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in the handler

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no matter who wins the interview in a steady

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one out we'll be humans through the unforeseen our main sejati Marlena may be level for who well watered warmer yo lil felon Tegile fallen tragic Allahu Walia Murshida what a shadow Allah ilaha illallah Hua hula Cherie color well as Shadow Ana Mohammed and Abu water Sulu. sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was the Huberty. He was a man Tobia who Ilario methane Amma Bogd.

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Praise be to Allah. Indeed, All praise belongs to Him Lord of the worlds we praise Him we seek His help forgiveness and His guidance. We seek refuge and protection of Allah from the bad insiders as we seek His protection and refuge from our bad deeds. No, then one who is guided by Allah, they are truly guided, one who is left to go astray they will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no God, but the one true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his slave and messenger.

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But before I carry on, of course, just to remind you in this whole and in the other, please stand up make room is already full. For people at the back. If you don't mind, look at the sides. Look at the front.

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You're a humble Kamala, may Allah have mercy on you for your efforts?

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Well Galatia Allah

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Gulia Malou FastFire Allah Who am Allah kumara Sula, who will mute me known where Sakura Duna Illa Allah may Allah Hi Evie was shahada for you not be oakum be makan Tom dot mellow don't say oh Muhammad to them do works Kula Malou Soon Allah His messenger and the believers will see your works. In this seeing your works among your deeds is L word worldwide. It is Bushra for those doing good works and it is also a warning for those who are doing bad works. Both are implied in this area Ghoulia Malou In other words, if you're doing bad things carry on soon it will all come to judgment day where they'll be presented there's no escape. And the good news soon Allah and His Messenger

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believers will see the good works works both ways.

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What's the Torah Duna Illa Allah Mills it was shahada and soon you will be brought back before the one who is knowledgeable of that which is open and that which is hidden for you not be Oh can be Macintosh on top Maroon?

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I'm sorry.

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A song camera this somebody because of black Mercedes est lm 63 us Why are you blocking your ladies drive and she's waiting to go to work? Can you please move it thank you

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and Sonia will be all brought back

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to the one

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who has full knowledge of that which is open and that which is hidden. And he will then inform you what you use to do deeds, bad behavior. Blocking dark drives is part of the behavior. How many times have we given that reminder? It's not the majority of us there's always one isn't the but we are all sinners May Allah forgive the brother or sister and help them make amends and help us not to repeat and do it again. Let it be a lesson for others. So take opportunities about life. That's why I mentioned color values. It's about believers being active why you've got time and while you've got opportunity, hence Allah smart Allah says we're sorry, oh Allah mouthfeel out in Mira beacom Where

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Jen nuttin where Jen Matin Arado has some work to do. Oh, that little more Kathy. And Ron, all of you rush all of you

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Due to the forgiveness of your Lord, Russian run is not a time to dilly dally around Russian run while you go opportunity to do something for the forgiveness of your Lord and a paradise a garden is expanse is like that of the heavens and the earth put together. That's what waiting for you if you run in the right direction brothers and sisters, or in that little Mottaki in that it has been prepared for those who have Taqwa and piety, but Sabby ago, Ilana FIRA Tim Mira become raised with one another to the forgiveness of your Lord. Yeah. Well, Jen nuttin, am I so love announcements about car parking and forget my foot, but I'm sorry. Yeah, it's terrible. Attending German. Yeah, I

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know. I can't get to work. I know. So if it's somebody here,

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you know, no one do they want to. Hopefully it may not be somebody from domestic that's why they've not moved along.

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It's possible

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otherwise, I would expect the brother or sister to move and run immediately but

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where it was i i need to start making notes because I keep losing

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notes. Okay. I know around sabe que la Monferrato mirabito. Race with one another brother and sisters. Allah's talking to us race and compete with one another for the forgiveness of your Lord and a garden or a paradise. Can other this summer II Well,

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yeah, it's expanses like the heavens and the earth, or eight deadly levena man who will be who are also holy, it has been prepared for those who believe in Allah and in His messengers, Valley Kapha Abdullah he you t he may show

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that is a bounty that Allah gives to whomever He pleases Glory be to Him. Do we want of this bounty? A bounty that Allah will give to whomever He pleases and he's telling you how to attain this bounty that's on offer.

