Abu Bakr Zoud – The Master Thikr when seeking forgiveness

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a recent law called the "roar of the world" that encourages people to say their words when they fall into a sin. The law is supposed to be followed in Seattle, but the speaker believes that people should still say their words when they see a scene of sin. The speaker also talks about a woman who claims to have been killed by a German police officer, but believes that the German police officer's actions are evil.
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Last question. He says one out there Malibu man, the law called the geometry love there is in this world Oh, boohoo man, can you fell into the sin but he's still your Lord. And I tell you something on this note,

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what is the best Vicar to make when a person falls into a sin? Obviously, in the recent law, you know, salami teaches us and this is a Sahih al Bukhari, something called siedle is still for, say the Lister for the master of seeking a loss forgiveness, that if you say these words, these are the top of the top range in seeking a loss, forgiveness, and they are supposed to be said once in the morning, once in the afternoon. But have you ever thought of what it means? say you'd still say it? You know, when someone has a problem in his life? Who does he run to? He runs to his master. If someone has a problem now, where do you run, you run to those that are above you, you run to the

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king, you run to the President, you ran to the prime minister in Europe to someone that can help you if you are in a big, big problem in your life. Like when we commit a sin we need to run to say Eden is still far the solution is in Seattle is still far. This is the master of all of God when it comes to seeking a last forgiveness. And then you know what the words in it are? You say Allahu Allah and Allah be? Oh, Allah, you are my Lord. You are saying this after a scene in context, it means you're my Lord, when I did this in your mind, Lord, during the scene, you're my lord before the scene, you're my lord after the scene. Even if I sinned against you, you're still my Lord. Oh my god be

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ilaha illa there is no Lord worthy of worship but you

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Halekulani you on Abdo You created me and I'm your slave. Yes, even when I committed the sin, I'm still your sleeve, one up to Gwadar, deca, deca stock up. And I am trying trying to the best of my ability to do that which I promised which is ear canal but this is the contract between us and Allah that we worship him I'm trying my best to Allah Can you see the words of the distill for when you see them and you understand the meaning and you're seeing them after a scene while he you would feel how they are turning off the scene. You will feel it's like cold water being poured on a hot hot supply on a lot. But na deca deca mustapa will be coming shortly now start up your senior law I seek

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refuge in You protect me from the evil ID CNC that is still for your acknowledging its evil your senior law I know what I did is evil in shelter email sign up and protect me from the evil of myself the only evil that I did. I'll be coming shortly now set up a boo boo let Campania medically I acknowledge your blessings upon me. I acknowledge your fever and your mercy upon me. What are boo

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boo boo la cabina medically or abou BMB and Yama I acknowledged my sin while Abu visa metafit Lee Forgive me all up in the hotel flew by a lab and I'm asking it from you because no one forgive sins except you. Who do I talk to? What no LML German en la la la. The believer knows there is no escape from Allah but to allow so shall the believer knows that. There is no escape of your sins and of your worry and of your distress and your situation. There is no escape from it except through a loss of Hannah Medina.

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