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AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness and forgiveness in Islamist actions is emphasized, along with the need for sincerity and avoiding excessive guilt. The importance of forgiveness is also emphasized, as it can lead to healthier lifes and growth. The importance of acknowledging one's actions and avoiding embarrassment is emphasized, along with the need for continuous improvement to achieve graduation. The graduation party is highlighted as a graduation party for children with special needs.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam and ebody he lived in a far along more suddenly was a limo and crema barik ala Sayidina Wahhabi Bina Muhammad Ali he was like to be he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira Yeah, new hair Latina am an otaku long haka Ducati What? Mouton, 11 to muslimin. We begin by thanking and praising Allah, who is most entitled to our praise and our gratitude, and we beseech Allahu subhana wa tada to shower our beloved messenger with compliments and salutations. Allah has commanded us in the old iron to have Taqwa of him. Let us be conscious and aware and afraid of displeasing Allah subhana wa Tada. Let us be reminded that Allah subhana wa tada is the master and

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creator and sustainer and nourisher that we are in need of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he is never and was never and will never be in need of his creation.

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We will be brief today we have started late due to some logistical issues but inshallah tada that will not affect our end time. So anybody who is concerned about that Be rest assured, and let us enjoy the few minutes that we have together on this blessing Jumeirah of the blessing month of Ramadan, the month where we are expected to attain taqwa of Allah who Subhanahu wa tada

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there is a narration reported in several books of Hadith amongst them about Ani, the Book of Allah balani in which the prophets little longer it was seldom was reported to have said, all the info men are delicate on mildliner why lm y'all will follow Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned a phrase or an idiom rather.

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Which if translated literally means May this person's nose be rubbed in dirt, a little arm to rub all the info, meaning May this person's nose be rubbed in dirt. It's a proverb or an idiom in the Arabic language. We'll expand on it shortly. The prophets are only meant for who the person who has been blessed with the opportunity to witness the month of Ramadan and they exit the month of Ramadan and they are not forgiven.

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They did not attain forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada. This phrase in the Arabic language is a phrase that refers to loss, shuck up Zulu al Hassan humility and loss How can you have such a golden opportunity and not leave the month of Ramadan forgiven, not because of you or I not because of the amazing things that we do but because of the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada in this month, and our exposure to this Mercy of Allah subhana wa tada that we do what we are supposed to do in this time so we can yearn for the mercy of Allah subhanahu wa tada and his forgiveness. Let us keep that in mind as we approach the conclusion of this blessed month and we make sure that we do whatever it is

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in our capacity to end this month and exit the month of Ramadan having been forgiven by Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Having said that, I wanted to spend a few moments on this idea of returning back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This process and this act of rebound that we call Toba often loosely translated as repentance. We are saying in this hadith that we should leave Ramadan having been forgiven, how do we attain forgiveness?

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We all recognize here that there are some actions and behaviors, mistakes, poor choices, that we would love for Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for what is the process by which I can have the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa Tada. We refer to that as Toba. First of all, be reminded that a lot commanded us to do Toba were to eat Allah He jemmy and au Helmut min Allah said do Toba. All of you. All of you believers

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make Toba and linguistically, the word Toba refers to returning back

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to return back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is because when we make poor choices, and when we engage in actions and behavior that Allah and His Messenger have forbidden or are displeasing to Allah, what we are actually doing is we are distancing ourselves from Allah subhanho wa Taala we are clouding our heart and we are creating a gap between us and our Creator. The question is always asked, How do I become closer to Allah? How do I become closer to the Quran? How do I love the messenger of Allaah more How do I become more mobile

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waited to do good. This isn't about knowing the do's and don'ts. This is about wanting to do them and wanting to stay away from that which we should be staying away from. How do I get that inner desire, and that is through the process of Toba. That is how we come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The scholars have mentioned

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three necessary conditions for Toba and two constraints and two parameters, two variables and three necessary conditions. I will share them with you today in shallow Tada. The first of which is, as we have heard in the past two weeks in a row, plus sincerity, when I have done something wrong, when I have made a mistake, I must turn back to Allah subhanaw taala and repent sincerely seeking reward and forgiveness from Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Somebody may say that's obvious. Well, imagine somebody is

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consuming alcohol, for example. That's a pretty obvious one. There are some clear harms.

