Mohamad Baajour – 40 Authentic Qudsi #02 – How to gain the love of Allah P1 Hadith #2

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The Sun Parable is a powerful way to express love, as it wakes people to be in the middle of the night and allows them to receive the god's love. It is important to follow it for health and wealth, as well as to not say one another's words. The importance of being true to oneself and not giving out personal information is also emphasized.
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Somebody called a hotline to get SMIL Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah La Molina info now and finally my lamp Jana. Was it nine manjar hamara I mean, I asked my brothers just to come closer inshallah Tada.

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So inshallah Tada today we will continue with a hadith of Cassia

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the cozzia Hadith. And tonight in sha Allah Tala, we have our second Hadith. This hadith is very well known.

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And maybe people do not know that it's a hadith called see.

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And if you Herrera and the hadith is in Bukhari and Muslim, and have you heard of the Allah Han called kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Allah either Habad then there are Jibreel for call in the Hebrew fallen

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call for your Hebrew who Gibreel for my unity for Santa Fe a call in Allah your Hebrew philon Boo for your Hibou Hello summer call from your Tao lehle Kobudo Phil. way the other Abdun the Jibreel Firehole in the in the Uber riddle Fullan and Fabrega call for you believe whoo hoo Gibreel

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to Magneti Ali sana in Allah How are you burrito Fuller and fabricado call for you believe Luna who filmer todo la who will

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up the rest of the hola Juan he narrated that Rasulullah sallallahu said that Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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Allah will call Gibreel

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when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada loves someone, he will call Gibreel and he will say yeah, Gibreel I love the so and so. So you also love him.

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So Gibreel will love him. And then Gibreel will make an announcement to all the angels, Allah subhanho wa Taala love so and so. So love him, so all the angels will love him.

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And then if Allah subhanho wa Taala and then there is

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then it will, then the person will have honor amongst the people on earth. So first Allah will love him, then Allah will order Gibreel to love him, then Gibreel will tell the angels to love him and then you will not allow goldfill Then he will be loved by the people on earth. Subhanallah what is the Abdullah Allah who I've done on the other side, if Allah subhanaw taala hate somebody he will tell Gibreel I hate someone social hate him up will hate him. And then God will announce to the angels that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada does not like so and so. They do not like him and then to the Allahu Akbar.

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Fill org, then the wrath

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and the

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and I'll use the word hatred, but he will not be liked by anybody on earth also.

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For you

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our main concern my my beloved brothers and sisters and the brothers and sisters that are watching us, Allah He our main concern in this dunya is how to gain the love of Allah azza wa jal Yanni how do we always think about how to do this, how to do that we are always involved in the you know in many dunya matters, but our main concern is how can I gain the love of Allah azza wa jal how what should I do? Because Allah loves you.

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You set

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your set, he will give you his Rama and eventually you will go to Jana forever. How can we gain the love of Allah azza wa jal it is mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. So, let me your ears inshallah Tada and make the intention here one that when we come to these kinds of Halal cars, when we come to these kinds of classes, make the intention that I am coming to benefit I am coming to change I want to come and and come closer to you, Ya Allah because these are, you know, like I said, I'm called him when it Allah whether this was I said I'm called this kind of gathering

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What did he call this kind of gathering?

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When we go to my Medina, where do we go? We love to pray in the

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Riyadh agenda, right? This is Riyadh agenda editor. He said if you see something if you see Riyadh agenda sit down Subhanallah so how can we gain the love of Allah? First and foremost, let's start with Kitab have Allah azza wa jal from the Quran. Allah subhana wa Taala told us

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well in

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Hey bounnam

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said Debbie, oni, your beep Coonan

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where your fear comes on who back home one food or Rahim we all say yeah Muhammad we agreed before that anytime you see the word call, it means Allah is telling Rasul Allah says Allah to tell humanity right call. Tell them yeah Muhammad in contempt to a bone Allah. Let's start with this part.

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Who loves Allah here? We all do, because it's the first condition. Tell them yeah Muhammad, if you love Allah then what?

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If we love someone, it would be great and amazing relationship if them love is mutual, right? If love is mutual, it would be beautiful relationship. So I love Allah azza wa jal, and we all love Allah subhanaw taala without any doubt in our hearts, Allah, this is Allah azza wa jal. I want Allah to love me. Allah says in surah Al Imran tell them if you truly love Allah,

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then TV only one word, fit TV only. You have Kamala follow me. Your Allah. Look at the honor look at this honor that Allah gave Rasul Allah says Allah, you follow Rasulullah Salem, you get the love of Allah azza wa jal

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you follow us Allah says Allah, you get the love of Allah Zillertal you have Kamala and you bonus, there's a bonus also, we have a look of the rubric that only he loves you he will forgive all your sins. If you just follow Rasulullah sai Salem

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now, following Rasulullah sai Salamina. One is not a lip service

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is not about tearing and crying when you hear his name.