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walawe Who goal for Billy loving him? And who's giving it? Yeah, and Allah who is the owner of infinite bounty? Infinite bounty. That's what's waiting so Ron and Russ rush and compete with one another while you have opportunity. We're fearful me Mao was gonna come in probably a year at the

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mouth remote. Very cool. Rob Biloela furutani ila agilan Quarry for Assad Dhaka

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Mina, swallow free and spend from that which we have given you, that belongs to him. And who the other everything that you are, oh, we have nothing. We have nothing. We are nothing. That's why slave is the right term for us, isn't it before Allah brothers and sisters? Some people say oh, don't translate slave it sounds negative, maybe seven? No, no slave to the extreme sense because even a slave in this world to a king actually own something. Yeah. But Allah controls the hearts and every cell in every part of the environment, every little iota of thing for us, We own nothing. Suspend from that which we have given you before death comes to one of you. And he or she then says

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Lola Multani, Isla, jelling quarry. Now give me only if I could have a short respite, saying to Allah give me some time now definitely give me a bit of respite now, because now I'll start giving in charity and become from those who are righteous, too late.

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And Allah says,

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Allah who never sent either Judah agile hoo ha, and Allah will never delay the death time once it arrives on any soul.

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Wala who hobby Rubina dot Malou Mahlon

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and Allah is completely aware of all that you do. Look what's ending the MS Word about doing about Amal and what we are actually doing that's what it's really about it. So brothers and sisters, why do I mention that because holiday time? Sometimes we have got this attitude because of our society around us. There is a whole

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Are there from everything? There is a holiday from salah is a holiday from the Quran? Yeah children a surah you don't need to do Quran reading now. It's summer holidays. Yeah, is it so I'm not here as a bringer of bad tidings forget your holidays all of you. I haven't come to say that. But while you have your holidays remember we still on that journey hasn't changed. Life is still the same life. The opportunity is still that which is written for you, maybe you and I will die on the holiday and how many do yes, so it is not a holiday from being a Muslim. It is not holiday from doing good deeds in fact on your holiday while you have it never leave your Salah on your holiday still don't become

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now selfish and greedy but be good with others. It's not about me me me.

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Come on color su Lai sallallahu alayhi salam fee Hadith Allah the the WHA hoo Muslim?

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You're cool. You're cool. You know Adam, Miley, Miley.

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Wa call us Allah some Haluk Amin, el mal, Minh, Malika yagna, Adam.

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Ma, Celts, fat, fat F neat. Wala Vista for athletes. What a sub Dr. Pham date Salallahu Alaihe. Salam is the child of Adam, meaning us human beings is going around saying my wealth, my wealth, yeah, me, me, me. The selfie Me Me, me. By the way, I'm not saying selfies around. But our obsession with this self obsession with the looks and appearance and just filling our stomachs of enjoyment and everything at the expense of others and no care for others. No care for the environment, no care of etiquette, about honesty, about justice, about kindness of our giving to others. That is a Mullah Salim, don't throw them out the window because it's my holiday. And I'll do as I please. That's what

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this society is teaching, isn't it? Yeah, do what you want. Doesn't really matter. There's no boundaries, because God's been thrown out the window. But God hasn't gone away because somebody's thrown them out the window in their own mind.

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And what is from the wealth that you have that which you eat, and it disappears, digested and it goes that what you wear and it wears out?

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And that which you give in sadhaka spend on others? Yeah. And that is what continues. That is part and parcel of our deeds and Amman deeds and Amel. That's why the prophesy Salam said in Hadith, which is,

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afterall, the whole telemovie and Senbei Tirmidhi Imam Tirmidhi in his el Jamia kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam lat azul, la to Zulu pada Ma, Kodama Abdeen yo, Melka Jana had to use L.

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And Omri he, FEMA AFNOR what an L me he FEMA fala fee.

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What unmannerly he

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mean a Nexus other word, FEMA and Fatah were unjust me he

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wasn't just me, he FEMA.

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this hadith, which is hustlers, so he mounted on the messenger prophesy, slim said that the feet of the slave on the Day of Judgment will not move. In other words, on the Day of Judgment, you won't go anywhere until you're asked about these things

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about your life and how you spent it.

