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The importance of Islam in one's life and actions is discussed, including its use of dryers and praying. The root of Islam is the seed of everything, and one's faith in actions is reflected in their actions. The transmission of Islam through actions, faith, and deeds is also emphasized, along with the need for a clear understanding of one's actions to achieve success in worship. The segment emphasizes the importance of faith in one's actions and actions that lead to alignment with Allah's will.

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you don't

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want to stain on a stove you're not only with him in the shoulder Woody fusina was a year to

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be the healer who fell mobila When a new clean fella had the wash handle

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era law was the whole shed he Kara wash had one more Hamedan Aghadoe who was solo Lola worthy he went and he wasn't

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a you had an idea and then on top of law, I have quatro party he wanted to move to

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one. Mostly moon. Yeah, Johan Souter back home already Holika come in enough's zoom. Wahida mahalo calm in has

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with me in Houma region, Kathy on one he says

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what law the

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law would be he will help him in Allah haka. And now I know you can melotti Heba Yeah, you already in law, how Apolo woolen studied, use regular comb era Malcolm Why have you left home Do you know back home one day you're the one I saw widow who felt as if it was an alpha Lima

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in us the Hadith the Kitab Allah He I saw how y'all had you had your handmade in SallAllahu early he were early he was sending them or shopping one more do you want to defer to her was definitely in beat the popular or cool popular media item Bala Wakulla, that infinite, all praises due to Allah we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask His forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship, except Allah alone. And I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu already he will only he was

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selling them is His servant and his messenger are you who believe in fear Allah as you should be feared and die not accept as Muslims in a state of submission to your Lord, or mankind be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person, and from him he created his wife and from them both he created many men and women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kin. Surely Allah is Ever and all watcher over you are you who believe if your duty to Allah, hear him and speak the truth, he will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive your sins.

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And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed been a great achievement. The best words are those of Allah. The best guidance is that on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was setting them up for the worst things in the religion are the newly invented matters, or the newly invented matters in religion, or an innovation and without an every bidder is misguidance, a

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group of people, some of the nomads

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have not really committed themselves properly, wholeheartedly to Islam at the time, they came to the messenger salaam, salaam, they came to Medina

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and they were

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bragging, making a show about

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their faith. So we're bringing the concept of we are believers, we have believed

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in conversations in the statements and so on and so forth. And in one at one point, they brought that to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and there was a hint of them.

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Sort of

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making the prophets Isilon feel as if they have

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they have extended a favor to him, we have accepted your message we have become we have believed in you. So this is a reason that you should treat us differently. You should appreciate this. We have one over you here. So Allah subhanaw taala reveals highlighted our boy and taught me know what I can go to SLM na. M. Yet the holy man of your Kulu become one of those nomads. They said, We have believed

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we are people of faith, say to them or Muhammad

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say to them that they should say we have become Muslims.

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We have embraced Islam. We have committed ourselves to Islam.

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And the true Iman is yet to manifest in your heart is yet to take root in your inner dimension

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to the Prophet SAW southern he will fix the terminology for them. This Eman is a holistic state

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Eman starts in the heart. The root of Eman is in the heart.

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Then it translates itself. And when we say the heart, it's your inner dimension. It's who you are inside. It's the core of your being. And this manifests itself because humans are expressive creatures. This expresses itself in the form of speech. So you see the shahada shadow under Ilaha illa Allah what a shadow no Mohammed and Abdullah solo.

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So when your heart submits, when your heart commence,

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your tongue is going to express this.

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So if you make you declare the shahada, and you make vicar you recite Quran, you enjoin the good you forbid the evil, you will recite the different of God and you, you invoke Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And then it expresses itself in the form of action, your heart expresses itself. Externally, you will pray, you obey Allah subhanaw taala. You will fast, you're going to do charity. You're going to help those who are in need. You're going to be forgiving. You're going to be generous.

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You're going to be fair and just

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that's what Eman is.

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And when we speak technically about Islam. Islam highlights or refers mainly to the external aspects of Eman of the religion and that's why when Gibreel alayhi salam came to the messenger SallAllahu wasallam in the form of a man he said Young Muhammad, Burnie and in Islam, or Muhammad, tell me about Islam. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said, the shahada and La Ilaha illa Allah and Muhammad Rasool Allah, Motoki masala what is taught is the cow otter Sama, Ramadan moto jailbait is that our daily is

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that's what Islam is the five pillars of Islam that are

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the external manifestations.

