What Will Make Atheists Believe

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh in today's quick video, what I'm going to be doing is exposing to the people, a very simple argument for the existence of God. Now many atheists will just say that the universe just is fact Bertrand Russell, who was one of the famous atheist philosophers in the 1930s. In a public debate, he said the universe just is to indicate that really, there's nothing behind it, there's no creative force, there's no design that is just is

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not the point is, we could talk for a long time about the philosophical, and from a physics perspective, how the universe is a fact finely tuned and designed for purpose. And that this indicates that there is a designer, but on a very fundamental level, you can just look around, I mean, the frog, for example, it makes it very potent, yet very simplistic argument, where it says, fly on Luna, in a case a Holocaust survivor, okay, for a flat belly case, almost impossible. Episode 208, it's sort of the artist says, Do they not look over at the camera, how it was created, and how the sky was raised, and how the basically, in this case, it's a perfect example here, how the

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mountains have been established and have been pegged onto the earth, and how the earth itself has been straightened as smooth for easy moving around him. So this is something's pallulah, which doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, you look at the creation, the ecosystem in this particular part of the world, if you just think about how many processes are actually taking place, there are literally 10s of process processes that are actually taking place as we speak. We might not even realize that we're looking at this picture, simplistically. But here we have a waterfall.

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And on this is Mr. Mountain. And as you can see, this is greenery.

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There are literally 1000s of animals and different kinds of species.

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Just in this area, this cross section here, all of them are working with each other in order to create this ecosystem. Now, only someone who really has very little understanding of probability theory and understanding will say that all of this is a result of chance.

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Maybe an evolutionist will try and say, Look, this evolved. But when you're talking about inanimate objects, things that when they come together to create an incredible effect, that case becomes obsolete and impossible to make.

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Really, human beings and this is another argument we can make.

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Human beings have an understanding within

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we human beings have a consciousness. Yeah. And we have a conscious subjective experience from when we are looking at this display. And we realize that it has an aesthetic effect on us. This aesthetic effect we from a subjective perspective, our thinking, for example, is beautiful. From an atheistic causal view, or a naturalistic worldview, beauty doesn't actually exist. It's a sociological construct that has no basis, just as love doesn't exist. And just like anger and hate can be actually proven.

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So what we're saying is that look, let's just look from within. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala in chapter 41 of the Quran, he says senatore him, sorry, him as a nephew, if he if we say that we're definitely going to show them our science. Yeah. Phil srpp emphasis on Allah, that will certainly show them our science in the horizons and from within themselves and tell it's made very patently clear to them that this is the truth.

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So someone of sound intellect and what we would call uncorrupted. What we call fit on predisposition, we'd look at such as we look at such a

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display and come to a direct conclusion that the one who is behind this is a creative force with intelligence and will and the ability to create and this will this is the force we call online.

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So the existence of God is patently clear.

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And for atheists, I think, really, it's time for you to be honest with yourselves.

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agnostics, perhaps also be very honest with themselves and say, What do you really think is the reason why we are here and these things up? The way they

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think about it in sha Allah. Make sure to subscribe to the channel.