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It's about real action. It's about real following to the best of your ability.

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Whatever I ordered you to do, do the best of it. He said in the Hadith, and he failed I told you to do do as much as you can. But when it came to the shadow to the evil, he said and whatever I told you to stay away from stay away from completely but when it came to the good he said do as much as you can.

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So as much as you can hear one follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salam and Subhan Allah. There are so many ways to follow the Sunnah for Salah Salem. There's a small book that says 1000 sunnah per day I'm sure I'm sure many people have seen it. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Imagine there's 1000 sunnah.

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Which foot to enter the bathroom when you wake up. What do you say before or after you do when you leave the house when you get into the car when you leave the car when you get into work when when it's raining when it's when someone had a baby when someone is getting married, when when you approach your wife everything does it and this is eat on your right hand did Subhanallah

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all these are some in all these are actions that will make us follow Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam will make us from the at bat the followers of Rasul Allah is Allah but

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this is one aspect.

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This is one aspect of following Salah Salem

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and unfortunately, many people concentrate on this aspect and they neglect

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the MA Mala this is these are all Eva that the eating and drinking and all that stuff is a bad but what about the Mohammed let the Sunnah of Mohammed Let not only of the Ibaadat how to do business? Not to cheat not to lie not to oh, this is from the Sunnah. How to Treat your family your wife credo credo community this is from the Sunnah.

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What is the last time you grabbed

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a morsel of food from the plate and you gave it to your wife to eat in her mouth? When is the last time you did that? I'm not saying take some food and smash it in her face. No, just take a little bit and put it in her mouth just like a similar sized cylinder to Asia. Shake what is this? This isn't we are in the masjid. Don't discuss this stuff.

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You're happy? The one who's better than you and me did it right or wrong? Why wouldn't come to these things we don't do any of that stuff. Why? Why when Subhan Allah and He is the Allah Hannah and this is for the sisters. She she looks at the place that I suppose I sort of drank from and she drank from it. Look at this Romans here. This is Romans he told us Romans also. He's not only told us to teach us jihad, he taught us also Romans all kinds of Tallinn he told us he did not leave anything. So yeah. When the children you know the the children how he used to when he sees young, younger boys

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He used to say salam to them, give them attention. Do you do that when you see the youth outside?

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How he respected lace Amina? He is not among us, who does not respect the elderly, and and have mercy on the on the young Subhanallah they Samina whoever cheats, and we sometimes cheat and we think that we are smart and shrewd and No, no, no this is not from the following Rasulillah Salam, the following rasool Allah Islam is not about just growing the beard

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and eating the right hand these are all great summoners amazing, excellent Sooners, but this is not the only way to follow Allah is Allah

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you know how many times I heard this Oh, you see that brother that prays next to you in the in the first row everyday in the first row.

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Allah Hey, come see him and how he does business.

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It's not about the first row.

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It's not about the first first row is amazing is very rewarding. But it's about also the mullet with the people fit to be only all kinds of etbr of Rasulullah Selim to the best of our ability to the best of our ability. Listen to what

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Allah He said about the love of Allah azza wa jal.

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He said Maha but Allah He Ullman Zilla Letty fie her tener facilely Mota and if you soon where Allah shock is Allah and Milan Illa

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Allah the final movie Boon where bureau in a CME her Tara will be doing so he will work

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with you on well he had hired and let him in hurry Maha Karima. For him in Jim let him in Joomla till M word when nor a Ladyman for coder who, for who if he had a little mad, was she fought alidium and oedema who held that we called him as calm we're leather ality Mala Mia phobia fair you share to whom Anwar Allah Subhanallah he said the love of Allah azza wa jal, it is the status of which the righteous complete, compete to and strive. It is the nourishment of the hearts and souls that delight of the eyes. It is the life which one who is denied it is dead, the light which the one who loses it in D is in deep darkness, it is the healing of which the one who's denied it is sick. It is

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the joy, which the one who is deprived of it, in his lives is full of distress and pain. This is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala so the first step

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is to follow Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah told us that if you do that, you will get my my love. Let's take one more inshallah looks like it's going to take us few times to finish this second

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me rotate them in command D Dini festival failure in the academy, your Hebrew home? Where you hipbone as the Latin Island meaning is that in Ireland theory in Yuja, he don't if he said he'll in

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one half Ooh, no, no matter in the early Kapha Ma, he may Yasha. One was he on early in this area? Allah gave us four kinds of people that he loves.

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What are their characteristics quickly? Number one, they are very humble

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towards other Muslims.

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And they are very stern when it comes to the kuffaar

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I'm not talking about stern being like you know, I'm talking about the kuffaar that are harming you that are causing you trouble. They are very firm.

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Not like what we do what we see right now. Everybody is following the kuffaar in order to please them, we do everything possible just to get the pleasure of the kuffaar this is not the true person that loves Allah azza wa jal.

