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AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during the day and preventing future mistakes is discussed, along with the need for intentions to prevent future mistakes. The importance of having intentions for eating and drinking before the night is emphasized. The segment also touches on the differences between federal student litigation and federal student litigation, as well as the importance of fasting during busy times and taking what one needs from them. The segment ends with a mention of a halacha on fasting and a longer halacha on the weekend.
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Good night. So we consider it to be 30 days

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so, this is why sometimes

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we call the last day on Shaban, yo check the day of doubt, the day of doubt, because somebody might say, what if they made a mistake in citing the moon? What if today is actually Ramadan? And they didn't get to see the moon? Okay, but it was actually there. What if the calculations tell us something else and people based on the sighting they said, No, that's it.

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So he says, I'm going to fast this day just to be on the safe side. Just to be on the safe side. I'm going to fast an extra day which is before Ramadan, the last day of Shabbat. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually prohibited this and he advised against it. So he said he selected was salam

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in the length reported by Muslim, he says that the more Ramadan Misumi omein, a woman whether you remain in larger than a samosa woman for years, so do not first day or two days before Ramadan, except if someone has a habit of fasting. Someone usually as we said, he fasts one day or every other day, or he fasts, Mondays and Thursdays, and they happened the day before Ramadan happens to be Thursday, you're fasting, that's fine. But if you fast just because you want to be on the safe side, then one of the companions said similar to Mustafa, like no load Allah He said massaman yo melody you shake coffee for canasa will cause him the one who fasts the day, which is that people

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have doubts about it, whether it's Ramadan or tomorrow is Ramadan, then he has gone against the instructions of Abu Carson, which is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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And seeing the crescent or the moon of Ramadan, can be established by having two adults, sane adults, Muslims who get to see the moon. If they sign the moon and their testimony coincides, then that's enough for the Muslims to take that that's enough for the Muslims to take that. And mainly the decision should be made by the Muslim ruler of the Khalifa, the Muslim government, the Muslim King, the Muslim president, when we live in a country and we said that on Friday where there is no Muslim president that's basically the authority lies with the Muslim organizations and the Muslim organizations are not united yet. In this regards, they're not united yes yet in this regards, but

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there are efforts to bring things a bit closer inshallah seems a lot of the Muslim organizations now agree on what we call globe what we call global sighting, global sighting of the moon so there is there are some disputes here and there but it seems that almost everybody is moving towards their inshallah

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now it's very, very important issue with fasting is the intention and Nia is a near the Prophet sallallahu sallam said and authentic hadith

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he says Men millennial, but yet to see and I mean a lady for now. So Jamelia who, the one who does not have or does not develop the intention to fast during the night, that precedes the day, then there's no fast for him, man, I'm up to see and I mean, a lady fell out so Yamuna who so that's why it's very important to have the intention to fast tomorrow, okay, from the night. I'm going to fast tomorrow. And as I said, the intention is not something you verbalize, but it's in your heart. So as long as you wake up to eat for Soho, that's clear that you already have intention and the Hadith the Prophet Solomon says men the MUJI messianic public February philosophy I'm the one who does not have

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the intention develop the intention to fast before Fajr there's no cm for him, there's no fast when it doesn't count.

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And this pertains to Ramadan.

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This pertains to the Ramadan the issue of having an intention because if you do voluntary fast, you can have the intention anytime the Prophet SAW Selim, it's narrated authentically, that he would sometimes

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come to Sharia law and one of his wives would come to them and he would ask, and it would be about Doha or just before the whole time, he would say, Do you guys have food today? So we have nothing really. So it's okay, I'm gonna fast today. So the process of them had the intention develop the intention during the day, but that's for sunnah. That's for voluntary fast one for Ramadan. You have to have the intention the night before.

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Some people say this have the intention for the whole month.

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But you see the hadith is saying if we don't have the intention from the night before, so, again, here

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shouldn't be on the safe side have the intention each night for the day that comes afterwards

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what if someone eats and drinks by mistake if they fast they carry on fasting and then fast counts there's no issue with this. What if someone forgot it was Ramadan the first day of Ramadan okay, they just happen to wake up late they didn't know it was the first day in Ramadan so they started eating they started eating well the companions or the like the scholars generally say if this is the case a person is waiting for Ramadan but they didn't realize this was Ramadan they used to haven't previously often but now with a lot of means of communication around and a lot of hype about Ramadan it's it's a rare case but sometimes it could be the case with if Muslims live in a city where there

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is no much what normally Muslims okay

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okay so

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there's a hadith here with the prophets of southern says or it's from Solomon acquire he said Amana be useful Allah are you Salam Alaikum in Islam and at the infancy and naman Acalypha yes from Bhartiya to me, one woman Lamia, California some in Loma Ashura. This was when Ashura was the obligation before Ramadan, by the way, Muslims were supposed to first Ashura before Ramadan, it was an obligation that's the second year of Hijra. So the Prophet SAW Selim sent one of the companies around from Islam, he said pronounced among the people, that whoever has eaten them hold back and let them start fasting from that moment, and who has not eaten them fast Ashura as well. So some

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scholars took from this that if you if it happens, the Ramadan happens to begin and you are unaware of it and you started eating, then you were informed, that was Ramadan, so hold back from eating and inshallah it would count as a day for you. Although this is not a consensus among the scholars.

