Yasir Qadhi – The Fiqh of Salah #22 – Jumuah Prayer

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various cultural and political topics related to the Sharia, including the use of"has been" in various context, the importance of "has been" in various cultural practices, and the use of"by" in a bathing routine. They also touch on the use of hamsters in hotbar practices and the importance of finding two. The routine is centered around praying to God and not interrupting blessings of others, and is a popular bathing routine for Muslim people.
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solid to Joomla the chapter osato Joomla and Sinatra Joomla could lumen as you mature October Lesiba tool Joomla. Everyone who is required to pray the fire Salawat is also required to pray the Joomla with conditions what are the conditions in keinem was Stoelting and BB now, if this person is living in a city, Bina city, if he's living in a village he's living in Korea, Bina means physical structures, in contrast to tent structures, you know, the Bedouins are moving. Right? So every time they would move, they were set up 20 3040 East tents, that they're going to stay there a few days they're going to move on. So in those days, they had tribal veterans, those veterans who are

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constantly on the move Joomla is not watching for them.

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When is Joomla wajib in Canada, Mo Stoughton and Bina if the person is living in Bina is permanent settlement was stolen and means he's not most often, most often he has taken resident and we talked about suffer last time. So this is the resident in a actual city, while banal January Farsan from Duna Dalek and between him and the masjid is the distance of a facade or what is lesser than that now.

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A for soccer was a measurement of a unit of measurement, and it was preserved in English literature as the term League. The fourth is the English League. So there's a famous book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, that league is the first and the first half still remains in some civilizations. I think alpha one, and even in Urdu and Hindi paralon, or something like this, there's some Furlong the Furlong is the first. Okay, so that is what this the term first is still there. It's still used it as a distance of unit and in those days, the distances were not measured the way we measure miles and kilometers down to a precise centimeter. It was an average measurement, a rough idea how many

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footsteps and what not. So that level of force, they don't have any evidence for this is just a matter of what is a reasonable distance. So for us, we can extrapolate and say anything that is a reasonable drive when you're living in a settlement, an actual permanent settlement Jumeau would be wajib upon you, except for who ill Mara to well, Abdul Well, Musa Wellmark will be murdered or Motrin alcove. Oh, okay. Who is Joomla? Not wajib. On number one the female. Okay, the female by unanimous consensus Joomla is not obligatory, there is no difference of opinion. None of the MME have made Joomla obligatory on the woman. And that is because the Sharia does not really have any

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obligations on the woman for public rituals. Except for IE that even ie there's an afterlife and some of them are they have say that it is not washable the woman even to go for it, and other men that have saved his wives or for the woman to go for read, but the point being the Sharia never obligates these public rituals of the Salah on the woman in terms of the Devi Salah watch or in terms of the Joomla and there is a Hadith and disregard that scholars have considered to be slightly weak but they have all acted upon it, even though it is weak. And the Hadith isn't a Buddha would do more to help Anwar juban Allah Cooley Muslim in in Aruba, Mameluke o mo sabe, o mareel. The hadith

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is weak, yet all muda who took it not because of the Hadith but because of the concept that the Hadith mentions is authentic, and that is Jumuah have Anwar Jeevan Allah cola Muslim everybody should understand this much ill or bad except for for mum, Luke the slave era, the woman sabe the child mareel The sick. So even if the hadith is not authentic, which it is not authentic, the concepts in it are clearly proven by many other concepts in the Sharia, the sick person, the child, we don't obligate on them, the slave we don't obligate coming to the public prayers, and then the woman as well we do not obligate on the woman. So the woman is exempt from the obligation of Joomla

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Of course, they can come but they are not obliged to come while out the slavers while is not obliged. The slave the shed the fear of slavery is something as I mentioned, not relevant to us anymore. Nonetheless, it's something that is found in every single book of fear.

