Tommy Robinson Explains why was Attacked

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Alright guys, we're back. We're just doing a quick reaction to some of the things that have been said in the past couple of days.

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First thing we want to hear is Tommy Robinson's response himself. So let's take a look at what Robinson has to say about the events.

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power that he bought with him six or seven, Mohammed hijab, standing with a gumshield telling people he's ready to fight and die. Now, Tim Poole said there was no What do you How did he say that there was no,

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they hadn't come equipped. If you stand in front of a load of English lads wearing a gumshield as a Muslim with a big beard saying, I'm ready to fight and die now, right here,

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sort of provocative.

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Maybe not in America. So there's three or four things that he said that

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justifies, okay, being attacked in his mind, right? So one of them is that if you stand up, and you're tall person, all right, so if you're six foot, maybe two, maybe you don't say it's not that provocative. If you're five foot 11. All right, that's, that's cool. Now, number two is you've got to have a beard.

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the fact that I had a beard, that's provocative Now, the other guy, Gavin McGinnis, he had a kind of little bit as well, as I'm sure, maybe he would fit in the same category of someone who's a provocative person. Number three for gumshield. Now, gumshield is not a weapon. I'm not sure why people keep mentioning this gumshield. I carry this commercial everywhere I go. And it's actually I brought it out before about the GM children, speaker's corner before a GM showed is something which helps protect your teeth, you know, I mean, and I use the GM shield, I put in the GM showed where I feel that there could be a threat of attack. So it's actually a defensive thing. That's not

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something which is intended to attack anyone. It's not a weapon, computer, something you put in your mouth to prevent your teeth from being broken. I don't see why that's a provocative thing. Now, the first thing he said was the last thing he said is,

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and I stopped being questioned on this. So like, why did I say I'm ready to fight and I'm ready to die. It was actually in response to what one of his people said, one of his supporters, and this might appear in the video.

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But you can refuse to return to that. He was like, Okay, I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna kill you. So, socket, so he kept repeating that he was right next to me. So I said, All right, whatever. I said, Well, I'm ready to fire and I'm ready to die. And I said it in that exact tone. I didn't say it, like, I'm ready to make an announcement, I'm ready to fight and I'm ready to die. That was a response to what these people were saying to me to understand. And what they were saying is that I'm gonna stab you. I'm gonna kill you. Yeah, and it's on the video. And when I'm leaving, they're saying similar things. And obviously, they wanted to hurt me. And that's what they did. But anyways,

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let's see what he continues to say.

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So, and I watched and I just watched another video this morning, where the first security guy to come up to him and he said, Why don't we fight? Why don't we fight? Anyone who's watched him? speaker's corner knows this is what he does. He's intimidating the office to fight everybody. Well, okay, let's take a look at that. Yeah. So no problem. We'll look at a video that he's talking about.

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That he says that I offered the security guard, there wasn't a security guard, there was a guy that was from the FMLA, who called his friends afterwards, and we'll see what we're talking about. But he goes, if you look at his videos and speakers corner, he offers to fight. So let's see who the people have offered to fight. Number one, I've offered to fight him. Tommy Robinson in the MMA environment that's very well known videos got like 200,000 views, okay. He knows that. And that was on the back of him offering alita fight in a boxing match. So he offers to fight in a boxing match. Then I said, Okay, well, if you want to have a boxing match, no problem. To be honest with you. I don't know the

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size of that man. I realized very quickly that he's actually a very small man. I don't know the size of him. I don't know, you know how big he was. So it wouldn't have been a fair fight. So I've kind of thought, you know, forget it afterwards. Yeah. Because he's not gonna want to do it anyways, and look at the size of him compared to the size of me. Yeah, and I didn't know that he was like that. I assumed that he was a bigger man. Number two Syrah officer to fight in a video that's got 330,000 views on my channel. Okay. But that was an MMA once again, MMA legal fight. And that was on a back of sorrow offering someone else to fight. So I've only I've offered a couple of other people to

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fight who acted hostile of them, this guy that we're going to see now. Yeah.

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In what environmental in a legal environment, in what context in the context of them offering someone to fight in the first place. So if they are saying they want to fight, and then someone else answers that call. So why are they complaining? Tommy Robinson himself? He said, I'll find any I've never been he said, I've never backed down from any Muslim who's ever challenged me to a fight. So I wanted to challenge that I've never put forward the same kind of thing. I'm also I would never stand up and say, oh, put in a video. Yeah. That Okay, I've never backed down from anyone, and I'll find any EDL member or I'd fire any FDA because at the end of the day, they

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be someone out there that can give me a good knock me out, can finish me off. So why would I make such an open claim? Yeah, you get it. So that's from my perspective. So let's see what continues to say.

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I didn't actually do anything wrong. So all right, so I didn't do anything wrong. Yeah. So. So what's this thing? Which I don't get? I get I don't get a point here. So I wouldn't do anything wrong. So why don't you condemn the violence? You know, in this whole video I've never heard at one time condemned the violence. So he's okay for him to get beat to get beats as well, because he didn't he didn't put in the gumshield to get it. He didn't. He just started it.

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I know, I wasn't putting no gumshield he didn't. All the things that you've listed as, quote unquote, provocations my high my bid. Okay, which is something my height is out of my control. My beard is something which is people have beards. Yeah, the fact that we're Muslim, that's a provocation, according to him. Do you get it? So if you're a Muslim, or you go to a place where there's a lot of English people, that's a provocation.

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And the fourth thing is that I put in a gumshield, which is a protective thing.

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Okay, that makes a lot of sense, bro.

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