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Muslims in Norway are now establishing a masjid and data center to enhance the Norwegian dour if you donate to this cause you will insha Allah reap the rewards 1000s of Muslims coming back to Islam and many of those who become guides and invite slam so click the link and donate now and share the video for extra reward my hello again I'm doing with the legend the man the legend of steel man the historical figure

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for as

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many of you would have known is the train on Tristar head trainer, head coach and trust in the gym as soon as one of the best if not the best

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trainer in the world and MMA. Now, this video is about how to defeat a bigger opponent. Now I'm simply a sizable compared to France. But obviously not skillful. You don't need to go to that.

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So with someone like me for us, how would you so say for example, I'm coming. Can you

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use your brains

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jackets, okay, so say if I'm coming at you, right? So I'm coming at you right now, first thing is I don't want to be on the same line. So your feet are pointing towards me. My feet are pointing towards you. Yeah, if we exchange your fist is likely to land before mine because you got a longer reach. Yeah, you got a bigger weight. So one thing I like to do is to circle when you point your feet towards me, that's when I'm going to change of direction as your feet lifts the ground to change direction. Okay, that's what I'm gonna thank you so, certainly. Yeah, certainly. Yeah. So now look because you're circling with me. Yeah, I'm gonna go this way. No. Now you're circling that way.

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I'm constantly breaking the line. I call it breaking my so if you put your fist like this, I want to be in for my face. I want to be here. And when you turn your face your face towards Me. I want to be here enough. I never want to be Yeah, face to face with. Exactly. And now I want to create that I want to create that cutback. We call it a cutback. So you will right then to the left? less than to the right. So we're talking about working in circles here. That's why I like to shadowbox oftentimes what I do is I put an object on the floor like a boxing glove. Yeah. And I just teach my fighters to to box around that glove. Always circling, always moving my head because his reach is longer. Yeah.

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But but if I get here, if I get here, the short amount has an advantage. Now on the outside, you have the advantage. Yeah. On the inside, if you watch their look, if you if you keep your shoulders up, and I put my shoulders on and we push each other push, push, push, but I'm stronger only because I'm lower. Yeah. Gravity is lower. Right. So when I get close to you, you're going to want to go down my height. Yeah. Now we're even if you push each other see we're either Yeah, now we're even soaking up. I want to catch him tall. Yeah, I'm circling. I'm certainly. And you if you were trying to chase me like this, it's kind of very tiring on the legs. So you have to relax your legs. I want

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to catch you tall. I have a window of opportunity. When I come in here. Yeah, no. And then I gotta get out again, because you're going to sit down with me. Are you going to grab me etc. So when you're fighting a taller opponent, one thing I really like to do, we're assuming this is not just a striking affair, right? Right. Right. We're gonna get to Yeah, wrestling soon. But striking. I can't stand in front of you have to circle. Okay. Because if I stand here, so you're either out or in. Yeah, you got a longer job than me. If I try to punch you punch me. You're gonna beat me every time. Yeah. So I got a circle. I got a cert. I gotta get you stepping. Yeah, I gotta. I gotta catch on.

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Yeah, okay. You know, I gotta catch on to come back. Now, when I find a taller guy. Yeah. I like to shoot doubles. But when I should have doubled. Yeah, I don't shoot and lift.

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Because their legs are so long that when you lift they're still on the floor. I suppose they're heavy. So you're going to Kosovo gakki So a trip so last year, I put my hook behind your ankle like this.

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And now I don't have to lift you see, I will trip you down to the floor and this will call to sue to get you to go down. Well, yeah, just be careful diplomat. Yeah. So I want to trap their leg as I should have doubled. So I shoot

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into a trap. Like this. Now, I don't have to worry so much about guillotine because even if you trapped my neck,

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because for you to make that guillotine work, you need your legs around my body. Yeah, I'm not gonna let you cut your legs. Yeah, because that guillotine is very weak. Yeah, let's show you later. Oh my buddy you have to put me inside the garden yoga it's a combat divers Oh, yeah. If you're if you have any guilty now, a lot of dangers.

