Omar Suleiman – Khalid Ibn Said Ibn al-‘As (ra) A Dream of the Prophet – The Firsts

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The host of a shorts show introduces a new series of Islam books on the importance of learning about the life of a woman who was caught in the Prophet's act. A woman who was woken up by a dream and faced persecution, but refuses to fight against it is eventually caught in the act. The speaker also discusses the role of the Prophet Dr. Muhammad in settling for Islam and mentions the return of the woman who had been born in Abyssinia and her husband to her father. The role of the woman in the wedding is also discussed, along with the closely related role of Jos Hyatt in the wedding.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Ricketts. Everyone. Welcome back to the first shorts. I hope that the night Tada that you are benefiting from this new series that we are doing which of course keeps us within the domain of the companions of the Prophet slice. And as you're learning about new companions, and the capacity of the angels, in sha Allah to Allah in this situation as well, we'll continue to explore the names of some of these people who were early on in Islam, great contributors to Islam, but we don't know much about. So I've been asked so many times. When are we going to talk about how to draw the alonside on of course, that means how to read it all the allotted time. I know

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and he deserves a huge lesson, right? We're going to definitely elaborate on the life of highly dependable either the Lauryn Hill but that's probably going to be much later on, in the series of Allah gives us life because kata diviner will, of course, embrace this not much later on a snap. But we're talking about the early Muslims right now. And there is another harlot. And what if I told you that this Khalid, Khalid bin sorry, the US is said to have embraced Islam, within a few hours of a pullback in a study called the Lavon. That's as early as it comes. I'm gonna talk about the story, inshallah Tada, because it truly is a fascinating story, when we talk about her early is so highly

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of insight, in that Alice is not one of the law, I thought of my case, not one of the weak ones of Mecca. In fact, he's from Romania. So he's from a very powerful tribe in Makkah. Now, he doesn't seem to be someone, though he has a prominent lineage and someone who has, you know, wealth and position, he doesn't seem to be someone who assumed any political role in Mecca. But at the same time, again, just being from Ben Omiya, being a son of side of the house is a big deal. And what we find from him is that Khalid bin say, though, the last time he had a nickname of the touch, the possessor of the crown, and that was because when he wore a mama when he wore his turban, in a

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certain style or a certain color, no one else would dare to wear the same turban as him. So he wore a unique turban. And when he would change that turban, other people would start to wear it, but you didn't wear the same turban as him. So he was distinguished even in his turban, while the low tide I'm hooked to where you called him, the touch the possessor of the crown. Now, his coming to Islam,

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so beautiful. He sees a dream of himself. And this is before he has heard that the prophets lie, some is even calling to this religion. But this is the loss of hundreds out of showing something to him. He sees this dream. And he says, In this dream, I was standing in front of a valley full of fire. And that fire was consuming itself because of how severe how hot it was. So he seen a valley of hellfire, and he was terrified by that fire, suddenly says, Well, I'm looking at the Valley of Fire. I see my father behind me. So AWS, and he comes to me, and he tries to push me into it. And when I resist, he literally starts to wrestle with me, and he tries to throw me into that fire. And

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so he says, as I'm in the dream, fighting off my father's efforts to throw me into the fire, the Prophet salallahu it who was Selim comes to me, and the Prophet slicin grabs me by the waist belt, and he pulls me away from the fire. So Allah Hardy, who was sullen, and then I woke up, just humble. I mean, there's, of course great symbolism in this but also the fact that the Prophet slice of them describe this as an analogy, a parable of himself. He says I to you. I'm like a man that is standing in front of a fire. And there are fireflies that are trying to jump into the fire and the prophets license that I'm trying to grab you all and stop you from falling into it, and I'm grabbing you by

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the waist belts, but some of you are slipping from my hands. So in the case of side, hotter than the side of the house, he's literally seeing that dream, where the prophesy some pulls him by the waist belt, and saves him from falling into the fire. So when he wakes up from that dream, he leaves his house he knows Mohammed Abdullah Sala Larissa, but he hasn't even heard of a new religion. And as he is coming out of his home, he runs into a bucket of Cydia called the low tide I know. And he says to Apple bucket because I will Beckett was known for his ability to interpret dreams amongst other things, interpretation of dreams, and his knowledge of lineage and ancestry. He says silverbucket He