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Each and every chapter of fifth always mentions the different rulings between the holder and the app. So that is also not obliged to go there. Mustafa is Not Obliged as well. The Mustafa is Not Obliged as well. And this means

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that the one who is Musa even when he gets to a city, as long as he is Mustafa, we talked about this last week. What is the definition of Mustafa? So suppose your company sends you let's be out of the lab and say three days for sure you're not Mussaf you're not going to break suffer in three days. All muda him say three days is you still Mustafa? Okay. Remember the last four days and more than 15 days and he will tell me his position. Everybody would say three days you are still misafir Correct. Suppose your company sends you to a major city St. Louis, New York, Chicago. And Thursday, Friday Saturday is what your company sends you.

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Many Muslims feel oh, it's Friday. I have to go pray. You can nobody stopping you and it's good if you do but it is not watching. It is not watching because you are a musafir and you are not Mr. Sultan, BB na. And this is pretty much all over the medina I would say the format I will say this as well, that when you are Musa Farah now, if you are not Mustafa, we talked about this last week if you're staying more than 15 days, for example, then you are not Mustafa. And so you will be you will have to find Joomla and prey Joomla in that city or if you follow the other position or four days, or if you've only been 10 minutes position, whatever position you follow. Once you have decided you

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are not most outfit, then you must pray to them or even if you're temporary in the city. Okay, so Ill Will Mara when we suffer Walmart zoo and somebody who has an excuse to not come to Juma who is the one who has an excuse, while he gives some examples. But the reality is there are more than this modeled Mater health, he gives three examples. severe rain, sickness, or fear. And we have many other examples. So simple example. You get into go for Gemma, you start your car, your battery's dead.

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And Juma is 2030 minute drive away, and you don't have a right. This is an excuse that if you had a ride, if you're able to arrange it, obviously it is watching. But if you cannot then so this is what he means someone who has a legitimate excuse as well. Joomla would be lifted from this person. And the classical excuses are a sickness. If you're too sick to come, you're too sick to drive yourself and you have nobody to take you your fever is too high. Joomla is forgiven upon you hope as well. So hope means you are you are fearful, fearful again, you may Allah protect all of us, but there are many cities now in Syria and workplaces. Going out of your houses as a problem could be Yemen,

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what's happening now could be a problem. It's just safer to stay at home. So it's July wajib. In those cases, obviously not. So these are exemptions for Joomla. We're in Helldorado however, if these last group of people come sorry if any of these people come sorry, in this case, the Mara, the woman that Abdur Mustafa de marzo if they come at home, it is sufficient for them. It's good for them nothing wrong. It's just is what I'm telling it to be him. But Joomla is not counted by them. Now, what does this mean? We're going to come to Okay, for them to come is John is, but the Joomla congregation does not tell them. What does this mean? We'll come to in the next page, okay?

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Illa de Masood in either * Baraha wotja But Allah He won't occur, that's b He. However, if the one who had an excuse somehow manages to come, it is now wajib once he is there, and his presence will count. So suppose you didn't have a car. Your car broke down. And you said Carlos, I cannot go. Okay, so you went back home at that point in time. Joomla is not watching. Okay? Then you think Hey, hold on a sec, maybe that guy he comes by my house towards this direction? Maybe you call them up? You didn't remember this when you thought when you first found out? You think of it you call the guy he picks you up? Now it is watching for you. And your presence in the masjid will count for the

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congregation. What does it mean we'll count we'll come to in a while. So the Musar fit according to the humble the momentum that was softer and the woman and the abd their presence is Jah is but it doesn't count for the congregation. Whereas the one who has a legitimate excuse. Once he is able to come, his presence becomes wajib and it counts in the congregation. Now, what does it mean count in the congregation? One of the preconditions for Joe

