Noam Chomsky Slams Donald Trump on CoronaVirus

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I want to ask you the first question being, what advice would you give to UK and US politicians on how to deal with the Coronavirus with Coronavirus? Well, first of all with

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Britain, they're different Britain. At first, it took the worst possible stats caused a disaster. But then they reverse course. And they're now moving towards what sane countries have done and contained in the US is a complete disaster. The worst in the world. They waited for until mid March, that to begin to take the steps that everyone knew was necessary. US intelligence was telling them I, US health officials were telling them, it was obvious, even the newspaper readers, but Trump was too busy looking at his TV ratings and playing golf, so he just decided to kill 10s of 1000s of people. Now in a desperate effort to cover up the crimes, they're trying to blame somebody else to

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blame the Chinese when the World Health Organization, blame the governor's, what he's doing right now, is making the crisis as bad as possible in order to improve his election

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possibilities. As you've seen, he said, Well, the federal government can't do anything. At first the line was on the roof of the world, I do everything. Just listen to me. Now the line is we can't do anything. It's up to the government. We don't give you any help, of course, but it's your problem to deal with. And if things go wrong, you're not my fault. Or anything happens come out, right? I'll take credit for it.

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He's basically informing the governor's, you're the ones responsible. Not me. Okay, that's scary. But I'm not going to help the federal government has all the wealth and resources, where I don't do anything. We took busy, like, killing people.

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And of course, it's going to make it worse, then he comes out with these crazy pronouncements may 1 want to open everything, then says the opposite the next day.

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I don't know if this is conscious or not, maybe it's just intuitive with him. But he's following a very clever strategy. The liberal press criticizes me for saying one thing today and the opposite tomorrow, and so on. But that's a very smart strategy. It means that whatever happens, it will be validated, that you should errors randomly, one of them will hit the target. And then you can say See, I knew it all along. Now it'll be amplified by his echo chamber in Fox News. That was the most brilliant thing ever done in history.

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It's a very clever strategy.

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And the same was leaving it all to the governors. So if anything goes wrong, it's not my fault. We're we happen to have a sociopathic megalomaniac we've managed causing enormous damage not only to the United States, but to the world.

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Right now, in fact, if you notice, he's encouraging the armed militias, which are

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carrying out demonstrations in state houses to say we want to have freedom by which we want to be able to infect everybody.

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No one else in the world is doing this except for snarl, Brazil. Crazy.

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Do you think that moving in the direction of countries like South Korea and Japan sorry about Japan but South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries like that would be the correct kind of course of action for countries like UK in the US?

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Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand

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pretty much under control by China to

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live in following the sensible measures proposed by just about all elsewhere, journalists, and health organization. Furthermore, they started right away. The China had, despite all the screening about China, they had given out all the relevant information by January 9, as soon as they discovered it

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Chinese scientists at identified by then that was a Coronavirus, sequencing genome, given the information to the entire world, that was a lot of details that was basically understood. And the countries that have governments that are concerned for their own populations act right away. Europe sort of waited a while and can't believe these Orientals

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finally started acting. As I said, the UK started off with Boris Johnson's craziness, but then went back to something like what other countries are doing. United States is

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the only country that's so far off the spectrum, that the United States is the one country that cannot even provide data about how many chases

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and how many deaths every other country uses daily.

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On a personal level, how are you coping with with the lockdown?

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You personally,

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we live in a place where we can stay alone, nobody nearby.

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Other people don't have

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if we were still living in an apartment in Cambridge to be much harder,

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even though it would still be a privilege. We're trying to figure that out. Of course, the worst of all, are they're really poor and underprivileged people and homeless people, people in the slums in prison

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for them,

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total disaster, and the United States is uniquely savage in this respect. So if you're unemployed, especially lose your job, you've been well

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that means you lose your health insurance. We don't have a guaranteed health.

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So that means

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you get symptoms of the virus, okay.

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This is where proceeds Trump

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comes from being this insurance charity bound by the strict legal rules. So totally dysfunctional.