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Have you are you wasting your time on social media again? Your brothers and sisters in Islam net from Norway are establishing a masjid a Dawa center. Establishing a masjid to convey the message of Islam is one of the best deeds a Muslim can do. There's a huge need for an annoying, do you know this and I know this. So that makes even greater. So give generously and Allah azza wa jal give you even more

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as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, I'm here joined with the main man himself, the individual who is known to be a major influencer in the Muslim world as an individual where the young ones and the children and the secondary schools and primary schools, they all know who he is.

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We're talking about alley needs.

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It's a pleasure to be on this platform after a long time on the same couch. Absolutely. What kind of an honor must to be to be signing? I mean, sitting with the man himself. I mean, it's some people get lost for words. Some people like you ecstatically, you know, changed from person to person, you know, I can see the joy in your eyes. I can see it when I look at it as the absolute Yeah, I'm here your presence.

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Well, I think that the enthralled exuberance that you're manifesting and shiver, the Shivering excitement

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that you displayed when you swim. And I think that's that's a very typical natural reaction timid.

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Anyway, so what do we have here?

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Today to what we've got today in short life, there's a individual I don't have to call my brother now because I'm not sure if he's become a Muslim while he's looking into Islam as an individual, Andrew Tate, now this guy, he's, you know who he is right? He's notorious. Yes, I've been studying him very carefully, actually. In fact, I was gonna be speaking to him on a podcast, and it fell through our schedules conflicted and stuff. And I think it was actually my fault to be honest with you, because I didn't, you know, okay.

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I can rearrange that we can rearrange. But I've actually been sent some videos from brothers and Muslim people that have his videos, and this is why I haven't watched so far. So what I want to do is actually watch it with you. And, and then yes, just just, just just just so people are aware, we have been studying this issue very closely, this this issue of this whole red pill movement, you know, would you would you consider undertake part of the movement and so forth? Yeah, definitely. 100% He is. And I think it's, we are like, I want people to be aware that we are we are aware, we were just waiting for the right time to come. So this might be just looking to a taster. Yeah, I'll

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be before you continue with that. I was gonna say that. I did watch his interaction with Eddie from Prudential. Yes. And he came across very humbly and respectfully. But then, that I was also told that, you know, this individuals, you know, he's he's on these kind of platforms with women, who are low quality individual women, you know, that, you know, dress in a certain manner, and they don't have much to offer in life locally.

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And he lives it's kind of like, what would what would seemingly from the outside of originally lived to be a hedonistic lifestyle? Well, exactly. So yes, but on the other hand, of course, he's, you know, established in certain fields, but then he's been criticized for, for for certain things, which I don't know much about. Yeah, we need to touch up on this because there's another extreme that's been, you know, like the red pill movement. But the thing is, we will go into detail before we get into detail. The reason why I bring this up is because as Muslims, it's important for young men, to take inspiration, and to take as role models, we believe anywhere from the prophets, yeah.

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Yanni, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the final prophet, we have Moses and Jesus and Abraham others, and how to be a man, for example, aspects of masculinity is to be derived from the sacred texts to be derived from the Sierra number. We're from the Prophet Muhammad that sounds like today. So I'm not saying this man doesn't display masculine, SoCal masculine, clearly he does, to the point where some Muslim men are looking up to him in some ways. But if you want the full package of masculinity of human integrity, then we believe that's from the prophets and the Companions as well. So there's this idea of trying to find role models outside the community. And look for Andrew

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himself, which, I'm guessing is watching this video, I would say to that, to be a complete man, we would say, to be a complete man to be self dignified in the fullest sense of the word, conventional ritual, which have been a mother's

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perspective, is to follow the prophets. And that will show you what virtue is. Well, let's, let's watch.

