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Welcome to the booth. This is the booth. This is where we do what we need to do. This is where we get the important discussions done.

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That's all we have fools for guests.

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But this time, we decided to bring the main man himself almost 300,000 subscribers, all of which have been duped, populated

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and bought for a paltry price.

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How are you? Okay, I'm actually playing Simon. I like the setting. I like your mic. wasn't sure about the booth yet? It's called the booth Mashallah, like it's very creative. So why are we here today? While we're here today? We've had some encounter media I've had some because the alternative right the ultra right Tommy Robinson do the right but it was wrong.

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Why I wanted to talk about today was one particular individual who came to the freedom of speech rally. They're hiding in the tent.

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Who knew outside

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but who didn't want to approach us? This man is notorious for his he's actually notorious for his anti,

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let's say immigration stances pro Donald Trump stances, and recently has been controversial as well as any yes on the news or some other reasons. I'm sure we're gonna touch upon. Quite interesting. Yes, but here he is talking about Islam.

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Let's watch this video I want to do a reaction video to a five minute video that he he's done. Recently, he's uploaded another video of Iceland but this person wanted to kind of see what he's gonna say. So let's let's go through this video in Sharla.

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Match feminist statistics. It is a country that prides itself on its feminist credentials. And it is perhaps the only place where rape culture in the West actually now exists. Why untrammeled immigration from the Middle East.

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Malmo in Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe, for one very obvious reason. And this Germany with 1000s of women were assaulted on the streets after their genius Chancellor Angela Merkel decides to invite millions of refugees across our country's borders. Now those same refugees are violating women's rights and feminists are going along with it, making excuses for it for it and covering up for them. In Britain, where I come from Muslim rape gangs have molested 1400 young girls in rather than in sort of Middle East of England. And the the government report is is not some sort of crazy right wing conspiracy. The government report said the reason this went on for a decade, for

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10 years

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was that the government and the police and various authorities were afraid of seeming Islamophobic. I see. Just to kind of stop him from getting his entitle this video Islam is is the real rape culture. And he's put that into quotation marks, because he knows if you put that in other than quotation marks YouTube will take it down. Yeah. Who said that? Because if you put something in quotation marks, we will assume that someone said it. He himself believes that. And so the first thing I'm actually kind of bring to the fore here is that there is what was referred to in logic as the fallacy of equivocation. Okay, fallacy of equivocation is when you conflate terms in order to

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bring about fallacious conclusions. Let me give you an example. If I say someone is on the floor, and he's dying, yeah, okay, someone is dying, they're gonna have a they have a heart attack. So we need a doctor. And someone who's a PhD in history or a PhD in computer science comes and says, I'm a doctor. But it's not the doctor that was intended. We intended a medical doctor in a situation right. So equivocation is conflating terms which are very much similar in terms of what they look like. But in fact, they're different. So what he's done here in the beginning, is he is a bit like ginger, beer and beer. Because even though they said the word beer one is alcoholic one, you could

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you could equivocate using that time you could because yeah, let's simplify it. Okay.

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Yeah, so the point is I you can see the beginning of his discussion, he starts talking about refugees coming in from the Middle East because of the war. Yeah.

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Obviously, a war you could argue that was as a result of a vacuum that was filled by a terrorist group that was you could say, in essence, only allowed to exist because of the invasion of the West. You could we could say that foreign policy. Anyways, that's beside the point. What I wanted to say was that Yeah,

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Islam is a religion. It's an inanimate entity, right? It's not a person. You cannot personify Islam. Exactly. He's using the word Islam to refer to Muslims.

