Mohammed Hijab – The Final Moments of Apostate P’s Islamophobe’s Career

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of proving the harm principle and showing one's abilities to be honest in various political environments. They stress the need for proper morality and the importance of educating audiences on various uses of util praising the definition of utilvedrow. They also touch on the use of utilvedroom in political environments and the shame of the media. The need for proper morality is emphasized.
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The job 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products including premium Ethiopian black seed products. What I'm saying to you is that morally speaking Yeah, as an atheist, you have no Anchorage, meaning you cannot claim anything as objective. Otherwise I'll say to you, look, give me your mechanism because you're on the record saying that bc Allah is okay. You're on the record saying, father can have * of his son.

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So you don't agree that * is okay. You said *. Okay.

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So if two sisters of two brothers have insist sexual relationship, there's nothing I can't see anything wrong with it. Right? Well, there is actually nothing wrong with it.

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Actually, nothing wrong with it. Yeah.

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Do you believe it? Do you believe it is the case or not?

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Father to have *? Yeah. If there was no harm to society?

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Shut up.

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Yeah, so there you have it, bro. And to the individuals.

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So here's the problem. Why using the harm principle, but why are you using the harm principle?

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But why are you using the harm principle?

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On the individuals?

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Can you prove the harm principle? Can you objectively prove the harm principle?

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No, no, I'm asking you right now, you said something you made a claim. So can you prove it? You asked me to prove things I've answered you. Can you can you objectively prove the principle?

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You cannot answer that you cannot explain that you will not is that you cannot.

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No, you can't because john Stuart Mill couldn't. JOHN Stuart Mill couldn't do it. Look, let's not pretend to be a philosophy.

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Sorry. Sorry. You don't believe it was actually

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inherit objective? That doesn't make sense. objective morality. Don't believe in Objective money.

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Yeah, I do. And I've got the degrees to show it. Have you have you got anything to show?

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Me intrinsically? Sorry. I don't understand that. Sorry. Can you?

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That doesn't make sense. What you're saying doesn't make sense. Not your articulation is flawed. Your articulation, Sloot. Your articulation is flawed. You know why? Because what you're saying is, I do not believe when a human being has. morality is not possessive. In that sense. You're all over the place you either believe in. You either believe in objective morality, or you don't you're either subjectivist or an objectivist. Which one of the two are you? Are you subjective as an objectivist?

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No, because you don't understand English as a first language I do. So don't try it. Don't try it. You didn't make sense in your articulation. Now you're trying to make me look like the person? No, your articulation was flawed. So now say in a proper way, gone?

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There was a difference between saying.

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Society, society.

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What about society? What society got to do with it?

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Do morals exists as an objective reality or not?

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Yeah, really? So there's something that's called more realism was more as our morals our morals objectively real or not? Are they real or not? Are the most objective or subjective?

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So what are they? Are they objective or subjective?

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In your view?

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Okay, my question to you is so simple, like, my question to you is morality. Is it objective or not? Are there such a thing as objective moral?

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Good, so that all of your moral arguments have collapsed against Islam. So today, we've collapsed all your scientific ones. And we've we've collapsed all your moral ones. Yeah, because anything that you say about Islam now, no, hold on. Anything that you say about Islam now, morally doesn't make sense. Because there's no such thing as morally, objectively. This is how morality works. You just said it yourself. You don't believe its objective is not true. It's not objectively truth.

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nihilism is not synonymous with objectivity.

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I'm saying that they're not subjective. It's not synonymous. nihilism is something which is Yeah, good. Good. So you're saying your subjectivist if you're a subjectivist that you said you're not an objectivist You must be a subjectivist. Well, you did

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not stop pretending you stop pretending and the idiot bro. I've studied this. You have

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Not Did you just say if

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you have to be if you're not if you don't believe in objective morality What are you laughing at man? So if I if I don't believe in objective morality then I have to believe in subjective yeah because either objective or subjective you've got two choices what what's the third option gone?

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bro you're not even on a levels level well I swear to God will lie he opsin Billa you're not even a secret a level you're not even a secret if I were to if I were to mark your work bro you're not on secrets

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you're not on bro a year 10 year 11 an ethics can get a better understanding of what I'm saying a 16 year old a sharp 16 year old will see that you don't know what you're talking about. Now what is the other option you've got objective morality subjective money was the third one

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now go and say it what's the third option you've I've got? Look you're talking but you have no answers. you've either got objective morality subjective morality, what's the other one? What's the other one?

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Yeah, I'm saying there's only a cyber objective or subjective is what's the third one?

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Yeah, come on. What's the third one?

