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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The upcoming night of decertification in Cape Town is a time for pride and loyalty, and the work is done in houses. The holy month is recognized as a time for acceptance and loyalty, with reciting the holy month and offering oneself a birthday. The "vanity act" is discussed as a way to avoid confusion and the "souls" of the night are explained as the "souls" of the future, with "we are" and "we are" used to signal when people are being the right thing. The segment also touches on the "souls" of the future and how they can happen at any time.
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I was relying on a sheet on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi. moosonee say no Mohammed in one early he asked me to drain My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam so now I can work with him while he will be required to Alhamdulillah we have reached the receivers night of Ramadan year in Cape Town and Alhamdulillah This is the most important night of Ramadan, it is the most important night of the year, and it could be spinal the most important night of our lives. Well we know that this amazing night of labor will cover the night of power and destiny. We know that many of the scholars of the Sahaba have mentioned that it

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shifts from year to year. If you were to choose a single night in which to have an added emphasis then it is the 27th night on Ramadan. Many Sahaba swore that it is this night, the 27th Night of the Prophet Salaam, and basically instructed them to perform salah and to exert themselves. And they saw in their lifetimes that the 27th night of Ramadan was that night in which a little kata came about. And so as we exert ourselves in the last 10 nights, and we do an extra emphasis on the odd nights, we take an even further, you know, an extra push on the 27th month of Ramadan. And so one may give an analogy that while leaving quarter shifts from night to night in different years, it most

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frequently falls on the 27th night. And so this night is that night we should, you know put all our emphasis that it could be that this night, that which is labor to cuddle and reminding ourselves again, that the prophets of Salaam told us at the beginning of Ramadan, remember of the blessings of this month that there is a night in it. We Salah on that night, all your sins are forgiven on that night is a lifetime of good deeds. When the Quran tells you that that is greater than 1000 months, it means that if you got I always made the analogy that it's a paycheck times 1000. If you look at your salary times 1000, when you get that paycheck, it basically means you don't have to work again,

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it is enough for an entire lifetime. That rewards you can get in this one night is enough to set you up for all of eternity. We know that the prophets of Salaam tells us the Quran tells us and we know from the Hadith, that it is this night way the angels are sort of in this congregation of Allah subhanho wa Taala receiving the decrees receiving the instructions. And then they leave the summer what and they all congregate here to the earth because the angels, they seek out places of the curve, they seek out places of Salah they seek out the company of people that are doing good on the earth. And especially while we're doing the Tafseer of Surah mulk we realize how big and vast the

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universe is. And on top of it there are six more somewhat yet the holiest place in all of the Sun our is this little planet, this little earth with the believers worshipping Allah. That is where the angels want to descend. And Allah says not only do the angels descend, but there are many gibreel Now we know who Salaam his job was to bring down revelation that was his primary function. And now that revelation has come to an end after the demise of the Navy SEALs, really there's no reason for God to come to the earth, He doesn't come to the earth really well what purpose is for him to come. The only time he comes, is on this night of loyalty. We as he came to bring the Quran he sits in the

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company or he attends the different gatherings with the Quran is recited. And so we pray that Allah legendario you know, into upon us in our homes now before it would have been maybe the massaging. Now the amazing thing about this year, there is no magic really that is that is performing that way. So the thorough work is being done in the house in the houses. And so everybody will attend the house of some very special people who knows, maybe they are unknown to us, but those special uncles and Auntie's that are very dear to Allah. Allah knows where they are. And so God will come and convey that Salaam we know Allah says Salaam when he had thermocline fudger. One of the Tafseer is

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that that as the angel say Salaam when the believers intergender they will say Salaam when the souls are taken, well, you've succeeded. This is a sanitation from the angels, they might enter upon houses amongst us, and they may say Salaam to you and your family because of the sincerity of your Salah, the sincerity of your worship. And that is why we should really really push ourselves at Panama. Imagine the angels are descending upon us and you believe himself descends into our homes in Ibiza salam, as we said, mentioned that there are more angels that will come down to the dounia on that evening than they are pebbles and stones that are on the ground. And then of course, the most

