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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various celebrity and media topics, including a recent interview by Monica guidelines for the upcoming holiday, the importance of learning from experiences and experiences to improve behavior, and the use of negative emotions. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to control their actions and practice being true to oneself to avoid negative emotions. They also mention training programs for individuals to control their actions and achieve success.
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I said Monica rahmatullah wa barakato smilla will hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while early he was talking to a woman who Allah Millennium Iam founder will find out the MA antenna in academia would you would do Allahu Agni how to become an MLA and I'll be Nyasha when FC Natasha our SMA Robin Allah to superluminova is how the Turner will have been amla Don Kaufman in accountant will have probably shortly sundry recently only one of the Tamil assignee of Akali rbma Somali Kumasi tamale barakato cattle Welcome to our Tuesday program inshallah everyone got the time change as the time change in the United States and seven o'clock Central Standard Time is actually the time

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for Morrow. Exactly. So we pushed a little bit longer so that people can have time to pray model inshallah, and join us so today we're going to do the final

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series of the keys. So we covered the hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen. Keys to goodness, and keys to evil. I'm sorry, keys to goodness, we did two programs and keys to evil we did one and today is the last one in sha Allah. And the next week in sha Allah Viva La we're going to talk about something extremely related to the awaiting guests that we are all waiting for in less than a month on mobile. So we can talk about our next week in short lock and then next to Tuesday's before Ramadan. We will be talking about our Ramadan itself shaba and the month of Siobhan and the month of Ramadan, and how do I

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make them the best of the month in short lobby the law. So stay tuned to that handler. If you are not following us on social media, please go ahead and do that on our Facebook on our YouTube channel. And then if you are not on our mailing list, just send us an email to Jenna Institute.

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Visit our website and you can send us an email through this or send an email to gender [email protected] then we can add you to our

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mailing list so you will get all the programs. So let's get into today's topic, evil. And today I'm going to talk about one evil only as scholars including number one is Eros, Swati salatu salam, and scholars defined it as this character, or this inner

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character of a human being is the key of all evil.

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So how long and it is not related to Islam only and it's not related to the belief only this

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evil is actually

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the key to every evil.

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The key to every evil. And to start with it we're going to look at when a man came to our Swanee salatu salam was I'm going to tell you the heavy I think many of you will be

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shot I'm not familiar with it. So a man King Torah so it sought to a cinema and there is many narration to this hadith to the saying of Eros, Swati Salatu was Salam. The summary of it. He said to roswaal he sought to sound advice me

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advice, just one word. And he said, Give me an advice. Oh, Sony. Give me an advice. And this Howdy. The way I am saying it to you is the what is narrated in a memorable holiday. And he said, awesome.

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Give me an advice. A lot of sway sought to sit down, said one word, lateral.

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Don't get upset, don't get mad. Don't get mad, don't get angry.

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And the man asked or Swati sought to sit down again. Advice. And he said laughter Don't get mad advice. And he said don't get mad three times. Subhan Allah.

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And in another narration, and this is the rated by a man at tirmidhi. The man asked are Swati sought to set up in a different way. He said he oversaw law, and he sought to sell him. I live Nishi and when I took the rally lightly, you're also Allah, teach me something. Don't teach me too much. Because I really want to understand.

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I understand the 12 meaning I understand and I can practice it. So he said you're us who are law. You're also a law. I live me Sheehan.

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One thing that I can understand, and I can practice and he said laptop,

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don't get mad. That's number two. In another narration, or sorry software sound was also asked and this is also an environment tirmidhi. And he said you're also another, the same. He said your Rasul Allah doodle any alarming you

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wanna talk theorizing, your mama, guide me to an act, here's an homage to an act, that will lead me to Jana? And don't let the rally. Don't give me too much.

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Just one thing simple. And the answer was the same level Don't, don't get angry. Don't get upset, don't get mad. So how long so? lateral lateral, lateral. Don't get upset, don't get mad, don't get mad. And scholars have reached to that, from this honey.

