Mohammed Hijab – Reacting to Fake Imam Tawhidi

Mohammed Hijab
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to another episode of the booth I'm here joined by Sheikh Mohammed

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and Allah Tao How you doing?

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Let's get straight into it. We want to talk about this man who has come out as being called the Evam of peace. Yeah, the amount of bring peace.

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This is referred to as the mountaintop ad.

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And just for those who don't know what the word tauheed means, what why does he hate me? witness of losses and oh, singular.

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This is the total opposite. Yeah.

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That's what his name should be like, the stuff that he says like he does this. So he did. Like, like he calls upon Allah, Allah. And he says that if it was easy to offer on the ball kind of madness. Well, I don't know how to use his name until vetoes upon Allah. Okay. So yeah, let me

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go into those.

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What I did want to react to is this point here. So I've got some more video here.

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Somebody has actually done a video call him after he exposed and I want to actually just kind of watch it with everyone here. And just to get everyone's reaction. So it's a two minute video, let's take a look at the contrasts between what he says to the Muslim people or his own congregations. And let's not forget, he is a he's not just any shy. He's equal to Shiraz. This year, he follows a particular monitor for a particular scholar of the

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right and so he has a very isolated opinion and most things. Let's see, what is it? Well, it's just one of those. He's definitely erratic. There's no doubt about it. Right. But because it shows rejected, oh,

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except for Tony Robbins.

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But let's see what he says his congregation compares to as compared to what he says to other people. Because I reject all Islamic governments and Islamic caliphates. Someone lives in a Muslim country such as Iraq, Iran, the Muslim countries such as Iraq, Iran, the Muslim country and Muslim country. I'm considered the fake because I want an Islam that is compatible with the West. Now, when someone wants to take a look at the matter of staying in a country, even after the Islamic country has found stability, now, the ruling is, it is haram for you to stay in that country. It is haram for you to stay in that country. If you are falling into sin and corruption, you would not be falling in if you

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were living and residing in that Islamic country, that Islamic country can reject all Islamic government, you are advised to return back to your country and support your country and assisted with the talents which you have learnt. I'm considered a fake because I reject Sharia law and live by the Australian law. God has given you this

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to govern injustice, and he says whoever doesn't judge by what Allah subhana wa Taala has judged they are the oppressors, they are the disbelievers. They are the corrupt ones.

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here's the question I want to put to you. You see, look,

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this is clearly contradictory. When he's with his own constituents, he's quoting verses of the Koran, which indicate that the highest thing is Islam and the Quran and these things. When he speaks to the media, or the English media, he's making it seem as if he doesn't believe in anything higher than Australia. This is the problem now we will find a person who's contradicting himself from from different angles. Firstly, he will say okay, we'll bring this out which is true, I adore who, who does the rule but Allah.

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Allah, Allah has mentioned, you know, three verses about this about this concern.

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But my issue now here, he said, because I know what is he pleasing someone or what he's doing sometimes, when you find someone who has this double standard that needs to show that this person he is insincere. Notice a professional because when you see something in front of the viewer and you say to the people and something and to the Muslims audience, he says something else. How's that? Do you think that people are

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He thinking that the people will take it, whatever he says.

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Now, now, let alone I'm not none of this is not my main concern. My main concern is how a person could, you know, manipulate the people and try to bring a wrong image about Islam with in that approach, actually, now when if I'm on the Muslim watching this person, seeing seeing him saying something, and seeing him as we're seeing the opposite. And he is someone who follows up on the high, you know, it's kind of in the figure amongst Muslim, for me as for me as a Muslim, was this, this is full of contradiction. That's, that's one side, on the other side that shows that this person that he is, even though he didn't either he didn't learn Islam properly, on a fundamental

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level, which means there are basic things in Islam. And many people will say, because I don't accept, I accept, for example, this as the law, you need to know now to be under a system and unfolds over time to do with this system, and not to go against the law not to be outlawed, for example, and to be not a crime in that law, delta something and to say, No, I don't I don't accept that that law, Sharia law, which you believe all of you are Muslim, according to Hades

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said, if he's still he has to

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legislate permission.