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Yeah, phenomenal. And did you hear that if I trip your leg? Yep. Try to put me to guilty now. Try to talk me.

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Because very difficult because you don't have your legs wrapped around my body here. I'm going to pull a lot of your legs. Yep. So the two major benefits is when you shoot a double leg on a taller guy you don't have to lift him if you trip here. You guys know all the tips

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because you're so tall it's easier for me to get your ankle right but if you're my height will be lower because your arms and shoulders for me then on my side. I'm trying to screw that's it. Guys for taller guys. I like when you're the taller man I like buddy luck and trip so if you buddy like me

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Because the thing is, my legs are too far if you go from my legs, it's too much of a distance to get all the way down. Yeah.

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So I'm so I'm coming here. Yeah, I really like it like this. Yeah, well now you could check my my right leg with your left. Yeah, no, no your left.

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Yeah, you can even put your foot in the middle. Yeah, I think I throw me with your hip. Yeah, like this. I really like this for a taller guys. Yeah. So we're here like his body lock. Put your leg and signing start to hit? Yeah, yeah. That's good for me. I mean, if you're coming to a double local me, yes. I found the front. I like the underhook. So like, can you show my legs? Under Hook? Yeah, this is one of many ways. Okay, and then you can get into your buddy law. Oh, okay. So if I shoot on you, you're gonna put your hands like this, right?

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Yeah, the elevation here. There you go. Now you can turn the tables on me. Right, exactly. Okay, is what we call an alter ego sheet hipped us but one hip, because typically, as kids, they teach you, oh, Goshi, which is two hips. But if I do that, you can grab my body and lift me here. Not too committed here. So we just got one hip like I see. I see one hip and now we can ankle Pick Me Pick. Yeah. Snap down, etc. Yeah. So if I shoot on you.

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So here we're boxing. Yeah. You got to be quick to your other. Yeah, exactly.

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Now you have a right to finance one of the being the hip toss. So we call Higashi what we've seen you do as well. And this might be

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a lot to be honest in the UK? Because a lot of the kind of gyms don't allow it. The more traditional Yeah. Which is heel hooks. Yes, I've seen you do a lot of these. Yeah. You're You're known for that data club. Yeah, it's known for that. So with someone big like me, to what extent

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would it make sense for you to go for heel hook? very, like, look at look at the size of our feet here, put your foot here like, look, he's got a much longer lever. It's much easier for me to break your leg minutes for you to break, you know, to say what?

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You think about breaking a long branch or breaking a small branch. We think the smaller branch have less leverage. So it's easier for me to grab and break that. So how would you go like say for example, I'm coming at you while we're standing. I like to do something called actually slide. Okay. So like I pretend like I'm doing a double leg. So I'll do it real slow. Okay, yeah, I'm shooting level eight. But then I slide underneath like, Oh, nice. And then what I do is I like to push inside your thigh here like this beautiful. See? Now if you try to punch me you won't be able to Yeah, no chance you have no shot. Look where your heels. Yeah, now. Because that tie, try to resist me. It's

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impossible. Yeah, exactly. You're just yeah, you just bring yourself down to the map. So that's the first thing I do. Like the fight. Now. Look at that lever. We're talking about? Look, I'm breaking the cycle quite easily. It's beautiful. It's very little. You tried to go no, you got nothing. If I start if I start cranking, you won't be able to reach my body or face. What

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do you feel like? It's a good idea and MMA saying because we've seen it not work as well. Yeah, of course. Of course. Of course. There's a there's a risk with everything. Yeah, I personally, I like to use that as a surprise once in a while. Yeah, I would prefer to using the double leg with Kasota gakki. I want to be on top because you can't hit me. When I'm on top. You can but it's not really effective. Yeah. The other thing I like to do is I like to duck on there on top guys, because

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I get behind the whites. I'm in a position of safety. And would you go into like a Hillbrook position from here. From here ever right to take the one I like first is blocking the mean just like this. Yeah. And trying to get your hands on the map. Is he unblocking your knee? I'm putting my way forward. Now have you what we call a get rich? Yeah. So you can climb to the back. I can force you down to the mat cabbie business all the time. Of course, he's the master of get rich because you can you can do. I might be wrong here. But you can drop down here. Can you can you can but that's risky. That's risky. Because especially when things are slippery. When you do that. I'm just gonna put my