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They have reached the conclusion that a lot of anger, anger is they say Jima of shark is collecting every evil. So the key to every evil is getting angry. And the opposite is true. Not getting angry is the key for every hire for every goodness. And now somebody may ask, why is this? Why anger is the key for every evil and we need to think any practically of ourselves. When do I say what is the most probable time when I say something that I will regret.

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And when is the time I may do something or take a decision. And I will regret

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most of the time. Most of the time is when I am angry.

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divorces, abuse, crimes, killing mood,

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ruining things, throwing things, hitting people seeing things, if you look at it most of the time, if not all the time, the underlying cause of it is people that that person or those people is in a state of anger is anger.

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And another narration of this hadith another man asked Allah Swati salatu salam, some says, this is a double Sahabi and he said y'all so Allah also guides me to something I do, and it will let me to Jenna. So So let's look at all what Rasul Allah saw towards cinema was asked, and in which context he was asked the first one who said that the question he received is ocean era. So a lot advice. Give me an advice.

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Give me advice, don't get upset. Second one, you're also like, teach me I live meeting and teach me something and don't teach me too many things. Because I really want to understand and basically the meaning of an apply and he said, Don't get upset. Laughter the same answer. So power law. And the third question jasola guide me teach me something, do let me guide me something will let me to Jeanette and also don't give me too many things. And he said, Don't get angry, lotta hubbub. So in every way, whether it is a general advice when you when somebody you want to give somebody one advice, you will give the most important thing that will cover many issues. And the answer was,

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don't get upset. Gets me teach me a deed or an act that will get me to gender Don't get upset,

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guides me to the path of gender. And he said don't get upset, and actually is one of the character or the landmark landmark of somebody being described as having good manners and when when that person she or he they don't get upset when there is no

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don't get upset. And in a saying that it says it's probably too as a hobby or could be could be the most probably it is a hobby that said when a man came to Allah Swati his life or sit down and he said, teach me what is good man or what is good man or and I'm sorry. He first asked him

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Teach me what is the best deed of the lammott best deed? And he said, Good manners. What is it and he asked him again. He said jasola what is good? The best good deed I do and he said have good manners. Four times was in the front on the side on the left on the right from the bat, asking crosswalks software set up what is a good deed? Swati salatu salam responded, good manner. Finally, demand says what is good deed and over Swati Salatu was set out he said, hostname, Hello, good manner. Don't get upset, as much as you can.

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Don't get upset as much as you can Subhan Allah and whenever Swati sought to sound as somebody Don't get upset.

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So probably this question will come to everybody.

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What do I do, not to get upset, or what the devil swatting slot was meant when he said to this man in many variations of this of the same context of the narration, when he told him Don't get upset, what did also resolve to a sentiment

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and scholars described in two ways remember the key of evil, to every evil or the key to all evil is anger.

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And the communist advice, the Torah, Swati salatu salam gave it in a different wording, and different versions is don't get upset. So what does this Don't get upset me. And this is probably coming, everybody's gonna ask the question, what does it mean? There's two things here.

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They say number one,

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don't, number one,

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teach yourself or teach myself, all the characters practice the characters that will prevent me from feeling anger. So complete prevention. As we say, in medicine, I do not want to feel angry.

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This is amazing if I can do that. And the second thing is control my anger, meaning when I feel it, I don't act upon or I don't act based on on my feelings. So there's two things I need key to evil is anger, to all evil is anger, I need to learn what should I do? Well, I am a person with temper. So what should I do,

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practically to change. And the first thing is, I need to train myself and this is what this caller says. We need to take the

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steps if I want to use the word, the steps to change my character from a person who gets angry very quickly, feelings to somebody who gradually gradually gradually or maybe quickly. Control meaning not acting now meaning internally, things who which used to really upset me, I need to train myself now what these circumstances happens, I don't get upset. And what is this? What are these characters that will help me not to feel angry, not to feel anger. And they say it's number one, teach yourself to be generous. To give generosity,

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forbearance humbleness, I need to learn these and practice it. practice, the more I am humble, because we're going to come what makes me angry, we're going to come to it. But let's learn these first, let me see myself how much I am humble. How much for bearing I am, how much I forgive easily, how much I pardon these characters. The more I have of these, the more the less the feeling of anger. And the less feeling of anger, the less evil and the less keys to evil. So that's number one. train myself that I will not get upset easily things when I see them. It does not change me internally. That's number one, by training myself to be less and less and less angry by more and

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more and more being giving forgiving. Humble for bearing. Number two, what about if it's happened, I feel

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I felt angry and and the feeling is inside you. So the second part of the advice of our

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Have you sought out to say no to this more than once a hobby is when you feel the feeling of anger, don't act upon it. And I think for us, this is so important because this part is where the part, all the evils happens.

