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knew from the dealer

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who was sitting you know

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was so beautiful was Sadie who are older retired I mean surely fusina will say Dr. Marina yeah the healer who fell on mobila Oh my god little fella Hajela or shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah who had the Hodor Cherie Kedah know Mohammed Abdullah who are a pseudo well Sophie you haven't been hunting you are kalila

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Bella risotto Adele America and also Halle Halle la masala Tula Who said I'm Holly Yeah, you're living in Tacoma Hopper Ducati well I tend to tune in to see the moon. Yeah, you know NASA Topo Rob Docomo Liddy halacha come in FC Wahida wahala caminhadas xojo hell with them in humeri German cathedra when he says what duckula haliaeetus gonna be here allow him in Allah can Alikum Raptiva Yeah, you have tequila or colocado study the American way of looking with the Nova comb, where many will say la hora su the whole photographers of Hosanna Halima?

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Did the microphone needed to be warmed over? So

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my dear brothers, inshallah I will keep it simple in and in short inshallah

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and let me just speak from the heart shown.

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Since, again, once again, we you know, we have, we were getting used to a different, you know, system. In the summer, it was too hot. Now, in the winter, it's getting very cold. And now we're facing another wave

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of this

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pandemic, and an increase in the number of cases where, you know, the health care system has reached its breaking point.

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And ICUs are full, may Allah subhanaw taala help us get through this one Shala May Allah keep each and every single one of you and your loved ones safe.

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And as we get used to a situation that is uncomfortable,

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you know, sometimes we grow frustrated. And sometimes we have a lot of questions

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that that are not answered.

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And one of these questions has to do, how long is this going to last? Why is this happening to us? But it's important that we continue to remember that Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah Who lovely from Allah subhanaw taala has looked

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a lot, even someone who has settled

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in the way he does things, and his wisdom and his father subhanaw taala and his care for His creation and His mercy and His compassion, right. And what

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may be considered to some people as a curse, it may be actually a blessing in disguise.

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And one of the,

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one of the objectives of human beings is going through tough

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situations in which they have to make very tough decisions. One of the one of the outcomes of being overwhelmed as a human being, for we have to surrender that was also a hard he's the one that overpowers everyone and everything. Right, no health care system, no matter how sophisticated it is, can withstand right, the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala cannot, right, he though a harvest and Hanukkah. So this should continue to be a humbling experience for us an experience that should always, you know,

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bring us back to Allah subhanaw taala remind us of our vulnerability and our weakness and bring us back to Allah subhanaw taala and ask ourselves, What is Allah subhanaw taala? How does Allah Subhana Allah want me to face this and deal with this? Because Allah is beginning the crisis film Iraqi phenomenon. He is the one that places here on this planet, right? With all of its risks and challenges and opportunities as well. Film, Boracay time to see how we're going to behave, how we're going to react. What is it going to bring out of us? In Allah as we did the applaudable Haley was shot here it was tasked us with good and evil. Right? Just again to see how we react when things get

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really tough when we're overwhelmed when we're frustrated when we are angry when we are anxious. When we have a lot of uncertainty and when we're scared. Are we going to overreact. Right.

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And we have something that is working against us which is you know

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of human nature Allah subhanaw taala says in in Santa Holika Hello inadmissible shareholders who are either Muslim and firemen who are human being was created, right?

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Impatient either MSOs shareholders who are going evil before touches him. He panics and overreaction.

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We then assume Hiram Anwar and when human beings experiences fortune withholds

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and becomes greedy in hordes.

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But Allah azza wa jal says that there is an exception to this.

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And that exception is a special group of people in Allah azza wa jal to identify this special group of people, Allah azza wa jal tells us the first character, you know, almost

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the first characteristic that was mentioned of these people is Elon mousseline except those who pray, those who pray and also lean that is a believers. That is referring to us to the minority within the minority Elan, Mussolini and then Allah azza wa jal identifies these people and what kind of qualities they have. And one of their qualities is that they're consistent with their prayers, they're persistent, you know,

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it takes a lot for them to miss us a lot or to be distracted or to be you know, turned away from from us they come to Allah subhanaw taala even during hard times

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in the province I've said them told us in the Hadith, you know, that there is great reward for those people who who continue to come to Salah A times of difficulty, and perfect there we'll do Alan McCarran. Even when it's very hard, when it's too cold, and the water is cold, and it's too cold, they still do it, they try to perfect their will do and they do it properly. Or when it's too hot in the water is boiling hot coming. Those who have lived in any desert area, like myself would know what I'm talking about. They still make make blue, continue, right. Lithium Ion also nothing more than ALLAH SubhanA continues to talk about their qualities, one of their qualities that I would like

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to highlight today

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is the fact that they are giving and courteous and generous. Right? Things don't always have to be good things don't always have to go their way in order for them to show courtesy to others. And I think this is one of the

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one of the practices that we can commit to Inshallah, if I can get myself in you today Inshallah, to commit to this, that we are going during these difficult times, be as courteous and as kind and as nice as we can be, to our loved ones, to our family members, to our wives, to our children, to our neighbors, to our brothers and sisters. We're not going to always get it right. Right, things are not going to always go the way we think they should go. But we don't allow our frustration to cause us to take it out on other people and we continue to be as courteous as we can be with one another.