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Right? Now, we've got a specialist and she is on the line as well. His name is Ronnie and he's done many publications written many is written publications and books as well, in the Arabic language.

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Well, he's on the he's on the line with us. I'm going to ask him two questions, because he's looked into the matter with Tahiti and things like this. The first question relates, actually to

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Tahiti himself.

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So my question to you is, what makes what makes the Haiti any different from for example, any other Shay,

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my Saturday come to LA? Thanks for having me on, guys. Congratulations on the new studio.

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My first of all, the first

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thing that comes to mind in regards to how Haiti is different from others, she has

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Well, you know, he isn't really so Okay, so he isn't the mainstream Shay. We all know that, but he's Shirazi so when he attacks

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you know, the Iranian government, that's normal. That's expected he's not really doing anything different than what normal Sheila Z's do.

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So yes, of course, he attacks on these attacks and Buhari attacks are now aerations effects are a llama. And, and now so far, that doesn't seem to be you know, too strange, too different for you know, a Shia Ada to do. But then, you know, when he attacks she has some people think oh, Mashallah, you know, to Hades, a free thinker, he's, he's free spirited, he's not shackled up, but not Not really. It's not really that different from any other Shirazi.

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You know, so he is technically the subtle, heavy of the English world. That's pretty much what he is.

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Yeah, that's pretty much it. Okay, well, thank you for that. That's definitely something which is interesting to us. Number two. The thing is, I mean, the second question that I wanted to ask you is relates to this very controversial matter of Topeka. And now, Topeka, as we know, and I'll get the shift to speak about this a little bit more as well. But taqiyya it means to seek protection against something else. That's linguistically what it means. But practically, what it means is permission to kind of license to lie in certain contexts and circumstances. For us as Sunni Muslims, it's very clear that, you know, you can't do this except for very few isolated circumstances. There's a hadith

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which we're going to ask the chef about, and things like that, which allows lying in certain circumstances.

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But with she eyes,

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clearly, this is more broad, and there's a hadith

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to deal with dealing with

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that, from the other side of all this, this is

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my religion and the religion of my forefathers, yes, and so on and so forth. So they will do we'll find some Hadith.

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But the point is what I wanted to ask him is, is, is Tahiti here, just using his tepee because obviously, he believes that or is it something which actually goes in line with maybe more the Shirazi belief system within Syria?

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Which, which he believes in.

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Okay, so is he doing Tapia I wouldn't really call it. Uh, yeah.

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I haven't really seen him saying too many things that are, you know,

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two anti Shirazi. He's not saying you see again, he's he's not attacking Shiism. I don't I don't ever recall him attacking she has, um,

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he's just attacking the Iranian government. He's just attacking, you know, the Shia scholars that side with the Iranian government with it. And, and that's pretty much it.

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And my views are just based on me watching his videos. It's a pattern that I've seen. And there's this one clip of him saying that he's, you know, he's like, I'm going to attack the coffee, I'm going to show you what's on coffee, and he never does. So he doesn't really have it doesn't seem like he's got an issue with Shiism.

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His issue is with,

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you know, the Iranian regime and would like to copy and those scholars again,

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to Hades, just a regular Shirazi.

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thanks for having me on. May, I'll keep you guys, you know, doing doing the good work.

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Right now. Okay. Well, thank you very much for that.

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We've got we've gone for each different opinion on this. He's a specialist in GIS M. And he's got many publications. But for Muslim perspective, I mean, can you can you elaborate on the point of the paper is something that non Muslims, especially from the right wing alternative, right, and all these kind of places they accused Muslims of are you doing to clear to protect your religion, so actually what you believe in? Is it permissible for a Muslim, a Sunni Muslim to change,

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that they get to lie about their religion if they're not under threat, for example, or death or persecution? Now, we need to know that, firstly, that Allah has mentioned this principle in the hold on and that this principle is under holds up and for if it's life threatening matter.