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That's not an answer, bro. I will make

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no you don't need to make a video response if it's not objective that has to be subjective. bro you're gonna get laughed at you know cosmic skeptic and dumb guys they're gonna laugh at you bro. They're gonna say we're gonna disassociate with this idiot who would you respect you have not even an A level understanding of morality is either objective or not is either objective or not. If it's not objective, it has to be subjective. There's no other option What can it be? There's no crossover. There's no middle ground it's either objective or not. You're that's the that's why you got it all wrong. That's why your criticisms against Islam are flawed because you don't even have a

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basic understanding of moral philosophy you don't and you can't pretend you do you have not done a levels even in

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bro You don't know it. You have no qualification stop condescending us man. You don't know it.

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Including you

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go and give me the third option if I don't if I don't believe in objective. Yeah,

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I'm not saying that I'm saying you either believe in objective morality or you believe in subjective morality. There's no third option. What's the third option?

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What's the offered option? What is the third option? Stop laughing Stop pretending you know what you're talking about and give a third option.

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Bro, you're, I swear to God, you are finished in a way that you don't even know. Though people are gonna be laughing at you. atheists are gonna say we thought we had hoping this guy the great hope of anti Islamic polemics has just mumbled row is either objective or subjective. There's no third option what is the third option?

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What's the third option? What's the third option?

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Look that's a different discussion. You either believe in objective morality or subjective morality you're saying there's a third option what is the third option?

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Because there is no third option you will not see it because there is no answer that

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look look make a video make a video man because you're gonna you're embarrassing yourself with all due respect if it's not objective Look, let me teach you let me allow me to teach you allow me you know just allow it just allow just submit to the knowledge submit to the truth submit to the knowledge allow it what I'm saying she was this

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objective or subjective? What you got the third? What's the third one?

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Yeah, okay. Well, I'm asking you to photo option if it's not objective, it has to be subjective.

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Now because he's laughing because he's nervous. He's nervous because he's got no answers in his empty head. That's the reason why

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bro look, you don't have any look, we're having a discussion now. And you're not really producing substance you haven't shown your you haven't shown your abilities to be honest.

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Whatever, man, this is philosophy. Look, if if you look man, you're gonna try and weasel away from this and scramble. You really have nothing to say do you really have nothing to say? Because here's the thing. We talked about the science and we realized that all your scientific arguments are flawed. You pretty much admitted that. Then now we're going to morality and we realize that you know what, if you don't believe in if you don't like what you've said, You said you don't believe in objective morality. If you don't believe in objective morality, which means this means any this is this is your implication is the implication is this. The implication is any argument you make

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against Islam, which is moral. If you're asking about age of consent, or apostasy or a penal laws or anything you want to ask from this day onwards, you have no right to say it. That is why you can't prove your morality. You can't prove it. You're asking us to prove god I'm asking you to prove you're morally for example. Yeah.

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Yeah, but

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JOHN Stuart Mill and Bentham Jeremy Bentham who is that who's the founding father of utilitarianism? They these individuals never said that it was objective?

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Yes, it does because utilitarianism is based on Jeremy Bentham's ethic.

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Wait a minute, who made the idea of you talent? who is who is the philosophical founding father of utilitarianism.

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Let me teach you, my man who put forward utilitarianism.

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You can't because I'm telling you who is the founding father of utilitarianism? You can't even answer that. Who is it? Have you read Jeremy Bentham's books?

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Have you read it? Have you read it? Honestly? Have you read it? Have you read it? Who is Jeremy Benson? Who is Jeremy Bentham? Who is Jeremy Bentham? Who is Jeremy Bentham? Who is he?

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Who is Jeremy Bentham? Who is he?

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You don't know what you're saying?

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No, I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is this that no, no, no, the definition of what's the definition of utilitarianism? What's the definition of utilitarianism? What's the definition of utilitarianism?

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What is the definition of utility asking you a basic question? What's the definition of utilitarianism?

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What's the definition of utilitarianism?

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The greatest good for the greatest number?

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This guy that you have to study this, don't pretend please

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go and

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do something

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as a result of the common consensus findings?

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No, it's not really that's not that's not a definition of utilitarianism. utilitarianism is not defined like that by any moral political philosopher. By the way, just and I've written essays on utilitarianism. I've written by the way I've got some of something written or insights arianism as well. It's called the problem of liberalism. And you can find that on for free Muhammad hijab put it on Google problems of liberalism, liberalism. You can find it for free. I've written about the stuff you've claimed to talk about. I've written about it, bro. I've published essays on it.

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Now, what I'm trying to tell you is don't pretend to aggregate to me You're not a professor. You're not my senior. You get it? If you are my senior, you could talk like that. You're not.

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Here you look.

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read my books, bro.