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Why to be obligatory as well. woman showed up as a hottie ha of the shoe route of Joomla. Number one fear and do half the work the HA, it should be prayed it's time. Number two fear Korea tin in a village or inhabited land, because Joomla is not prayed by the Bedouins Joomla is not prayed by continual massages. You do not pray Joomla This is the standard position of the Madonna him. Now the question arises if they were to do Joomla is that John is and majority of Medina will say no, they should not do Joomla even. But another position says if they do it that is permissible. And in the circumstances we find ourselves in America, this is what we encourage people to do. So simple

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reality our high school students for example, okay, our high school students, technically most of the books are filled would say that if they cannot come to the masjid, there is no Joomla for them. This is technical. But there is something called basically minority for Kalia where you look at the situation we find ourselves in and you can fine tune. And we understand that our high school kids, it is excellent tarbiyah for them to be taught to pray Joomla and they should be taught that they should take off Friday afternoons, and they shouldn't be taught to give five minute hot buzz. It's all good for them. So to fine tune

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and say you know what, in this circumstance, it is good for high school kids to give drama prisoners. Now this book doesn't mention it but the mother had all agreed there is no drama on the prisoner. Now imagine in an Islamic land. Why should the prisoners, you know be told to come outside into the public is going to be a scandal is going to be a security threat. Have the murderers and the rapists we're not coming to Joomla and then back to the prison Correct? Course is not going to happen. Although the books are fixated the prisoner is Matador he is forgiven from Joomla he doesn't prey Joomla and technically there will be no Joomla I just for prisoners because the massage of the

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city are there. But now in North America what do we do? We say the prisoners should pray Dubois

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This is minority for Alia, this is changing Philip, looking at our circumstances that technically there is no room for prisoners. Technically there is no Joomla in high school because truth of Joomla is that it is done in a city that has a main masjid, for eukaryotes in three jam and jam here There must be the primary Masjid Joomla is done in the primary massage and not even in the smaller massage it as will come to the smaller massage should shut down and only the larger massage you should have Juma but who can do this anymore in the circumstances of North America. Yes, still as we know, in the Middle East in India, Pakistan still to this day, the smaller neighborhood Masjid shut

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down and that is from the from the Sharia, they should shut down. Okay. So then what remains open only the larger massages. So of the conditions of Joomla we pray it at its time for you walk the house what is the time of Joomla the Shaffir is the Maliki's and the Hanafis they say the time of Joomla is the time of the her.

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So though her and Joomla are the same.

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The only difference comes from the humbly madhhab and that is the method we are teaching in this book that humbly madhhab says the timing of Jumuah is the same as the timing of read Salah that you can pray read Salah begins at the beginning of Eid Salah that it can come from the read till the end of the whole Salah this whole time is Joomla

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and this is the standard humbly position

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that Joomla is allowed before Zool and the other three mme say no Juma is allowed only after his award, which is the timing of war okay and each of them have their have their evidences but the main evidence for the humbling method was a hadith in Sahih Muslim that an asymptomatic or sorry javelina, Abdullah says that we would pray Juma out with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then go back to our camels and have them rest until the sun reached ZyWall. Meaning Juma I would finish and they would get to their camels before the Zool which means Juma is before the time of Doha, okay. And the other month I would say, well, Jabba is estimating he's not actually saying that

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this is already could be a mistake on jabbers part or whatever. So they have their interpretations. And they don't accept the timing before so I'll nonetheless that somebody might have definitely allows it before the cell wall and that is what I think most North American Westerners will also follow because it is very convenient in North America in the summer once right. So for example, now, the hobby

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gains at 1130. For example, it's very convenient if we can have Joomla. Sorry, what am I talking the opposite. In the summer months, daughter goes very late, after lunchtime, and Joomla if we were to delay it till after lunchtime, it will be very difficult. So we consistently pray it, let's say at one o'clock, even if Dover begins at 131 45, we will still pray it before and the humbly might have allows it and this is the position I think as well of many of the modern masajid here in North America.

