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The interviewer discusses the confusion surrounding the definition of Islam as anti- Islam and the importance of justice in addressing one's political views. They also touch on the history and cultural significance of Islam, including its cultural significance. The speaker encourages individuals to practice peace and criticized events, while also acknowledging the need for individuals to address their anti- Islam views.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh and welcome to another episode of the booth. We're joined with the one and only the main man, the guy that's been with us for many episodes,

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the show himself

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I mean, the reason why I bring the Shere Khan is to help us with points of theology and Islamic law.

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The shear has actually graduated from Medina has spent a lot of time in Egypt. And he's done is he's done his masters as well, in theology, so that's been his area of specialism for for many years, we've used your expertise in many other

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countries. Oh,

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well, we won't need that much expertise for what we're gonna do today.

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to have fun today to eat some popcorn popcorn.

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Know, as the watch, will the reaction video. Okay?

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This guy? Yeah.

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This guy is one of the most vile individuals.

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I remember watching him. When I was a young man. May Allah save mankind from him? Yeah.

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He's really like,

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he's avoiding the majority. He seems not to want to cooperate at all with the Muslim community. And it seems absolutely insistent on putting down Muslims and putting down Islam and having absolute integrity in doing so. Absolutely. And what I find absolutely shocking is that a man like this has been able to get such a following.

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Because it could be possibly for entertainment purposes. It could be that's having a van that's having a good opinion and opinion, but it could also be because there's this new ultra right? alternative, right? Yeah, political movement, and they just want to hit anything. That's anti Islam. And

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what we're gonna be doing is watching a video he entitled, it's good to be anti Islam. Okay. very provocative title Neo, absolutely deserves a response. Okay. So let's, let's inshallah, without further ado, just watch what he says in China. Before we start. Yeah, I think most likely, this is how my experience interesting was that these kind of people, unfortunately, they tend to literally, you know, mention

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anything and everything. And everything they mentioned, most of henceforth. And so I think what we'll possibly do is focus on the major things, the major bets, that's a good approach, and I think something else rather than waste our time. Yeah, no doubt. I'll refer people watch his videos and stuff like that. I will tell you that almost everything you spoke about has been covered by us in separate videos. And everything is mentioned. As hard as time is separate videos that we've done. Okay? Cuz that's the thing we deal with. We deal with misconceptions of Islam. So almost everything that we so we're just going to touch upon a few things that he said, which are completely

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ridiculous. He's actually made a video anyways. Okay. And he's called it what I know about Islam. And he admits candidly, I don't know anything about I don't know much about Islam, because he hate something he's ignoring. Oh, absolutely. Maybe it's to validate once again, his worldview. But let's watch what he says.

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I'm always amused when people accused me of being anti Islam as if it's a bad thing. And as if I've been trying to hide it, and they've somehow caught me out. Aha, I see what you are now. You're just anti Islam. Yes. Well spotted showing up. Indeed, I have just like every other sane person on earth. So what does that mean? If every other person on earth is anti Islam? What does that make Muslims? And what does that make people that are pro Islam? insane? insane. Yeah.

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So I mean, the thing is this. I mean, imagine I said the same thing about themselves. Yeah, seriously, if I mentioned this, I said, Oh, you said the same thing about gays. Yeah. Or Jews. Yeah. And interestingly enough, those are the type of people he's going to be talking about in his video. Yeah. Okay. So he shows intolerance to Muslim by insinuating that we're insane, insane. Yes. And anyone who is pro Islam in any way shape or is insane, it's automatically by default. Okay.

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Why am I anti Islam? Well, for the simple reason that Islam is anti me, and it's anti every fundamental value I hold, if I were to accommodate its values in my life, I would have to violate everything that I believe in. I think that's an unreasonable demand.

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And as such, it is, of course, typically Islamic. Okay, so straight away, you can see here that a person has gone into the very premise. Of course, he's not a Muslim, clearly, but he's gone on the very premise that if anything, is

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you can see divine help in a special way to a certain person,

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then it's unreasonable to act upon this premise is false. If we consider something to be violent, we consider Islam to be okay with the scripture to be okay.

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We consider this to be the truth. Now, the values that we hold from this?

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Well, if something you believe in is automatically acted upon, and accepted, okay, it's not contributed to how you live your life or things because that premise that is demanded, it comes from Allah, it comes from God is there? Absolutely, I think, likewise, that can be applied to anything else that you hold sacred, or anything else that you hold to be of importance in your life, whether it's religion or non religion, he's got a completely egocentric view of morality. He's saying that if anything is antithetical to what I believe in is false.

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So what if mathematics is antithetical to what you believe in science antithetical to what you believe in what logical principles are antithetical to what you believe in. So that's not an argument. It's just an if anything, it's an emotional, egocentric argument, which has no currency whatsoever.

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In general, I don't like to be anti anything. I prefer to be Pro. But there's nothing in Islam to be pro about. The entire religion is built on a foundation of prejudice, injustice and in humanity, and I'm anti all of those. So what do you say prejudice, injustice and inhumanity?

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What are the evidences for that? for that? I think your evidence is against them. Okay. Give us some last panel to either for example, a legend talks about mankind what in What book? Do we just look at the mystery of philosophy? So for those who does not understand what we believe in what book, look at the final Revelation, this is the book of Islam say about justice.

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Oh, you have a man.

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In Arabic, you

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report fi

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kuroko. I mean, be upright with justice, be upright with justice. And this is something you find throughout the life of the mystery of philosophy. Love it. that justice is a central theme. Justice is, you know, in fact, one of the names of what was the most just is there some discussion on the validity of that name?

