Abu Bakr Zoud – Why do we love Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Allah's love for his passengers and his ability to bring them joy. They also talk about his mercy and love for his children, as it is the strongest form of love. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acknowledging Islam's love for his passengers and his ability to bring them joy.
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Let's let's explain why do we love Allah? Why do we love him? Number one, we love him for the blessings He is bestowed upon us. Everything that we have came from Allah azza wa jal. Look, look, look, look at our our eyes, our ears, our tongue, our intellect, the knowledge we have all came from Allah, how can you look over Allah, we love Him because of the blessings He has granted us and given us in our lives.

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We love Allah, for his wisdom and for his knowledge and for his beautiful names and attributes. We love him for his wisdom. You know, when when a calamity happens in your life, you just increase your love for Allah. Because you know that Allah soultion has bestowed this calamity upon you,

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out of his knowledge, and perfect wisdom. It didn't come randomly and something that Allah azza wa jal had done that he didn't know what he's doing. Maiev Allah, we love a lot because of his wisdom and knowledge. So that whenever I go through a calamity, I love him more, because I know this is part of his wisdom and part of his knowledge. We love Allah because of the love He has for us. Now that you know the hadith of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when the companion women the companions were gathered around the messenger, and he pointed to them to a mother that was carrying her baby. And he said to the Companions, do you think this mother will throw her child in the fire?

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They said, no obvious this is a mother and she loves her baby and she will not throw her baby in the fire. A mother loves the baby. So Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam he said to them, Allah

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has more mercy upon this baby, then the mother has mercy upon her own baby.

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In other words, Allah's mercy and love for His servants is more than the love and mercy we have upon each other, even from the mother, because this is the highest picture of love and mercy, a mother towards her babies, a mother towards her babies, there is no more love and mercy on earth that is stronger, stronger than that. And so in a bizarre set of them took the strongest form of love and mercy and said that Allah

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is merciful upon his servants, more than the strongest mercy and love you can ever think about that exists on earth. So that's why we love Allah, because He loves us. And in the Quran, Allah Suraj and said, you will see common law houfy Allah.

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Allah instructs the parents to look after their children Allahu Akbar. You see the love Allah has for His servants, that in the Quran, he instructs the parents to look after their children

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and in sort of the Salah, all sorts of them and I am Allah azza wa jal, he says, when I talk to hola como de sala hatia to him Lepin Nanos o como el, Allah azza wa jal instructs the parents and says do not kill your children out of poverty. We provide for you and we provide for them. This is the love Allah has for His servants, that He's instructing the parents don't kill your kids out of poverty. That's the love Allah has for His servants. So we love Allah because he loves us.

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How can one not love Allah? When he knows that Allah loves him? Subhan Allah. Ibrahim Ali has said, he said it no Ghana be heavier. He said My Lord has always been loving to be he has always always been kind, gentle and compassionate with me. This is what Ibrahim said about Allah in the who can be happier. You see, Prophets recognized that Allah loves the servants. And so he said it no cannot be happier. I know that Allah loves me.

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Have you ever said this about law? No matter what your situation was? Have you ever said in the whole cannabis half year during the most difficult time in your life? If you're not you're supposed to say that. You're supposed to acknowledge that Allah azza wa jal has always been gentle, compassionate, merciful and loving towards you even in the most difficult situations you will face in your life like

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