Non Muslims Practice Polygamy

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guesstimate as they come to us, and are you losing money for yc? And I'm not sorry. Today, no Moses practice polygamy. The practice, I don't care what anyone says, How many guys out these statistics show this? They have side chicks, they have mistresses.

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But the thing is they do. They go and cheat on their wives left, right center. Islam says no, you can't go and use another female for your sexual desires. You can't go and say, Hey, I'm just gonna use you. Because, you know, that's what allowed us for many reasons. If anything comes out repeated, but many reasons. One of them is if you're gonna do it, you do it like a man. Yeah. Now this doesn't mean it's a system you don't have to do you don't have to. nobody's saying you're gonna get killed. Yeah.

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You don't have to you don't you don't need to allow your husband to get married. Again. This cop does even a period that you can sit in the contract. I don't mean to get married. Again. Simple as you can translate. But however if you know is

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that one Muslims, they practice this. Yeah. So basically, we as Muslims, we, if it's going to be done has to be done in the right way. You have to give her rights. Yeah, you can't treat her like a mistress or sanction, whatever, you have to give her rights, you have to treat them equal. And bonus love and attack is so funny and so happy. But there is a narration that says a if a husband doesn't treat the wives equally, if you favor one way or the other on the judging, you will come leaning on one side. Yeah, so there's consequences. It's not like oh, happy days is that it's not that easy. You can kind of see. And also today, unfortunately, the Asian community here.

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Yeah. But the thing is racism. Unfortunately, racism is big. Yeah, divorce sisters. They were sisters are looked down upon like dead like garbage. Yeah, it's disgusting behavior. You know. So if there is a brother who is willing to marry that sister, because our sister has needs, financial needs, sexual needs, you know, when someone is a companion, they're someone to be a fatherly figure to a kids. This is important. I'm trying to say so Islam is there to say, in case of certain scenarios, you don't try to say our sponsor has given us a solution. What's the solution with other religions?

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and Islam is a religion, what else wants to marry two threes and fours, if you cannot be just marry only one. And it's other servers that he was also interested in? If you're not going to be just, you know, so it is hard. But there's many reasons behind it. If that makes sense. And there's many other reasons. But remember, I have just a few points here. Just one. First of all, like you've asked yourself, this is always I asked myself when people ask me questions, who's asking the question? So if it's an atheist asking that question, the question would be what kind of what kind of restrictions does the atheistic worldview have on polygamy? If it's a liberal asking that question,

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someone who believes in liberal philosophy, what kind of restrictions is liberalism have on this? Most of you by legal liberalism, I'm talking about philosophical liberalism. In fact, atheism, atheism nor liberalism, should have any restrictions on polygamy, whether it's from a man or a woman. But to be honest, I'm also talking about Islam perspective.

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But from an atheistic perspective, or a liberal perspective, polygamy is completely fair game for everyone. And frankly, you can say there's, there'll be a spiritual disincentive for someone because they'll think okay, this is good. I feel guilty. According to the majority of philosophers and psychologists like Freud, who wrote a book called civilization and its discontents, this book, he says, it should take over the it is one of the the primordial self you know, the the beastial self raelia if that should take over guilt and his eyes should be demolished all the all the barriers that you've created for guilt should be taken down. And this is what you're going to find with New

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Age kind of atheism. Slash liberalism is kind of like an upgraded Hedden ism. So, there is, first of all, from an atheistic paradigm, or from a liberal paradigm, there is no way anyone could argue that it's immoral, objectively speaking, that, for polygamy to take place, a liberalism doesn't disallow it. Only liberal governments have disallowed it. That's the difference. Number two, if you look at it from the previous dispensations, and other religions, you'll find that it's commonly practiced in all of the other world religions. In fact, with no exception, or the major world religions, with no exception, the six major world religions, all of them have a polygamous element. Christianity, you

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know, obviously, as you know, Solomon had 300 wives. I mean, Abraham had three wives, and Jesus has come to set and Matthews have not come to do away with the law, the profits have come to a funder. And that is why you'll find that anabaptist community which is a special type of Christian community, enforce polygamy. So it's only a historical