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A person may be approached by their medical professional and say, Listen, if you don't stop drinking alcohol, your liver is going to shut down.

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If you don't stop this behavior, this will happen to you in terms of our physical or our health or our wealth. And so a person may leave an action that is displeasing to Allah for a benefit that they reap in this dunya. That's not Toba.

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That's a smart move. But that's not Toba. And that is not the repentance that Allahu Subhana Allah for accepts, and that is not the one that is rewarded by Allah subhana wa Tada. The leaving of sins is the one that you do because it is displeasing to Allah. And because you're seeking forgiveness and a reward from Allah Subhana Allah, that's if Laos sincerity, that our repentance our return to Allah is sincere.

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That's number one. And it is a necessary condition for an accepted repentance. And number two,

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before we go on to number two, some scholars have mentioned a Nedum regret. And I would like to say that this is a point of contention amongst the scholars is it in fact a necessary condition or not. And the majority of scholars said it is, but I want to comment on it briefly without getting into too much detail. And that is that excessive guilt is problematic, and is harmful. And if somebody constantly feels burdened by guilt, and by shame of their past actions than they need therapy, because this is a serious mental and emotional ailment that must be treated properly. Otherwise, it will continue to be a hindrance, not only in their spiritual growth, but even in their well being

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and in the health of their marriages and family relationships and in the output of their work or whatever else it is that they do.

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So, bear in mind that when you hear our scholars talk about feeling guilty for making a mistake, the dosage of guilt is that which pushes you to admit that you have done something wrong. It's the dosage of guilt that is just enough to overcome the disease of denial. And you ask any doctor in the world, if you have a sickness, and you take the right medicine, but you take too much of the dosage, it will have the opposite an adverse effect and it could kill you.

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Not only do you take the medicine, but you must take it in its appropriate dosage at its appropriate time.

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So bear in mind that the disease of denial is that which hinders and blocks us from our tilbyr and from our growth and from our development as human beings. And as contributors to our families and our communities. There can never be tobei with denial. There can never be growth or improvement with denial. And those of you that are parents, you will know this when your child disobeys you, and you scold them. And they give you a a sorry. That's not a sincere sorry. That's not an apology that you as a parent will accept because you know that that child has not admitted that what they did was wrong.

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And it's only a matter of time before they might do it again. When the punishment is not there or when they are no longer under your guardianship. That's not Toba. There must be ear to off. And the only amount of guilt that you need is that to recognize I've done something wrong,

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and there's nothing shameful about admitting wrong.

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A lot proves that to us in the Quran, through the lives of the greatest human beings to have ever lived. The profits and misery

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jurors admitted wrongdoing Adam and Hawa when they ate from that which Allah forbade them to eat from God, Ben Avada and fusina well inlanta furlanetto Hamner, an akuna minal husserlian. Oh Allah we have wronged ourselves. If you don't forgive us a lot and have mercy upon us, we will be losers.

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New alayhis salam, when he questioned the decree of Allah and Allah said for that this and then Nima a Salah cabbie here in in the Luca antigona myalgia. He caught up in Aruba and la cama de serie be here, Oh Allah, I seek refuge Allah protecting me from speaking and Addressing and questioning your degree about that decree about that which I have no knowledge. Musa alayhis salam when he intervened with a good intention. He intervened in a conflict resolution setting but it ended up taking a man's life immediately. He said Corrado beanie Valentin FC felt relief of Allah. He said, Oh Allah, I wronged myself, forgive me. Allah says we forgive him.