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important thing of later the other is that our decrees and our destiny is being finalized are being put out on this night and if we do our for it is of paramount importance we make dua and so when as you make dua, on this evening, you make the offer yourself, you make your offer your family's well being your risk to be expanded your life to be extended, you know that Allah subhanaw taala keeps you safe and keeps all of us safe. And of course, the most important things are of salvation that also kind of Allah make us of those who are freed from jahannam. And when he Subhan Allah decrees for us that we will be in January that our names are written down in the register of those who will

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be successful and for yourself and for the entire almost parallel In fact, the whole world. People ask can I make the offer anonymous? Yes, you can. The Living ones you can and then of course only for those Muslims who have passed away we like to offer the people in the Cold War. Remember the people of the grave if they could ever come back? It would be on this night because there is really no better time to be making salah and making Africa and to be besieging Allah's mercy. This is the panic overseas

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highlight of the entire year and so we ask Allah subhanaw taala as we begin the evening that he gives us the strength to see the entire night through, people ask what is the best thing I can do on this night. The best thing we can do is follow that is the absolute best thing you can do. What kind of Salah what type of Salah, Salah meaning the same way you would make normal Salah you would stand and you would recite from the Quran either from memory or recite from the must have prolong your standing as much as you can. Many is in the Quran. Allah Spangler speaks about the pious people are those who spend the night in standing meaning standing in salah and in sujood. And so spend a lot of

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time as you can in sajida making sure you'd and in the true God praise Allah, you glorify His names mentioned all the blessings that we have and give praise to him. And then of course ask and beg and plead and cry that is the other night should be spent. I have received a lot of questions about this be Salah, as I said before, and I know there are other views, the evidence for it is not very, very sound. It is therefore based we know what cannot be somebody will not perform well. There's no Hadith that says on the night of April quarterly performance we rather use that time in, you know, in gadget, and gadget is like Torah, which basically it's the same like that always that always is

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like gadget early in the evening. And gadget is more towards the last the latter part of the night, it will just be that perhaps your recall, and your suit is made longer, lengthen the record length and the sujood. And in that you make a car and you make dua and of course if you are going to pace yourself and it's difficult on very few people can actually spend the entire night and focus the entire night in Nevada, you want to make sure that you are spending a big chunk of your night this evening from about two o'clock half past two until so what so whole time that is the pinnacle of the night that is the holiest of the holiest night is that last third of the night was the night of life

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together, the angels descend and gibreel the scenes and then the last third of the night in a manner which befits Allah's majesty, he himself descends to accept the do as and social handle. That is the time when we really want to be focused. My last paragraph is the best and grant as this be the best a little positive for all of us. And to grant all our daughters to be accepted only by that one of the benefits is we in a very strange Ramadan, it might not be that we get a chance to spend the entire night awake as we can miss here perhaps, and some Allah subhanaw taala Grant has all the strength to to worship Him in the way he wants to be worshipped. I mean, what hamdulillah we

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continue now with our Tafseer of Surah mulk Allah subhanaw taala. In the last section with two types of people, there is the one who walks upright, upright, meaning he is walking straight, he's on the right path. He's aware of the signs, you know the reason we're called being woke being welcoming, being away being in tune with what's happening. So there are two people who is the one who is awake. And then there's the one who is in delusion, Allah says he is free, he is misguided, he is completely lost. And he's walking basically with his head in the sand. He cannot see where he's going and what will be for him. Now we continue to rely on machines on the regime, the next batch of

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iron, there'll be a number of them where Allah will say cool say and I didn't instruction to the resource Allah and to us as well. Allah subhanaw taala is insisting that we should say certain things about Allah and what he wants us to mention as a response to certain questions and of course to talk to ourselves and the disbelievers out of alignment to get on the radio. Cool who Alevi insha Allah Kusama pasado, either kilometers Quran, Allah says, say he it is it is he only him who produced you unsure outcome is really the word that is used to describe a flower and a plant that blossoms and is blooming and is built up from you know, from a seed to a sapling until it becomes a