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What do you do with your life, given by Allah subhanaw taala as a gift and an atma.

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About About your knowledge, and that's a warning for those who have lots of knowledge. Yeah, what did they do with the knowledge?

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What did they do with that knowledge? And about wealth? How you attain the wealth and what you spent it in?

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And finally, about your body that Allah gave you. How, how you use it, when the last one that I gave you that has about here, so about Amel, it's about ammo. That's why the prophesy Salam said not a hadith in Allah, Allah young guru de la sua the poem were unworthy come when it young guru Isla Kulu become family come surely

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Allah, it doesn't look at how you appear, because actually all this about obsessing with the self, wherever you know sending this is an obsession.

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Yeah, which has given complexes to people the how I've got to look and do artificial adjustments on the camera. Yeah, to give false pictures of who I actually am this obsession of what is beauty and what Allah has given it's not even in your hands. If Allah has given you beauty, which is all relative, it is a test and trial for you. If you are not so beautiful then it is also a test and trial for you of how you deal with it.

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Isn't it brothers and sisters? But that's not what's on account. What's on account is not that that we're obsessed with and our wealth and running after money, money money, spending spending, but what is in your hearts, what sort of person and your deeds that's what Allah Fatah looks at. So this is that opportunity is still there.

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Still there while we're alive? And before death comes and the prophesy Salam said in a hadith Allah de la who will hire you are Muslim, Mutasa Khanna la color Zulu Allah Azza wa sallam yet well many at Salah satin.

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Wa yanjiu is none were Yabba wines. Yet bow Oh, a Hulu who were Malou who were

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Amarillo, where your geo? Where geo Allahu Allahu wa Yeah, ba ba Armello three things follow every dead persons

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that will come to us. Three things follow them to the graveyard at the birth for the burial.

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His or her family

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and his or her wealth

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and his or her deeds to have them come back. Only the third will stay the family however they're loving they are they will return and get over you

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and become somebody else's. And the wealth you have no power control, you own nothing. You are nothing that somebody takes just like that breath gone aren't stopped finished. What's left deeds, that's what's gonna matter. That's what's gonna matter. And, as Dr. Hazel mentioned, the the grant Tabby isa hit who live a very simplistic life who died in 110 Hijiri

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Al has no bacillary he said yagna Adam in nama Anta yam or child of Adam you are only but a bundle of days cool llama haha

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the hubba PowerBook

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each time a day of you goes part of you disappears as well. Of course he's not meaning I literally don't think that one day is gone. My fingers start disappearing and the next day my hand disappears and the next day comes arm disappears. Nothing like Marvel comic stories is not saying it in a literal sense the part of you disappears is still using a metaphor yeah he's making life a metaphor to time that your life is like time as you see the day and night come and God part of you and your life is also going that's what he's meaning

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part of you every day your time in this world in other words is getting less every time the clock is ticking a call will call you haha what's the federal level of boom in the whole photo Rahim?

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala extrafill I'm bi well mostly what early he was savvy as you mean a my bad

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we'll call it the Allah we're leading NASA omega d mole as

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Paulo levy novela more or Bana? Bana ASCII Rena Isla gel you Cory bean Luigi without water Kawana Tabby a row soul. Our lamp Kuno oppose Sam to mu kaaboo. Malak home means

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Allah smart Allah says Allah

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and warn human beings people

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that when the punishment comes to them

00:20:09--> 00:20:11

that the wrongdoers will say

00:20:13--> 00:20:18

a fitna illogical encouragement give us respite for a short while.

00:20:19--> 00:20:27

And that's gonna happen when death comes because the idea of punishment is immediately after that give us respite for a short while

00:20:30--> 00:20:50

agilan Caribbean Najib Darwaza gonna take we will answer your call. But let's say saying that then isn't it we will then answer your call give us respite here was don't give us death now. Like a previous verse, don't you mentioned that will now answer your call and we will follow your messengers.

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Allah wa says our lambda guru aka some two min pub, did you not did you not use to swear when you are alive you wrongdoers? Oh, there's only this life there's no hereafter it's never gonna finish. That's how you live your life as though you were gonna be here forever.

