The Start of The Hijab Ban

Yasir Qadhi


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Because the fact of the matter is that it's not just India where this is taking place. In fact, almost 15 years ago, the discussion began in France even 30 years ago, one can see in the 90s, the first case of a French Muslim, reached the court, where the when she was wearing hijab, and this continued to circulate in the 90s. After the events of 911, until finally in 2010, France became the first western country to officially ban the burqa and niqab and to put restrictions on the hijab. So this is the first European country to open this door, and this opened up the floodgates, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, parts of Germany, certain localities in Italy, some

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spaces in Spain, Russia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, every single almost every single country started passing laws to ban the burqa or to ban the niqab or to have restrictions even on the hijab and across Europe and even in India part