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Because he's talking about people coming in from the Middle East, and then saying that's what Islam is. Therefore, this is equivocation, because Islam and Muslims are two distinct separate things. Yes. Is it true that there have been issues in Germany? And issues of grooming gangs? Some things that we hear all the time? Is it true, to some extent is true? Is it true that Muslims do that? Sometimes. To some extent, it's true in Germany, you can only have a knot in it. Yeah, Muslims. The issue of

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those people who came in from refugees in Christmas Eve, I think was a New Year's Eve was and he went to a place in Germany. Okay. And, um, there was there was a scandal like some time ago. And to be honest, I'll be honest with you, I'm, I'm from Egypt, as you know, yeah. Egypt is a place where there's something called the harsh jensi, which is idea of there is somewhat part of the culture is not completely off here. Because it's somewhat part of the culture for women. To be molested and mistreated. Yeah. by men. Yeah. by men. Yeah. So in other words, like, you'll be, you'll be on a for example, you've been on a bus. Yeah. And all of a sudden, a woman has been molested, and she starts

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screaming loudly. In Egypt. I've been there myself. I was in the I was in the mall, you know, and I heard screaming and this and the people come surrounding and what's going on? It's a phenomena. So we're not saying it doesn't exist. But why equate that with Islam? Exactly. Do you see the point here? Okay. There are some cultural issues. Yes. And the reason why, by the way, sociologically, because I tried to look into this myself. The reason why all of this is a problem is because the age for marriage for these people in these countries is very high for men. Yeah. And they can't afford them this economic issues. And so because of sexual deprivation, and then that's totally against

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Islam. It's Yeah, it's not encouraged to get married younger and wouldn't be cheap. Absolutely. And so they've been deprived of Islam. Yeah. And that they need Islam and

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social deprivation becomes sexual depravity. Yeah. So when you're deprived, you become deprived. And that's, that is a problem in our culture. I'm not saying there's something that's completely but there's also a problem in the Western culture. Absolutely. women getting harassed. I'm actually thinking of doing a social experiment where I actually go to women and ask them, you know, today's men in today's age, yes. How do you perceive them? Even we did something similar to this. And you know, they will say, look, walking down the street, you would always see it whistling codenames this, that these verbal abuse do happen. And just go to the levels of you know, and this is

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corporate. Yeah, at this point, I just wanted to highlight that he's linked two things together. Yes. Middle Eastern culture. Yes. And Islam. Exactly. And these two things are separate. Because Listen, culture can very well be in line with Islam. Yes. And sometimes it can't be. And so you have to be able to, you have to be not only a sociologist, we have to be a theologian. Yeah, to some extent or have theological basics to be able to differentiate which we can we can we say this correctly? Can we say for example, that's that missing? pedophilia? Yes, is hand in hand with the Western culture. Because majority of the time the perpetrators are people that are in Tommy

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Robinson. Ah, and it looks a bit like him, you know, to be honest, yet they fit that kind of age group. And Milo was, you know, was, you know, attacked himself. Oh, of course, you know, this summer. Oh, my gosh, this is actually this is where he lost all his contracts with I think, I don't know if I'm sure this was in the world. But they have every right to get out. They they took the first exam that we don't blame them. He did a video where he was being interviewed by Joe, what's his name? Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan? Yeah. And he was there. And it was it was talking about this issue. And he actually confessed that he was molested well, by a priest at the church yet where he attended

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when it was a young age. But what he said disturb Joe Rogan, because he was like, I didn't believe he said that I was in control.

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Because john was like, What the hell is this guy talking about? Because obviously they said some liberal maybe views, but he was even like, taken aback comes up with what you're talking about. And he was actually saying, he seemed like he was just a casual thing. Like, you know, it's about I had bad orange juice. I was in control. I had the orange. I was drinking it. What the hell are you talking about? What was he talking about? homosexual pedophilia?

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Yes, he was talking about that. And he actually suffered it. So to me, I'll be honest with you, sometimes. I do get upset of his things, but sometimes pity and feel sorry, from because how could you You must be psychologically so disturbed at a young age. I actually feel sorry for him. He got molested that he thinks that that was the norm. And he thinks that he was in control. That's a sad state to be in. And I think it has a drastic effect with the certain statements that he says and comes up with. So

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let's see what

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he left wing labor and feminist politicians didn't want to seem culturally insensitive. So and in a nutshell, was Pantone.