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I thought the Hoonah Andamanese Allah it makes me boil sometimes. Are you looking for it is an honor from the kuffaar there is a belongs to Allah only that Allah that says with Allah azza wa jal you're seeking the ESA from the wrong people.

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And look what's happening around the world. Yeah, one.

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So number one adult lettin adult meaning very humble, very loving, very caring when it comes to each other. I should that in adult kuffaar As an adult Catherine

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third Yuja he do nephew Sabina Allah, would you dare discuss Jihad right now? Yuja he doing a few Sabine Allah. These are the people whom Allah loves.

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And the last one when I have phone alone Matala

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when I have foreigner, low Matala and they feel nothing and no one, but Allah azza wa jal.

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They are not afraid to say anything.

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When it's in the Huck, they're not worried.

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These are Allah says Allah. Allah is saying, These are the people who I love, and they love me.

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I love them and they love me.

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Let's stick them quickly one by one.

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Rihanna, Bina Avila letting adult mean, Allah when,

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when it comes to dealing with each other. How no La Quwata illa Allah, how many times you heard how many times you heard,

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brother, I stopped doing business with Muslims. How many times and it kills your heart right? Because we're supposed to support each other. You're supposed to give business to one another. And you hit Allah. Hey,

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I've only been hurt from Muslims.

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I've only been hurt when I hired Muslims

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because when it comes to business,

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we haggled so much with each other, we try to Subhanallah suck not only the profit probably the cost from the item or the house or the car we haggling is good, but sometimes we push it too much. Too much.

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And when it comes to the cafe How much do you want sir? 500 is $510 to $10 tip for you Subhanallah I'm between each other

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Hola. Hola. Hola. Quwata illa Allah, Allah the way we treat one another

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is despicable.

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to shame

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Allah is very shameful because look at this the power we have the power of numbers we have the strength we have if we really unite and love one another or MA he no one can touch us. No one can dare say one word about us.

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But if we are treating each other like this, what do you expect from the others?

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I should I should get an adult caffeine Subhanallah not following them to the to the whole to the lizard hole whatever they do we do and we do it worse

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Subhanallah lair halfmoon laka fauna they are not worried Oh no no no Be careful don't say this Don't do this.

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What's the worst could ever happen?

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You're gonna kill you they're gonna jail you all the righteous out of jail

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right or wrong?

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All right, you name one big time scholar that we respect and love. Did not go to jail.

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Every time he had a hammer Allah Most of his life is in jail. Name and his color. Even the Now up to this day. All the good scars are in jail.

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Maybe this is my last speech to visit me.

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You're gonna visit me

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Subhanallah no late what's. What's gonna happen? What are we doing? What are we saying anything wrong? Are we saying anything wrong? Isn't this Quran and Sunnah? If I reach a point that I'm scared to say what Allah wants me to say then I better shut up and go sleep at home.

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Right or wrong?

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If the speakers and the hotel bar and the Imams are no no no no don't say that. It will upset the people. Remember I told you one time when I went to visit

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chef please I heard that you will speak a lot about riba not discussed about today and it will upset the good customers is that donate? Are you kidding me?

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This is this is a sign that we are going down big time. When you tell somebody what to say. Or to say something that is not pleasing to Allah azza wa jal in the house of Allah. On the member of Rasulullah saw Allah Allah He was in LA how Nikola Tesla. So quickly in sha Allah Tala, we have more, more

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things that if we do, Allah will again Allah is love. But just to recap, following Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, being humble with one another, being humble, I'm loving and caring to one another, being Stern, when it comes to the non believers.

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You had the Sabine Allah, all forms of jihad, all forms of jihad, jihad of the neffs jihad of No, there's no real Jihad right now. But anything, even Rasul Allah says, tell him what did he say?

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Tell yourself that if you had was called, I am ready. At least say to yourself, no, I'm not telling you declare it say to yourself, or some of my Salam said, if you really wanted to hide and you die on your bed, record the

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but do you really want Shahada?

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If you really wanted, shahada plus almost Hassan said if you lie on your bed it will be recorded Shaheed because you made the intention.

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And the last one is we do not fear Allah, we're not harming anybody. We're not telling anybody go kill people go. We're not we're just saying the hack that Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to do. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all his love, and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us to love the people that love him. And may Allah subhanaw taala grant us to love the animal that will bring us closer to the love of Allah azza wa jal, Allah Marzano her book, wild woman, your handbook, we're collateral your Karina ILAHA Mahama for Lana de Rubina. We're sort of NFE Emelina with a bit of them and when something will come will caffeine, Allah ma hamara Haneen hablan I mean, as far as you know, whether

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or not you know what you're talking about Marina

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Atiba? Well in Tierra del tienen was Christina was on Allah and Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine as a reminder, every single Thursday night, please make a lot of salat on Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, and please come to measure tomorrow at 615 Zachman lochia Subhana Colombo, mashallah Allah Allah, Allah and the stark federal covenant to Willick

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