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So some scholars said, yes, they this person should faster date instead of this, but they should hold back anyway. They should hold back anywhere but they should fast the day they throw makeup day afterwards. Why? Because they didn't have the intention from the night before. So this is an issue of dispute. And if you want to be on the safe side, I would say faster day instead of it.

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Time for fasting, and as sometimes this course causes some issues for people. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, what Kulu Chabot, salted Bacala Kudo. shabu had diabetes and hola como hypo libido, mineral hypo is where the mineral fish and eat and drink until the white thread is visible to you. The white thread from the black thread is visible to you. That's the term for Fudger. There's what we call the federal side of the true federal. This is when there's a thread of whiteness and brightness across the harasser spreads across the horizon. If you're in an open area, you could actually see it is very clear. That's the time you stop eating at night, and you start

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your fast. So when do we wonder is this the fast start? Exactly at the time of Yvonne, Daniel Fajr. Allah on this is Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. That's the time to stop eating and drinking. Some people say, you know, we should stop maybe 15 minutes 15 minutes before just to be on the safe side. We said the companions of the Prophet Salam never did that. The prophets of salaam himself never did that. They would eat until the dawn of Fajr until they saw the sign of Fajr or they had them I didn't say Allahu Akbar. That's it. So don't you don't have to be on the safe side there. Specifically when the Prophet SAW said I'm encouraged that we delay our show as much as possible.

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The prophets of salaam says authentic hadith matters heirloom material. Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello shareholder home. We're at Gen football on

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matters that are on my TV. Hi, my heart.

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Sahara. We're at Gillette fifth Raha Gillette Federa. So what does this mean? Prasanna says My nation will be in a good state for as long as they delay their so held to the last time and they break their foster open their fast immediately.

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immediately so this is why you find some of the people some of the deviant sects among the Muslim ummah they actually they don't for example they don't open their foster mother

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they don't open their foster model. They wait afternoon until they start seeing the stars until they start seeing the stars they say that's how it's supposed to be you see no

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the Prophet SAW Salem Brock is faster the time of Muhammad the moment the sun sets or the moment the meridian calls them for you we have calendars now as long as the time shows when the clock ticks at that time, that's it break your fast she let me be on the safe side let me hold back for two or three minutes. That's not the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Okay, Federal sentencing in the sense of federal alumni best said there are only in return on the promises and there are two features two features. One is called a federal candidate, false Fajr. And one is called federal solder the true Fajr the true version we said when the white thread spreads across the horizon, but the

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the false Fajr is some kind of brightness, some kind of Twilight that shows on the east side, but it does not spread as a friend.

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It is not spread. It's not thin, you cannot tell the difference. So like it fades into into the darkness of the sky. But for Fajr you can see it's like a threat. It's so clear there's a clear border between that's the true Fajr but the false Fajr it fades into the darkness so it's not such a clear kind of thread. And this is why the prophets of salaam says and federal funds Iran for a mill a wolferton Nola you heard him a bomb What are you hitting us Salah mythologies. And now you have the more Bahama or your Hello solid prophecy says there are two features. First feature, it does not prohibit or does not stop us from eating and does not allow us to pray Fajr and the second God,

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which is the true Fudger is when we should stop eating and we can start praying and Ephesians. So it's very important to tell to see the difference between these some groups among the Muslims that as I said they tried to be on the safe side. So they take Fajr actually before it's sign

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that's problematic because you might be stopping your fast Yes.

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Early, but what about people going to take your opinion and they will pray Fajr before it's real time. So that's problematic. And it's actually in some of the Muslim countries that is an issue, because oftentimes the Sudan is actually before the time, often times, the other hand is before their time in many of the Muslim countries unfortunately, and sometimes 20 to 25 minutes.

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The Adhan is before the time in a lot of the Muslim countries. So this is why sometimes the scholars say be careful don't prefer jump straight away, you will find the women's specifically at home after they are done the prefecture and go to sleep.

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But video has not been there yet. And this issue causes a lot of problems and friction. Some people say well, they made the ad and I'm gonna pray regardless and so on and so forth. And by the way, this is not a new issue and half of them in agile as Kalani even mentioned this in in fact, Halle Berry in his commentary on soil quality and he lived 700 years ago he mentioned the same problem same issue along Stan

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Okay, now what if the time comes or if the time comes over them and then calls the other one and I'm I'm having something in my hand I'm eating either like have a cup that I'm drinking from or I have something in my hand that I have already picked up and I'm putting it in my mouth or I have already I'm chewing on something, what should I do? And the time has just come in for

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the prophets of Allah and you send them says and this authentic hadith reports about a Buddha would and will hack him and be happy. Is there something I have no common neither one ena or fi fella who had Jacobo Johanna Jetta whom in

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if one of you here is the other way around for five years, and the food container or the or the cup is in his hand. Let him not put it down.