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Because when I get angry, and I act upon my anger, that's where the evils the backbiting happens. The hurtful words comes out of the tongue, the hurtful act comes from the hand, the hurtful acts comes from the rest of the of the body, divorces happens, children gets abused, killing so all these based upon anger. So for me, and for you, and for everybody, I need to look and say, How can I

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not to act on my anger? And I need to also train myself How do I stop feeling angry? So I there is feeling and acting upon the feeling. And they said, that's the main advice or Swati saw to some gave to that Sahabi. Some scholars tells you, he knew that this hobby has temper. And that's why he gave him this word. And he didn't give it to somebody else, because he was asked this question from other companions, that that specific companion or Swati sought or said and told him this more than once because this is for other than me or or repeatedly, he told him, don't get upset, don't get upset, don't get upset. And

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the Swati hisako center said in this Hadith,

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the the anger and this is something many of us are familiar with, but we need to remind ourselves, anger is actually from shame.

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Anger is function. And that was what he saw to us and said he was passing by and Scala and he saw toolman were in an argument and the argument became so heated that the one is actually course the other step Balaji. Rania and and maybe one man course the other in the presence of a Swati sort of set up Subhan, Allah subhana wa.

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And one is really cursing the other in his face is so full of anger and hatred. And also it is hard to sit and said, I know one word, if he said that this will all come down out to the minute shape on the regime. How do Billahi min ash shaytaan Raji and he said, the anger is actually

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the scholar status. It's like the the boiling of the heart, Liliana as if the other heart is actually like a container, or like a pot, and the pot is on the stove, and you have water in it and the water starts boiling. When when the human being gets angry. Inside the heart. spiritual heart is not the physical, the spiritual heart in it. It starts boiling, the feeling is boiling. And so how are the changes now in physics and physiology that changes as a result of anger is actually the face becomes this visceral meditation, the blood vessels becomes wider. The blood flows in the hole in the body, and the heart rate goes up and the phase gets absolutely right. Jennifer Swati hisar to

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set out and he said, Anna in the novel, john Ratan called me Adam famalaro. He told me one day fafi Oh, Joe daju has something very catchy.

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Look, what he said was what he sort of set up. And this is an email. He said, anger is actually as a hot piece of coal. A hot piece as if there is a hot piece of coal in the heart of Adam, the heart of the human being. Don't you see how his eyes get so right there, and his face or his cheeks get surrounded. Whomsoever feel this way. Now, don't act on the feeling. Whomsoever feel this way. Let him put his cheek to the earth. Because the earth is what is dust, and it's columns heat. So he said because it's heat. Anger is he let him put his cheek

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bill or

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anger or Swanee salt or some number, Hadith which is something very similar. Same thing he said it's a heat or a piece of hot, cold, cold in the

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Heart of the human being, his face would be right. His his eyes will be right here. He says, If you feel it sit down. So two things sit down, if you're standing, or if you can't, especially if you're alone, because the stakes machines that gets you very upset, or you hear this news, or this thing happened, and you're alone, immediately put your cheeks, put the cheeks, on the

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on the, on the earth. And also third, when the human being gets angry, let him stay quiet. This is one of the best way in any way to ask almost pantalla to teach us this. Don't speak. Don't speak. And if you cannot not speak, leave,

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if you are in a situation, in a situation with somebody, and that person, he or she got you upset and angry. Just leave, don't say a word. If you read an email, and the email, the content of that email made you angry, don't respond. Or if you have to respond, send it to yourself. Don't reply, send it to yourself, and then read it in the morning. When you're calm. Don't text message, either delete that text message, or don't respond or don't respond.

