Mohammed Hijab – When Bullies Get Bullied

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where a person pushed a person outside of a room and fired them. The speaker suggests legal actions can be taken to assert themselves and avoid political consequences. The situation is referred to as a legal fight.
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Oh, come on.

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I don't go by your room.

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You said

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you said

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number three

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number one.

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Number two. Yeah, he pushed this guy outside of McDonald's.

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Number three, he can hold this guy and

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this guy. Yeah, if he wants to see the big man when it comes to these small, lightweight to disabled people.

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And by the way,

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let me tell you a secret.

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I'm finished here in this country.

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I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. But this individual he came to me one time in private. Yeah. And of aspect was there and he's the witness. He came out of nowhere. He comes out of nowhere

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to find me. He said, yeah, that's okay. Okay, let's do it in a legal way, because it's because school is not the place of strength. Exactly. So I took me on somebody who's

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I don't have his number.

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So I tried to get his number to make this work. Okay, if you really want to do this, there's legal ways you can do it.

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This way we can do it. Because there's certain rules of MMA, Semi Pro, whatever you got to have

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Are you Will you go to a club and spa if you

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wrote Let me tell you something. When he came to me, what did he What did he do Leon Neal's a witness

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so he didn't want to continue with that so why is it the case now with a heavyweight

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whatever but

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the point is is when it comes to heavy weights I can give them a hard time doing it when it comes to lightweights Muslims vulnerable individuals disabled people you'll do it so we say no more

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if you want to act like a big man big man like a big man

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by the way, by the way, by the way, by the way

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I'll make it clear now

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I never say that

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I never thought it was oh

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on guys

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one guy goes fight in the face with the brother

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number one, number two

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number three now again now I'm Muslim guy getting held and beaten up. Yeah rushed in front of everyone and there's no political consequences. No. Would you call it no consequences whatsoever

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in a legal way. Well, I said to him Why such I'm sorry to say I said Tim, let's have a legal I'm gonna fight you legally.

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