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So number one condition you prayed, and it's time number two, short of Jumeirah, it must be in a hurry. Yeah. And by Korea, what is meant is that a permanent settlement is a Korea. This is what a Korea means. And the opposite of Korea is a non permanent settlement. And the classic example, as we said, was the constant traveling of the Bedouins or you can imagine, let's say that there is a geological team searching for oil, or searching for whatever. And they have a team of let's say 3040 50 people and their goal or their job is occupation and they're on the road all the time for weeks on end surveys. Is Joomla going to be able to get random No, even if they have large quantity,

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because they are not in a career. So this is the second shot the third shot. One Yeah, Laura Homina misto Kalinina, Bihar Barone, I mean, they will do will be okay. So, this is the point that Do they count for Joomla or not? All of them as I have said there must be a minimum quantity for Joomla. This is the standard position of all of them without him.

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The Maliki's typically say 12, the hem bellies and shafr is say 40. And the Hanafi is typically and even within each month of the opposition, they typically say a large amount that fills basically the Jamia masjid, and the the amount that should be in a small coffee or maybe a small village. And sometimes they even also say 40, some say 100, sometimes even 120. So we have all of these positions. And the former that have by and large have 12 or 40. These are the two main numbers 12 or 14. And they each have their various evidences, the fact of the matter is none of them is very, very strong. They're kind of derived evidences. And they're nothing that is explicit in this regard. But

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the humbly madhhab says 40 As does the Shaeffer image. So according to the humbly madhhab

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if there are 40 men, but what are the conditions of these men? They must be from the people who live in the town and upon whom Joomla is watching.

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Okay, and that is why the musafir doesn't count in the 40. Remember, we talked about doesn't count? That's the point to you. Okay, the OB doesn't count in the 40.

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Okay, the the the woman does not count. So I mean, if you had 39 men and 300 women, according to the humbling method, there is no Joomla. And the shafts the motive and the management of there is no drama 39 Men, that's how much forceful for airlines, right? Imagine that's like, you know, that's the that's what the film says. And the height of us was even more men than because they have typically they have a small village quantity of men. So the honeybees are the largest and the mighty keys are the smallest. Now there are other positions as well have been telling me, for example, says there is no evidence for any of these numbers. Three is the minimum.

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So Ibn Taymiyyah says three, and there are even some scholars who say two, as I said, Okay, I mentioned this, I think, last week or something. Nonetheless, I think three is a safe number. And if there are two, I just prayed pray for them. Pray Lord, even though technically it is jazz, just go ahead and pray Lord, so three seems to be a cardinal JAMA, the minimum amount that is a plurality, there is no evidence for 12 or 40 or whatnot. So then where where does where do we have to go to we have to go to language that what is a cultural Jumeau? A cultural Jamar fijo moi. Right? What is a cultural Jamaat? What is the minimum quantity that we can say this is Gemma of people, because

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Jumeau means the gathering of people. So what is a candle Gemma is a two or three. And this is a classic graph of the lava weed of the linguist and in the end of the day, as I said, Shall it's very, very rare scenario, whether it's two or three, but the point is inshallah with three people, you can also have Joomla. And as I said, as well, looking at the modern world we live in, we shouldn't be that strict about it has to be a career milestone on that it doesn't have to be that way. That the fact of the matter is because we are now

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aren't living in an Islamic civilization? We should encourage the praying of Joomla even if technically some Factbooks would not allow it so technically speaking the people in the hospital What is this the hospital that has the masala what is which one is it? The VA the VA VA hospital mashallah

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VA hospital okay okay. vegetable juices healthy is good for the hospital as well Jaya okay. So the VA hospital technically speaking they do not have a masjid and the fic books would say they should pray for a non Jomar