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A life threatening matter, you are on the left with that in that case, you need to protect yourself. And that's something which is human nature, you need to protect yourself. No one will do that. Either you live for example, you are and it used to be most often we have phones up and some of the tribes, which they have this rebellious thing between the devil, they will take anyone from the extra, if there is bloodshed between them. Are you from that tribe? If you say yes, I'm gonna be killed for that. So at least, just to protect themselves, the purpose of our son as well, he mentioned as well, in some as well, in some cases, for example, like to speak, for example, to make

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use of

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the spouses letterhead, located

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between between the spouse translate the

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three circumstances. And he mentioned one of them, he said, you know, with enemies and related, for example, in the situation, which is the IRS wants

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to reconcile between the dispute between you and Allah. And when I said to Danny, I said all the bad things about you? So

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he said, 123, but

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when you say, No, no, no, he loves you. And he respects you. He said, good things about you here just to soften the hearts of both sides in order to bring them together. Yeah. Rather than what sometimes is the truth could be could could cause the problem as well to the wife, between the spouse as

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for example, you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. It's a good guy that knew the day but he does.

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This to me, at the end of the day, and the same thing to say to you, she will say to you, for example, you heard the most vulnerable, the strongest person that

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you can say all this thing. So the point is to keep the family ties stronger. That's how was it because sometimes if you want to say oh sometimes you'll cook for your food and then you'll say Mashallah, this is the best food I've ever

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The irony is the funny thing is that, for example, my issue in this in this in this thing, that the she loves to say this is the time of the year is finished. He said at the time, yeah, this is the

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notice to

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the healers, he didn't believe it.

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That's why they completely they will speak badly about the Sahaba of the speakers of all of these things they will see they will see Oh, they will say all of these things against the Sunni Muslims.

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So what you're doing

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is not you can reconcile between what he believes

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And because he thinks Sharia is not implementable until the magic comes down.

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This is a problem again, all of these things when he say that he will find this person is contradicting himself. Each one will say something and say the opposite to

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the good thing is that the people don't look any fool could find no Actually, I mean, that's what

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I'm gonna I'm gonna move on to people not being fooled. But the video a video is a perfect segue. Yeah, someone who is a fool and someone who you've had a good contact with. And of course, it's not none other than the man himself. Let's take a look at just the introduction of this video. I want to get your perspective particularly because, obviously, you've had your interactions with Mr. Robinson right here. Let's watch the video, please. Mr. Tweedy is one of the world's leading Imams and a highly regarded scholar of the Quran and Islamic history. He's nicknamed Imam of peace. He's known for is outspoken, there was discussion of a cultural and ideological problems within the religion. I

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want to sit down with him to learn more about the true history of Islam. Welcome to UK. Thank you very much.

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This was funny, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And what's funny is that when we discuss and when we challenge him here, and we're honest with our truth, you'll see you do it this way the keys as of yet, he sits down with a man who does the key up there because we're gonna learn the truth from him.

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Just watch this, you don't know who you are, you probably become the most famous Imam in the world. For people who are saying that on our side, this

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is the most famous Imam for the for the the enemies of

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ISIS. Well, I'd like you to explain it from your point of view, as if my point of view, you become the first religious Imam that has come out and said, Well, I think many of the times needs to be said, you talk about taking violent passages out of the Scripture, you challenge the Scripture. And yet it's really because we first had contact when we first had contact when I was leading the English Defence League. And even when we had that contact, then I was I was surprised if I'm honest, because I'm leading the biggest street protest movement against Islam. At the time, every Muslim or every Muslim leader was very critical. You wasn't most are you sort of reached out at that time.

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talking openly. Yes, indeed. I try the way to you, here's my take on this. This is beginning right. I believe this is highly pre arranged that they probably took this shot two or three times. And I'll tell you why. Because he was very Tommy Robinson himself was very careful as to how he worded his words because he said, taking violent

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passages out of the Scripture, yeah. And he didn't specify exactly now he would say the Quran

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Mohammed Quran

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because to haidee told they don't want doesn't want people to realize, and this is this is the the the unfortunately for a minority of the she has, that actually, he doesn't believe in the Quran is fully intact, or fully, fully preserved.