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thing that polygamy was outlawed from a Christian perspective, Christianity and Judaism and Judaism they were introduced they practice polygamy. In Hindu in Hindu scripture, there's many different verses verses of their gods having 16,000 wives, you know, 10,000 1000 and blah, blah, blah 1000 child sex slaves, this is all completely normal in their in their paradigm. As for Sikhism, I think six of the 11 or 12, gurus when polygamous relationships, so almost no world religion or what no well paradigm, which is popularized today, disallows polygamy, you'll find that from all of the world religions, and all the world paradigms, which are popularized, Islam actually has the most and

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the irony of it has the most restriction when it comes to this practice. And I'll tell you the restrictions, but when it says, Thank you, Mr. Tavella comment on the second lesson. Oh, so that's what it says, marry you, you will, from the above way, just as a side note, this verse came down just another added irony, it came down, talking about helping orphan people, often women in general, and by the way, the Quran puts a special emphasis on orphan girls, you know, so it has positive discrimination against for orphan girls rather than boys. So when the orphan girls get older, and obviously I'm pubescent.

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That is when the Quran from this perspective, you know, advise men to marry who you want from, from the orphan girls, or, or from the women generally, two, three and four, when it comes to Allah,

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term, and of course, if you if you can't, if you feel that you even fit that you can't do justice to marry one or the one, or you are, and this is another point here is important.

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First of all, there is a, you could say there's a kind of warning upon issues against polygamy, there's no doubt, it's not a smooth back, which means is allowed in Islam, it's not nice to have it, it's not fun. It's not something which is recommended, nor is it something which is obviously compulsory. And as Ali said, I mean, this is definitely the case. And this solves all the problems for the woman necessarily. And this is actually quite an interesting thing, which is special as to the Islamic discourse, if not for them now, which is one of the major scholars of Islam, they're one of them involve their Heavenly Mother, he quotes and others like him, you know, if you look at them,

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it goes that form and decides to if there's a contract, basically, before the marriage and a woman decides I don't want to get married, you can't get married to a second or third life. There's nothing. Basically the moment the man goes and tries to get married to a second wife is the the nominee of the marriage will commence. By the way this with this ensures, from a from the woman's perspective, that the man doesn't get married to the second wife in more of a way that would be the case from an atheistic paradigm. Because when atheists the paradigm, how is she? How does she know what he's telling her is true. If he says, I love you, and I want to be with you forever. I mean, he

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doesn't have any real objective spiritual incentive, objective spiritual incentive, morality, which is objective, that would stop him from going to different woman, multiple partners. In fact, I was in the gym recently. And I was so parallel, like, there was a guy who's married with kids. And literally, coming for an hour, he started telling me that he started telling the other guys all day, you know, yeah, she let me go to Ibiza. And she let me talk about his wife. And then and then the other guy asked, and we didn't do that. And then he started exposing himself, you know, I'm gonna go do that. And how do we know that people are not just, I mean, and this is the thing is the problem

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is that naivety can overcome somebody. And they are assuming using emotional judgments, that this man is always going to be loyal to me. But not realizing that the sociological statistics show that, you know,

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being unfaithful is something which is a common feature of the, of the Western paradigm. So generally speaking, of the Western experience, so generally speaking here, I think that in a nutshell, Islam has real restrictions I put for this but at the same time, it's mobile, it's the same time as allowed if certain things are put in place and that we'll see how that could be used as an evidence against Islam unless you have an objective reasoning to show that polygamy is wrong on an objective level which can never do

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Yeah, it's true and also if for example, one guy is cheating on his wife

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was welcome to come please. Please go

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to the restroom because you know, so the thing is, for example in Islam if the first wife is okay, yeah. And the wife for him to get married again it for them okay, you talk Why is it like No, no.

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No, okay. Look at this the next 10 girlfriends Yeah, Happy Days good. God wife mistress is good when it's not constituted in the right manner, but hypocrisy.

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In this country, there's no law it's for from a trading when your wife and I think there is what we

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We're gonna get so the point is why is it the case where a man could actually have a polygamous relationship with 100,000 women and given them their rights? Yeah, this is really important because Islam came to protect the rights of people respecting that female. You can't go and abuser if you marry this time if you marry somebody with the intention of divorce, it's Haram. If you said I'm gonna just marry her music is haram because, you know, well she won't be guilty but you will be for the intention.