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if they cannot make it in time, because according to fic books, you must be praying Dumas in the courier in the masjid of Jamia in the major masjid and we understand from an Islamic civilizational standpoint, right? Because from an Islamic civilizational standpoint, they didn't want small groups of Muslims to just pray by themselves and not come to the main Masjid. But that's because even to this day in Muslim lands, everybody allows you to cooperate Omar correct that's the society is based that way, but living in the West living in minority situations we will have to fine tune and in cases where doctors or people in one place or whatever now, we have to be careful here suppose they

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could make it to a masjid then they are not allowed to be lazy and say oh, we just want a longer lunch break and gaps have some time to socialize No, because of the goals of Joomla is that it be done for the messages that have Jahmir and must do the job it means the larger massage is not the neighborhood massage not the smaller masala yet and this is all the medina agree that the smaller massage should be shut for Joomla. And only the larger In fact, as we will mention over here that so let's move on to he's going to move on and say this that so and of the conditions is that 40 of them was Stoughton own meaning those who are living in that city must come upon whom Joomla is wajib. So

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that's why according to the humbly might have Andy Shaeffer Imagine if 30 locals came and 20 musafir men came, there would be no drama.

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This is what the fifth book say.

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Now, of course you will say how do people know their Masada was stolen? Well, because when you're living in a small little village, everybody knows everybody. So when 20 Strangers show up, you know they're strangers. And therefore according to these books, people would literally be supposed to count if they are at that number of 40 or so. And if it's 40 they will pray if it's not, they will not pray.

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And also of Joomla what is done is one set up a demo hot button fee coolie hot button Hamdulillahi to Allah wa salatu Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walk it out walk there are two I attend Wellman wherever so the humbly say that before so that to Joomla must be too hot bus. As for too hot buzz. There is Iijima on this point that saw that that Joomla should have too hot buzz. However, is it wajib almost the hub This is where the mother hub differ. Is it wajib or is it Mr hub This is where the mother had before but the concept of having to hold the buzz Alhamdulillah there is no actigraph according to the humble is it is wajib which means if it is not done then you have a

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nap is halted by your hotbar is not done properly. And according to I want to say the Maliki was not sure it is Mr. Hub just don't quote who it is but according to the other matter, it is Mr. Hub and the fact of the matter is there is no evidence either way, all that we know our process and have always performed to hold of us that was the Sunnah and therefore the OMA has taken the Sunnah and and Hamdulillah I don't know of any place in the world war one hookbait is given for July this is the sooner that has been taking place. Now, the humbly Madam says in each hotbar there should be four things.

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This is the humbling method the Hanafis have different chapters, each one has different now that what constitutes a holdover the humbly say in each of the two, there must be hamdulillah some type of praise hamdulillah doesn't necessarily mean Alhamdulillah Subhanallah counters hamdulillah hamdulillah means some praise of Allah. Okay. La ilaha illa Allah is hamdulillah some praise of Allah, Salah ala Rasulillah. Number two Salah Salem number three at least one idea has to be recited and number four some most of us some advice. Some advice even if the advice is within the IRA, then it counts.

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But there must be some more evil. Now, this is the strictest of the form of the hip.

00:24:53 --> 00:24:59

Other mods have lesser than this the humble these are the strictest that you have to have these four in each hotbar

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Other modahaus say that the hunt is wajib in the first cookbook, and the salon and the second cookbook, for example, and others have permutations which are beyond the scope of our talk right now, but the point being the hamburgers are the most strictest and they say, each hookbait has to have Hamed and Salah and I and moreover and therefore the humbly scholars if you listen to the hookbaits they always have some reference to all of these things because that is the madhhab okay, but the fact of the matter insha Allah once you get to we can say there's no evidence to be that strict and insha Allah as long as Hemd and basically as long as these are found within the whole

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hotbar then inshallah the hotbar has been given, okay, so according to the majority of Salah Allah nebi, so Salam is wajib somewhere in the hotbar and that is why we always say it in the second hotbar. Okay, and some more about some advice. And again, this is common sense because that's what the purpose of the hotbar is. And Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, that God didn't know either Julius may only do it first, so either Vickery.