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He said, God Allah, db Ma and Anjali FLN, akuna vorherigen little mcgeary mean, Allah because of the blessings You have bestowed upon me, he made a commitment to never ever align or assist or side with criminals ever again.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught us this Allahumma FC Ullman kathira when I was in LA and Fairfield, Lima indicar honey in the center for him, Allah I have wronged myself because of my poor choices. We are not wronging Allah by our mistakes, allows dominion and his milk in his mind and his power is far greater than to ever be diminished by our mistakes and our foolish behavior. We are harming ourselves. And that's why we say to Allah, Susana, Allah if you do not forgive us and shower us with Your mercy, we will be amongst those at loss. You know, certainly his ceremony he found himself in layers of darkness upon darkness upon darkness. No Way Out. further afield. Lumet in

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those moments of darkness he cried out, Allah ilaha illa Anta subhanak in the Quran to me, no one in in. There is no one worthy to be worshipped except you Oh Allah glorified, how perfect you are. Subhana Allah means Oh Allah, you are perfect for mistake and fault. We are not perfect. We make mistakes. Allah does not make mistakes. We are limited allies not limited. That's why we beg Allah for forgiveness and for mercy. And he said in equanimity avoiding mean I have wronged myself, I have been of the wrongdoers. There is nothing shameful about admitting wrong, but a shame all shame is in those who have an ego and who have pride and who have arrogance and cannot have the humility to

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admit they made a mistake when they made a mistake. And that applies amongst people, but even more so in front of Allah Subhana Allah Allah criticizes and sort of to the Baccarat the person that will is that will be a person who does wrong and then they seek pride through that wrong

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that is of the worst and most despicable characteristics.

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Whereas the messengers teach us that when wrong has been done a minute that is the path to renewal, that is the path to transformation that is the path to growth, that is the path to mending broken relationships. That is the path to overcoming guilt is to recognize I made a mistake and I am deficient and I am in need of you. Oh Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So number one is to be sincere in our Toba to have just that minimal dosage of guilt to recognize that we did wrong and to never, ever be in a state of denial, because denial will prevent Toba and growth and development. And number three,

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I need them to stop that sin or that wrongdoing or that inappropriate action immediately. Toba necessitates a sense of urgency.

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We cannot say tomorrow. Next Ramadan. Oh, when Hajj comes around. I'm going for Hajj. I'll come back like a clean baby. No worries. That's not Toba.

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That's not Toba. That's arrogance.

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None of us know when our expiration date will be. And it is not till about to say a federal law and remain in the action. If the words start to feel more sincere than they made, they must come and be accompanied with an immediate cease and desist order.

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Like the courts issue, cease and desist and

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there must be an immediate hard stop.

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And lastly, as we learned from profit

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Sir, just a minute, two minutes ago, to make a firm commitment and intention to never return back.

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If there is a tobacco

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right now, but in the future, we'll see how things go. That's not tobacco.

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It must be an immediate cease and desist now and affirm intention and resolve to never fall back into it in the future. And on that point, I will add one more caveat, which is if the sin or if the mistake

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is related to addictive behavior cycles, then there must be proper treatment.

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There must be proper rehab.

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Otherwise it is ludicrous to think that just out of my intention, I can just stop doing whatever it is I am doing, whether it is a substance addiction or a behavioral addiction. A lot in the Quran priests are named and repeated over and over for Tibet. Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba, he did what was necessary to accomplish the task at hand, and

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fulfilling and exhausting all means available to you. If that is part of your Toba then that is necessary. Otherwise, it is a wishful thinking Toba. It is not a sincere Toba that comes with a sincere intention to never return back to the behavior again in the future. And lastly, if the mistake involves the rights of other people, then you must return their rights back to them to the best of your ability

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to the best of your ability. And if it is not within your ability, then engage in extra good deeds and that applies for all mistakes in personality use the hibben se Earth woman turbo M and o r me lasagna for inner huya tuberculoma turbo those who do repentance and turn back to Allah with conviction and righteous actions follow up poor choices with acts of obedience to Allah subhana wa tada what to boo Illa Hey Jamie and your minion Allah Allah come to flee home and returned back to Allah subhana wa tada repent to Allah for he is the most forgiving most merciful God Hello istockphoto Mahoney welcome. What do you say to Muslim including the Minister of Rohingya who will

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offer wine

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and hamdu Lillah wa Salatu wassalam or Adam Atlanta Viva La masala Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he also can be here with a limited Sleeman kathira.

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The restrict the restraint or the parameter

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for Toba is that it must be done at the right time.