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Actually, like, you know, it's called Miss cash.

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And in the process, 1400 young girls were raped.

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Every immigrant group seeks a better life for themselves. They move to a new country to try to enjoy the fruits of the civilization they move to, with one exception. That's Islamic immigration.

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who seek to create replicas of their own hellhole countries in the places they come to?

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Nazi Germany man, I've luckily met Hitler seen this. Everybody's fine. Except the Jews, you know. And he goes, he lives in America.

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Islam as the only count is the only group that tells its members not When in Rome do as the Romans do, but when in Rome demand benefits and rich people.

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Before I genuinely sometimes I laugh at instead of getting angry, because

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he's been through something and psychologically look at the statement and saying, Do you really believe that yourself? You know,

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what's your take on that? Well, I mean, what he's, first of all, he calls Islamic group. Yes. So what is it? Is that people? Is it a group? Is it a religion is a political philosophy, isn't it? I call it Trinity and bring them all together? Yeah, I mean, he's equivocating, and I'm disappointed here. He uses the word Islam. Yes. in whatever way you want. Exactly. Now, let's say for example, he's talking about the theology talk about the religion. So where does it say in the for unreached? People? What does it say in the Hadith gone? Repeat? I would like to see the evidence of what he's saying. The thing is, he is preaching to a ignorant choir. Yes. And he expects them to kind of

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acquiesce all the way through Yes. And they are accurate, because they don't know anything. They're not any better, right? It means they're just kind of letting him do what he wants to do. Or say what he wants to say, Listen, I'll be I'll be using that. Listen, do you see what I'm saying? So they don't know anything? Right? Yes, sir. He's preaching to the converted. Yes. And so the question is here, if you're making a claim, what is the evidence for that claim? We're not talking about sociological proofs. We said, Okay, fine. Now, here's once again, moving from a grooming issue of grooming. Yeah, it's similar to rape is that all of the three things that you just connected dots

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and the people that are watching that listen to what they say, yeah. And that's how we do.

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The situation with regressive social attitudes in Muslim communities in the West is out of control. And your politicians are not talking to you about it. Your journalists are not being honest with you about it. And it is becoming one of the great underreported on or even completely unreported on scandals of the modern era. So he's saying Islam is unreported?

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Can you imagine us do a data analysis on the amount of articles that are written with the word Muslim or Islam?

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Tell me it's underreported or unreported. Give me some evidence for what you're saying. Because actually, of the of the world religions, I will say to you that if you do a data analysis, and many of these levels have done this. I think one part of that recently was with ones in Nam. Yeah, it was wondering, would you call it in Australia? The point is, Islam is the most talked about religion. Yes. And not only that, it's not only the most talked about religion, which is in evidence or by making a video on Islam. Exactly. But it's also the most negatively talked about religious is almost every article, or 90% of the articles, according to the study by the world that has been done by

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Islam had some connection with terrorism.

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So are we talking about are we talking about something which is under reported underreported, grooming gangs underreported? Have you not read the Daily Mail, you have to be psychologically disturbed that

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these are people who have profound views that are profoundly antithetical to our own. And you've got a taste in America of what this might look like in Orlando.

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I went down there straight after this had happened and gave a speech and talk to people down there. And they were sort of mystified by how this could have had this could ever have happened in in America. And I said, well, it's happening in America, because you're going down the same path that we went down in Europe.

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Or in Orlando, about 45 minutes drive north, someone called Sanford, I think there's a mosque. And this this mosque hosts a guy who said that the compassionate thing to do to fix homosexuality in the US, the Compassionate response was to kill them all.

