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The importance of Islam's actions and actions of worship, including fulfilling technical definition of fasting, is emphasized. The use of fasting as a tool for achieving spiritual health and advancements in the spiritual realm is also discussed. The speakers stress the need to adjust one's intention and eliminate the deadline, while also mention a charity to help people with fasting. Overall, the speakers emphasize the importance of fasting in achieving spiritual health and advancements in the spiritual realm.

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In Alhamdulillah

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madam minister you know who want to still want to stay The

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winner will be lucky man surely unforeseen. Our mean see it I'm Elena.

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Mi de la machala. philomel de la

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gente de la de murshida

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a shadow Allah Illa Illa la hora shareen cara

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a shadow Ana Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam limited Sleeman kathira

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Yeah, you will Latina I'm an otaku la haka to party he went

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to Muslim moon

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yohanna suta hora de como la de haka comin FC wahida

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bajo de Caminha has

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been humeri Jalen Cathy along manisa

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de la Hilary Jessa I don't wanna be here we'll have him in a la Cana la cumbre de la

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Yeah, you will Latina I'm an otaku. La havapoo de la come, como fetullah como una una come, woman nuclear Illa Allah Sudha mufa fosun Lima.

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We begin by thanking and praising Allah

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who is entitled to our praise and our gratitude.

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We ask Allah for guidance, we ask Allah for forgiveness and we ask Allah for protection.

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We bear witness that there is absolutely no one worthy of worship except Allah alone. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his last and final prophet and messenger.

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Allah subhana wa tada commanded the believers.

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To have Taqwa of him as it is his rights. It is the right of Allah upon us. That we have Taqwa that we have awareness and consciousness.

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And that we obey Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in what he has commanded. And we stay away from that which he prohibited, that is taqwa. Allah has blessed us and favored us and gifted us the month of Ramadan as an opportunity to train and develop and grow and increase in taqwa.

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So, let us take advantage of this gift from Allah. And let us heed the command and the reminders of Allah in the Quran. And may Allah subhana wa tada make us available.

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rabada acts of worship

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are meant to do something called a slash. They are meant to rectify.

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They are meant to bring about positive change. They are meant to create an environment and a community and an individual of goodness. Or either that all acts of worship that Allah commanded us to do,

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are meant to achieve Islam to rectify and purify.

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An example of that is how Allah describes some

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of the most important obligations and acts of worship is Surah.

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In the Quran, in Surah Tila and carboot verse number 45, Allahu Subhana, WA tada commanded the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said to him, oh to Luna una de la camino kita Bo Optimus sobre.

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La commanded the messenger and by extension you and I is oma. recite the book of Allah.

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Recite what has been revealed to you from the book of Allah and established slaughter.

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Then Allah describes how slaughter is a tool for positive change for impact. Allah said, in a solid 10 annual fashion he will become

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a Lhasa, Sadat, this institution this act of worship, it prevents and it causes to cease and desist fascia and mooncup

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inappropriate and unacceptable, unethical, immoral, unhealthy behavior. Sala serves as a barrier and as an ending

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to that which causes destruction and hence force this act of worship of Riba does is slash it rectifies it builds and all acts of worship this honor that if you can compare all acts of worship, to that same principle.

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In this month of Ramadan, there are so many acts of worship that we

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are encouraged to do and then hamdulillah we are engaging in May Allah subhanaw taala increase us in goodness.

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But if I were to ask the question, what is the most prominent and important act of worship in this month? And it's not a trick question. The youngest child in our school can answer its phone fasting,

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that is the most prominent act of worship. Likewise, sown and fasting should also be a tool for Islam should also be a means of rectifying

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and rectifying not only the individual, but the individual, and the family and the community and society as a whole. But under one condition.

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That is one very important condition actually to

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somebody may have heard the verse we were cited earlier in a slot at 10. And it will make up a lot needed emphatic declarative statement of fact, Salah prevents bad behavior.

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Somebody can come and say, well, there's a lot of people doing soda and having very bad behavior.

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So did the law say something wrong or incorrect? That's not possible and also documented like Edita Omen, de la, there is no one more truthful in speech than Allah.

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So then the problem is not with what Allah declared. And the problem is not with the institution of worship that Allah has decreed upon us. The problem must be with those of us that are performing this act of worship, the rhythm I said, in order for Asana, and the soul, and all of the acts of worship to be a means for your slash, there must be two conditions, if last sincerity. And that's why a few weeks ago, the topic was a floss. That's how we begin every act of worship, including Ramadan and fasting airfloss, sincerity. And number two, they're all very abati lol YG, Hisashi

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to perform that act of worship in the appropriate manner,

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fulfilling all of its prerequisites and conditions,

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required actions encouraged and praiseworthy actions, the whole package, acts of worship are a package deal. We got to fulfill the whole package in order for us to get the full benefit. Imagine someone gets a job and they're offered a benefits package. But then they only show up one day out of the week. And then when they don't get their benefits, they complain, they say, Well, you didn't even show up but you want all the benefits. You got to take the whole package in order to receive the whole benefits package.