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Look at this beautiful, beautiful conversation between say no Abdelaziz and his son, Abdul Malik and

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the son of Abdul Malik, right. So his father angry, all the bioman horrible abdulazeez he saw him angry. The son looked at his father. And he says,

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All thought, oh, Dad, you got upset that much. You the one who Allah gave him what he gave him, and you get upset that much.

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This is the son telling his father was the father say that our nap rises, and the sun is Abdulmalik. And he said, Father, Dad, you would what Allah gave you, you get that much upset.

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Say no Rob Homer of Nablus is looked at him and says, Don't you get upset you're Abdulmalik matter.

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You don't get upset.

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Look how he answered, you're more you're more give me and you and everybody. And he said, oh my god and Nisha jiofi is alum or audiophile hubbub, and he said that, why do I need this space in my mouth? If I can not hold my anger in it? So it doesn't show?

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So, the son told his dad,

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how can I not control it? Allah gave me this mouth this space, why do I need it if I cannot contain my anger in it?

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What as we said, anger is the key to all evils. Anger itself is evil, not itself is evil because there is a good anger. And we have seen our Swanee sought to get angry signal Moosa got angry, but the result of the anger is evil. If I can control it, it's not an evil, but if I cannot control it is that what it is evil and we said it is basically like a hot piece of coal in the heart of the human being and it is absolutely from shavon and that is one of the remedies or Swati salt or Sam said you know all the affiliate or if any one of you get upset, gets angry, let them perform model failure to

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failure at all but some people Subhanallah

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some people know that this is a shortcoming. It is absolutely a shortcoming in the human being. Because most of the anger unless it is for the sake of Allah number one and number two it is used or the result of it did not produce evil, then that's honorable Mahmoud. This is good anger, which is in a very few situations. But in general, in this life, human beings, ordinary people, we get upset most of the time is because of us or our children or our family or the life or the dounia or material things. So in general, in general, it is not a character that is being praised, although some people wonder how you listen to them says oh, I have a temper.

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I need a new as Muslims to know that this is not something a lot loves or Swati thought or Sarah said it in this way. Lisa should he do Sora the real strong human being is not that person who win a match of wrestling. who win a wrestling game. That's not the strong person. Because normally when we see two people wrestling as this is a strong person Wow. And Swati Soto said I'm seeing this there Lisa should he do the saw the strong person is not the person who when wrestling match

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a strong person in nema shillito and lead the family can have several angles emotionally to lead the yamla. Kuhn If so, when the love of this isn't Buhari, the strong person is love the person who wins rustling games strong meaning physical strength, no, the real strong person is the person who control himself, young licona self control himself or herself. At the time of

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anger, another Hadith he was asking the Sahaba what is what is

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a surah? What What is strength? And he said,

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A surah. The strong demand is the man that no man can beat him.

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And he said, No. A shady, the strong person is the person who control his anger. Now this is easily said than done. We all know that. Right? What should I train myself? Number one, I need to identify? Do I have a temper?

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Do I have a temper in a

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class that I teach for the youth? So how long when you ask the youth is like 80 90% of them, you ask them and they say yeah, we have a temper. And even when you ask them, What do you mean by temper? They tell you. I like it. Give some examples. Like if somebody come in your younger brother or sister come into the pen from you, what do you do? And when you see the reactions, you get surprised. You get surprised how long so what should I do? And this is definitely for the adults before they move out of Swati Sato cinema reminders. And this all the topics about manners, whether it is evil that we need to avoid or it's a good one because we need to learn and apply is a lot of

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habito, Swati sort of Sam about it. There's always a lot of teaching from our soiree sort of set up about it. And this is what he said when kipman coltman kapamilya one What do you still do and you know, Fida? The Allahu yo melty Amati Hello, Lucille. Hello, Hector Johar, your woman, a holy amen shop. Also have a

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controlled, controlled and held cover my Avon, whomsoever can, or or did control,

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control an anger.

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And this is the the part of the Huggies that is the key.