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legs up. Okay. You're on the floor. I like those things once in a while by surprise. Like if you see that move that you did. Yeah. Shogun tried it on John Jones in the title fight. Oh, yeah. I think I thought it was a major mistake. Because, yeah, he got to the waist of John. He sat down. Just gotta lift his leg up. Things are slippery. Yeah. And there's punches involved. Why take the risk? You're behind the guy. I'm in the secret. I'm in such a safe position. Why would I go here where you can not punch me? Yeah, like, why would I put myself in the line of fire? When I'm behind you and you can't hit me. So I find it strategically a mistake. Yeah, it should only be used in the most dire

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circumstances you're losing. You need to break the guy's leg in the next 30 seconds or we lose. Okay, take the thing with the foot locks and stuff. Yeah, exactly. I'll use it because the thing is technique always has to be

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under strategy. Yeah, I can just oh, I'll do I'll do any technical. No, no, no. We have a bunch of tools. Which tools do we need to do this particular job? We have to scrutinize what tool you're going to use don't just bring up the chainsaw. When we're trying to glue two pieces together a chainsaw is useless so I think I try to put you on your back I try to box you if I can't and I'm losing then I'll do something more high risk. Yeah. Now, this is a good video. This is many people gonna be taking notes. But the guys on the outside the big guys the tall guys are going to feel this is ridiculous. They're gonna say now for us.

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I was saying, well this smaller people have to be the big guys. We hasn't said anything about how the taller guys compete the smaller guys, you don't need any help.

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You know, we haven't had that much success in the UFC.

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So what would you say like the job? Okay, so yeah, I think a GA the longest division. That's why I really decided this game to be a Jabber. So, number one rule about jabbing See, look, look at my reach here. Yeah, the second touch your hands go up the second punch at an angle towards the ground. See, I lost reach. I'll go here. I've maximum reach. Here. Just punching downwards is really really bad for me. So if I'm fighting a guy who's shorter than me, and I'm jabbing at an angle downwards, I'm actually not using my reach right? I have to get what we call a level Okay, so are you coming down? Yeah, I'm coming down to his level. Oh color that leaves me more susceptible to kicks has to

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be aware of that. I'm crushing it. Yeah. If you go down for on the one hand Yeah, if he goes down he's gonna have more reach. Well, on the other hand, if you come hit me now are you not now? Me being taller? Isn't that me forcing you to extend your arm which requires more reach well for the shorter guy I want to close a business then punch common mistake is guys punch on the way I'd like great example McGregor and

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Jose Jose Aldo. Yeah was

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leaps in with a punch that back home catches them on the way in a taller guy. Yeah, you're the taller guy. If I punch from here, you're gonna beat me because your reach is longer. Yeah, I got to close the distance like we talked about. Yeah, then I have to have the discipline for which to delay my strikes. Right? Once I close the distance now actually have more leverage than you. Yeah, yeah. If we punch each other from here I have actually superiority.

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Yet, but Africa is digit but I still have more remember if we push each other here, please. Yeah. Who generates more power? Yeah, a guy who's shorter so shorter guy has more leverage on the inside taller guys. More leverage on the outside? Correct. Yeah. So to you to maximize that job of yours, you need to get a short as me. So yeah, if you look at Gerson therapist is Matt Serra the rematch. George was short. I Sarah. Okay, he came the first match where he got knocked up. He was tall. And so I caught him and dropped them and wobbled it. And then we correct is actually very

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cool. It's very important. You know, these are the gems. So the first thing is jump. Yeah. So I'm done. Because you have the you have the reach advantage. I would use the job. Yeah, exactly. I will be using I've become a dog. You want to be as short as me. So what's the eye level? Yes. To be at eye level. Okay, good. So now your jobs in my Wait, I want to get to you jobs in the way if you're punching from there. Yeah. Your job is actually not reaching me. Yeah. Because actually, it's much easier for me to get get closer to you. Yeah. Whereas if you get I level I have to do my my blitz or my closing this is from further out. Yeah, the margin of error is greater for me. Yes, I'm