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And this is a it was a guy. Yeah, he mentioned his name. This is the most unsophisticated, you know, non evidence, you know, piece of rubbish that I've ever seen in my life. It's just it's just, it's just, even if that did happen. Yeah. So does that represent what Islam is? Exactly? He just gets it's like, he's, you know, when you're looking for trouble, you'll find if I'm looking for trouble, I'll find it. I'll make it happen. And by the way, this guy just to let you know, I mean, he's made it I went on his channel. And I saw one of the videos that he put was, basically you have the camera, and then you had like a nuclear missile coming down? Yeah. What is that Indigo? Is that

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symbol as you say? Okay, so I can interpret that as meaning he wants Muslims to be killed. Yeah, of course.

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Anyone if you look at this, I didn't believe this. Any islamophobe whoever you are, deep inside, there is this not this not just matter of words. There's a deep hatred. I genuinely I always say this and I'm asleep by my statement. If these guys came to power, they had the means they will exterminate us. It's a big statement, but I genuinely believe this because having a picture with nuke that's your image.

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imagination. He's got a video the new cars coming down. Yeah, they go they go in Mecca they go, you know, that is a statement every missile Swiss was inside it. And this

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is the kind of environment in which Omar Mateen who killed 50 and maimed another 50 people in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was raised and this isn't good. This guy how many mass shootings happened in America? How many mass shootings have in America that are non Muslim? And he brings one that's a Muslim. I thought this guy was a homosexual Dude, this guy he mentioned he went to the nightclub as if he's a normal sexual so i don't know i can blame on gays as well.

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Florida, in the United States was amazing to me cultural DC up in the Florida mass shooting happens every week in different states every week.

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To me that America had allowed itself to get into this position this evening.

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It's getting just getting so bad in Europe that Vlad the Impaler is acquiring something of a folk hero status compared to the people who now are swarming over from the east.

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I enjoy being abused. consensually.

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Did you hear that? No, consensually. Look, look.

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Look, yeah, he had to slip it in there because maybe he made a mistake before. Yeah, this guy actually believes that he feels that he's in power. He

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is mad.

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consensually, we don't know when this guy's joking. And when he's being serious, trust me. He's being serious. Not contradicting half of a joke is truth.

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But Muslim immigration is one of the main reasons I left Europe. And I'm now looking for a home somewhere else. And I'm an immigrant.

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You migrated because you saw a problem of them coming? Well, what about those who are bums falling on their heads? You know what, we're gonna die, we need to leave. That's all guys. All right. Yeah. So so funny, man, they leave it because

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you're leaving because you perceive a certain group to be you know, abnormal or not human anything, I'm gonna go to another lens that are human, you're a migrant, you're defeating your purpose. I think we should just call it quits finished.

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And I advise women to do the same. You see, Europe hasn't solved the refugee crisis, they've just created a new one. Now that now the people who lived previously in the West are looking for somewhere else to live. And where are the feminists? Well, the feminists aren't focusing on what's happening to women in the Middle East. They're not focusing on what's happening to women, when those cultures are injected into our own by politicians without our consent, or our agreement.

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feminists are complaining about microaggression, or this guy, you know, I don't like this guy.

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You know, what I think we've injected this guy look at this guy is either he has a, a reluctance, or, or a or a proactive ignorance to understand the historical context as to why immigrants actually exist in the West. The reason why immigrants exists. If you look at the demographics of the immigrants that exist, in the Western world, you'll find that most of them are from x colonies, Pakistanis, Indians, Middle East Africans. And these are for the most part, or a lot of big part Muslims as well, Jamaicans. So the point is, these individuals are coming from other countries, where required, they would kind of pulled over after World War Two, yeah, after the end of World War

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Two, because the infrastructure of the Western world has been demolished. And so they call these individuals to come over and fix up the country. Now, the generations that come after these immigrants a second and third generation, peoples, who actually British citizens lived in a country

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born in the country as well. Yeah. And you know what to be frank here. Also, I'm not saying that these are particularly just wars. That's not unexpected. But in many cases, if you look at the amount of people that have actually fought in World Wars, they fought and died for his for his ability to live in these immigrants. Yeah, these immigrants. So those individuals who have been put in that position because they were acquired them, yes. are now being told by people like this guy to leave because they're not needed now. Exactly. They feel like Okay, so let's bring these guys over to clean our streets and fix our country. But when they when they have kids in this country, tell