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Whomsoever control an anger, temper, did not show it does not act upon it. Although he or she can, they can apply they can do they are in a state or in a position of power. They can react to this they can do this man couple more evil ways to do and you know,

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so somebody insulted you in public and that and you have absolutely the ability to respond and respond harsh weather, in language or in action, you have a power you can fire this person, you can hurt this person you can but you controlled it. That's what it that's the whomsoever can control. The main killer Mother, you one. Oh boy, you still do in Africa. He can or she can control it. Look what will happen on the day of judgment on law. We ask him personally a lot we invited. Look at this. We need to feel this a lot. We'll invite him a hideout Luciana in the public.

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From our mode, this huge human beings a lot would identify him or her and call them specifically and tell them choose what you want.

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Now you can imagine you are in this huge gathering, let alone this is in general

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Let alone this is one last pint of water

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and you are in this huge gathering and the dignitary of that gathering the person of power of that gathering in

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identify you he or she from among all these 1000s ss Come on in your special and come and choose what you like how do you feel? How do I feel? What about on Day of Judgment with a last panel What are for only one reason that's what the heaviest says manca llama wialon this is actually

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an old old and I told me the whole show ever control his or her anger and they can apply it that includes parents for the children. That includes friends that definitely children with parents because that's goes beyond with with people who we have control over or people who we don't have control over. But we can hurt whether physically whether by the by the word, whether by actions, whether by doing things, planning things to hurt them, they hurted me I'm going to give it back to them. Whomsoever control this feeling and don't act upon it. A law on the day of judgment will call him or her in front of everybody. And they say come on in and choose whatever you you want, and are

00:31:36 --> 00:31:47

Swati salatu salam sent in another beautiful Hadith also an email. He said, there is no better sip.

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The human being sippin swallow, then swallowing his or her anger for the sake of

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there is no better sippin swallowing. Any human being can swallow better than sweet swallowing the anger it's a figure of speech when you swallow your anger, meaning you're not showing it and you're not acting upon it. Swallow your anger for the sake of a law. That's the word there is nothing better than you say. I am not going to say anything. Because it's not pleasing to Allah. I am not going to act. I am not going to react. Because it's not pleasing to Allah. Not because this is improper. What people will say about me, oh, because I'm now in public, when I go and I'm alone, see what I am going to do? No, I am going to swallow with completely. And I say your law This is for

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you. There is no better than this in

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then doing this this is a beautiful story A man came to send man usually when you say send my son man fallacy and he says the

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father of Abdullah again, Oh son, and he said don't get upset. So the man respond. You're telling me Don't get upset the same advice or Swati slotzo said I've said but I cannot. And he martiny Allah Allah, but you you have advised me not to get angry, but I have no control over this. It comes over me. It comes over meaning it is very common. If you don't know what I feel so hard for me not to say it's so hard for me not to do it. This is what he was telling them. Sell manufacturers sell my pharmacy lobby please with me respond, okay. If you cannot control the feeling, meaning I cannot push away the feeding them for sure. Control your tongue and control your hand. Control your tongue

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and control your hand. Control your tongue and control your your hand Say no more of not the disease. He said. This is beautiful advice, Pamela for any one of us who wants to be successful and he said

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absolute success.

00:34:24 --> 00:34:31

Absolute success is for that person. He or she will have the following

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manual Sima. Anil Hauer while hubub atama

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absolute success is the destiny of the person who has been or who can control his own desire to control himself when he's angry and control his agreed. He's agreed. Three things most

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Ever can do it. Whomsoever can do it. Absolute success,

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control himself or herself, desire when he wants or she wants and anger and in greed. And it has an adversary said beautiful thing. And he said whomsoever has four things, for characters, these four if he or she has a loss of Hannah hautala will protect him or her crochet upon, listen to this, whomsoever has this for Allah, Allah hasn't honorbound men community are some of Allahumma shavon for form, so about has these for Allah will protect him or her from shavon will have Roma who Allah know and Hellfire becomes horombo prohibited upon him. For your law, What is this for? This is for the moment this is for the believer, What is this for? And he said, Whosoever can control himself,

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himself or herself control in for situations. And in the robber, when there is a desire. When a robber, when there is a state of fear, or shut, what inclination will hold on.