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plant and a beautiful plant. Allah says he is the one that unshare he nourished you and produced you will Allah come and he gave you the ability to hear the ability to see and if either and he's given you a heart of EDA is the approval of word for this one heart and of hearts kalila matter school, very few, very few of those who give thanks to Allah subhanaw taala. So I want to point out here, that of the physical blessings, of course is giving us the ability to see the ability to Yep, the heart of course is the is the center of spirituality and the center of learning and ability to see the truth from falsehood. So Allah says that he's given you the physical blessings of sight and

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sound, but at the same time, there's a spiritual connotation. Yeah, he gave us the ability to see the truth, to hear the truth and the heart to recognize the truth. But very few, Allah says Kali really hardly any nothing. The word very few is even listening. Hardly any policies are grateful to the blessings, the physical blessings. And of course, even less than that are grateful to the spiritual blessings Allah has given us. He has given us the ability to discern the guidance from us guidance, but very few, very few listen to that and are away and take note of the signs. Cool, we'll be rockin Phil all the way to Allah Subhana. Allah says again, let's say he is the only one that

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vara means multiplied or to produce you from that he is the one that produced you from the earth and then spread you out the raw means to be spread out into a multitude. Allah made you into many numbers, Allah made one insan one item and from him he spit us out throughout the world, meaning we've populated the whole world. The whole world is our playground. Basically, Allah says

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See, he is the one that made you and spread you out throughout the earth while he should, but ultimately he will also re gather us up again. So as we are scattered away, don't think we are out of his reach is going to gather us all together once again and to kiama. Allah Spangler always links the gathering and kiama and the resurrection with the earth, the Earth is always shown that look, we came from the earth, Allah Subhana, Allah created Adam from the soil of the earth, and of course to the earth, we will return once we die during that period or while we alive we walk on the earth, we eat from it, but then ultimately to the earth is our return. And then as the plants are nourished,

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and the earth is revived, so to where we exit the earth once again, and that is of course the life afterwards. And that is that is karma. And so Allah subhanaw taala is reminding that they will be an account and they will be this gathering hashtag Sharon is really what is referred to when you herd cattle, and it's finalized it's very heavy kind of analogy, because we will be shoved and pushed outside our graves naked, scared and being herded like animals basically, towards the judgment on the day of gamma. And so Allah says, we say say to them, that Allah is the only one who made us and spread us out through the earth and he is the one to whom we will return. We are called on they will

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say and they are saying and it's actually in the presentation they are saying they mean the disbelievers were called Luna Mata had Eduardo Incubus or the thing. When is this promise, this promise you're telling us of this afterlife? this gathering the schema? When is it going to come if you're telling the truth if you're being honest, and of course this is a rhetorical question is not a question to actually determine a time it basically says, you really, really want us to believe that when we die, that is a life afterwards. And unless and you're cool, don't mean every generation This isn't a Puja, *, every single time you will have a big group of people that will deny the

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life after death. And we live in a time Subhanallah with atheism is perhaps the the dominant religion of the world at the moment in terms of who runs this world. And so this is the standard view of many people in the world they don't believe that there's a life after death. All these is the now and so when you ask them and you speak about this kiama they will say what key Are you talking about what like show me someone that bring back our forefathers you really think that when we are that we are dust all of this is going to come back to life and if so, when give me a day Tell me a time. So then Allah says when they ask you this respond to them cool in normal animal in the

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law, or in the manner the room will be in say to them visually, the knowledge of the of kiama the our only belongs to Allah, no one knows when kiama is in them and another one will be in and out and the prophets was 100 missing. Now this is the prophets of Allah. He says today, I'm only giving you a warning. I'm only here to warn you. I don't know when kiama is going to come I don't I can't bring about I can stop it. I'm just giving you delivering a message you will take it up with the with the master I am just the messenger. And so what we also learn from this is yes, that the knowledge of gamma belongs to Allah subhanaw taala alone. There's a beautiful Hadith the hadith of gibreel which