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Can I can I just come back on this Adam? Adam, one thing? One one thing on this? Yeah. Can I just please, please, please, please just allow me just for a second. Yeah, utilitarianism. Just give me a second. Give me a second. Let me just get let me educate you. Let me share my knowledge with you. And I was wrong. you educate me from your own knowledge through Google searches. Let me educate you a form of knowledge. Let me tell you what's going on. utilitarianism. Yeah, it's really if you want to put it in a nutshell is the greatest good for the greatest number, the greatest utility for the greatest amount of people. Now, obviously, not just allow me just allow me just allow me just

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please. No, you're not. Listen, hold on for a second hold on. You didn't use democratic logic is different. What I'm saying is this is what Jeremy Bentham in his book said, What listen what Jeremy Bentham in his book, he said, he said, it's very interesting, because there's a Quranic argument against this. It's really interesting. He said, You've got two lords, you've got the load of pain, and you've got the load of pleasure. what the Quran says after a too many tackles Allah, how have you seen the one who has taken his own desires as a god? So it's interesting, the Quran has actually addressed utilitarianism in a in a in an interesting kind of way. Now, the thing is what john Stuart

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Mill said, is that if you have a gang * gang * scenario, yeah, this is a common analogy that's put forward, you've got a gang grip scenario. So you've got one woman, and then you've got five men, and they're all having that goes with her and she's not wanting it. She's, she's getting raped. Yeah, she got finished. Now, in this situation, Is this good? Now, obviously, according to utilitarianism, in a strict sense, it's allowed because obviously, there's no harm principle in place. So john Stuart Mill said, Look, in order to allow society to function, we have to put a harm principle in place. So that's how utilitarianism kinda was absorbed into social liberalism. Yeah.

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Now with social liberalism. There's my point.

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JOHN Stuart Mill, who really was utilitarian at heart and by the way, his father James mill, was Jeremy Bentham's friend. They were the buddies. Yeah, that like this guy who wrote about utilitarianism, his father, James mill, we're friends. Now he wrote a book now in that book, he said, and on utilitarianism was the name of the book on chapter four. Yeah, he talks about proving utilitarianism. Now, he didn't mention he didn't name it like that. He named along surfing as cosmic skeptic in a debate. But anyway, he took like a long title, but it's candid in there. He talks about desirability, yeah, he doesn't in any way, shape, or form. Try and say that utilitarianism is in any

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way an objective morality. This is the problem. You're what I'm saying is you're saying that you can have objective morality through utilitarianism, but Jeremy Bentham and john Stuart Mill, who were the philosophy, philosophical founding fathers, they candidly said, you can't really have that kind of thing. It's more to do with

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It's not meant to be an objective morality in that sense. So in other words, if you're you if you're picking your moral value judgments on utilitarianism, you can't go and attack the Quran because you know why you don't have an anchorage you don't have an objective morality. So you come back to the Koran and say the Quran says this and that you can't say based on utilitarianism because even according to those guys, and all the way through to today's scholarship, I'm telling you, I've read the journals, Bro, I have read the journals, people that are bigger than me and you look utilitarian scholars. I've read the journals, I've read the books, I've done the research, I've done the

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degrees, please don't don't don't irrigate to me. Yeah, I've read or No One No One is making the argument. It's not an argument that utilitarian liberal ethical scholars say that actually, utilitarianism is an objective morality. It's not there. No, it's not.

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It's not It's not an argument. Therefore, if you want to make a moral argument against Islam and say what Islam is against this, and therefore Islam is wrong, it's a false argument. If you're basing on utilitarian industrial seedbed, industrial, intellectual and epistemological seedbed, it's not gonna work. So what I'm saying is that now

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since you've since science has crumbled, and since morality is crumbled, what have you got left to try and What are you laughing at? My was funny, I don't get it. Since your since your scientific arguments have crumbled, and now the philosophical thing has crumbled. My question is what you got left? What you got left for us what you got left for us, honestly, we're gonna destroy

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Look, I'm not here to destroy you. You're not worthy of me destroying you. You're not worthy of me destroying you. I'm just destroying your arguments, your weak arguments that you don't even know. Yeah, I know that the shame the shame of the matter is this. The shame is I know my scriptures or my worldview more than you do. But I know your scriptures and your worldview more than you do. That's the that's the shame here.

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Have you got anything? Have you got anything left? Have you got anything left?

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Bro, you look bewildered to vote you respect you. Look, did you disappointed me? I have to be honest. I feel you're gonna come swinging. Do you know it's like, you know what it is Adam and slim, bro. I'll be honest with you. I thought this guy had packed a punch. I thought he had packed the punch. You know because he was coming rough on tour. He was coming tough on to he was ripping up the Quran. This guy was eating the Quran law. His friend was enough. I was laughing. I thought this guy was gonna swing us off and finish us. But you know what's happened today? All of his arguments have collapsed. Bro. You have to say this with all due respect. You are finished. You know you are

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finished. You have been finished.

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You're finished bro. You've tried your best for two hours. Don't pretend this wasn't a debate. It was a debate and it's done bro is finished with all due respect.

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You got nothing. You got nothing. You gotta be this owner but atheists.

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Your liability to atheists with your law knowledge

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