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So when we come to Psalm fasting, the aroma they said something very interesting. They said our somos de la Jaques they said fasting is on levels. And the saw in in the people that fast they are on milotic they are on different levels.

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So they said the first level is what the rhythmical sabula

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some average fasting,

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which is what, which is when a person fulfills the technical definition of fasting. When we look in the when we look in the books of fick, they say the technical definition of fasting is lm circle, and we'll move to the right to abstain from things that nullify the past. What is that a clue of

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eating and drinking and intercourse from sunrise to sunset?

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That's a technical definition. That's a very

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initial stage of fasting. And they said Psalm 101, the average fasting

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is people that abstain from these three things. Are you fasting? Yes, I'm fasting. What does that mean? It means I don't eat I don't drink and I don't have intercourse from sunrise to sunset, end of story.

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And they said this type of fasting,

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this type of fasting.

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No one shines. No one stands out. And nurse Sufi. He said

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everybody who is fasting does this because it's the very minimum. Anyone who claims to be fasting is fulfilling this nobody is shining, nobody is better than anyone else.

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standard procedure.

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Then they said go to level two. They said level two is what their oedema called soul will house

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the fasting of the special caliber specific type of fasting and they said What is that? They said this is when a person fulfills the technical definition. They don't eat, they don't drink and they don't have

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intercourse. But on top of that, all of the Jyotish all of the limbs of the body are also fasting.

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And so the eyes are not looking towards what is how long and the ears are doing. So they're not listening to what is how long

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and the hands are doing song. They're not touching or engaging in any physical action that is impermissible. The feet are not traversing and carrying the body to any place that is displeasing to Allah.

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The tongue is also fasting, not the taste buds, but the actual tongue. Meaning there is no statements, there is no bad statements.

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There is no lying there is no cursing, there is no fighting or arguing.

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And they said this is a special type of zone. This is level two. This is like an advanced. Here is where people start to shine. Here are where the servants of Allah really start to shine.

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And we find so many statements of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam indicating to us that this is the type of fasting that we should be aspiring to.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, For inside Becca had an Oda healer an ache for calling in and saw him in need saw him.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if anybody curses you or insults you, or is ignorant in their behavior with you, then you respond by saying I am saw Em, I am fasting.

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I am fasting. The Prophet repeated it twice. And here you find the response is different. So he at will has an repelling something evil with something good. How many of us repel evil with the more evil

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and two wrongs never made a right.

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So there is repelling evil with goodness. indefatigability here in the Quran, Allah said repel the evil with something good.

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There is also mocha Bella, Isa, it isn't that a person is faced with some harm, but they don't respond back with harm, they respond back with righteousness and purity.

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There is preventing harm from continuing. If somebody is harmed, and then they harm back, it becomes a perpetual cycle of harm.

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And this is something that psychologists study people that are abused, if they do not go through the proper therapy and treatment they end up being abusers. And the cycle of abuse continues. But Allah gave us the institutions of Riba that to stop, stop the cycles of bad behavior. Stop the perpetuation and the cycle of evil actions.

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And the third is to hem Mali as a nurse, to have a big heart to be patient and forbearance, and absorb the ignorance and the wrongdoing of other people and let it end there.

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As one of the early scholars who was harmed by an oppressive ruler, when he was harmed by this ruler, he made an amazing dog. And his dog was to the effect of I asked a law that I am the last person that you do this to

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which is very beautiful. And in that is a love for goodness in the whole community and society. This is how acts of worship become tools for positive change for Islam.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam always connected societal ills with acts of worship. There is a direct connection between obeying Allahu Subhana Allah and the positive impact that it has around us. One example of that the profit sort of law where it was sort of encouraged young people

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whose hormones are getting really active

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and they want to move around and do all kinds of things. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said yeah, Mashallah Shabaab, oh, young people, the prophet recognized and know what's going on inside their bodies and in their minds. Many still thought I mean, come on back at affiliate as a wedge, if you have the ability and the maturity, physical and financial that get married.

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And if you can't, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, do a soul.

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Then fast. One of our scholars in Medina, he said many people, many young people, they have this burning fire inside them to move around and do things that they shouldn't be doing. So they are told the peroxisome said fast. So they fast a day, two days, one week, two weeks, and like it didn't work, I give up. He said this is continuous fasting

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The sole method prophesize lm here is talking about his continuous fasting. But the point is, look how the Prophet drew a parallel between this act of worship and positive change impact on the person and that impact on the person is going to spread in the community. Because a person that can control their hormones can control their desires can keep themselves calm and composed, they will not engage in fashion, they will not engage in lewd behavior, they will not destroy family structures.

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The benefit and the output will reach for

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how many of us are fasting from food drink at intercourse from sunrise to sunset, but our eyes are looking at how long and a lot in the onset. pulumi Nina tominaga sorry, him Ballymena to look at him. Allah said tell the believing men to lower their gaze till they're believing women to lower their gaze. How many of us are fasting from food drink and intercourse from sunrise to sunset?

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But our ears are hearing that which is head on and align the onset in the sun our boss Allah.