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He had to change the wording from the Quran to the Scripture. But more importantly, he doesn't hear even when using the word scripture, he doesn't object to it. So he says you want to take violent passages out violent passages of Scripture. So he sits there and doesn't say, Well, actually, let me clear clarify. I don't believe anything needs to be taken out.

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So in other words, and this is the thing here. So there's a first no crisis effort to educate me. What's that? For me? Bob, you believe in parts of the book and disbelieving parts,

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emerges out of my effort without it. I mean, Camilla has inherited dunya so there what is the recompense of someone who does that have you except for a torment in this world, we all know calamity, or do an ala.

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And on the Day of Judgment, there'll be returning to the most painful punishment while offering I met Yama Loon. And Allah is not unaware of what they do. So So, so here, this verse is very, very clear. As to the fact that people who believe in positive crime and this believe in positive crime, they cannot be Muslims, of course. And that's that's a point that as we know that the Quran is preserved, since the time of the prophets, Allah sentimental, as simple as that. And the wounds of the origin are those are the words which was revealed.

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Now, if someone is discussing about we'll take some passages there is just like to say, back home, we say for example, and just like someone who's who's buying tomatoes, and then he just take things and just take whatever. So it's not like that. Firstly, secondly, which means that shows that there is kind of now what is the academic way now, if he is advocating for macadam II point of view, now, according to that this person

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Just has to be taken, according, for example, to the view to the view of the far right wing is the view you take little boat, if we add academic people now here, and now you will see, okay, this is rejected because some people didn't like it. This is academic way. Now listen, he said he, one of his videos, he said he respect the history regardless, if there has to be condemn even the prophets, Allah says he will condemn the process of one of these things he he doesn't have hesitant to say this about the

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show. He said, My point is

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my point is, if suppose is a cabinet person, and he knows that he is the way that it is. So if you take some passages, according to what what ground that you are, enables you to take these passages out? Because he like XYZ people didn't like it. That's it? Isn't that kind of thing? I mean, so Haiti doesn't tell Haiti believe in Mohammed, he claims to believe

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that why is he sad? Why is he? Why is he with it? Why is he

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said before?

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The thing is, what we need to understand here is that we need to even question if this guy is a Muslim, definitely no Muslim. No, but we need to make that clear, because

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because it's like me walking into a school, unqualified and saying, I'm the head teacher. Now, I'm going to tell you, I'm going to teach you the curriculum. Yeah. And if the problem is from the roots, who am I? Who made you a head teacher? What the * are you doing walking into the school? And what are you teaching us? The issue with this guy is who made the minimum, nobody recognizes no offered in Australia have spoken to brothers that nobody recognizes this guy. So the issue is the foreigners picked him up and put him on a pedestal and say, Look, this is the amount of fees. And once you repeat something so much, it becomes believable. This guy who is he? Where did he come

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from? Who made him a man, what's he talking about? So we can see from the get go, he's there as a puppet, I believe he's an agent he's been put there is the shield don't like him. Nobody likes him. He's speaking on our behalf. And the media that hates us, we love him and appoint him after he is anomalous. It's simple as that.

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You're watching maybe just a little bit more, maybe a little bit more. Yeah.

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And I engaged in my studies. And during my studies, I saw a lot of corruption within the political system of how the Islamic governments control the students and what they study, which at the end leads to missionaries coming to the west, by the way, I just just add to this, the chalazia sect is which is a sexual initiation open. They openly advocate political opposition to you

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guys, so it's not it's not it's not reforming from like a Western academic perspective, like an enlightened perspective. Yeah, he is trying to use his hermeticism or his theoretical belief from a shape perspective, to and guys are some kind of political enlightenment, from a Western perspective.

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Just to let you know, because you might be thinking, Okay, so if he's, if he's politically against Iran, you'd expect them as a Shiite to possibly be with Iran. But he's not. The whole movement isn't. The whole movement is probably the stomach government's being trained and funded. And I was once upon a time one of these missionaries that would be sent around the world to Canada and so on, to preach Sharia law, spreading the caliphate under a different name, dysthymic government or an even a Sharia courts and so on. When I saw this corruption, I criticize them. I paid a very heavy price interrogations prisons, and then I

00:23:38 --> 00:23:41

was in prison and around Yes. Challenging in 2006. Yes.