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And the time for Toba is immediately, as we said there is urgency. But there is also a cutoff time as well.

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And the scholars have said based on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that Allah will accept the sincere repentance, so long as it comes before the throes of death or before the sun rises from the west.

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And Allah subhanaw taala gave us the example of fit our own as Pharaoh is in the moments of drowning. And he sees the angel of death in his soul is about to be extracted into a hula either in a manner to be here. It's a lot you know, and I mean, I mostly mean, he said now I believe in Allah, the One that Benny Hill believed in and I am of those who submitted, Allah said,

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Now you want to repent

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of sin, and all of those years and decades of disobedience and destruction.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Djibouti, with his wing placed dirt in the mouth of Fatah own out of humility. How dare you wait until the last moment when you knew it was the truth all along? When you had asked Moosa to make dua to Allah order odonata back habima Haider indeck he would not have asked Musa to make dua to moose as Lord if he did not know that what moves that came with was the truth. But it was arrogance and disobedience and love of wealth and love of power and position that prevented him from repenting and when he chose to finally repent. Guess what, it was too late.

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As long as Allah Subhana Allah has given beats to our heart, and breaths to our lungs, and we are alive, then that is the door for Toba that new creation can close. That is a door to a law that only Allah subhana wa tada chooses. And Allahu Subhana Allah said yo boo boo Jamia in

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law you know, Virginia scholar said LBJ 1850 turbid law, the most hopeful verse in the Quran. Allah forgives all mistakes and poor choices, so long as you make Toba so long as you admit that what was done was wrong and you ask Allah for forgiveness. How beautiful are those moments of intimacy with Allah, when no other creation maybe even the very people in your house do not even know you're awake. That one warm tear that rolls down your face, out of sincere fear of the displeasure of Allah subhana wa tada is enough to wash and cleanse you of all of the mistakes that we have done.

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But it must be sincere. And it must come with a sincere intention and resolve to cease and desist and to never return back. That is growth. That is development. That is how we Excel that is how we become available. Meaning that is how we become an ultimate thing. That's how that's why Allah blessed us to be in this month yet again, so we can have an opportunity to be forgiven Allah and for Ramadan over the moon for now after hearing about all of this, the huge expanse of doors and opportunities for repentance to Allah subhana wa tada and on top of that, the extra boost in the month of Ramadan. And the month comes to an end and we are not forgiven. It can't be How can it be?

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What to eat Allahu gymea and a minion Allah Allah come to flee hoon. Before we conclude reads Allah inshallah will be held at the Honda center parking lot in the parking lot of the Honda center, and the announcement jello to Adda for the exact date of salata. It will come on the website of the masjid as well as on the social media accounts of IOC the tequila will begin at 7am on Salatin, it will begin at 730. And please make sure to pay and fulfill your second fiddle before the day of aid and that is $15 per person in your household. There will be a brunch on the day of aid for specifically children and their families of children who have special needs.

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And that is a very valiant and beautiful effort that the semester has put on. And you can register at IOC calm for that special brunch minaret Academy we'll be having a Saturday school summer camp for six weeks. You can find more information about that in the lobby and by contacting mineral Academy directly We ask Allah subhana wa tada on this blessing day in this blessed month to shower us with His mercy to envelop us with His forgiveness. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah The one who we affirm with full belief and conviction sees us and knows all of our thoughts and statements and actions. Oh Allah you know about our situation is better than we know of ourselves. Oh Allah, we

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beg you to forgive us. Oh Allah We beg you to cleanse our slates and our books of records. Oh Allah subhana wa tada did not allow us to exit this month of Ramadan except that we are told you are forgiven. Oh Allah make us of those who end this month with forgiveness and with taqwa and with piety with closeness to Allah, O Allah, we yearn to be closer to you. Oh Allah help us and assist us and inspire us to worship you and to remember you and to be grateful to you in the best of ways. Allah grant us the best of this life and the best of the hereafter and protect us from the torment of the Hellfire along Masada Mohammed, Mohammed comma solita Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Mohammed

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Mohammed Ali Mohammed camera Baraka Ibrahim Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmed