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In Islam there is a salatu salam O Allah I should appeal ambia

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Allah Allah He was happy he on Wella

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my bad Allah, Allah with Allah mentioned in the Quran. What an ablution negombo a mineral Kofi will do very well. Apple sent me an alarm value alarm for Ziva Murat over she savarin and levena is a cyber Tomasi bottom kalu in here in Toronto, would lay him salata, Mira, Mara will go home with moto and sort of the Bukhara This is Allah subhanaw taala we are talking about tests.

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Sometimes a thought comes into our mind when we look at tests and we look at people who have difficulties.

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And you find that those people who have difficulties are good people. They are people who obey Allah subhanho wa Taala they are on the day and as far as we know, they are not doing anything wrong. They are not indulging or engaging anything, yet, things bad things happen to them. So the question is, why do bad things happen to good people? No, that's the kind of so somebody dies some losses in the business or some other thing happens some calamity.

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The Quran mentions very clearly the two kinds of things which happen to kind of dress. One is a kind of tests, which is mentioned in this ayah of sort of Bukhara and also elsewhere where a word called Isla is used

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badly by Malaysia and I'm also learning how to use the word Utila. Now, there is a kind of test which Allah subhanaw taala sends, in order to raise the data data of people

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in order to raise their level.

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Now, sometimes we will ask the question, why does Allah subhanaw taala need to send some illness in order to raise somebody, if I want to raise my daughter, let him do it anyway.

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But firstly, we don't ask and we don't say these things about this and of Allah subhanaw taala It is Allah here is the hook, Allah subhanaw taala has the right to make the sort of as he wishes. Second thing is that this dunya Allah has made as a place of cause and effect and therefore

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for every effect to happen Allah subhanaw taala has kept some cause. Now given the gods Allah subhanaw taala gives a lot of Baraka in that cause.

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Because when Allah had that as a result, the LS Raja there in now in Missouri, meaning that we will take into account we will take the revenge or we will

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punish the Missouri being an alpha delana separate hustlers anonymous as well I will be destroyed because you know, we are with remainer we make since love will destroy us. So,

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does not does not break you when you walk is that yes is that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive sins because of that.

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ones on which breaks. Sometimes you put your hand in your pocket, you thought you put money here and you put your hand in your pocket if there's no money suddenly for a cow pazhani what what do I do now? That by mistake you put the money in the other pockets you didn't realize when you search around you will find it. But that one instance that one second of anxiety that you had Allah for your for your sins for that reason.

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I like use this as a reason to forgive your sins, something you have, which you need which is lost and you have to search for it for a little while. And that's when other forgives sins for that reason. You make odo Allah Allah Allah forgives him because we never do. We just allow a Salam Alikum you shake somebody's hand you have a brother for the love of Allah, Allah forgive sins, for that reason, in record your standards Allah Allah, Allah Allah forgives him for that. So there are reasons that you will add which come which is which is difficulties and which has problems and Allah Allah protect us from all kinds of calamities, but whatever happens, whether it is illness or you

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know, somebody passes away or whatever, Allah, Allah sends these on his

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slaves who are obedient in order to raise the result with him.

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When the Bosnian thing happened, many years ago, I went to my shack and asked him jack, why is this happening and Muslims are being slaughtered?

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And he said a very strange thing, which at that time seemed a bit hard to me. But later on, I also mentioned it was all the Bosnian people who met in America refugees, and they actually accepted this Anyway, what is it? What is it?

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He said to me? He said, Do you know what the life of the Boston was? Boston Muslims what their life was before this hour?

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He said every single one of them literally without a lie. Illa Mashallah, without exception they're all they all used to drink. There are no Salah do nothing. They just name was Muslim. There was zero Islam in the lives. He's Allah Subhana Allah, such people. They still said lai lai La la la la la la

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They still had Muslim names. He said for such people, lots of Allah give them Shahada

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Did I say somebody slaughtered them, somebody killed them so that I'd say, he said they would have died anyway, nobody lives forever, one day we have to die, they would have died anyway. But here Allah gave them Shahada. He said the same people, if they're dead animal dead, they would have probably gone into alpha. But because they got yada, they got done.