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Let me tell you something. Revolutions are nothing more than a bunch of men in one place. It's not women, it's men. If you put enough men on a city square pissed off, a revolution happens. That's what the people in charge of the world are afraid of. So to make sure there's no revolution what they do

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They construct as many divisions amongst the peasants as possible and make sure the blacks and the whites, the men hate the women. The Republicans hate the Democrats, and we're all so busy fighting with each other, they can laugh from the top, because it's not very many of them. And there's a bunch of us, I'm telling you the reason in countries like America, the reason the law is so destructive against men is very, very purposeful. They don't want you to feel like a king, they don't want you to feel powerful. You wake up amongst three is, if you have 10 sons from 10. baby mamas, you're gonna wake up and feel like the man you ain't taking * easy. If you wake up out in

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your third year of a sexless marriage, pay in taxes, and your kids don't even listen to you. You don't really feel like rebellion, you don't have it inside of you. This is why there's so much male suicide. This is why men are so depressed, this life was so unhappy because the life they try and create for men, the things they try and support the ideas, they try and make us subscribe to our depressing. They want you as a tack slave, they want you as a tax slave, they want you in a sexless marriage with some old fat who hates you, that's what they want free to leave, they'll take your house and destroy your life's work. And they want you to sit there and pay your taxes until you die.

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This is all done on purpose. None of this is an accident. It's all very purposeful. And in countries and countries, which are not like this in countries where men still have that masculine essence, in countries where they're still in control of their own household. When the government tries to become tyrannical. It's far more difficult to do because the men get together and say, You know what, women clean the house, I'll be back in two hours and tell these guys to get and that's, that's that's the reality of it. This is a control mechanism. along with everything else. Everything you see on TV, there's my final rant. Everything you see on TV is a control mechanism. All the * they put on

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Netflix is a control mechanism telling you that you have mental problems. You don't have as a control mechanism telling you Oh, you Oh yeah, you can't focus on anything for two minutes because you have ADHD or you're depressed and you can never fix it. They're trying to control you. They're trying to dampen your lifeforce, making sure your woman doesn't listen to you is a control mechanism, making sure you can never leave her without being financially destroyed as a control mechanism. It's all control mechanisms, all of it from head to toe, you have to resist the slave mind, you have to look at it all and understand they are trying to make a slave of you. And when I

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say slave, I do not mean slave, likely, I mean the word slave, they are printing money from the sky, and you're giving up your life for it. If they can create something, and unlimited amounts anytime they want. And you'll give up your life and time for that set thing. You are their slave. They don't need to use power and control and whips anymore. They just have the money print button, it's slavery. And they need to make sure that even if you know that you don't feel powerful enough to do anything about it. All of this, every single thing about the modern world was deliberately constructed to get us to a point where they can come along and lock you in your house for something

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with a 99.9% survival rate. And you're gonna sit there and take it like, anyway, that's what all this * is. Including being in a position where you can't even tell your own woman, she's not allowed out with their friends to get drunk with a bunch of dudes, because you're not allowed to do that. If a wife comes home and goes, I'm gonna go out drinking tonight, you're not going nowhere. Oh, I want to go out with my friends from work. You're not going out with them men, that's coercive and controlling behavior. Pro you can't even tell you're not gonna get drunk with dudes. They're local, though abusive, you're an abusive misogynist, you're agitate cancelin It's insanity. And it's

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all done on purpose. I don't want anyone to sit here and think this is some accident we've arrived at or that we're here now. And it's it's no big deal. This is very, very purposeful. Because when you destroy the warriors of a society, that's how you usher in slavery. First thing the Romans did when they conquered the Greeks is kill all the warriors, all the fighting age males, you leave the soy boys and and then you could conquer it done. That's what they're doing to us. They're trying to destroy the Warriors. So my G's, the ones who are left

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to worry about, because we got bigger fights coming up, we got bigger, we got bigger wars coming ahead of us. So you want to go fun, because I really believe the next 10 years are going to be difficult for men of stature. I really believe that. So to me, personally, there is there is truths into what they say what he's seen. But obviously we don't agree with like, a lot of the stuff we get a bit of reasons for and was put that aside. There is there is an attack, like for example, why is it that if I was to tell my wife that she cannot go out with with only that lifestyle, but like the Miss suppose, you know, I was a non Muslim and I and I had a wife and I told my wife, you know, I

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don't want to play with your friends. Why is that abusive? Why is and he's right, bro. Like if you look at war in history, and the problem having peace within the most of this implement throughout history, that when you go to war with a specific nation who has transgressed over and over again, usually the men are executed.