00:26:09 --> 00:26:25

So there must be some vicar of Allah, that's where they get hamdulillah from, there must be some remembrance of Allah. And the purpose of this is that good or moment Allah and therefore the humble is have these four conditions while you still have bow on your top, either member.

00:26:26 --> 00:26:52

And while you're while you still have one year October Allah member, and it is recommended not watch him that the Hudbay be given on a member. None of the scholars said member is wajib members. Why is this because obviously, you are then seen by the public. And we learned from the authentic hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took a trunk as his member. Then, when

00:26:53 --> 00:27:34

more and more people came to the rescue, they wanted to hire member. So he commissioned the building of a member. And he called for a carpenter, one of the ladies of the unsought had a carpenter. And he called for the carpenter. And the carpenter came and the President said Bill from your member with three steps, so the carpet to build a member of three steps and therefore it is something well known in the Sunnah, that our process, some had a member made of three steps and as we all know, the first time he stood on that member, then the trunk began to quiet that's the famous story of the of the trunk. So it is, it is encouraged to give the hotbar on the member for either side occupied at

00:27:34 --> 00:28:21

the nursery for Salama I lay him. When he rises up to the member, the first thing he does, he turns around and says salaam to the people, and then sits down until the event finishes, then stands up and gives the hutzpah then sits down, then stands up and gives the second hotbar. Now, this procedure Alhamdulillah no Akela. Amongst the MME, and we all know this from our culture's from every madhhab the Maliki Shaeffer is one of his humble is everybody does this that the Imam rises up turns to face the audience says salam sits down the Athan stand up for a school bus sit down stand up second, and then comes down and leads to rock out in which he recites loudly Okay, your geography

00:28:21 --> 00:28:43

him I will cry so far, so clear and no need to comment because there is no Akela Alhamdulillah no scholar or Nomad who disagrees with this procedure from an ad raka ma who minha raka attend a term Maha Jumuah we're in utter Maha voran where does the class come? What if he misses some of those recart

00:28:44 --> 00:28:45

So he walks in late

00:28:47 --> 00:28:48

the majority say

00:28:49 --> 00:28:55

if he catches even one raka of the two, then he has caught the Juma

00:28:56 --> 00:29:01

and this is the humbling method as well. One method doesn't say this but that's beyond the scope we're gonna we're gonna stick with our method here.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:47

The humbly say, if he walks in after the first guy, but before the second record, so he catches a second raka he will then make up one record only and he has caught Joomla so that is his Joomla were ill if he doesn't catch the second raka so he walks in late for Joomla and the Imam has said Sammy Allahu lumen of the second raka or the Imam is in the Tasha would have the second raka now he has not caught Joomla and this is the standard position as well of the majority of them without him in fact I don't know of any healthy laugh I think all of them say this that he should then pray how many records for record of boho Okay, so, if he catches after the second record, then uttama

00:29:47 --> 00:30:00

Halvorsen he will make it up as though her and not as Jumuah okay, what can I do you can knock off sorry, I did a hydrogel walked workout. So Lou Rocca 10 A

00:30:00 --> 00:30:18

At Mohawk Jumuah we're in LA at a mo Halvorsen. Sometimes they have these nonsensical or illogical or very bizarre statements and this is the reality of fit sometimes it doesn't make sense if you are a strict humbly and you believe that the 14 number is required

00:30:19 --> 00:30:24

what happens if during the salah one person exits of the 40?

00:30:26 --> 00:30:28

Firstly, how will the Imam even know?