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No. But justice is a central theme. Right? Even if it is against the Muslim, it's irrelevant. So if a Muslim a court of law, he's he's trying to insinuate that justice potentially as how we hold it is only applicable to Muslims. So for example, what did they say about correcting a Muslim? Being unjust?

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Help your brother? If he is unjust, then help him by advising him, correcting him and stopping his oppression? If a Muslim is unjust towards a non Muslim, then you react yes to that? Or do we? Do we correct that we correct it and justice, even if it means taking him to the court? What's the evidence of this?

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Which is give me this really should give it to Brother when he's an oppressor will be 100%? How you as the competitors asked, how do you do that? Yeah, by correcting him stopping under pressure. Wow. Even if it's against an absolute? And is there any evidence of that? And in the in the life of the Prophet? Did he ever do that? So that you find is kind of an example. Even the left look at

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it for the for the Muslims? Yes. He there was a dispute over some

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of his issue here. And he was taken to the court for law. He took it to the court of law, where he is now the leader of the Muslims, yes, but yet he had to take it to the court of law. And it was ruled against him that in fact, the show did not belong to Him, it belonged to the person that claims. Okay, all different defendant. And that's justice. So that other person was not a Muslim, Muslim.

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So to be on just

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to non Muslims, absolutely. Not to be just Yes, regardless. And is there any evidence of the contrary? None whatsoever?

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I think, yeah.

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discrimination and

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also in humanity.

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The very one of the most famous verses

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I haven't said in a long time that except

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I think that'll be enough. I think, hopefully, if anyone's got some theory, listening to what you're saying, accept this and accept this. People say, well, you only focus on the bad things about

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Islam and yes, I have to admit that if you ignore the bad things, the aggressive separatism, supremacism and social intolerance. So once again is doing list of three things called common themes. Yeah. What is that? What's

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something you know, you teach the Jesus, you can still do

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you feel good way to relay your point. But I don't think he's got a basic GCSE education on Islam. Having said that, let's see what he says aggressive separatism. Okay, so what about comprehensive? What about the idea that you had Muslims, Christians and Jews? Yes, living harmoniously in Spain, even throughout the Ottoman in Spain, in Jerusalem in all this time, in Saudi Arabia, even in the time of the Minister of Allah, himself, in Medina, which was the center of the Muslims in Saudi Arabia, the figures outside so rebuild Syria, in the Byzantine Empire in Iran, does this lamb tell us to For instance, if there's a if there's a country, say, any country, any given country, right,

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we're saying, let's say for the Egypt for the Muslim country, is 10% cops in Egypt? 10% Christian, Coptic Christians in Egypt, yeah. Over the population? Does Islam say let's get rid of those Coptic old forced them to become Muslims? Or was that some kind of misconception? Absolutely. In fact, fundamentalism is textual evidence that points the opposite of that, we cannot force there is no compulsion in religion. Right? If Muslims, for example, take over a country, for example, or whatever the case may be, you cannot force anyone to accept this. That's right. Okay. And if that if they

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accept it, if they don't, then they have their rights as citizens, and no one can oppress them.

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No one can harm them, they will to secure everything of them. They belong with everything.

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This is a this is from this is from the army itself. I mean, look, one of the strongest evidence is that if you see how the last 1400 years how Muslims actually lived in their own length, I mean, you don't even have to look at it, see how it conducted itself. I see what you're saying. And I think what this man is exhibiting is actually the biggest of ironies because he's talking about aggressive separatism, but that's what he's doing. what he's doing is being is clearly focused around separatism. Yeah. There you have it. Stay relentless, special pleading and phony grievance mongering the psychopathic level of this soldier need the honor killing and genital mutilation, honor

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killings. Is that in Islam? Absolutely. Not with any evidence? Absolutely.

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You cannot kill a life

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just to finish this guy off. When I talk to them full circle, don't kill yourself. Yes, you can.

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You I mean?

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It's actually quite amazing. I mean,

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and he's saying,

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one of the reasons why Islam came was to protect the blood of the people. Right? So is anything that says that mutilation, there is not a single, a single any single person that says, elegant solution.

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So I'm questioning his sources, where he doesn't have any not mentioning

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the rabid gay and Jew hatred. So the kind of hatred that he's displaying himself,

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intimidation and censorship,

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and the constantly present threat of violence over social issues? Well, there isn't much wrong with Islam. It's perfectly kosher. If you'll pardon the expression. The trouble is, when you take

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when you take these things away, there's nothing left. There is no Islam anymore, because it is defined by these things. And we can see the evidence of this with our own eyes. Does that mean we have debunked essentially most of his claims and the rest of the ones that we haven't touched? Because they're relevant? Yes, absolutely. It's absolute nonsense. Yes. Let me try this and say that actually Islam? Yes, is because not because his understanding of Islam is that it consists of the things that he just said, Absolutely. So now we've proven your contrary. So what he should be doing is a fair person. Absolutely brilliant, truly, if you don't even need to watch this video.

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He said, that's what Islam is. Absolutely. We've got we've shown that Islam is not the last thing

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that we've taught the man what Islam really is, we invite him to Islam. Pat condell, thank God then we invite you to eternal salvation, except that there's none with Allah. And then Mohammed is the final messenger of Allah, enter into the religion of peace and tranquility.

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On that bombshell, I will leave you and make sure you tune in to the next episode of the booth.

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salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi