.

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He didn't say

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Especially that Metallica

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release. So when your Lord created Adam and he instructed the angels to make sure to add in all the angels making sure to Adam except one IBLEES he, he did not want to make sure to them and he said as Allah as instructed him so somebody who is surrendered to Allah and someone who did not surrender ALLAH SubhanA wa surrender to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and then from solid solid to sort of Zuma, Zuma a very beautiful Surah very soft Surah talks about Aeschylus Allah about AirFloss if you have to read that so it talks a lot about sincerity if lust in Arabic means sincerity.

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With Allah Muhammad Sallallahu Dini, Melissa who Deen that would allow her Melissa low worship Allah who lost brothers and sisters you may not know or you may know that the very first people that will enter Hellfire are not non believers.

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The very first people who would enter Hellfire are actually Muslims three, but they will cut this hadith in Bukhari very authentic there is no hobo rally there is not just on this particular Hadith three people who will come on the Day of Judgment. One of them is someone who used to be half of the Imam and for our own mo for Allah Allah azza wa jal Shan is deep and you won't recognize all these D and then he will Allah will tell him what did you with all these deeds? You see, I get this I became half. I don't plan for your sake, Allah azza wa jal say, can you lie? You did this so that people say you haven't. It is so that people see it. And you didn't say that people say your share

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your share?

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concept, and he shall be told in hellfire. The second one wouldn't be the one who is generous, Allah has to bring him on his knees and he will recognize them. And then Allah will tell him what did you do with all this? See, Allah has I gave charity for your sake Allah will say that July you need to stop people say that you're generous, and he shall be thrown work at clean the hadith is so beautiful work and clean. You see, this is the beauty what is what is what? You want people to say that you're generous, and they said so. So you got what you want it. People said you're generous people said you share who the man and then the third one, the one who comes in the land in the

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battlefield, not the land of the chicken but the land of the brave the land of the giants, but again, this man who fought according to him for the sake of Allah, Allah will tell him no you lie you did not fight for the for the sake of Allah you fought for that people said that you're a brave man. You're a courageous man and you will be thrown in hellfire these are the various first three people who will be thrown in hellfire into the bank this isn't so that's

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so that

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I will come back to sort of someone with an eye that will change your life so that the life the last thought that we'll cover tonight Mashallah. Rafa, it speaks for itself brothers. Rafa

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what does it mean what does it refer

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for school this is my philosophy

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where's your hand

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forgive her

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but raise your hand

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forgive a casa

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Rafi did dumb ability to get down. This is the beginning of the either the wrath or the wrath of the whole the alpha or these are beautiful names of Allah subhanho wa taala. This is what the solo talks about. It talks about overall he talks about and then in Surah Rafa does something really beautiful that I wanted to share with you as well with with salata.

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So in

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the whole, verse number seven, Allah Subhana Allah, no, this is not behind that which is your life. Verse Number Seven of Swords. And brothers and sisters, do you want the interesting part for you?

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These are not eight people. These are angels are not any angels. By the way. These are very special angels. These are the ones who are carrying the Throne of Allah.

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How many are they?

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Raise your hand. How many are they? Eight? You know the

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evidence. You mean my childhood?

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When I was got eight, do you have any evidence?

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The evidence?

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Well, yes, we do have some of the homeodomain family I said it's not and they are carriers of the tournament organizer that ate the Prophet Muhammad. He describes them he said one of them between his ear lobe to his shoulder is the distance between the heavens and earth. One of them imagine between here and here. How about his head? There are eight of them carrying that Throne of Allah Xhosa. What are they doing? I left in the house.

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lizer she says a lady in the afternoon of a house. Woman Hello. You said you're gonna be handled by him while you're gonna be wasted Fernanda Linda Dina

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And I've been I was, I couldn't say it was that was

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fun filming the dinner table. What did that also be the color for him I'd ever Jehane they're not only making up for those who repent they're making the art for you if you make Toba tonight, his interest will be making two for you and for your families and for your parents. And they're asking Allah azza wa jal to admit you to Shana have been

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almost, I mean, he was raising my daughter.

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So these are angels making up for you brothers and sisters in a way that will change your life. Verse number 53 from so let's Azuma This is a number of this, this is the most hopeful area in the entire plan. According to the 100, according to the Sahaba, the most hopeful area in the whole plan, verse number 53, from Saltus Zuma Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he ministry found your gene

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Well, yeah, a birdie Alladhina Ocelot for Allah forcing him

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in namaha, yup, fueled by journey. This is the key word journey in one of our borders, what he say oh my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah, Allah forgives all the things. The key word is all the sense. You may come and tell me I've done something so horrible. I don't think Allah will forgive me. I say go back to solid Zuma Zuma verse number 53. Allah says in Allah Hiya, Pribyl Vinoba gemmy in one for those watching is Allah for he is the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala never despair. We all make sense we all make mistakes as soon as as long as your your lies if you have committed that sin and you're not persistent in

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committing that since that sin you seize it, you stop it and then you return to your Lord you come back to him Subhanallah with the other you surrender and you submit yourself to Him. Allah subhanho wa Taala is not only willing to forgive you is willing to forgive you and convert all your daddy's into good DC sharp but I asked allows him to help us to practice and to convey bollock Luffy comes up my hero ceremony contemplate I know how to get out