00:30:29 --> 00:31:07

But anyway so this is what fear is about sometimes feel has bizarre scenarios and the point of these bizarre scenarios. You just understand them and then may play us for other situations. Okay, especially if you are following the humbly but to the letter. As for me, as you know, I am not a blind more Khaled. I'm a respectful McMullen. I will respect most of the matter but sometimes we'll have to fine tune. And this is one of the things we must find two, there is no evidence for the number 40 The number 12 Or the number 120. There's no evidence whatsoever. These are all kind of derived numbers, just like we talked about last time, the 48 Miles there's no evidence whatsoever

00:31:07 --> 00:31:09

that is explicit is very, very

00:31:12 --> 00:31:18

what's the whimsical there's something just very derived. So we say that Na is for the humbly mme suppose

00:31:19 --> 00:31:42

the other went down the number went down or the time for Joomla I finished so suppose for whatever reason they started Joomla five minutes before so for whatever reason, and in the middle of the Salah, the time finishes again, how will they be monitoring but that's the point. If they have prayed one raka before the 40 goes down to 39

00:31:43 --> 00:31:47

or before as the timing comes in, then what do they do?

00:31:49 --> 00:31:53

If they have caught the first raka then they will make it for Joomla

00:31:54 --> 00:32:17

it's fine. So suppose they had my shell exactly 40 Mashallah. Tabata cola. And then Nadeem breaks his will do mashallah sabbatical and the salah Okay, the 40th one Michelle has about a cola and walks out during the salah destroys the whole Joomla for us, but then he says don't worry guys it was after the record then what happens?

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No Joomla another Joomla Joomla

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because the first truck I was finished okay. Now suppose it was before the first sorry after before the first truck or before the first record in this case

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in other words if the number did not complete for the first rocker, so they didn't even have one raka with 40 people then according to the madhhab and this is the shafr as well I mean this would be the way that they are they will not they will not pray Juma and they will immediately convert to to Thor. Okay.

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As you reside Bukhara so he goes and comes back mashallah Good point, Mashallah.

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The word?

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Yes, so the Imam will change the knee in the middle of the Salah. As we said it's somewhat bizarre how would the Imam know

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but still, this is the method I will teach you just so we understand. This is what the fifth book says.

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That is true for the shopper. I do not know what they will say. You're absolutely right. The shopper you might have does not allow a change in the the humble you might have disallow a change in the the humbling amount of disallowing change in the so the humbling madhhab. If the the 40 becomes 39 You're allowed to change the years. Okay, or if alpha timing comes in, then you will pray the timing while you're jutsu and you'll suddenly fail miserably at thirimanne Jumuah, Illa and Tedra will have it will Katara minha. It is not allowed to pray more than one Jumaa in any city, except if there is a dire need to do so. And this is standard and all of them without him. The ideal is there should be

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one Juma in every city,

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but obviously, the cities become larger and larger. And so the fifth book say the mestu that John Mayer only and not the masjid have the localities and the suburbs because every city has the major misogyny, and every city has the small neighborhood will suddenly get every Muslim says society this is Alhamdulillah a part of our heritage and Hamdulillah you have the local little places. Sometimes even in a shopping mall, one of them will be converted to the Masada right and that will be your local place. And then you have the purpose built massage and the big massive structures and those are the places that Juma is prayed. So, no Joomla in any city more than what is necessary to do so.

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Why is the handbook we used to have Boolean algebra and yada yada or Elsa

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Albanian of the Fany way to tie Yep. Why up karo la for injure of what Imam we have to build them. Yeah Julius HECTOR You saw the era Kartini ug Sufi Hema. So this is all standard stuff it is Musa hub for whoever comes for Joomla that he performs Goosen the format I have said is Mr. hub to do loosen the VAR head he might have said it his wajib to do also and some of the humble is also said his wajib to do also according to those modahaus Even the humblest of two positions, the majority position which is our book as well also is Mr hub, but the pendant position that also does wajib is also found in our tradition, but this is as I said at the minority position and one position says

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and this is an interesting one also is wajib on the one who smells

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but the problem comes in at home he smells okay

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but still there is a position also is wajib on the one who stinks and it is not watching but no one who does it it is wants to have okay and in fact this is authentically narrated evidence for this is very clear