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For states, we go through this thing of our day, four states, I want. I like

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I'm afraid, I'm upset.

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I want I like,

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I'm afraid that I'm upset. These are the feelings we literally move it from one to the other. And it has an impossibly said whosoever can control himself or herself in when they have these four they can control meaning you don't act right away upon these are law will protect him or her and make the hellfire. How long prohibitive What is this for?

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whosoever can control himself or herself at the time of a robber, I will I want I want this this constant desire inside us. What a show what? inclination? I like it. I love it. Oh, our robber, I'm afraid. And I overreact. When you have hubbub and anger.

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If I am composed, if I react properly, and properly mean, what pleases on last panel time.

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So immediately, and this is me streaming, this is extremely important. One of the goals, we need to make it for Ramadan, for the Ramadan against less than a month is to make goals not only to memorize this much of the Quran hamdulillah or read that many times the Quran Al Hamdulillah, or do that much of tarawih Alhamdulillah these are all good. But the main thing is the main thing, how I will change as a human being in this training counter month. And let's put one of these four. If I have one eye, maybe I have the fourth, can I change? I have control when I want when I like when I'm afraid when I'm angry. So when I go for shopping, and I need one thing, and I look at this and I like it, can I

00:38:52 --> 00:38:53

control myself and not buy it?

00:38:55 --> 00:39:45

When so much might say a word that really upsets me? can I control my tongue and not answer and think that Allah Subhana Allah will be pleased with me when I'm so afraid, can I control myself in my again reactions that I don't do or say something displeasing to Allah? And when I inclined to do something shut, what can I control myself? Whether it's a food, whether it is material things, whether it is an instinct, something that is not pleasing to Allah, can I do this for what will help me thinking of a loss pantalla that's me saying no, to these four desire liking, fear or anger, Allah will protect me from shape and

00:39:46 --> 00:39:48

the Hellfire will become how long

00:39:51 --> 00:39:52

upon me

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

are Swati salatu salam as as he is our

00:40:02 --> 00:40:10

role model, even the model is not the right word the as the inspiration and aspiration locker

00:40:12 --> 00:40:19

or SWAT on hasn't you have we have seen the roswaal as Auto Salon to you as an

00:40:20 --> 00:41:08

excellent example which what was what is something you follow you look up to and say I want to be like that. And one of the examples so panel law and this is not described by anyone other than thinking nuttiness who served over Swati sought to sit out for more than 30 or 40 years. They say he was thinking you say he was 10 years when he went with a mosque when he went to serve or Swati sought from Sarah, and he said, spell Allah. And he said in all these years, when I served over Swati Software Center, I never knew what I am doing. Or Swati saw to say I'm like it or this does not like it. The reaction is always the same.

00:41:10 --> 00:41:19

The reaction is always the same. He's always pleased with that. So Pamela Hamada, Rachel Shea and Acquaviva. Well actually,

00:41:20 --> 00:41:25

I didn't know what I am doing is something he likes or something he doesn't.

00:41:26 --> 00:41:29

Like he's always pleased what with what I do.

00:41:30 --> 00:41:46

Every time I read this hadith and I've read it so many times, I really think of like Shu Han Allah Subhana Allah, can we train ourselves to this, that thinking what made him or Swati salto somebody act this way.

00:41:47 --> 00:41:53

The thought that everything human beings the other people do is a form of loss

00:41:54 --> 00:41:56

and everything comes from a livestream.

00:41:57 --> 00:42:16

Anything come from Allah subhanho wa Taala is absolutely full of hair. And that was what he thought was used to have this beautiful job. So long do our part with this was Luca Karima to help for the loan hub will also be available.