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them to go back, because now we've used you just like the colonial days. And this is nothing but post colonial, decided this is a post colonial stance, really, he is a post colonists, he would love to have a British Empire all over again. Yeah, in my opinion, this guy is he would love to have an over fingers. I want to quickly mention as well. And the beginning of this discussion, he discussed all these things about grooming and these things and molestation and the things that we accepted that there's some element of truth in that we don't want to be completely academically incorrect here. But what we are saying is, why didn't he mentioned slavery? Why don't you mentioned human

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trafficking? Why did he mentioned the fact that According to the reports, which are after 2014, there was a there was something to do

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1014 Yeah, it's called the anti slavery legislation now. And then every year they produce reports, according to that the majority of people that are trafficked are actually from ethnic minorities. Really? Yeah. Because what he's doing is he's looking at all the cases where ethnic minorities are exploiting white majorities. Yeah. But why he's not looking at is when the white majority exploits ethnic minorities. So why don't we take a look at the, for instance, the Polaris study that in America showed that the majority of people being trafficked were once again ethnic minorities. Slavery exists in America, still, slavery exists in Europe still, and the people who are being

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traded, are those ethnic minorities. And the reports indicate that actually five out of 10 countries that were mentioned as a top 10 countries were Muslim majority countries, countries like Albania, countries like Sudan, countries, like Nigeria, which has the population is Muslim. These are the kinds of people being traded now in Europe. Yeah. And this guy has nothing to say about that. Why? Because he has white entitlement schema. Yeah, he believes that because he's a white man. Yeah. This is the reality of the alternative and ultra right. The alternative and ultra right, are nothing but self entitled. Yeah. When it comes to people of different skin color or even for his case, sometimes

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even women. Yeah, he won't give them the same kind of rights as he would love to give the middle class white men. And that's what that's who is catering to? Of course, of course, that's what it is said no, he just basically in a nutshell, say, forget what happened in the past. They happen. They happen this move on. It's so simple to them. Yeah. Yeah. And that's how the

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man spreading mansplaining they're inventing garbage statistics to

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try to insinuate that nice, well brought up well educated people like you are exercising patriarchal control over them. These oppressive conspiracy theories, they come up with

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the lies they tell about the wage gap. Women don't earn less than men for the same work. It doesn't happen. It's garbage. There's no rape culture on American college campuses. We don't celebrate rape in America, we punish it. These are the sorts of lies that are told to demonize not just conservatives and libertarians, but anybody who doesn't fall into one of the left's protected victim.

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Yeah, so that's it, you know,

00:22:29--> 00:22:29

topics today?

00:22:32--> 00:22:40

No, I just want to say that, let's challenge the guy. be accepted. Let's see, man, I mean, but he's coming as British ones as challenging.

00:22:43--> 00:23:15

As, as an immigrant, we would like to, we will not go to tell you not to come into our country, we will ensure that if he wants a nice discussion or debate, you know, we can pay for it to get our business. You know, come to you come to us. If you really feel like you can defend your position. Yeah. So you're talking about Muslims. You've never really had a traditional Muslim use bonuses. Yes. Yeah. And someone will come to you, you come to us, whoever will organize a formal debate? Yeah. If you don't like it, if you don't want to do it, and then you can preach to the choir or to the converted or you like, Well, the truth is, when it comes to fact checking, your facts are

00:23:15--> 00:23:17

completely not even stated properly.

00:23:19--> 00:23:24

Stated properly, because a person can lie to me academically, a person said this, which person who?

00:23:25--> 00:23:40

Exactly. Now on that note, what I will say is, thank you very much for watching the first episode of the booth. We're going to be doing more of these refutations to those individuals who are speaking about Islam with no knowledge and tune in for next time.