00:23:42 --> 00:23:43

And it was actually

00:23:54 --> 00:24:41

my presence in Iraq is actually silencing a lot of what I can do. I moved out to the west, and I started using social media to criticize the corruption. Okay. And that's when that's when we when we spoken, yes, yes. Because you even when you spoke to me, then you receive backlash. Indeed, indeed. And I was very surprised to see your approach. Because I knew that there are people that hate Islam and Muslims, but you were approaching the whole situation from a very political perspective. And you were very different from other people. Like even when, when there were people that would go out and cause violence. I saw you to be a bit more different. You came out on television and you had you

00:24:41 --> 00:24:54

knew what you were talking about. Yeah. And that encouraged me to reach out to you and I think we spoke about terminologies and how you could win a lot of my type of Muslims over by directing the place

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00:25:02 --> 00:25:10

This is very simple. Yes, I believe this is what happened. Yeah, we had a phone call coming in to me. Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna say some things that will support your cause you say.

00:25:11 --> 00:25:19

So the fiber is coming in say I saw you and he was different and he was in violent was to Robinson going through at this time when this was done during was was run over was

00:25:22 --> 00:25:24

already got the stigma on him. So it's very simple.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:29

interview, I'll support your cause you say I'm not a violent man. He will say when it

00:25:31 --> 00:25:34

comes in, he will agree with me. This is what happens.

00:25:39 --> 00:25:44

Yeah, I think you're right. Here's the point. I mean, the man. In other videos, he claims to be a Muslim.

00:25:45 --> 00:25:48

He claims to be a Muslim, he claims to honor the Prophet Muhammad.

00:25:50 --> 00:25:52

And he's saying and praising. And I've never seen him.

00:25:54 --> 00:26:04

I've never seen him once, by sitting and praising. Okay, one of the most known anti Islam figures in the world, anti anti profits.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:14

So yeah, and then.

00:26:16 --> 00:26:19

And he you said to me, so Okay, you're not

00:26:31 --> 00:26:44

of these things we can see was this person and that's why we see this person is he's an agent with no fees. But if he's not cooperating, it's kind of you would say, as this is a

00:26:46 --> 00:26:48

side benefit on both sides.

00:26:52 --> 00:26:57

I mean, what is the punishment in the afterlife or someone else's religion?

00:27:04 --> 00:27:06

By the way, those are the hypocrites

00:27:12 --> 00:27:14

in the lowest in the bottom of

00:27:16 --> 00:27:18

grade eight, one after the other.

00:27:22 --> 00:27:23

So we've

00:27:25 --> 00:27:25

even since the time

00:27:27 --> 00:27:27


00:27:30 --> 00:27:42

Yeah, until the Wi Fi Wi Fi is these people, and they keep they come in, you know, in the form of a Muslim, and they will show that they are Muslim, respected Islam, and they follow the Quran. They follow the tradition, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

00:27:48 --> 00:27:48

We need to double check with

00:27:50 --> 00:28:05

this man, that images of him getting himself he's covered in blood. Yeah, you can see on the screen, we're gonna double check. I'm sure he's a man who's self inflicted on himself. So Federation. Yes. So the question is, if somebody harms himself, that that means there's damage in your brain.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:12

And the punishment on himself

00:28:18 --> 00:28:20

was one interesting thing that I had before was you know,

00:28:22 --> 00:28:27

he spends a lot of time cursing the mothers of the believers of his wives. And so

00:28:28 --> 00:28:33

instead of waiting for someone else to whip him, he's whipped himself as a punishment.

00:28:37 --> 00:28:39

Anyways, guys, thank you very much for having me.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:49

It's got some good lessons anyway, generally for Muslims because we talked about the dangers of leaving parts of Islam, you know,

00:28:52 --> 00:29:02

Islam altogether, all of Islam you can't pick and choose we talked about this. We talked about how Muslims should submit themselves etc. So this video inshallah would have been beneficial either way.

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