Mohammed Hijab – When Britain First Ran Away from

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © A group of people are trying to get in touch with Tommy Robinson, including a man from the area who they say was not educated. The situation has caused confusion and negative reactions, and the man may be hiding in a secret location. The speaker suggests people should be calm and not manipulate the situation, and that people are being pressured to do things they want to do, but they are not doing them.
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Don't know why they're saying that to be honest with you half the time they don't even believe what they're saying themselves. Like, Tommy, I'll tell you straight. I've got this guy figured out. And that's why he doesn't want to talk to me. You guys had a run in with a run run away. What happened? He ran away.

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Online, but I've never ever told on life on social media, the full story. So you want the full story? Yeah. Exclusive. Yeah. This is what actually happened between us and Tommy Robinson. Okay. So we were in Iraq, and we come back that day to Birmingham Airport when they were either in Iraq, in Iraq, where they're, like, providing frontline humanitarian support

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to victims, victims, stuff like that. And we even like, you know, we got attacked and stuff and there was bombs that were going off nearest. So we're coming back from Birmingham Airport, and we're getting near my house. We're one minute away from my house. And you see these big crosses. And these big all the eases. Yeah.

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Big like, guys just, I was like making fun of him on that. Because like, even though even though they're awake this morning,

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and they've got crosshairs on that, and they're like, like the deal was fake as Christians. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm like, why is the crosses in the middle of Sparkbrook? Because that's not something you've seen Sparkbrook. So as we've gone past, I've seen the one with the redhead

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woman. That was America. Yeah. So I've seen that the woman with the red hair that rolls with them. Laia property

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real fast on them. I've seen her and I've gone Yo, that's her. Then I've seen Paul Golding, then I'll see.

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Britain's first year. Then I've seen tala, we didn't see Tomita. Laughter we only saw them. I saw Tommy, man, I seen Tommy. So I seen Tommy and I'm like, yo,

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jump out. So he stopped the call. He put the windows down like Yo, stay there. Don't move we're parking up. And

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did that for you. So we've just stopped and you can see they stay. They don't go anywhere. And they say they say Yeah, come come here. Not in like your confires. But yet come talk to us. So we've gone round the corner, plucked up the carbonate and waited for him to get out the car. I've started running. He's behind me. I've seen Tommy No.

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going towards them. And as we've got there, they've already got this guy cornered. Who this one random guy. But this random guy. He's like he was no, no, no, he was just from the area.

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Yeah, he was from the area, a random guy. And he didn't know what he was talking about. So like he wasn't very educated in Islam and stuff like that. Let's just say Yeah.

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Like, and they would just go in on him. And he had no answer for anything. You know what I mean? And there's 10 of them around him. very intimidating. Camera in his face, microphone and everything.

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So now we've turned up and this guy is gone. All Yeah. Now you got someone that knows what they're talking about. Talk to him and talk to him. And because he must have no knew who I was in China for? Excuse me, British Muslims and all of that. Yeah. So

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what did that say? Yeah. So

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Tommy's put the thing in my face. Now you get me. And he's asking me like, whatever, whatever. And he's asking him and I can't even ask you, oh, he was like, oh,

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stay try to get there fast. He was like all three people convicted of terrorism in this area. And it's a hotbed of terrorism. And I was like, Okay, hold on. 30 people in what period of time, because if it's 30 people in one year, that's a lot. But if it's 30 people in forever, that's not a lot. That's not enough to call it a hotbed of extremism. You know, I mean, because there's more problems in other places. So I was like, Okay, so let's talk about this. And then he said something, and I was like, Okay, I know the answer to these things. And make sure you know what you're talking about before you speak to me? Yeah, but when I said to him, in what period of time because I had just

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studied that fact. And he's, he's recording this, and he's recording it, and I've got him on it. Because I was like, okay, have they actually been convicted? In what period of time was it? Because that has a big

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impact on what we're talking about. So, so as you answer that, and tell me and he was like, Oh, you got me there, bro. Have you got me there? He will actually put his hands up and he's gonna, you got me there. So now in my head of just gas myself up like Yeah, you got Tommy Robinson. So I'm like, Alright, cool. I'm getting ready to ask my questions. Yeah, because remember, I've already answered his, so I'm getting ready to ask mine and from my right hand side, somebody comes over to Paul Golding, because they had a media guy with him. The guy that had the camera and everything. He was from some media station, so he knows about the media, more

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And he's gone. Yo, this is the guy from that channel for program. He was on extremely British Muslims during the day. As soon as he's told him that they realize this guy knows what he's talking about. And like everybody in the van everybody in the van Now listen

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to the van Tommy's thing we've got to give credit where credit is due you told me actually was willing to stay until he went in first but they were dragging dragged out all of them were in the van. If you watch the video, you see, you know that woman with the red hair. Yeah, she's always open everybody's face and doing this and that Yeah, watch the video, she's in the van, seatbelt on window a little bit back over again and get and get a she did not want it. Paul Golding did not want it because these guys knew, because I'm saying to them, I do not talk about ISIS, I'll just come back from Iraq, communists talk about ISIS. They couldn't, they had nothing. They couldn't use anything