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said I saw this strange dream last night. Let me run it by you. So back to the law on who says what is it? So he said, I saw this dream where I was standing in front of the Valley of Fire. And I was about to fall into the fire. My father was behind me trying to push me into the fire and then Muhammad bin Abdullah SallAllahu sallam, he came to me and he grabbed me by the waistbelt

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And he pulled me away from the fire. So we'll back it all the loads had he smiles and he says, Well LAHIA thought it, luck God or Allah Who because he said, I swear by Allah ohada Allah one's good for you. So he says to him, this is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is calling to the worship of one God, and protecting us in the process from the punishment of the Hereafter. So hard it says, Take me to him. harlot says, Oh, vacuolar the Allahu Anhu took him to him, and the Prophet slicin and was in a jihad and he was supplicating to Allah subhanaw taala he was worshiping Allah, so he found them in a place of making dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. So he said, I said to him, no matter

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the real Mohammed, what are you calling to, oh, Muhammad, tell me about this religion that you're calling to. So he said, he started to tell him about, you know, the religion, that the prophets I said, I'm explained to him that I'm calling you to the worship of one God, and to abandon a lot we'll reserve all of these idols, these stones that do not benefit you, nor do you benefit them, nor can they do anything to the one who worships them or to the one who abandons them. So I'm calling you to the worship of one God and Khalid are the Allahu Anhu. At that moment embraces Islam. Some of the scholars have seen or some of the narration say, that was within hours of apobec in making him

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homies to Hamza Islam, the fifth of five in Islam. So after Ali and aboubaker, after Khadija, Abubakar Ali, may Allah be pleased with them, that he is the very next person to embrace the snom but that his Islam was on the same day of Abubakar Siddique or the launch I don't know. I mean, that is incredible, right? I mean, how early on and How blessed is he to have seen that dream that night and what Allah subhanaw taala wanted for him as a result of that. So he embraced Islam, right away all the law. And as we said, you know, we're talking about some of these companions, who was first you have this group of people that you could all make a claim, right, you know, to who's the fourth,

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who's the fifth at this point. But that's how early he is will be allowed to enter now his father, of course, you can derive from the dream that he had was not a very good man, and was someone that was indeed, trying to call him to the hellfire. His father was one of the people that used to work in the construction of the idols and the festivals and the pilgrimages and the sacrifices to the idols and of course, politically held a very high place with venerable may as well. So his father immediately when he heard about the prophets, I send them calling to Islam. He immediately became a staunch enemy of the Prophet size in a bundle Hashem Beatlemania. I mean that's, that says it all.

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So when he heard the news, that the Prophet slicin was calling to Islam, he immediately wanted to fight the prophets lie some and stop him from going any further, as was the case with Ben Mejia. Now, as he is declaring his enmity he hears from, from some of his other children, that they heard that the Prophet slice on them had reached his own son harlot. So what does he do? He sends his other two sons, okay. To go and to get him and to bring Carla to him. So his other two sons whose names are armed and other than armed and and so I'm Adan, go to get Khalid and bring him to his father. Khalid is brought to him and he says to him, is it true what I've heard, and he said, It's

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true. He said, I've embraced the religion of the one God and I've abandoned these idols that you call us to worship. And he said to him, you will leave this religion now and come back to the religion of your father and your forefathers, Khalid insisted that he would not he said that I will not obey you in the disobedience of Allah subhanho to Allah. So when he said that, Syed took a stick, and he cracked his skull, he hit him right across the head, and he cracked the skull. And so the blood came running down, and he ordered Khalid to be imprisoned, and to be starved for three days. So Khalid is taken to a particular, you know, corner chamber in the home, and he's guarded,

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and no food reaches him for three days, while he's in that situation. And then he sends a messenger to see if he changed his mind, hoping that he broke under those circumstances, because he'd never seen anything like that, right. I mean, this is a man who lived a very privileged life, so he'd never seen that type of persecution. So usually someone that had a relatively easy life or privileged life would crack quicker under persecution. Instead, when he sends his messenger to him, he said, Well, Llahi I will not follow him in the disobedience of Allah. And here's where this gets even more interesting. He son so even though our sons Ahmed and a band to convince him to leave his