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That's what you said. And you will given your opportunity. every breath and every heartbeat is an opportunity. Every day we wake up is an opportunity every evening that come is an opportunity is a no brother and sisters will call up where can I ignore Him the honor your call? Is an unsaved of Allah 1030 Saba, why is os bapta fella 1030 Real Messiah. We're who's mean Sahadi Cali mardik Well, I mean he hired tickle mo tick roll Buhari in the armor. The son of American photography Allahu Anhu. Houma used to say when morning comes the wake up don't expect to live till the evening because you may not When evening comes don't expect to live till the morning take from your health for your

00:21:59--> 00:22:21

illness and take from your life for your death take from a meaning of good deeds do good labor the lazy nah man who up Musala tawa yo philippou Me Mao Rosa Hakuna whom Saru Alania siru Alania

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kabhi li ie Mala di e o fi Wallah de la

00:22:31--> 00:22:34

la sua says Say O Muhammad

00:22:36--> 00:22:39

to my believing slaves

00:22:40--> 00:22:43

my slaves who are believing my believing say to them

00:22:45--> 00:22:49

that up musalla that they should be regular in establishing their Salah

00:22:50--> 00:22:57

what you want to call me Mara canal home several while earlier and this should spend of that which I we have given them

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both in secret and both in open spending giving giving to others? Yeah, isn't it a bounty from Allah suada Allah Swatara made that which we spent actually on our families? Yeah profits Iceland said that is the best Satoko Subhanallah we spend who we spend on our families actually the priority to spend is on your family not to reach all your families and give to others and leave them so that they are in constrained situation going out begging you will be held responsible so to give and spend all your responsibility is not only worship and obligatory but it becomes counted as Sanaka the best of sadhaka Allah so merciful to us suspend but don't but without his wrath.

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Yeah, without getting carried away in that expenditure. And not in Haram without tab zeal.

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So spending Yeah, from that which were provided, you mean cuddly and yet here yo Mala before the day comes? In which there is no bargaining. You can't buy your way out on that day. Can I just slip you a few quid or a few 1000 quid angels? Yeah, just get me saved from hellfire. It's not gonna work. You don't have anything? Even if you had it? It won't work. Even if you hold on the whole heavens and the earth is it gonna work? We don't own it. But if we did, he won't be an iota before Allah subhanho wa Taala it is Atmel and Amal back to deeds again. Isn't it brothers sisters? It won't work. Law by Yun will ask Allah al and there's no friendship. Can you put a word in for me?

00:24:48--> 00:24:53

Can you put is it's not what you know. It's who you know. No, no, no, no, doesn't work there.

00:24:54--> 00:24:59

Doesn't work. So that's the day that's coming. That's the day that's coming. So

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Allah subhanaw taala is warning us and encouraging us in being busy. Yeah in taking the opportunity that we have. Yeah. When whatever opportunity so whatever situation we're in, whether we go to the moon or whether we go to holiday in the Maldives or Pakistan or Middle East or are we here, whether it's winter or summer, whether it's cold or hot when it's raining, we are able to learn we are the slaves are the most merciful and he's showering His mercy for us to collect and we are running out of time every day the sun comes up or even if it doesn't come up seemingly because it's cloudy but it's still coming up actually

00:25:42--> 00:25:44

discuss we got Manchester weather, but

00:25:46--> 00:26:10

time is running out for us time is the opportunity that we have. Unless what are blessed us with opportunity did we not do not brothers and sisters blessed us with opportunity. So my reminder, this is the first part of it. Next time we look at is that life is an opportunity. Don't let it go to West. Life is our opportunity and is ticking away.

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What we do and reap of deeds now we'll have a bearing on the most important day of results. I know you've got your levels yesterday those who got them and BarakAllahu li co May Allah bless you in that for those who achieved and those who didn't. May Allah give you suburb and open doors for you? But the real day is coming of results and we are all heading towards that day of results. Nothing else will matter. On that day.

00:26:41--> 00:26:47

May Allah subhanaw taala included amongst the righteous on that day. May Allah Subhana Allah

00:26:49--> 00:26:55

forgive us our sins that we commit by them by night and save us from the fire of hell. Aloma me