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constantly now have that job between between me and you. You're keeping that job between me and you at all times. So every time I tried to sidestep and cut in, you're trying to pick me off with a job. So there's actually kicking rage because cocoons is different when you squat down like that. It's dangerous to do it against a very strong cue. Okay, that was not a strong kicker. So as a perfect example, when George Japan we did the same thing. With Japan, mostly a boxer, not a kicker. Okay, if you're fighting a very, very good kicker, I wouldn't recommend you get them not short, because you get your legs ripped apart. Okay, I see. I see. So watch, I just say hi. And just, you want to find

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I want to find the balance me I like to bring my legs up so I can check immediately. So I never put my weight on the lead leg because then you can you can kick it out from underneath me. I see. See? So I'm always I'm always lifting my feet when I box. Okay, you know, I'm always looking at So to kick my legs gonna be out of the way. Yeah, exactly. I'm always flakes out of the way. So I've never planted like finally because I feel I can get double leg kicked. So that's the job. What else would you advise to people?

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A Good left hook. Good left. Oh, yeah. So you grow up? Yeah.

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Good job. And the left hook. The way I like to throw it is from here. Yeah, I put it here. So every time the guy comes forward, yeah, I pulled from the hit Nice. Yeah, I don't even look small telegraph. So I find much taller than I punch from here. Yeah. It's a bit like what Tyson fury does, right? Yeah, exactly. So not every time you try to punch me I sweep.

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Sweep with my hook. It's not a it's not a short hook. It's a long slapping book. Even if you look at how you're doing it.

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Chocolate I used to do a reverse knuckle. Okay. Because used to because you have more reach with a recycle. So here, look. See I lose a few inches here. A little bit longer. Yeah, well, he's doing that. Yeah. But if you throw it from the hip, you could really hurt me. So get sideways a second. So if you punch from here with your jab, jab, Bow. Bow and then if you see me reach the distance, you could throw your hook but step step to the right. Sorry, to my right, pivot. No, no with your with your trail leg. So the back leg here. So once you open your spot and wonder like, Oh, I'll go. Famous instance is Mayweather knockout, Ricky Hatton like this. Yes.

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Exactly called the checkbook. So every time I try to come inside, try to fight you keep your arm down here. Yeah, keep your shoulder pointed on my chin. That's it. I don't want to come in here. You just throw that hook. But now another important detail is you've had to go over the trail knee.

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So you created this as you're using your reach and you

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And you can see that my face is underneath my shoulder. So even if you got past he wouldn't catch up to me. I don't want my head up here. I want my head down here, here. So that's two things. You've told me the job. Yeah. And the level of the checkbook. Okay, what else?

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But once takedowns Well, we talked about body body work. Yeah. takedowns that you can even see. I mean, it's not wrong to shoot doubles is just further away. So you have to be careful me. So for a taller person, you say number one is body blocks. And number two is what singles? Because it's quite, I mean, it's quite wrong. So if the person comes for like, I like, I like singles. I like under hooks. I like body locks. I like it all. Yeah, for tog I really like under hook. So when I'm under hook like this, yeah, I want to keep our feet perpendicular, I want to try to avoid, it's not always possible, but being chest to chest like this. Okay, so I want to be here like this. Now, from

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here, I'm going to lift this. And I'm going to trap your knee. So I have a diagonal control, I have control your left side. Now I have control over your right side. So I now have a diagonal control. If I run you over here, you're going to fall to me it's called a knee tap. One very important technique. So when I do that, if you withdraw your leg, if you enjoy it, I put you in a headlock. Yeah. So you're kind of caught in a dilemma. So if you under hoping here, you have control of my right side. Now you want to control my left side. So you would control my left knee here and throw my left right side over my left. Ross I've ever been through my shoulder. Yeah, exactly. So you

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would be

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exactly there to bring me down to the mobile court. It's called a Nita that's over here, sir.