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Acts of courtesy, little subtle acts of courtesy. Right That will ensure Allah subhanaw taala showering us with His mercy and Allah azza wa jal right, reaching out to reaching out to us with his Lord subhanho wa Taala in a subtle way, little things Medeiros I've mentioned in the past how one person the Prophet send them. Allah has revealed the story of this person to the prophet in the prophesy send them share this story with with with his companions with his community. He told them about a man that saw a branch of a tree that many other people before him have passed by and didn't care. He was not a janitor. That was not his job. That was not his, his his specialty, but he

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thought to himself, I was able to avoid this. Yet someone else could get hurt and out of courtesy, right, an action that took probably seconds from him if any, right he removes it. Allah azza wa jal appreciates the thoughtfulness of this individual. And this act of courtesy for schukat Allahu Allah for Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah granted him a pass to Jana. Forgive all of his sins, you know, that's all it took. And act of courtesy.

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The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam encouraged us to do this. Little things, these little things are the ones that matter. And again, when we're frustrated when we're overwhelmed when we're distracted, what do we have, when we're when we when it's things are very hectic, it's very hard sometimes to pay attention to these little things. So So next time, ask yourself, What can I do? What's the little thing that I can do? Giving your wife a break? You know, being more tolerant with your children, right? Even something as little it disappoints me sometimes when we don't do you know, takes certainty out of courtesy, even if you're someone that contracted the disease and you may

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think that hamdulillah now you have already 100 that you have developed immunity and you don't need to put the mask on if you don't believe in the whole thing to begin

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And with still out of courtesy, keep the mask on.

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Out of courtesy, put other people

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out of courtesy, you know, when you use a shopping cart, and you come in you empty it in your car, even if it's too cold, remember, the person who's going to be using it after you. I'm not saying go go wipe it and everything, at least return it where it belongs, don't leave it. In the wallet, he disappoints me, especially especially I'm going to tell you this, I'm just going to be very honest and frank, especially when I go to places that are frequently

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you know, visited by Muslims, like tourism, some of these halal meat markets. And when I see shopping carts all over the parking lot, some of them blocking the other day I took a picture of to blocking the parking space. Think about this next person, the elderly person who's going to come and pull into this parking spot. Right, but then they have to get off the car to remove the cart, because someone just didn't care, emptied the cart and just left it right there.

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Right, little things that matter, right? Homeless people, we think it is very cold. Imagine what it's like for those homeless people. And we think that you know, they are one of the highest when it comes to, you know, risk factor, right?

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Your neighbors, elderly people,

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people that who are living alone, reach out to them. Someone sent me today a message saying, Please remind everyone and it's not even healthcare professionals, just some, some student of knowledge said please let people just remember our health care professionals and they're there and also reach out see how they're doing. Not only when we have consultation, when we need some information from them, or when we're feeling some symptoms do we should call them just out of the blue I just wanted to check on you and just let you know that I'm praying for you, how are you doing emotionally and how many of them are losing their colleagues and they are under a lot of stress? May Allah subhanaw

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taala ease the situation.

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So let's reach out and let's be generous and for those of us whom Allah subhanaw taala has, has blessed and have the financial capability, reach out generously May Allah Subhana Allah acceptable Mesilla Allah Allah subhanaw taala you're having a lot more hands off in the Kobe Nara him well I didn't like it enough to hang out with so hula hoops you were looking for stuff people have been looking in the hole for over 111

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All right.

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I know it's very cold and solid Tyla we're done with our poeple I just want to you know, we're trying to do our best to make the best calls inshallah God for the sake of our community members may last kind of data reward you and may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to make the best decisions and shall long time so apologize for any inconvenience loss kind of data except your deeds and forgive our sins have been at a couple midnight in the city already. But the Ballina in Atlanta to weather him lawn maintenance only better was

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set out with a nice police colony with an equilibrium impose a dependence on the German and now the law

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said it will put a bow in hand PICHETTE will make a very able to look into the karoun Corolla headquarters Gohan and

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acordo Maharana will notice now