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Whereas Iman covers Islam and the inner dimension and the root of Islam itself.

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So it's not Eman, is the beginning is the faith in the heart. But then it starts expressing itself externally if it's true. And when you implement when you act upon this event and you show this Islam, it feeds back into your Eman and you get a higher level of Eman and faith.

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A higher level of faith and that's why Allah subhanaw taala instructed the Prophet SAW Selim to speak to those nomads, among who was some hypocrites, don't call yourselves believers don't say we have believed. But say we have embraced Islam we have become Muslim. And we are doing the actions of Islam. But your real Eman has not yet manifested itself in your hearts. And you have not really done what it truly takes. Yes.

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But we should be aware of this because oftentimes we confuse Islam with Amen. We think as long as I'm a Muslim and how I have the title Muslim, I identify myself as a Muslim. Or maybe even if I do better than that and perform the acts of worship, I pray I fast. I hold a Muslim name.

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And I utter some Arabic words I say insha Allah I say hamdulillah and I say La Ilaha illa Allah

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that's Islam. But it doesn't guarantee I have Iman proper me and doesn't mean you completely void of a man. But a man is levels.

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He man has levels. It's the root is the seed of everything. But this seed has to grow into a tree if it does not grow into a tree you'll find the Quran referring to that, but you don't have a man yet, doesn't mean you don't have a man at all. But you don't have the man that will get you into paradise and protect you from the Hellfire you

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still need to do more. You still need to do

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More externally and internally

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that's why a man came to my mom and hustled on the bus three came along to either the Imam of unpossible or the Imam of a tambourine. He said Abbas al Amin on and all abou say I was so Number three's you gonna make you a believer

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has an industry being a scholar of Islam as a key person who understood the Quran he says an E man who Eman Eman is two levels

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a mill email

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builder he will surely he

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Mala Hickety he will call to be here with Yeoman F hurry. About a will a photographer and Mo Minami clearly that conviction on what is the only one who deserves to be worshipped that Muhammad is his messenger for Salam. There is the last day there is angels that has been message messages, messages sent down revelations and messengers and that the pre decree of Allah pada I believe in all of this, I'm up. I have a conviction about all of this.

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He says there is the man where Allah subhanaw taala says in a minimum of Mina livina he had to kill Allah What would you look at? Well, what Eman on

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the email login of Allah Allah Kofi him and levena Edano kelabra In the manual Muna Lavina he doesn't kill Allah Who would you were either to the Italian tools or the Tommy mana where I know our behavior towards

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Allah says hula Iike who will know me know now

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refers to visit there's another level of Eman where Allah says, Indeed the believers are only the ones that when the name of Allah is mentioned the hearts tremble

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hearts shake something resonates with them at a deep level is the faith responds to the words of Allah. What do you let alone what either utterly utterly him as to who's added Tommy man and when his words are recited to them, they increase in email they evolve in a man

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the they accept them favorably they look forward to them, they embrace them, they embody them, they absorb them.

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They submit themselves to them.

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We had our OB Muto

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put your trust in Allah, our inner things.

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Levine I leaned up Mona salata woman models of longing for one those who established the prayer read through the Quran, the beginning of solitary Bacala Allah mentions but the Quran be guidance for the Matatini who then again livina up don't employ ByuTv Munna Salah when we met was up on our own.

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Those who believe in the unseen those who established the prayer, those who spend from what We have given them

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has an imbecile he says Amma heaven Eman livina. He doesn't kill Allah Who would you like to Google Home and agree among me on Anna amla. He says as to the higher level of Eman which is when I hear the name of Allah Maha shakes.

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And my whole inner dimension is caught by the beauty of the words of Allah or by the name of Allah. I don't know if I am that level of iman.