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And the next generation which comes with a better level of Muslim than the invasion, which went now when I mentioned this to some of my Balkan friends in Australia, Michael said, you know, 100% correctly that we we know this by ours, we have seen this digitally.

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So it sounds like a like, we look at the overall scheme of the sound like a terrible thing, oh my god, such so many people died and so on. But Allah knows best. Allah knows best. And we have the

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sort of the governance model as shown this, with regard to his knowledge about things we learn knowledge is perfect, we only see what is in front of us. So if they come to tests, and those tests come to raise that eventually Salam was tested by asking him to

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slaughter his son is violently Salah, unless Vidal is not interested in slaughtering anybody take the issue of raising the data. And the Williams

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Family Law

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is a second kind of test which comes, which allows one to z phenomenal as I will do now, as I will activate a lot longer. And so, as Roger said, we will punish them with a small punishment, before the big punishment so that they turn towards us. Now, these are tests which come for people who in whose life there is a bit as well as monitor. And this test also is a mercy illness monitor and as far as I could have allowed this disobedience to go to the level of cover and ship and the buzzer would have died in that state and gone into the alpha. But Allah subhanaw taala in his mercy actually sends a problem to that person, whereby this person then turns towards Allah Subhana Allah

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so that they will turn towards me because it's the nature of human being you know when you have when everyone is happy, nobody thinks I've got to think of God only when there is a problem so Allah doesn't the problem so that you think of Allah subhanho wa Taala now of course people even in spite of that stage if you still want to go on the path of destruction then there is a different

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ruling there and that's something else happens will be but most people generally something bad happens somebody some accident happens the laws APA or a Gallagher oh my god is what so is it done towards Allah they ask Allah Subhana Allah, so this is also a mercy of Allah. So now when a test comes if we find a difficulty in our life, if you find some calamity happening, something bad happening in our life, what should we do? Number one, make Dawa

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number and make Dawa don't it's not our job to sit and decide, no, no, I think I am among the good people. Therefore, that's what I was rather for us. Number one thing make though, make Toba number one. Number two. Seriously, look at your own life and say what in my life is the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala and change that agenda. And don't worry about whether anyone in this life in this world, our friends or family, whatever, don't worry about their approval, because none of them is going to go into your cover of my cover.

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When we start the war Allah we stand alone so let's not worry about

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that. So any disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala removed from from the life and don't get into this day the old big problem today we will it's a shortage is choti mulligatawny Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allah Akbar to unlock you have never met anybody. So let us not fall into this trap of saying you know our products is what this bar means what? After all, it's a small thing to say is an attitude of rebellion, which itself is big.

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A lack of dialogue, c'est la vie barbaric way I totally do that. Richard de Cascadia de la vida is your duty to God. So you this attitude itself is an antidote evaluate. So we must ask Allah protection from this article, remove everything, so make Toba look at our lives, change our lives. So inshallah then what happens is that that difficulty that problem which came become the source of raising of our gadgets is Allah Subhana Allah and finally thing to do is in all of these cases, is also remember that one day, irrespective of whether whatever happens, one day we have to die, and one day all of this which we see here is going to end anyway, irrespective of that.

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Jacques Cousteau

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to Alhamdulillah yoga, if somebody died or somebody something happened, okay, we willed them. But this had to happen one day, we all go, you have to go I have to go. So in that way, what also happens is that emotionally you deal with that thing with equanimity. You don't want to go into a depression and you know, people don't commit suicide. hamdulillah Muslims are known that in spite of, you know, terrible calamities, you don't find people committing suicide because of this happened that happened. That's because the handler we have.

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So three things to do make Toba? Correct.

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Your own life and also to remember that kulu Manali have fun Allah Rhonda said one day everything finishes. So inshallah whatever happens happens by the business like that and this is from the

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armor of Allah and we are happy and pleased with whatever Allah Subhana Allah done as it as our colors. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to his email to Israel. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to obey Him and to live our lives in a state of complete obedience. So that when we die we die in a state where Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with us or some Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was

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erotica go