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against me, I would have done them on any fact that they wanted to talk about and they knew this. So they realized that our way we gonna get made to look silly. And Paul was probably watching Tom even Tommy said, Okay, you've got me there. And so you're This is gonna go wrong for us. So they all get into the vans. And if you watch,

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boy, I'm so upset. I'm so upset. I'm there, I'm going to get out of hand. I've been waiting for this opportunity. I want to talk to you and not just talk to me not con man like Calm, calm. No one's gonna say nothing to you. And they say,

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Oh, no, you will come somewhere with you. And we're thinking the same thing and getting the man getting the money or you don't seem to be getting

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kidnapped, kidnap him.

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I said, Look,

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we'll follow you come and we'll just have a chat. all I'm gonna do is have a chat with you. Because I'm confident here that like I can destroy any of the points that they're going to make. But the other thing is, I know what they're doing. I can see very clearly and other people call. And this geezer Tommy Robinson yet does not know what he's talking about.

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He doesn't know he's getting some sort of funding or something like that. Yeah, to say the things that he's saying, I can just tell what I'm looking at his body language. He doesn't even believe the things that he's saying. Because if you really believe what you're saying, and if that is the actual truth, then why do you need to manipulate it. And so many times you get caught manipulating it, and twisting it and making up these fake videos and all of that, if something is the truth. Why do you need to do that?

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Why do you even need to change it a little bit on that point, when we actually confronted them and everything you can see our video was life. Yeah, our video from the minute when we say that, and it started filming, and therefore their camera was rolling as well. But on their edited version, it removes all of the bots where they look like idiots. The only bits they kept in it were bits where they're saying to me Get in the car. And I'm saying to them, I'm not gonna get in the car with you. They didn't finish the whole sentence or saying come you want to talk to us talk. We're not here to be hostile. We're not here to argue we're not here to be violent. We've got the answers that you

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claim to be looking for. Let's do it. Well, on that video, they made the out that No, we didn't do a runner. We didn't do one of those guys. Those guys didn't want this guy's tactic. And this is for anybody that ever bumps into these idiots. Yeah, their tactic is to confuse you.

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Yeah. And to get a reaction out of you. They want you to get angry so that they can manipulate it, the best thing that you can do is stay calm. Smile. And remember, just because somebody is asking you questions doesn't mean that you have to answer them. Yeah. If somebody's asking you questions, it doesn't mean that you need to answer them, especially if

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they're just trained to go out, say certain things, ask certain things and get a certain reaction. And that's all that they want from you. That's I'm confident that these guys are on somebody's payroll, and they're getting paid to go out there and do this mischeif is probably the john himself. Yeah, he's probably got them on the payroll. And he's sending them out there. Because they don't even believe in what they're doing. I swear, they don't believe that it's true. Because they look into Islam that much. And they talk to Muslims that much that they know that that's not what Muslims are about. They know it. They know it. But you know, what was striking is that when they saw that

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there's someone from the Islamic community, they realized who's got a good track record. Yeah, he's a humanitarian.

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As you guys normally do manatorian work internationally, but you do it nationally within the UK as Okay, you guys have done the work outside. You're doing the work inside. You're kind of doing what he wishes he could do.

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He claims to be a let's say, for example, British nationalist Well, um, Britain first. Yeah, more Britain first, then Britain first. Okay. Okay. And we are, because this is what we do. We're British Muslims. Yeah. And Britain is proud of what we do. Because when you talk about British values and stuff, isn't that exactly what we uphold? You talk about

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Be kind to your neighbors Be kind to everybody look out for each other. You know what I'm saying? in your own country and in other cultures?

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You do it better than they do. Yeah. What you're saying is that basically on a community level on a national level, you have more to show you guys. Yeah, then they do. Of course, when you look at the video when we saw them, when we said to them, we've just come back from a humanitarian mission in Iraq, and we got bombed by ISIS. Now normally, when you answer his questions, or you say something to him his reaction, he's got something ready to say, watch the video. You see his face when that was said he was like,

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you just you just came back from Iraq. Yeah, we got bombed by ISIS.

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Tell me little bit more about that than before getting dragged into the van. He didn't know.

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Because the person he's looking forward to

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that Tommy knew that he up. So why is Tommy not doing this himself, then why is totally not going on the frontlines? I mean, if you're gonna go if his whole motto is that he's against terrorism and things like that, and opportunities for him to do the things that you guys are doing, for example, yeah, yeah, he's decided instead of doing that, to stay in the UK, stir up problems and create mischief. Like, imagine what he is just separate in creating more problems within the British community. So he wants

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to do any good. He's there to create divisions and to make people fight each other.

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