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Allah, Allah says, And don't you ever be fooled herring, herring and sites and even your emotions all of that will be asked about

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how many of us are abstaining from food and drink and intercourse from sunrise to sunset, but the tongue is moving very fast. And Allahu Subhana Allah in the Quran said Marielle fue lumen Colin Illa de de buena it not a single word is uttered, except that there is a supervisor watching and recording every single word that is uttered.

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The objective, the hikma the maksud

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the objective, the higher objective of fasting and of all the bad that is not to abstain from food and drink in intercourse. This is not the main objective. This is a means to train the body and the mind to have a higher level of abstaining.

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And they said this was so monotone, the Sahabi jabot

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May Allah be pleased with him, he said either sometimes, for Leo some some Luca bas audiokinetic will be econetic or Noah Sakina. What are your Kunio sumika oil, Mirfield rica? So the companion Javid, he said, if you are truly fasting, then make sure your eyes and your ears are fasting as well.

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And he said, and if you are truly fasting,

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then there should be upon you a sense of tranquility and calm and composure.

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And the companion jabber said Don't ever let a day of fasting and a day of eating be the same. If the only difference between the day of fasting and a day of eating is the presence or absence of food drink in intercourse from sunrise to sunset, then that is a very low level of fasting. We ask Allah subhanho to add it to elevate our event that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to elevate us through acts of rabada Hola, hola. Hello, Sofia La Jolla are commonly cited manifesto in a world

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of hamdulillah. He

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was salatu salam where Adam and learn to be a better

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Allahumma salli wa sallim

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wa barik ala Sayidina, Habibi, no Mohammed, were either early, he was so happy he was a limited Sleeman kathira.

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The erdemir said the first level of fasting is somewhat lm, which is just to abstain from food and drinking and intercourse. And they said the next level after that, if someone else, a specific higher level of fasting, which is when the entire body and all of the limbs engage in fasting as well, not just the abdomen. And the third level of fasting, they said is so mu, wholesale hustles, the most specific of specific type of fasting, the highest level of fasting. And they said this is when a person trains themselves and remains consistent and diligent upon very bad data upon the acts of worship, to the point where their own heart tastes the sweetness of this rabada and craves it

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And that's a level that many of us may think is unattainable.

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We may think that's a level I can't reach. I can't reach a level where I actually end up craving

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Very bad. But actually you can,

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you most certainly can.

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And without getting too theoretical, I would like to share one way that we can achieve that. And it actually begins with an intention, but a specific intention.

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There are many of us that are engaging in this act of worship, and maybe even excelling in it.

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But let us ask ourselves, is my intention more awkward, the scholar said it is. So one more awkward added to learn about the meaning I'm fasting, just a temporary period, I'm doing an excellent job. All of my limbs are engaging in fasting and an obedience of Allah, but it's for a specific term. And once the day of read comes, then I can relax and all of that hard work and come to an end. The Scarlet said, if that's the subconscious idea, in the mind of the of the fasting person, then this is a fasting of custom, not a fasting of worship, meaning you're doing it because it's customary. It's the norm, it's the culture of Ramadan comes, we engage in this act of worship. So what we need

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to do is we need to adjust our intention.

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So we remove this deadline.

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So we treat this act of worship, as a state of being rather than as a temporary activity that we are to engage in.

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As you are fasting in these days, do not think to yourself, I am going to be in this heightened state of rabada only until a certain point, and then I will revert back to how I was before Ramadan started. If that's a thought in our subconscious, then of course, we will be stuck at a very average and at a very typical level of quality. But we want to enhance the quality of our data. So have this intention that it is not temporary, it is not more upwards.

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This isn't going to come to an end, this is something that I am seeking. And whoever takes a stroll,

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Allahu subhanaw taala will run towards them. And whoever goes towards Allah hand span, Allah will move closer to them the length of an arm.

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So all we need to do is put in

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a limited amount of effort. And Allahu Subhana who to Allah will respond and grant is still feel and success. We ask Allah to open our hearts. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to inspire us, and to help us to worship Him in the best of ways. Allahumma in deca overshoe karekare worship snooty, balletic. Allah help us and inspire us to worship You, and to remember you

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and to be grateful to you in the most perfect and beautiful of ways. Before we close,

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we just want to remind everyone that Salatin fetcher will change to 4:45am starting this Sunday, and there are still some spots and an opportunity to sponsor or participate in the sponsoring of the slot here in the community. And the reward for feeding a fasting person is great. And also a reminder of the captain fiddle, the boxes have been placed around the masjid. And this is the mandatory is a cat the mandatory charity that we must give for each person in our household before I read. This is a cat that is to be delivered before eat. And the objective of it is that all members of the community the broader community are able to participate in enjoy the day of read and not be

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hindered by their poverty or their needs. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us the best of this life and the best of the hereafter and to protect us from the torment of the hellfire. Along Martinez, Jr. has an affiliate affiliate he has an opt in either but now

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send salutations and compliments upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamal solita Ibrahim Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Ali Mohammed gamma Baraka Ibrahim, Ibrahim

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shirt should run

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short run

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