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religion, what ends up happening instead is that other than become Muslim, or the Allahu Taala anima. So now Khalid converts his brother

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as well, so Khalid, Ahmed and Adan amongst the early Muslims in this regard, but of course God has proceeded all of them in Islam. When the migration to Abyssinia takes place caught, it has to escape persecution, of course, as we said, the persecution of some of the privileged and the elite was behind closed doors, but of course, it still was severe for some of them. So how did there was one of those who was under severe persecution by his father and by Ben Omiya, in general, so he takes his brothers and he goes to Abyssinia and that is where he is going to settle until the Prophet slice alum gives him permission to come to Medina. Now what role does he play in Abyssinian? Again,

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sometimes these names come up and you don't even think twice about them. When the prophets I send them

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proposed to ohm Habiba or the Allahu Taala Anna, the daughter of Abba Sophia, who was in Abyssinia and her husband had passed away, and we've talked about him Habibollah the alarm on her in detail. Remember the prophets lie some of them chose and the Joshy or the Allahu Anhu to represent him. So Now Joshua is going to conduct this niqab of the prophets lie Selim in Abyssinia while the prophets lie some is absent and under Joshua is his representative, right officially his representative in this wedding. And he says to him Habiba to choose a Wali. Okay, her father, of course was I was fan. And so her Welly would be the closest, the closest relative and that was Khalid even said, the last

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why because, of course, the same tribe and the closest relative and of course, God was known for his righteousness all the time. And that is when an Joshy holds this nigga, this wedding, in his palace, he dismisses all of his guards, he sets up these beautiful gardens, you know, this beautiful feast this meal, and he gathers Jafar or the Allahu Taala and who are beloved to her that follow the law and who we've already spoken about. And Harley Davidson ate all the law hotel and home and he conducts this NiCad with Habiba are the Allahu Anhu and he is the one who proposes on behalf of the Prophet slice on them and this man had been say either will be alone and who responds by praising

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Allah subhana wa Tada and sending salawat and he says, I have married to you on Habiba. I have married um, Habiba. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam in accordance with what was said. So Khalid said for BarakAllahu li Rasulillah So may Allah subhana wa Tada bless, little, little lot. May Allah subhana wa or he congratulate social Lhasa Lai southern in that regard. And then the Joshy will be allowed to add on who brings out the feast as he says it is the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah, that when a marriage is carried out that there's a walima that there's a feast as well. So this was Khalid's role and Avicennia as well. Now, when does he come to Medina. Khalid comes to Medina after

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haber after Hiber. So the prophets I saw them was, you know, when he when he sees Khalid, he was so happy to see him that he embraces him. And he puts Khalid Radi Allahu taala, and who's in charge of Yemen. So this would he would also go on to become a governor of Yemen. And he puts a ban his brother in charge of what would become Bahrain. And I'm in charge of cyber. So actually How did and his brothers all become leaders under the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And when the Prophet saw some passes away, how to throw the law Todd on who serves as a commander under apobec vehicle the lot and who, who, of course, was the one who initially called him to Islam within hours of

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embracing it himself, and he was commended. He was he was appointed particularly as a commander in the campaign against the Byzantines and in the year 634. He was married to on Hakeem ohm Hakeem Bentall heritage and Molina um Hakeem was the widow of economic Abidjan while the Allahu Taala

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somehow chemo the Allah on her was his widow, and she became Muslim. Of course in the in the conquest of Mecca, and right before this battle, which was known as not just suffer,

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she marries holiday inside the loss. Okay, so it was literally the night before this battle of motors so far that they got married. And it was in this battle, that um, Hakeem actually, with her own hands would pick up a sword and she would kill seven from the opposing army herself the day after her wedding night, okay to hide them inside. But her husband had been saved all the Allahu Tada and who would pass away on this day and he would be a Shaheed and this particular battle, may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased

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with him so Subhan Allah He goes from seeing this dream of the prophets lie summon his father getting an interpreted by apobec that will the law itself, living this glorious life alongside the messenger slice alum, up until he serves under apobec to the study called the Law on hope, and is martyred in the process, and in the process attains eternal life as the shahada do May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him and reward him for his sacrifices. May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with the Companions, all of the companions in the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam alumna Amin was acting a little hate on inshallah to Allah. I will see you next time was

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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