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until he takes what he needs from it.

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It has me I had to come on neither well inner op ed fella who had to tell me no. So you're already drinking something other than says Allahu Akbar. Some people say, Oh, it'd be righteous, spit it out. No, the prophet isn't I'm saying take what you need from it. Take what you need from us.

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Subhanallah I mean, that's the that's the commentary from all the

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what I mentioned from from half of the Escalante it's here so basically, I'm going to read this thing and he says mean, I'll be there I'll move my head that if you had as a man in Iraq, or in Afghanistan in public February been with Hulu visa, vie Ramadan, what vital Masabi Allah to Allah maternity, Riemann actually was sharp. When you read that Manama that left you out I feel really bad. While you're in a movie that had on us, a Java home Daddy can either unsalted

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Ruby mythologically Temkin worked zamel

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Jelsa Suho file of Asuna Philadelphia Colin homonuclear our Catalog Catalog shot is simply saying that there's a bit of either a period in their time where they pray where they make the done for visual before just to be out of precaution. And as this led them as well, to push Maghrib even after it's time just to be again on the safe side. So he actually he condemns this he condemns this unfortunately,

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they do it unfortunately

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now the breaking the fast for Ramadan is when the disk of the Sun disappears when it sits. That's when it is and that's when If thought is and there's a Hadith

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from the among the Allahu Anhu it says also Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either Bella Lee loom in her honor, or the Golan Holloman her Hoonah Wahhabi Shem so Papadopoulos if the night comes from this side, means from the east what Eduardo Nadelmann hamona And the day has gone has decided disappearing or disappeared from the west. What about the shrimps and sun has gone down from Tulsa and that's the time the fasting person shouldn't break their fast

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Let's talk about the merits of soil so what is eating before surgery is having a meal before Fajr first of all the prophets of Allah when he was salam mentioned that Sahul is a blessing there is baraka in it. There is a blessing there is blessings from it. Because there's a Hadith from cinnamon on the Allahu unhealthful manufactory fee or Palazzolo. He's a law and he was salam and baraka to Vita and Gemma at over three do was to hold that the prophets of salaam blessings He said blessings are in three things and Gemma congregation that's the print

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with three basically the wheat in it cooked like as rice and was so whole was too hot and having to produce a pre Dawn meal.

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Another Hadith from Abu Hurayrah in Allah Allah Baraka def is so holy well kale, Allah the process on says that Allah Subhana Allah made or put Baraka in a short and in alcohol, LK because we have two types of measures, either by weight or by size.

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Alcohol is by size. So the profits are seldom at his time they did not use weight, they used cane, which is a saw and the

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size sighs So they did not use like kilograms or pounds. They didn't use that. So they used and the prophets of salaam saying there's more Baraka in this. Baraka is in this more than wait, by the way, and obviously in Soho, and one of the companions of the Prophet salaam, he comes across the seminary was eating a soul. So the message for them says in the hyperbolic atone, Abba Kamala, who iya Fela

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it's a blessing the Allah's wondrous good

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Vinu so do not leave it. Do not leave it this is not a command but this is a recommendation

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there's authentic hadith as well from the Prophet SAW Selim, he says a soul or a collateral Baraka as a whole a collateral bollock, and he says, savour is a male of blessings fell into the room, so don't leave it well near.

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Jonathan minimum don't leave it even if one of you just takes a sip of water makes a hole. So in Allah wa mata Nikita who you saw Luna I didn't notice him because Allah and His Angels send blessings upon the ones who takes her home. And this hadith is authentic

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and it is better we said to make the whole at the last bit of the night just before the last bit of the night before Fajr and is Hadith from anus of the Allahu Anhu he narrates from zero thirds are that the Sahaba and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Salah Salatin Fisher called call to come Can I be in another and he was the whole Carla Kudrow come Cena Kudrow comes in,

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he said we had to hold with the prophets of salaam then after Sahar he prayed Fajr so I asked how long was the time between support and the Salah.

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So he said 50 verses and when the companions or the time of the Prophet and they mentioned 50 verses that usually talking about the short versus shorter verses they talk about the shorter verses so that's not a long time

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so as a whole is is sooner more Akira and emphasized kind of sunnah and all the prophets of salaam also said first of all my Baneasa yami now will see me alakija a collector of Sahara

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the difference between our fast and the fast of the People of the Scripture is eating before dawn soiled and the Prophet SAW so then we mentioned some of the Hadith

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Okay, we'll stop here in sha Allah will take you there any questions we'll take them any questions? Tomorrow, Inshallah, tomorrow's Friday, so we're going to have a longer halacha on fasting we'll try to cover everything with regards all the rulings with regards to fasting any questions?

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Any questions? No questions like watercolor vehicle.

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So long so the man intervening

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early he also had been

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