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Why? And why it's you can see because at the end of the day, a man plays a pivotal role in the future. And also when it comes up to our nature, we are going to be rebellious, I'm gonna say so that's within our nature, but why is it seen as oppressive? Or like, for example, when I like I took more of the end bid towards what he said is that a man cannot even tell his wife. I don't want you to do a.

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So how do we expect anything like I thought I was listening to what you said and it seemed like there was there was more than one kind of commentary here. It's almost like a political

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commentary, there was no social commentary and then you have like domestic genders, but he went from macro to micro. Yeah. And

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therefore it's politically.

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Okay, so these elites that he's talking about. So how do they benefit from the drug questions I have on this on these theories, like how would they How would these elites benefit from the lack of a warrior class? For example, if America take that example as a superpower? Well, it's worth it to have a weaker military force. What would that do for its hegemonic power? And then this idea of the divide and conquer, like, put these people here and put these people here that's more tenable. I think you can you can make an argument for that.

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How that links to, like, what Red Pill pillars like Tomasi and others have called like, the gynocentric order. And these kinds of things is more difficult for me to try and understand. But what he's saying in terms of the gender discussion is interesting. Why because it's it when when moral foreign was talking about in his book, The Myth of male power, and he's talking about the definition of power.

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And he said, the definition of power is the ability of someone to take control of their own lives. Yeah. And what he's doing is, in effect, he's taking that definition of power, knowingly or unknowingly, right? And he's saying, Look, you're not really in control of your life, because a man is not in control of his domestic affairs. He's not in control of X, Y, Zed, all these things that historically he has been in control of. And this is causing a psychological backlash for that man. Yes. Now, if that's the way it's been phrased, then there's great truth in obviously in that notion, right?

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And it's a counterbalance to the feministic narrative, which says that, well, what what we have is an oppressive oppressor oppressed relationship, you've got the patriarchy, you've got men being oppressed by women being oppressed by men. And that's how it works. Well, if you redefine what power constitutes power is the ability of a man to take control a person's sacred or the lives, he's outlining examples, suicide and lack of domestic control or

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payments, or the fact that a woman could take half of the man's income, even though she hasn't contributed to these kinds of things, which, frankly, Islamically, from our perspective, completely, we're against these things. In addition, I'll add to it, for example, to the things like custody of the children, or the fact that a woman can take complete custody, and okay, just through the power of accusing a man, stop and prevent a man from seeing his own children. These things are really, these these things in society

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are deep rooted injustice, as we will see, unfortunately, what we're seeing in the Muslim community is that some women are actually jumping onto the bandwagon and taking these I'll rephrase that. A lot of women, yes. Now some women, a lot of women. So so so this is where this this discourse is actually legitimate. Yes, but when it comes to government to some kind of grand conspiracy, I think we would need to unpack it a little bit and clean it up a little bit. Yeah. But there's certainly some grievances, which which needs to be redressed? And what else would you say? Well, I mean, like, like you said before, like the whole thing of, you know, World Order. Like I don't, I'm not really

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concerned about that right now. There's an outright attack in my very household I need to fix was in my household, both I don't like right now, I'm not care about the jobs come in, and the Antichrist, and you know that right now, I have to deal with what's happening in my house. And the thing is, like I said before, is that we speak to a lot of brothers, you know, and this issue, what we need to understand is that there's another extreme happening now, because, because the nature of men and women have been so corrupted, and men are not men and one woman or woman anymore. We're seeing it enter in our households. And we are seeing the ripple effects of that. And people are Undertale,

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which I've been told that the Muslim youth are looking up to him and speaking to listening to him. Why? Why is that happening? Wherever there is an action, there is going to be a reaction. And that's exactly what we've seen, bro. Because when men are feel and that's why Jordan Peterson is become so popular. Why? Because he listened and they say, Well, why is it a lot of men listen to you? Well, why? Because we maybe it's the fact that we have been stripped of our true nature. Why can I not be this is this is the crux of the matter. And we are seeing it slowly, slowly poisoning our ummah. So much so that now we have our Muslim youth who are looking up to Andrew tea. Now, this is the reason

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why, you know, and we have these private discussions. Yeah.

