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We're here in beautiful Brighton, as you can see this incredible

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view of the beach.

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The site is beautiful, what we're doing here locus of competition

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applied to a very short noises like a grappling competition where you start standing up for BJJ competition. So you start starting up and you try and kind of submit the guy down.

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And this is a competition that I've kind of gone into. But I wanted to give you guys exposure to this, I'll tell you why. Because I want to subtract the point of that festival. Physical activity is very, very important, generally speaking, but also the kind of activity which gets you kind of out of your comfort zone, your adrenaline pump, and these kinds of things. This is the kind of thing we want to advocate.

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This will not only help you, it just kind of your day to day life will give you confidence in these kinds of things, especially with the rise of

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attacks against minorities, whatever it is, I think generally speaking, it's good to have that confidence and self confidence. So if anything happens to be able to kind of respond. So my, my thing is that if if people can get their kids into kind of schools, like

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rappeling schools and BJJ schools, rescue whoever is wrestling school free services, whoever it is even karate, or any martial arts.

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And not only that for just for the younger generations, but I think of you as well. It kind of really kind of adds that

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other layer to your life. And most people will say this mind, body and soul So, obviously we don't want just gonna give you like rational arguments for religion as we do in our other videos. We also want to give you kind of like Okay, what else do we do in our life, gentlemen, anyways, follow up, Professor Jonathan.

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When these moments,

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Imani da da, da, da, da, da, da da.

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Are we

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Ville mercy, EDA.

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dollar bill mercy.

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Money Money.

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de la Maria de

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la Morita.

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JD Shahada romaji

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Vina 18 and jd diamo Shahada

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Are we done

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BJJ, someone's been doing it for a while. hamdulillah someone has been involved in competitions, many competitions. And so we just wanted him to give you some guys, you got some advice really on not just presenting jujitsu or fights or sports or anything like that, but generally, what this sport has done for him, and more specifically, what kind of self defense sports would do for people how it would help sort of the main thing

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and older to something which is beneficial to so sometimes I used to be

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an agent where I could do it without having to keep refit. So I could I could do for the one just be lazy and pay for this is a very egotistical on character and transport for some time. But first of all, keeping fit is fundamental has to do with the Muslim community, you can find tikki shops that head out everywhere, find things for us to do, which are which we can, which we can do, which is not beneficial to

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me activity that we can find which is beneficial to us. So I think I embarked on was trying to try and do as an agency wrestling things across the solar so grappling to avoid even in the face, food in the form of self defense as well. Because if you look at most fights to each other anyway, so it's something we're comfortable with somebody grabs is beneficial because it allows you to actually to practice the numbers, which is different, if you mean the fact that you can get away if you just try to leave the situation first, you don't need to be involved in some type of boxing match. So

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I've been doing it for

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six years, six years, six, 6 million years of computer software is possible. Which again, I find is beneficial, because if you try to test to see where you are, I think you'll have no doubt.

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And I think we've recently introduced you and the rest of us just come in around. It's very cerebral, it's a lot.

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It's a good way to exercise our mind, again, to be students

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that point about adversity that you made a very good because then I think that you could say like, you know, this kind of fight sports or flight you can say, a symbol really for life in general.

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And that when you're in that situation where you feel really like these difficult, things need to just like stop and cease and you want hardship then you continue going anyway. So it's kind of like a metaphor for life. But he's definitely

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seems to have made the world in the sense where

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he's taught us the principles across the board. So you just need to look for them. So everything that's worth getting an acquisition difficult to get, it's difficult to get things difficult to get muscles, it's difficult to get one of these. So

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getting towards Gemma can be difficult, it's going to be obstacles ahead of time surrounded. But apart from what we should do, especially for a finish just have to return to me to get back on track to work forward towards what the end goal is. So it's the same

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train every week, I know I'm supposed to do when you get put into the corner the name becomes

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becomes difficult. So the aim is to be able to find a situation where there's pressure.

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We know it was supposed

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to be quite easy to defeat the first hurdle, because we struggle with how to deal with the situation and

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she didn't need to get it we should be accustomed to this is the same as instead of sharp as soon as possible.

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So we can't expect to be punished or we will never be purified in the sense. I mean, so in that sense, we're gonna have challenges. I mean, we see them nowadays in today's society.

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Just cling to the current way of doing things and attitude, positive attitude.

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And realist actually needs to have

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a beneficial

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basically was the competition a feeling coming out is much better than a feeling going in, when you go in, you've got bit of nervousness, a little bit of jitters, these kinds of things and you coming out for actually a deep sense of peace actually, interestingly enough, and obviously, there's the physical workout element as well. So you feel good, you feel energized. And so this is a this is one of the things that you should be incorporating into your life routine, or again, like being productive as opposed to being in a physical capacity is always going to be something which has to relate to peace of mind and your happiness. So I just wanted to share this with you guys. I hope you

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guys benefited cinema