00:42:17 --> 00:43:14

I asked him your implore for this duha in your list of Doha, in your list of supplication in Ramadan especially if you are or I am we are people of temper we get upset and when I again when I mean by is two parts for those of you who joined us late that the feeding is a feeding and there is the reaction to the feeding. I want for sure not to react other than what pleases or last punk dad and even better if I'm lucky and blessed me with not even feeling angry at the law Masha Allah decree or whatever love to clean will do. So one of his da ra salatu salam he used to say a Luca Kadima, tell him for your hobby, whatever. I asked you, your Allah, I implore you, to teach me

00:43:16 --> 00:43:17

to give to

00:43:18 --> 00:43:49

that I speak to those in state when I am happy, and when I am angry, when I am upset, I see the truth. whether I like it or I don't like it, whether I am happy whether I am unhappy and are sweaty, actually, this is Satan ns and they say it's habito Swati salatu salam, and says telefoon o'clock Halima three karakter.

00:43:50 --> 00:44:32

The believer clock on EMA a believer, one of three characters will reflect that this person is a believer, the believer the person who believe is not only believe in a law and the messenger and the books and the angels This is of course but the reflection of the belief whatsoever so how does everybody believe in these six what is the difference is the reflection of this and the character of them. They this heavy says three min email three characters this reflect the belief in a human being

00:44:33 --> 00:44:40

or three characters of a believing person and what is this man is a hot lava lamp.

00:44:41 --> 00:44:55

About when the person got upset, he never this anger this feeling will not move him will not make him say or do something that is bartered for screwed.

00:44:57 --> 00:44:59

Something is displeasing to Allah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:45

I need to remind myself I am a believer, that believer does not react on his anger, let alone react in a way that is false. That is displeasing to Allah. That's not number one number two woman either radhiya Love Your Holy God law human heart and the believing person when he is happy and pleased. That feeling of happiness and pleasure should not move in to act outside truthfulness opposite so when I am upset should not say and do things that's absolutely false so not pleasing to Allah and when I am happy and everything goes the way I want I should not transgress truth

00:45:46 --> 00:46:07

so for example, when I am upset when somebody says something that upsets me, I should not respond in a worse way. Even worse, wait and see what I'm gonna do. You said this, I am going to say that let alone physical, then my anger have moved me to false hood

00:46:08 --> 00:46:39

saying things displeasing to Allah or acting on the other way around is when I am happy, I should not transgress truthfulness, I should not start doing things which is not truth. displeasing to the to the to spectrum is not from the character of the believer. And and the third character offer believer is the person who does not take

00:46:40 --> 00:46:55

anything that doesn't belong to Him. them yet to hop on my leg, Melissa? I doesn't I don't use anything that is not my I do not take anything that I have no right and it is basically a reflection of the or

00:46:56 --> 00:47:33

if you want to look at what is the or a loss conscious is in these situations, when I am so upset, and I am a lot conscious. And I know what I'm going to say or do is not pleasing to Allah Imam or I am very happy and I'm very pleased then my reactions are over, not pleasing to Allah what stopped me of doing this is feeling Allah is watching. I'm a lot conscious. And then when I don't ask what I would have right and I don't take what I won't have right in it. I am a person of Duckworth

00:47:34 --> 00:47:54

and our Swati hisar to sit down. And many situations happened with him. What people really lost their temper with him. And this is very common. He was in a trip there was a woman on a mount adab and the mount refused to move.

00:47:55 --> 00:48:10

This happens every day sometimes to us that we go in the morning and the car doesn't turn on. doesn't start and the woman actually caused the dab caused demand and that was what he saw torsina said

00:48:12 --> 00:48:15

take everything from this month and let the mount go loose.

00:48:16 --> 00:48:40

Go loose we don't want because the woman curse the curse that man he said we don't want anything curse to come with us. So look at the reaction for us what he sought to sell by itself teaches them how should I react? So this is where Swati sought to sell him somebody course in his presence. So power. He didn't say how do you do that. I am also a police officer. He just responded

00:48:42 --> 00:48:45

remove her things from this mount and let them out.

00:48:47 --> 00:49:14

Go and that was what he thought was said and also in another Hadith he said if you are upset stay quiet. is all about the first good. I think if we all all apply this one in constantly a lot of problems in families in marriages in parents, children relationship at work in the street will be avoided.