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Me and you and a little brothers that we talked to, we can see this coming. And we actually preparing for it. Because we can see the family unit has been destroyed in front of our very eyes. So the thing is either we come with a portrait of Quran and the Sunnah, no extremes because there's extremes out there. Brahmins are going again, I'll be honest with you, I believe there are people out there who have gone to the extreme level of trying to be the Muslim Andrew teat. And we're looking at it No, no, let's be real here. They are genuinely doing and fingers. Is the mother trying to show that undertaking become the Muslim entertain himself? He does what there's a lot of things

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that he needs to do.

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And I think if you have a discussion with them and arrange it, please I mean, he needs to understand that as a Muslim, and when it comes to Islam, short polygamy is that it's a perfect solution. It's actually a better solution to what he has because he believes that he can stick around and do what he likes and you know, he has to come to home and there's one obedient one

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already said that something about four is all you need or something. Okay. Islam is a submission for you.

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I think you've made a series of rules. Very good points, you know. And what I would want to add to that is the following this idea that you said that, you know, a man has been started his true nature. Yes. First of all, you have to admit that there is a major amount, obviously, now we're living in an age of post structuralism and social constructionism. So the idea is, there is no measure of man, this is the what we've been told this is also a social social construct. But then, for me, you know, this whole transgender kind of movement, right? Well, when you say, I have gender dysphoria, I want to transition from man to female because I've always felt like a man that

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presupposes the true nature of a man in first place. So there's a contradiction here that lies within the social constructionist ideology, which is that they, on the one hand, you can't actually transition, let's put it in, in racial terms. Okay, you can't transition from being white to black. Unless there's such a thing as being black, no such thing as being white is that likewise, you can't transition from being white, male to female, unless there's such a thing as being a man is that no such thing as being a woman? So you're born with gender? So what you were saying what you were saying about the true nature of man, a lot of people I know, especially in the left wing

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inclination, like proclivities and that side, are going to say, well, actually, it's all gender, gender construct, but then, if it's a gender construct, then the transitions from one construct to another would be almost almost meaningless, almost completely self defeating. It's makes no sense to me. So that's the first thing there is a true nature of a man. Yes. And there is there is a masculine archetype out there. And it can be manifest. And this is what our religion teaches. Yeah, yes. And it does include things which are not in the feminine archetype, which, for example, may include increased aggressivity, it may include, but it's not limited to increased kind of sexuality.

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And it's almost like as if many men today, and I think we would agree, even within Muslim and non Muslims feel like they've been starved of being able to manifest that reality without being shamed by society. Exactly. And that's why you have 16, if they engage in some kind of self defense situation, or if they engage, if they want to be in a polygamous reality, whatever it may be. No, you because you want those things out to be shamed. How dare you, you should in fact, feel guilty. Yes, no, you should feel guilty. And in fact, this this whole polygynous nature that you have is a construct, and you're and you're harming people from feeling and it's a nature. Yeah, this right.

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Yeah, polygamy being polygamous is not a choice. It's your nature. Let's get that maybe correctly. Unless you're homosexual, or maybe.

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Or you have low testosterone, even if you're homosexual, you

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know what I'm talking about.

