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That's necessarily dominated by that shut it off or the mockery This is dominated by

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the inclusion of entertainment you're trying to say no, there's also this as well. It doesn't seem to be much Hayes my view even Tamia is the Tamia is the most intellectual humble light that ever lived.

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Well obviously in terms of intellectual contribution to Islam, he is number one

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you can only say second to himself that was the only thing you could say second to but even then his contribution is higher than in certain areas where he didn't write the challenges so as a humble like myself, I'm a humble family I follow the method

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myself right? I try to at least I'm not great I but as a humble of myself, I was refreshed to see this is very happy to see this the dish if

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we don't we justified it

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you know, as I said from from the Hanafi Medina it has its challenges.

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But what I mean is that he is he is that figure he is that figure really is so it's not general what he should be an inspiration to all selfies. And in the in the sand that says that, look what he did. I mean, you can't say Well, that was just exclusive to him. You can't say that you can't make the argument. He did these things. How did he put your knowledge the procedures by locking himself in the room and reading a soul sadhana and Beauvoir his book? He didn't, sorry, didn't do that. This is this closed mind mentality, right? is going to lead the destruction because what it will do is it will I'm not saying everyone should go and study philosophy, by the way, just to be clear, right?

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But what I'm saying at the same time is people should be at least introduced to basic ideas that we're talking about liberalism and feminism and things like that so that they can protect themselves like an antidote towards it. And empty man if he hadn't contributed, we'd be in problems and if we don't contribute today, and for all men don't contribute, they were gonna be criminals once again. So I think now we have challenges that didn't happen this time. liberalism wasn't there at this time Britain Tamia and neither was feminism. New intellectual challenges. Are we have to deal with it. Yeah.

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Yeah, yeah. And you have to deal with them by using the language wasn't Of course Oh, well, we were dealing with a ridiculous scale. Yes.

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So where can people find the book? It's on Amazon, I think is a bestseller in the atheist

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actually overtake overtaking the air, would you call it The God Delusion?

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You know, when that happened, I thought to myself, this is a bit crazy, because this you know, I didn't see many other Muslims writing, you know, in the in the section, so surprised. So inshallah

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has got many, many atheist writers in our section of absolutely man isn't about Prophet Mohammed? Why is it that they get to do this with us? And we don't get to talk about things with them. And it's not even a joke, you'll find that probably atheists will use my arguments. They don't say, Oh, you just said that. You know something about infinity, right? Because it's actually i'm not i'm looking at the thing with the most critical if possible. I'm looking at all of the the follow and then at the end of that comes to the conclusion that this is this is the outcome you're never gonna be able to deal with basically, this is the argument that you're never gonna be able to as an

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atheist, but always have fun with this. Yeah.