Yasir Qadhi – When the UN Abandoned Muslims to be Genocided

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of the Bosnian war, including the deaths of thousands of Muslims and the negative consequences of actions by the United States and the European community. The Bosnian war was the largest conflict since World War II, and the United States refused to intervene and the European community refused to provide arms to the Bosnian army. The transcript also highlights the need for independence among Muslims and the need for a better understanding of the reality of the conflict.
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What happened is Yugoslavia was a nation that was created post World War One out of the remnants of the mighty Austro, Hungary, Austria, Austrian Hungarian empire, they created a nation called Yugoslavia no longer exists right now. This was the creation from 1914. Up until 1992, Yugoslavia had a majority of Muslims in it in the heart of Europe. How did Muslims end up in the heart of Europe 500 years ago, the Ottoman Empire was in this region, and people organically converted, they appreciated Islam. And so that region became majority Muslim. But over time, the Ottomans had to, you know, leave that area, communism came things happen there, many of these our fellow brothers and

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sisters, they kinda sorta were not able to practice their faith. They knew they were Muslim, but Islamic identity was very weak, frankly, and I know I speak for myself even growing up in the 80s, we had no idea that an entire region of Europe was Muslim, it was completely disconnected from our conscious our psyche. Nobody knew that entire regions of Europe were Muslim. In 1991 or 92. They had a referendum, the majority of Muslims voted for freedom. But the Serbian Orthodox community did not appreciate this make a long story short, they had the army, the majority of the population were Muslim, the army rebelled and started what is basically a civil war. So this is in a nutshell what

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happened from 1992 to 1995. Three years, in this timeframe, over 100,000 people were killed, majority Muslim, at least half that amount were of women were violated along with Stan again, majority Muslim 10s of 1000s of people were displaced. And from this civil war and genocide, entire countries were created the modern country of Bosnia Herzegovina, the modern countries, so all of these countries are carved out after this civil war that broke out in Yugoslavia. Another benefit that we learned from what happened in Bosnian, what happened in 2527 years ago, is the sad state of affairs of the global world order. The United Nations in the case of Bosnia was directly involved

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most of our youth don't know this. The United Nations had actually set aside a region of the country strip furniture was supposed to be under you and watch. There were UN peacekeepers wearing you and vests you and helmets. There were hundreds of UN troops around traveled each year, and it was claimed to be safe territory. Therefore, 10s of 1000s of Muslims fled for their lives from the Serbian army to Serbian each year, because the UN had said this is safe territory. 10s of 1000s of people had lost their lives mass *, although this is occurring for during the conflict. All of these Muslims are coming to the safe zone. The Bosnian sorry, the Serbian warlord now turns his eyes

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to Slobodan Milosevic, and all of these warlords, they turn their eyes to strip and each year, and they say, we're not going to keep this Muslim safe. And so there were around 40,000 Muslims in southern Asia around 40 50,000, the Serbians surrounded they they told the UN to leave, the UN did nothing, they did not intervene. Now pause here some say that they couldn't there was not the forces. And the point is the UN was there. That's the point. Maybe they couldn't I'm not saying Good, good or bad. I'm simply telling you the facts. The UN was there, they had direct access, and the UN stepped aside and under their watch, the Serbian warlords marched in, there is video footage

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that Wallahi it is gruesome to watch Wallahi, your stomach churns, this is 1995 This is not back in the 1800s there is color video footage of what took place here. All of the men without exception from the age of 1617 to 80 years old, all of the men were rounded up, and they weren't massacred in around a week, four or five days 1500 At the bare minimum 20 30,000 women and children were expelled along with our with the villa, things against the women, we don't want to mention that oh, the villa stuck for a while I don't like saying this, but our youth need to know camps were set up to do the evil deed or with a bit I don't want to be more explicit. Women were putting those out with the

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villa stock for the law. You get the point here under the UN watch this took place here. And this is in 1995 I would have Billa. So this took place the largest massacre of human beings the largest genocide since World War Two, it took place again 1995 I just graduated university. This is not many, many generations ago, all of you above the age of 40. You remember this timeframe, right? And this took place so recently, so one of the things we learned as well, the impotence of these global superpowers Wallahi I remember and again, my first activism in my life was the Bosnian war. I was 17 years old when I started hearing about this and

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Getting you know getting involved attending lectures in America in Houston, Texas. My first letter to the editor that I ever wrote about the Bosnian war I still have it somewhere that this is my first activism call that how can we remain silent? There's a genocide taking place, right? You the UN, the UN made a law, what is it called the call what a policy whatever. Nobody can supply any arms to the Bostonians. It was an international policy. The problem was the army was Serbian. The Serbians had all the weapons, they had the ammunition, they had the tanks, the peasants were Muslim. And the UN said and America supported this, the UN said, We don't want to increase the conflict. We

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don't want to cause more bloodshed. So there was a embargo. That's the way there was an embargo. arms embargo. No arms can be sold to the Bosnians basically let them die for four years. We're watching three and a half years and no arms were allowed for the Muslim stuff for Allah. We saw this in front of our eyes. And this is the reality I don't think any other superpower is going to intervene. We saw this in our own lives. And this shows us Muslims need independence. Muslims need to have their own understanding of this reality.

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