00:49:15 --> 00:49:59

You now have up to a script. If you are upset don't say a word and insult score tells you it's an obligation that you stay quiet and you do not speak candidly or bland me a lot of Tyler help us to practice this may las panatela teach us this along when it's on labor along money so quickly with a healthy will hold will be worried long out law I asked you to speak truth truth when in a state of anger and in a state of happiness and remember that the original Hadith of the seals that enamel nassima, fattier from among people, they are like keys

00:50:00 --> 00:50:55

So what are we going to ask her why Allah make us keys for goodness and make us locks for evil especially as Ramadan is coming and this is whether inside your home in at your workplace with Muslims and non Muslims be the key of goodness and Ramadan is a training camp to teach us to be key of goodness and locks for evil. So when I get upset a choice is my immediately in that situation to be a key for goodness when I do not react when I control my anger than I am a key to goodness because I did not start evil people will learn from me people will learn my Deen they will love my religion is a lot of your can come over and I locked evil when I controlled my anger I I locked evil

00:50:55 --> 00:51:12

because if I said something bad evil will open up if I let alone acted with my hand evil started in the last pantalla and so much earlier Mr. He said he described this was probably not available well I have seen and NAS Allahu

00:51:13 --> 00:52:07

Allah said this earlier in one chapter three before this idea he said sorry oh yeah mafia thing that will become a wash and run. Or unsaddle. Run Run. Yeah, I'm a hero team. On to the forgiveness of your Lord. What john nothing. we're generating I'm sorry, Virgin net in order to win. And God heavens prepared a God than the width of the heavens and the earth or is that in Metatron is prepared already waiting for those people of taqwa of Allah conscious Who are they? In a lot describe them or a detriment alladhina resorts, your own official role in what those who spend when at the time of ease and a time of difficulty when they have in one day do not have a luxury of your

00:52:07 --> 00:52:57

own satellite in what Baba when called Amina and those who control their anger when a female nurse and those who part the people will love who have a Buddha machine. And Allah loves those of certain people of certain people excellence excellent man, excellent relationship with the last one down. So I am a lot conscious I spend when I have and when I don't. I control my anger I pardon people I move as a result of three of these from the status of being looked at the Allah conscious to a status of a certain highest level that I worship a lot as if I am seeing him that last pantalla teachers this met last pantalla help us to practice this you'll be amazed panicle amore behind the Ashford one

00:52:58 --> 00:53:39

stop stuff you'll go out with a solid love honestly them 100 was early, he was happy to Sleeman kathira, please notice the time change at the time they not states changed one hour forward. So we used to have the class at seven o'clock. It's now became still seven o'clock. But it is equal to the eight o'clock of the previous timing and we moved to 730 because of mountain time. There's a question I have a question. May Allah bless us? I mean, how can someone help himself from anger and the moment of anger? And how can someone stay steadfast upon this, Zack You know what? I covered it, but I'm gonna say it again. Because that killed the clock dumbfound me

00:53:41 --> 00:54:22

remind reminder, benefits believers number one, there's two things at at the moment. And after the moment. And this is something very important after the moment. Because if I get angry one time, my goal, my supplication to a loss pantalla that doesn't happen again. I failed one time. I don't want to feel all the time. So I need to reflect what made me angry. What what made me say this, at the moment of anger as I shared with you. Try to put your cheek on the earth. If you're standing sit down to the bathroom and doodle.

00:54:24 --> 00:54:44

Don't talk. Control your tongue that's the biggest one. Control your tongue. spouse's has been husband, wife, children don't say don't respond even if the person in front of you is on and on and on. And again, we are human beings, there's a limit to what we can take, leave.

00:54:45 --> 00:54:47

If you're in the same house, got your room.

00:54:48 --> 00:54:59

If you can leave the house meaning go out, do something and come back. Go and do will do immediately. If you are a person of anger and you will not respond. Gandhi will do immediately.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:16

Under Toluca, they will want you to stand in front of a las pantalla and see what Allah will give you the exact mahila palette a lot more behind a shadow unlike the hidden stuff we will call it today. So Allah Allah signum, Hamad while he was hugging

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