Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P24 243A Translation Al-Zumar 32-52

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to slowly allow Rasulullah Kadeem I'm about with the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim are Beshara li Saudi were Sidley Emery. Why hello looked at me melissani You have to call the webinars either in

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lesson number 243 Surah zumo is number 32 to 52. TRANSLATION someone, then who else level is more unjust Minnemann than who Kedah he lied. Allah Allah against Allah what can never and he belied be slick with the truth is when Jetta who it came to him and ASA is not fee in Johanna Hellfire Martha and aboard lil Catherine for the disbelievers one lovey and the one who Jah he came beside the thing with the truth while sadaqa and he confirmed the he with it. Hola Erica, those whom the Alberta Khun those who are righteous

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le home for them, ma whatever Yasha una they will in the near prob be him they rub

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their Lika that Jezza reward l Mursaleen. Of those who do utmost good

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Luca Fira, so he XP it's Allah who Allah on home from them as well. Worst Allah the witch army Lu they did. Where do you see a home and he recompenses them a little home they reward the person with best a lovey which guy No they were Dr. Maroon they do.

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Elisa is not Allahu Allah. Be Catherine. Definitely sufficient, are Buddha who for his servant while you hold the phone and they frighten you, Bill Athena with those who mean dunya he from other than Him? Woman and whoever Yulin he leaves to stray. Allahu Allah. firmer than not LA who for him? Men from heading any guide

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woman and whoever. Yeah, he guides Allahu Allah, firmer than not LA who for him, men from mobile. Anyone who misleads

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Elisa is not Allah who Allah beer Aziz and definitely Almighty the possessor in the form of revenge

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Wallah in and surely if CELTA whom you ask them man who Holika he created a summer worth the heavens while up and the earth layer coluna surely they will definitely say Allahu Allah.

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Say a thorough Atim have then you seen ma what? That Aruna you all invoke men from doing Allah besides Allah in if orderly he intended for me, Allahu Allah be loaded with some harm. How are Hoonah they Kashi fat? Once you remove the he his harm? Oh or erode any he intended for me? drama with mercy? * are Hoonah de Moon seeker once who withhold Raj Murthy, His Mercy who say has to be sufficient for me. Allahu Allah, or lay he upon him. Yet our clan, he trusts al mutawa Chiune those who rely

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on say, Yeah, call me all my people. Here Malou you all work Allah upon mechanical. Your position in me indeed I I mean, one who works for sofa then will soon Darla moon, you all will know. Man, whoever Yeti he it comes to him or there been a punishment. You see. It will humiliate him

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The Wire Hill loop and the dissents are lay he upon him? Are there been a punishment, Joakim one everlasting? In indeed, we and Zanna We sent down our Laker upon you, Al Kitab the Book leanness for the people will help with the truth for men, so whoever, if the he obtained guidance, funnily enough, see he then for herself, woman and whoever, but Allah, He went astray for innama then indeed not but Yellin loop he goes astray or lay her against itself warmer and not under you or lay him upon them be working at all a trustee Allahu Allah. Yet our firm he takes away and force the salts Hina edge time multi hair it's

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one Lottie and that which lum not the mood it dies fee in Miami her it sleep

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for him sick then he withholds allottee which tuber he decided or lay her upon it and motor that while you're Sue and he sends an okra the other Isla del ajilon a time Musa one fixed

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in indeed fee in Delica that I add surely signs the account for a people yet effect karoun They reflect

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um or it the huddle they have taken men from doing Allah besides Allah Schufa intercessors

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all say oh hello, what even if Kano they were lame Licona they do not own che anything. Wala and nor yaki loon they understand

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to say Lilla for Allah, a Shiva or to the intercession Jamia altogether Lahu for him, MOLKO Kingdom a summer word of the heavens while out and the earth the mud then he lay him to him. To Jeroen you all will be returned.

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What either and when? Luke era he was mentioned, Allahu Allah, what the who, as him alone, Isha as it was filled with disgust, or it shrank in aversion

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to Lobo hearts Alladhina of those who learn not you may know now they believe will ask you in the hereafter.

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What either and when. Luke here he was mentioned, and Lavina those who men from Dooney he besides him either than instantly. Whom they yesterday, Sharon, they rejoice.

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Say Allah Houma or Allah felted originator, a semi worth of the heavens, while Earth and the Earth on him nor alive of the unseen was shahada and witnessed and you como, you will judge Boehner between Reba Your servants fee in MA whatever, Kano they were fee he in it. Yesterday phone they dispute or you have telephone, they differ

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wallow and if under that, indeed Lilla Vina for those who are vulnerable. They did wrong. Man, whatever. Fill out in the earth gymea altogether. Woman Who and liked it. Mara who with it left her though. Surely they gave in ransom. Be with it. Men from Sue evil or the punishment. yarmulke Gama on the Day of Judgment Yoma de LTM the standing

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WABA and it appeared law home for

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I mean Allah from Allah, ma whatever. lum not the Hakuna, they were yes the spoon. They think wobba The end it appeared LA home for them. Say he evils. Man that guy Cebu they earned what * and it's surrounded, be him with them. Man whatever Ghana they were, be here with it yesterday own they mark

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for either then when Messiah it touched Al Insana the human being voted on any harm. Their honor, he called us some then either when, how Allah who we granted him near mutton a favor Midna from us, Bala, he said, In nama indeed not but Ooty to who I was given it, Allah upon knowledge, but rather here it fits not on a trial what I can but Xsara home, most of them learn not, you're alone they know

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God in fact, Allah He said it Alladhina those who mean cobbly Him from before them

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for man they're not alone there it availed on home from them. Man What can I know they were the XE Boon they earn

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for Asaba home so it reached them say he or two evils. Man what? Because Cebu they earned what Lavina and those who are vulnerable they're armed men from hat Willa a BS. Say you see boom, soon it will reach them say two evils. Mouth what? Because of who they earn warmer and not home they be more dizzy at all. wants to escape at all wants to weaken

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our did and not your Alemu they know and Allah that indeed Allah ye busuttil He expands a risk of the provision Limon for who he Usha who he wills Where could it and he constricts in indeed fee in Velyka that yet surely signs the count for people you may know they believe

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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is Ephesians

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two one Limca fury one Latvija Have you said in you also already

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own the home

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him that he was

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seeing Leo

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as well and let me know why.

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behalf sanity lady metal on

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Lalo Vika

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why oh how're we gonna go the lady

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you believe in love

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Allah is Allah be as easy

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on what is

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manfaat aka Santa

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Barbara no more

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than he Allahu will look in *

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moms often it only has to be a

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kilo own.

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oz he

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money honey Lexi

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be wonky hola hola

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Latina extreme anime

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by own SQL at

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in Luffy that he

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told me to go home me

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you shove me out

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of the

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or either there's your long white devilish mess that's photo lady

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will either do killer Larry

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Dooney he has that issue Oh

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up the aisle human lady will show her that

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will be here after a

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of the journey

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V mu

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Oh elanda be a woman the

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mean a lot

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less evil

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whatever they say ye urging Americans what are the man can OB he is busy Oh

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bell here

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are the four

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but also the whom say to Marcus will

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be more RGZ name oh Allah

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this poly me

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a naughty Daddy gonna follow me you may know

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