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Even even they looked at, for example, gay men, and they realize that when it comes to, they are still visually stimulated. Yeah, gaming. Seems like you don't see that womb, but with men like we're visual creatures,

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which is our studies. Yeah. So the thing is, it shows that if that's the case, then a gay man could also still be polygamous with this nature wanting to be with different men. I mean, the point is this, though, that's within their nature. And that's what it's seeped into. Bravo's boy speaks of Bravo's in the right. Oh, no, but I'm happy. Oh, hold on a second. Well, when you get that from and like, Well, I'm not gonna hold on a second because I have to look at the prophet in the eye. And I said, Look, bro, like, and I will break it down. And he'll be like, Oh, no, no, it's my wife was okay. This I don't know. Well, hold on a sec. So that's your nature. So what's stopping you is that

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the wife has been upset. Now the thing another thing that you mentioned is that gender cannot be social constructs. Because you're too busy talks about this. Because if you look at Scandinavia, Scandinavian countries, which are equalitarian. Yep. That you will see that usually he says it says men are interested in things and women are interested in people. And when you see egalitarian countries, the Scandinavian countries, you see the disparity growing. Yeah, so he's saying, Well, how can that be the case? Because if it's socially constructed, when you put these things and when you let them be okay, if I terian then how is it that these women like women tend to go to

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childcare? And men tend to be engineers? Yeah, exactly.

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This is exactly the point. I think, I think probably this word Peterson got it from Yeah, because he has he Olson is moral Ferens Yeah, magnum opus, or his main book, which is the myth of male power, which where he was talking about when you look at the trends of what women are interested in, by nature, romance novels, romantic. This is not something which they've been forced to buy. Yes, you're not No one's forcing a woman to and it's cross cultural. Like if you see this, the fact that it's cross cultural and historical. It's an extremely difficult and problematic case to make say, well, actually, women don't like love stories, and they don't like romance. And they're like novels.

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This is a social construct. Because it's a social construct. It seems like there was an interestingly, immense collaborative effort in conspiracy. It's not just a mass conspiracy, the the biggest mass conspiracy known to man Well, I should say women as well, which is that all societies have come together and says, Oh, women do this, even though the ones in the most desolate and derelict places, and men do this. You know, there was a study that I remember looking at some time ago called Bandura, Ross and Ross, when they were looking at the effects of chill

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And what kind of toys they like, you know, the boys like guns and these kinds of things and the girls like an adult. And if you want to try and eliminate that, from the nature of it, there's no nature, then we have a problem. And so the first thing is we have to admit there was a nature there with a masculine archetype. And by not being that thing, by not being able to manifest that thing, by not being, then this is going to cause resentment. Yes, it's going to cause hate, it's going to cause and as you correctly say, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If, if, if there's a segment of our population, whether it's women or otherwise, who think that men are, this is going

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to put men in order and check or they're gonna get the best out of life by doing this. All they're doing is it's an app. There was a pediatrician, pediatrician if, yes, yes. So he done a study. So what he did is he watched this

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young girl, so got young girl, so there was there was two parents, so he wants to carry a study. So we did this young girl, and he gave this girl from a very young age trucks to play with. So she would start playing with trucks, etc. And then once when they were kind of the study, what he did is like the foster parents would go in the room. And when they went to the room, they actually saw the young girl hugging the truck, and there was a little truck. And the girl actually labeled the big truck, the daddy, and the mummy and the little truck, the baby. So you can see even when you've given them a trumpeter such as a boy's toy, yeah, she turned into a mother and turn the little truck

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into the baby. So you can see that it's innately within their nature. And to deny this is to be stupid. And I think you've done a good job of putting, putting the case involves the one thing I will say to undertake is that like this whole thing about there's going to be a war coming. And this I think, is part of his nature that he he's he's conflict orientated. And that's for good reason. I think he was a fighter before

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every man wants to do as part of our nature is that we are conflict oriented.

00:21:58--> 00:22:00

So some are more effective than others.