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that there's a hadith of widow that the process was giving the hotbar and the people had just come from the marketplace after buying and selling their animals and there are a lot of they're basically stench came and wafted into the messaging and the process that said on the member he said low income if only you were to do wholesale before you come for Joomla

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okay so from this Some have said that those who stink basically it is more obligatory on them. And of course it is common sense by the way it's common sense it's a bit funny, but it's also common sense the purpose one of the purposes of taking a bath is that you don't irritate other people okay and do realize in this society back then taking baths was not that easy or common. Okay, the word

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there was no deodorant as well very valid point my shoulder tomato Cola, I will add there is still no use of deodorant and mold most Muslim lands will long was done but that's a separate issue altogether. So it is Mr. hab that he performs listen that he puts on to clean soaps like meaning that is on the radar, meaning that's how they used to play or any soap that is clean and he puts on perfume and he comes early to the masjid all of this is narrated from the process them and although they would agree coming early has a lot of reward praying, putting on perfume putting on good clothes, the process some had a thought he would wear for Joomla and for eight hour process them

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encouraged wearing plebe on the day of Joomla he encouraged doing listen, he encouraged coming early all of these are authentically narrated and hamdulillah no empty laugh and none of the llama said it is watching. These things are Mooster hub for Joomla and if he comes while the Imam is giving the hutzpah, he does not sit down until he prays to raka art and he prays them quickly. And this is the position of the Malik is the Shaeffer is and the humble is in contrast to the 100 thieves who say he should sit down. Okay, so the three muda him say he should pray to God and pray quickly. You jitsu fie Hema Wallah, your Jews will Kalam will imam or Jakob and it is not allowed for him to say

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anything while the Imam is speaking, except the only person who can talk is the Imam and whoever the Imam speaks to. And of course, this is based on so many a hadith of the prophets of salaam saying something that to a person in the gathering and they will respond them. So if the Imam says something to the person in the audience, then the audience member will respond. And this is something for example, the man came during the hood when he sat down and the process and asked him that have you pray to God? So he asked him a question in the hotbar. So obviously the man said No, I haven't so he responded. So the process of them sit, stand and pray and pray quickly. Whoa, geez fee

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here. And this is where the three get their position from that the one who comes in late should also pray to regard as for the handy fees, they did not consider this hadith to be authentic. But the point being that

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some so there are also some exceptions to this. And that is that if somebody needs to tell the Imam something, then it is also allowed for him to speak.

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If there's some type of emergency, and the Imam needs to be informed, or some type of issue that must be brought to the Imams attention, then it is allowed for the person to say something and when he speaks that will not count as interrupting his blessings of Joomla

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so, we learn this by the way from which Hadith from the Hadith and say body when a man came into domestic or when the process was given the hotbar and he said Yasuda Allah, we're suffering from a drought and our animals are dying and our children are starving me

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Make dua to Allah to cause rain to fall and our process of did not rebuke him and said How dare you interrupted my hotbar

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rather He immediately made dua and the scholars say this is because there was a dire need to that this be brought to the attention of the process and this is a Bedouin coming once a week to the masjid and this is the only time he has and so he literally interrupts the whole bar and brings it to his attention. Now in our situation or scenario very, very realistic scenario.

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Somebody can come and say for example, that

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the space has run out or the the, the

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the microphone has cut off in the sister site for example, okay, somebody comes in and forms the Imam or the hottie, this will not constitute breaking the silence that he must have because this is for the Muslim half of the people or somebody can say oh, there has been an accident is there a doctor in the audience? Okay, this is again the Muslim that is needed and therefore this is something that is allowed to be said even if the Imam is giving the Hotspur okay. So this we finished Salah till Jumeirah.

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me Ms. De hatin doll seni wanna tell

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me what to fifth

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Sunday. Let's

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go Ruby took my journey.

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Down to

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me down

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