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Yeah, exactly. Yeah, no, if I resist that,

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my if you really tap try to grab the back of my knee, pull on it, pull it yellow, fire resistant by going here. Boom. You put me in a headlock. So you have the guy in a type of dilemma. Yeah, you can make it a trilemma. Okay, by going here. Yeah. Snap down or here. Like what we did earlier? Yep. So I have this Triple Attack. That's brilliant. And some careful they got takes us away back up. Okay. Well, he takes the head away. Yeah. Boom, boom. Okay, go you have a Triple Attack. Yeah. That I can chain. Yeah. Now you got the early Yeah. So this sequence of attacks? Yeah. It doesn't make sense for for a guy to go down and do like, he looks nothing. No, no, no, it does. It does. There's a time

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and place for that. But I feel like if our legs are so different in size, it's very hard for each one of us don't like one another. Yeah, there's a weakness to every submission. Yes. If I see your legs without long Yeah, I feel you can't really like lock me. It's gonna be hard. Not impossible. Very hard. Because my feet are smaller. My legs are shorter. But I can like lock you so yeah, leg lock wars. I have the advantage. Triangle chokes you're much more superior than me cuz you have longer legs aren't trying to move I don't go underneath. Choo, choo. But even let's say shoot on you. I really worry because whenever I say go long arm stand up on the choke that are shorter.

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Usually very dangerous. Yeah. Not as much guillotine guilty is much shorter guys. shorter arms. Yeah, yeah. So you have we each have advantages and disadvantages. Now armbar, I can break your arm much more easily actual than you could break my knees. Your arm is longer. Yeah. So in an armbar actually have an advantage. armbar escape. So if I had the choice to give you a triangle or armor off your armor, wow. Because you have less chance to finish my arm. Yeah, it's harder to travel. One last thing I'll just ask you, because I know your time is limited. But you know, in terms of the heel hook, escape. How am I getting out of that? Because you told me how to do it. Or that you would

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do it. But then how am I gonna lay down? It's actually a pretty. Let's do a 5050 level. It's actually pretty dangerous. Okay, it's actually so she hooked me now. It's actually if I hold you here like this, try to break my leg here. Go and try to break now this. I tried to make sure you're not going to hook me. Let me try to break this. Yeah, trying to crank my crank. Holding on your arms. It's actually really difficult cuz I will. If I'm if I'm close enough to hold your hands. Yeah. How would you break my neck? No, go ahead. Hey, I'll try to get rid of this. Right

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now you i I've scrambled against your he'll look good. Yeah, try to hold me. I can't do it. I'll try to look. Let's see hope. Yeah, good.

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Look, I'm holding arms. Go ahead. It makes it very

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tight. It's actually very difficult. If I'm holding arms. See I'm hiding my feet. So good.

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Yeah, that's not easy. Oh, come on.

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I like to hold the hands. Gary. Versus Tom Lee. Yes. The holding hand. And he went on from there. You took it away. I'm gonna hide my feet and then separate your legs. Now I'm gonna start separating the legs. Once your legs braided. Try to reconnect your legs together. It's not easy.

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Okay, we might need so what I do is

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I try to intercept the hands. Yeah.

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I try to get one to 112 hands as many hands as I can grab. Yeah, I get up on my foot. Yeah. When my hips are off the floor. It's harder. Not impossible. Yeah. But much harder for you to link up with me. That's good. From there. I try to separate the feet. Yeah, once I separate the feet, I try to scrape my knee. Beautiful. This is one way to go buddy. That's fantastic.

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That's how you do it. Okay. If you

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He even took like 10% of that 20% 30% that might save your life one day but most important Can you hear me that book

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explains the good mentioned people now you know I'm in his head to see

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alright guys like a naive childhood easy. How can we how can we get your stuff was on The Checkout druggie Yeah and your YouTube channel is Tristar Gym check out Tristar Gym I do a lot of tutorials and stuff like that fantastic guys make sure you subscribe to this channel and mine as well so I guess

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