PornDemic #18 – Managing Dopamine

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In the next couple of episodes, I'm going to introduce you to set of hormones that can contribute to your addiction when these hormones are above or below the normal levels, then they are capable of changing the individual's behavior. In fact, these changes on the long run can become automatic. But don't worry, we will also explain how can we get in control of these hormones and use them for our benefits

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we're back everyone with porn Demmick with the solution in mind where we offer you tips and tricks on how to break free from the cycle of porn addiction. If you didn't subscribe to the AWARE Academy YouTube channel, this is your time to do so after the starting out stage and the seven essentials that we have discussed in the previous seven episodes. Today, the hard work begins this very important stage in your journey towards recovery from porn addiction I call fuel which is boosting the level of hormones in your brain that are contributing to your addiction but directing them towards beautiful and healthier actions. And the first hormone or neurotransmitter that we are going

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to discuss and talk about today is the most popular of all, and that is dopamine. Dopamine is that power that pushes you to repeat your activity. It provides you with excitement and pleasure. It reminds you of your regular activities that you have established. Whether these activities are desirable or not. It has the potential to also push you towards risky actions that you may regret doing in the future. It makes you determined, blinded, clouded and of course it makes temptations very, very hard to resist. The problem with dopamine is that when it is fired up and produced in a massive quantity in our brain, we're out of control. We can't control our own decisions and actions.

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But when it's level drops, we're depressed we're anxious we experienced chest tightness and these feelings on their own can become later on a trigger for us to relax and go back to square one. Now how can we normalize and regulate the level of dopamine in our brain so that we neither relapse nor become depressed? Please note, this is a disclaimer. I'm not a medical doctor. If you're unsure of any of the following tips, please seek medical assistance. Number one, break the routine. Do not ever surrender to your daily routine. Always come up with exciting events, exciting actions that will provide you with these doses of dopamine in your brain that will replace the addictive pathways

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in the future. And if you're looking for details about that, please revise the previous seven episodes, especially developing new habits. Number two, no drugs. Avoid them at all coals illegal drugs can boost your dopamine level in a manner that you can't even imagine, but it directs it to the wrong place in your brain, which may cause severe damage that we don't even want to talk about in this episode. These physical damages in your brain could lead you to uncontrollable sexual urges something that we wanted to avoid. If we wish to quit pornography addiction. Number three, something I'm sure most of you would hate me for even considering saying it in this episode. And that is avoid

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caffeine. Are you kidding? No coffee. The truth is this cup of coffee that you get every morning will give you a boost of energy for a little while. But after that, it decreases it and with it. It decreases your level of dopamine. And as we said earlier, when the level of dopamine in your brain drops, what happens? You enter into that stage of depression and anxiety. And these feelings these annoying feelings sometimes become the main and the primary reasons for people to go back and relapse to pornography. And finally, number four, no to sugar. Here we go again, no coffee and no sugar. I know it's very hard to even imagine ourselves without sugar because all food almost all

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food contains sugar. But the fact is, sugar triggers the same exact pathway that has been damaged by illicit drugs and alcohol. Yes, sugar is addictive, and it is better to cut it out from our diet, or at least reduce its intake. So here you go. Only four things have been mentioned in this episode to help you manage the level of dopamine production in your brain. Dopamine is very essential, a main contributor to your addiction. So unless

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You manage its production and its reduction in your brain, you will never be able to really control your actions. So remember those four points break the routine, no to drugs, no to coffee, no to sugar. And here is your homework for the week. Please search the benefits of eating ripe banana and how it can boost the level of dopamine in our body. And once you get your finding, please post them in the comments below this video. Alright, that was it. Please subscribe to our channel comments below this video, ask questions so that we can bring its answers in the next episodes and share the content with everyone. Stay aware. See you next Thursday. 8pm Perth time

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stay strong.