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video asked me so Salaam Tell me when is Kiana and then a resourceful lamb responds to say neither the one being questioned and the questioner meaning neither me Mohammed Salah Salem, no, you LGBT you know anything about when kiama will come that knowledge is one of those hidden secrets that not a single one of the creation knows when Allah subhanaw taala will be created in Surah. Yaseen, we mentioned that Israel he is sort of feel rather the angel will blow the trumpet signaling the beginning of the AMA, he himself does not know when if gamma, or all these mouth is on the horn, and His eyes are focused at the arsh waiting for the command because it could happen at any time. So we

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also see from this idea that is of those things, this these knowledge, which belongs to Allah alone, and then a resource on them is very humble. And very saying, I don't know when kiama is, I'm just here to deliver a message. And many times when, when people would ask about karma, there are those who ask it in a way like this denying it winsky I'm not going to come in I don't believe it isn't you talking nonsense. You're telling the truth. But it also happened that many believers would Austin abuso salamina sola Salaam tell us when km is going to happen, it's a sincere kind of question. And his response to it will always be will be one that will make you reflect and say,

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remember that when you die, that is kiama for you. kiama can come anytime, not the big kiama. But just when you when when we die, that's it. We get to see the angels, you get to see the grave you get to see everything becomes through now you get to see Jana, Jana, and so piano would have would have arrived. And so he would ask a response to the question would be what have you prepared for kiama? If Kiana were to come now, meaning if he were to die now? Are you ready for it? Are you ready for it to arrive? Because you could come anytime, any way at any moment? And so even to the disbelievers, those who deny and they will say you know, if you're a prophet, how do you know when

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the scammer responds to them is well do you know when you're going to die leave the BK ama, do you know when you will die? And so this is this is something for us to think about. Again, as we are talking about the Night of Decree we know that spinal are the Angel of Death is going to get a record of all the people are going to die. In fact, if available, either tonight or tomorrow, it could be any like he's a record or his list of people whose souls to be taken is not yet complete. You and I could be on that list of handle it's very possible that we could be on that list of the 20

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20 souls, are we on the Nexus for next year, we might not see the next Ramadan. And so piano is an inevitability that can happen anytime for any one of us. And so the best we can do is is to prepay. And so Allah subhanaw taala responds to those who deny it. This is for those who don't believe hamdullah we do believe in it. But for those who don't believe Allah says, Allah Mara was only for 10 see at ujU levina cafr. Okay, rather let the quantum be down. Allah Subhana Allah says, on that day when they see it approaching solfa zolfo means approaching step by step, basically, as it unfolds gradually. So Allah says, On that day, when they see tm unfolding, gradually, like horror of

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the aura, it will just be one blow after the next First they will die. And when they die, they will see the angel of death, they will come to know the angels of punishment, they will come to know the love of the cover, they will come to know the questioning of the cover, they will get to see the places in Jana and Jana, the police in general that they will be forbidden from ever entering into the place of Jannah waiting for them, then they will either warn and they will be pushed out of the grave. And then of course, all the horrors and the torment of karma Allah says it will unfold step by step as that happens, then you will see the faces will turn bad see admins will become bad, it

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will become completely sour, it will become this, this the faces will completely turn doc with the realization that everything was true. And then it will be saved to the most could be the angels or it could be all by himself saying, This is what you used to ask for. So now you're getting what you asked for you asked when eeschema brinkema it is now coming? And this is exactly what you wanted, and now it befalls us panela. Of course the now there's no no anytime we think about Subhanallah as we stand in later to kiama is the thing that is of the foremost in our minds, because none of us know where we are at the moment, I was soon as can be more than our good deeds. And if that occurs,

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then this panel or the person who's left side of the scale is more than he's in trouble. But this is that one night where you can get the entire left side forgiven. And if the right side of the scale of good deeds is light. And this is also that one night where you can get more reward, more blessings, more good deeds on your scale than any other moment. And so spatola we pray Allah subhanaw taala that when qiyamah unfolds, and it will be horrible, it will be difficult for everyone, no one will be safe from it, when he unfolds that as being the companionship of those who are successful, and may we be saved from the horrors and the moments on that day. And when we pass

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by very quickly so that we may intergender and to be close but Allah Allah bless us all, and except from us and grant us to achieve later for other zakat. salonica momento rahmatullah wa barakato

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