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But what I was gonna say was that

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but this this war against, I don't know, the government, whoever he thinks is going to be August. Yeah, I think this is a fiction by his create a dramatized fiction executed for himself, in order to fulfill his on he said, I say to him, Look, you don't need to rely on these kinds of fictions. We have the religious narrative. For us as Muslims, there's always a kind of jihad going on whether it's an inner struggle that no, there's going to be an ounce of defense or something like that. So I think that one and this is what I would say to Tay and others that follow him for most of them are no signs that look at the religion of Islam, because not just about gender, you shouldn't come into

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it just about the gender issue, or through the gender issue. The original Islam is fundamentally about believing in worshiping one god worthy of worship, the All Knowing all wise God that tells all human beings how to live their life, in a way which wouldn't make them cognitively dissonant will make them upset make them depressed, make them feel like they're not manifesting their nature, in a way which is commensurate and congruent with the spiritual right path is actually what we call this an optimal stopping. So I will say look into the Quran properly read it, read the biographies of the prophets, read the biographies of the companions of the Prophet, you will see masculinity

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exemplified in the in the most manifest where you've ever seen it in your life. And of course, for femininity when we can look at the Mothers of the Believers marry the story of Mary in the Quran. So also and one thing I will end this video with is the phone. The Quran says something really powerful on this whole issue of gender issues, which is well let me know my Fidel Allah Habibullah Baba Mala about that do not wish what the other one has basically, what Allah has given literally gel in our Cebu, Mactan Cebu willingly say in our simple mock tests happen was ultimately to men is a portion of what they have earned. And to women is a portion where other words, it's a comp, we believe in a

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complementarity between men and women. This is the system that there are roles and responsibilities that men and women have. And Islam puts it both together such in such a beautiful way. It's a perfect way. It's a symbiotically imperfect way, which allows both to manifest their natures in the best way possible. And in a way which both will feel spiritually connected to the Most High and most familiarly and domestically connected to each other. Let me tell you something just to end on this unit. That's what we see.

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The thing is, doesn't exist

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when you look at a woman who's coming to Islam is because they truly understand men they come into connection with their true nature. Yeah. Now what's happening with the red pill movement is that a lot of these men that's what Undertaker said, if I was to bet on anything in the next 510 years will be Islamia. Why Why do you say that? Because at the end of the day, his I'm not gonna say is true, manly masculine nature because I believe they are Congress in the Congress in a bit. When it comes to Islam. It's not balanced that to what being a real man is because I believe his life and the red pill movement are transgressing those limits of being masculine. I feel they're going a bit

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overboard. I believe there's going

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To be a phenomenon of a lot of men like object coming

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very straight Yeah.

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Going abroad

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exactly like Allah says in the Quran, you know lack of compassion. Yeah, he's allowed for us to you know, you know, there's given us that marry twos, threes, fours, etc and those offers are that who transgress because Allah says we have allowed you to do exactly exactly what Allah has put things in place for as a man for me to have intimacy in the right place, but those who go and commit Zina, you've told us now because I was given the options so the same with the red pill movement you guys are transgressing when you come to Islam you'll have a balanced way of being a true man and not trying to go extra miles by posting ridiculous pathetic stuff that you do to overcompensate Yeah,

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doing to your wife. Which is which is which I'm not gonna get into detail, but that's it. I think there's more to come. This is a this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a phenomena that's affecting our ummah. And be rest assured that me Muhammad hijab Zhi Shan we are closely working on something that will have a fine balance that we don't have our brothers broken up to people like Andrew teat. Yeah, and our sisters who are going to maybe put suffering but what I mean suffering is because at the end of the day, we need to blame ourself as well. Because as a Muslim woman, if you don't have your true nature and being yourself and respecting your husband, don't be surprised when

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you have many Endrew tastes or many agitates coming to your household, because we can't just blame that for every action, there's a reaction. Our sisters are also causing a lot of Muslim men to turn to that direction. So inshallah we will have something that'd be balanced from the Quran and the Sunnah, that helps us to reestablish the family unit, and that's where it is in the Quran, sunnah. And this is what we call everyone to

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was salam ala Kumara, to live with. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to who ever built a mosque for Allah, Allah were built in a similar house in Jannah. And we know the great reward that will not only be gained but rather will fill your grave after your death. Whenever someone prays that whenever someone gives shahada in the masjid whenever someone learns something in the masjid, yes, that will be something that you will have on your scale.