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Thus, we have to have this humility and not take the name Islam for granted that I'm a Muslim. We don't know. We don't know how much faith have we do we have enough faith inside? That would save us from the Hellfire that would make Allah subhanaw taala forgive our sins on the Day of Judgment allow us into Paradise because none of our deeds is going to get us into paradise. The messengers seldom say says Linnea to hola Hello mean como Jana Toby Anthony. None of you will enter Paradise because of their deeds you teach won't be enough. Maitri into paradise

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Coronavirus will entail rasool Allah the the companion said O Messenger of Allah What about you your deeds won't get you into paradise he says what Anna

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what Anna inlandia Tuber Madani Allahu grommeted min homophobic even my deeds won't get me into paradise unless ALLAH showers me with his forgiveness and mercy.

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His balancing the

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two of them Muslim there is no sort of ceiling that among Muslim I take that for granted. Every day. You have to grow in faith. At least you have to strive to grow.

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Every day you wake up, you open your eyes and you realize this is a day that was given to you to increase your level of man to become a better believer. A better Muslim.

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Every day is a challenge for you. It's a constant

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struggle every day you raise the bar higher for yourself

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and you focus on the things that Allah loves the most and what are these things as Allah says in the Divine Hadith Mirta, Cava la Yaga Devi che in a heartbeat hmm after to LA, my servant does not seek near destiny by anything that I love more than the things are made an obligation. Allah made them obligation because Allah loves them the most. And the hallmark of Tawheed. The

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hallmark of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala is to make your will your desire, follow the will of Allah.

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So you try to align you will with the will of Allah. So what Allah loves the most is the obligations. So you do the obligations, before you go about refining your worship and fine tuning it you get the foundations right? You get what Allah loves, right? And then after that, you go into the details, you start fixing and refining and improving the quality but you have to get the foundation right because that's what Allah loves the most. That shows the sound heart

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and reasonable mind if you ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us from books of recording otherwise.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was happy Hmm.

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So Eman is a dynamic concept. Throughout the Quran, you will see Allah addressing the believers Yeah, you are Latina Hominem, or you who believe or you who believe you will find all of the scholars of Tafseer they say it's not just Allah is calling upon the believers as if he's calling upon a proper name. As if he's calling them all believers. That's it because you just believers, then what follows has nothing to do with the name believers. What you when Allah says yeah, and you handler the in Ermanno. Allah invokes in us.

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Our the faith is faith is dynamic. If you truly believe then you're going to do what I'm telling you to do.

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If you truly have faith, your faith is going to get you to do this and that, for example, Allah says at the beginning of Saltalamacchia Jana, you had Lavina Herman Oh phobia award or you who believe fulfill your agreements, your covenants, why is faith is an act of loyalty, a man is an act of truthfulness, an act of commitment. And then Allah says, oh, for below, good. Commit your agreements. If you are truly if you truly have a man, this is going to show in how you handle your commitments and your agreements. So whatever follows,

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actually stems from faith itself, showing that faith is dynamic. So a believer wherever you put a believer, the faith transpires in action. Now they understand how they respond, and how they behave, what they initiate, how they carry themselves along, what faith is, but if faith for us is a decoration, I have a man it's I keep it in this closet or this closet, and it has nothing to do with my reality with how I handle my spouse, how I handle my children, how I handle society, how I handle the challenge, how I deal with an opportunity, or how I deal with animals, I deal with the environment, how I deal even with my emotions, and with my different states. If my Eman does not

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have an impact on this, it's a mere decoration. That's a very risky place to begin. So remember Eman is a very dynamic, very dynamic concept and

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it informs you it gives you the the will the motivation to act in ways that are in alignment with the will of Allah subhana wa Tada We ask Allah subhanaw taala to increase increases in Eman and make us better Muslims day in and day out alone muckety muck and you know in one minute when Muslim you know when was the mat? Allah here in Menomonee Allama Finland I don't know when our response NFV Emelina it's a bit tough for them and I was gonna add a comment Catherine along with Elena when he Valentina What do you mean don't help Medicare out? I mean a lot of neighboring we had the Illuminati Mahvash rise up here and automatic way with Fe I do not see your middle fee Hibiki

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Tabitha was doing that in a bit Yuka Salalah already he was signum.

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Allah whom I couldn't get across the life human element meaning if equally McCann along with rich Lamas Hold on, do we care? Why do we have SubhanAllah? Because basically, I'm minus one. Salam when I did most of you know what hamdulillah he'll be like, I mean