Spirituality #03 – A Reminder to Myself

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So this session that I'm going to be doing is really advising myself by summarizing some of the things that I've read. And I'm gonna be talking about things that I haven't been able to master or even achieve. Unfortunately, things like humility, things like that, which I'm trying to work on. And this is not me being

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humble. I'm not this is not one of my character traits with the edge map or consensus of people who know me, as I'm not just saying this. Having said that, this particular Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad wa salam really stuck in my mind. And I want to remind myself of it, it's a hadith with masa, some said lead for Jana Turman, Kenneth Calbee him with Carlos aura middle keeper whoever's got an atom's weight of arrogance in his heart will not enter Jannah when somebody came from the Companions as in love, Roger, lay your head, in your corner ThoughtBot has no Anala has that surely, you know a person loves a man likes to wear beautiful clothes and beautiful shoes. And the Prophet

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Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said in the lahat Jamila on your Hebrew Gemma, certainly Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty, but then he defined for us and it's very important what Kibera is what is arrogance. He says arrogance means bottle Huck walhampton Ness rejecting the truth and belittling the people. Now this is very important, because he actually has an entire chapter of this, which I'm just reading some of the notes of will try and summarize the two myself. And this is essentially been translated, they've translated it to a book called on the condemnation of pride, which can be purchased. Very good. Some of the references is a bit difficult. But having said that,

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first of all, you know, you mentioned some of the Hadees, condemning pride and arrogance, the ones I've just mentioned, another one, which I found really interesting and very powerful. Actually, when one considers another Hadith I just want to share with you guys is the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam where Allah is the Hadith Bootsy and the last saying honor is my is off is our and pride is my cloak. This is obviously expression expressed via whoever visors me regarding one of them shall be tormented l Kibriya. The day, he came do the day Subhanallah is yeah, do you not because as Kibriya for Allah, it's not arrogance for Allah is Grando. For us, it's

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arrogance. So if you try and you know, self aggrandizing, you're vying with Allah with that which belongs to him, this is a very powerful thing, which reminds us of power law aren't significance, lovers. And he actually makes some really interesting distinctions in his book. And he differentiates between Al Qaeda and Al Jarreau. And the way he does, so it's very interesting. He says, a keyboard, the keyboard, which is arrogance, it requires an object, like, for example, if you are alone, in a desert island, and you are self praising and looking into the water and thinking, wow, I'm such a great person, this would be a job not Cuba, because Cuba requires an object to be

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done to. Okay, so after kind of distinguishing between one of the one of the other, he mentioned seven major reasons, you see for Cuba for arrogance, why does somebody become motor capital? Why does somebody become arrogant? And one of those reasons is, well, let's let's go through them. So one of them is attribution, is for example, you can say, this knowledge, person has knowledge, he thinks, because he's learned a few things that he can start putting people down. And we see this in the culture of students of knowledge and mache, that they're all attacking each other. It's a very horrible scene out there attacking each other's knowledge, or he's not on this level, and he hasn't

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even read that book. And we also see it in in different different industries, or on YouTube, and in other places, where this person is not qualified. This person is not that sometimes people are not qualified. Some people are problematic individuals. However, if you think you're better than somebody, because you have been given some knowledge that they have not been given, intrinsically, this is arrogance, you think you're better. And this is an important distinction, if you think you're better if this increases your intrinsic worth. And this is me, adviser myself. Number two, you can he says actions. And these can be obviously religious actions for religious people or other

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kinds of actions. I've done this, and I've done that, why do this and I do that, and this person doesn't do this and doesn't do that. So then someone can start becoming arrogant because of it. Another reason he brings forth is lineage, I come from this family, we're from this clan, and arrogance can come about because of that. And like I said, he has some very interesting, you know, chain kind of analogies here, where he's talking about the fact that this is the case, you know, a bacteria or worms, which reside in the body of an animal versus a human being is the same thing, but it's, you know, he talks about the fact that it does, you are not responsible for where you came

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from, just as the worm or a bacteria is not responsible for where it's, you know, in what it's inhabiting

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So why would you try and glory harm which maybe we'll do now football soccer culture for something which you yourself have not achieved and he mentioned is also beauty which is of course can be for men and can be for women we also look at how he looks at how she looks oh she's done this to herself and she doesn't have that and look how big and fat she is. And because of that we're how skinny she is and look at how small her breasts are. And women do this to each other men do this each other to his bicep. So this is legs are small or look how short he is. And these are some things that are completely out of your control anyway and what the facility wants us to remember here is actually

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your beauty or what you think is beauty is going to wither and the same thing you mentioned which is another reason is strength strength is going to decline your strength is going to decline so oh you know this guy's weak I can finish him whatever is very much there another thing which is he mentioned a reasonably will get angry as money. I've made this about how much money do you make bro like what you make this much money go to people that compete on this and in the Quran has ah on this enamel has done you live on the left one.

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What's a festival in Vienna, you know, and so on. So to Hadid or to cathode Antifa people, they try and pile up money. And they think that money makes them rich, makes them a better person intrinsically better person makes them rich and doesn't make them rich, makes him a you know a better person. So Allah, you know, the Anil has early is reminding us is not the case that clearly in the Quran. So the case, yes, I will. And the mela who are flooded. For example, The Quran mentions that he thinks his money is going to make him immortal, to become self deluded because of it. So these are some of the things and he says that there are some fundamental causes of pride and

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Kippur. And he narrows them down into four. He says, Look, you've got one of them, which is internal or three of them, which is external. The internal one is itself which we talked about. So allow job, which is self amazement, can lead to arrogance. Because you think well look how amazing I am. Well, these guys are not as amazing as I am, the moment you connect it with an object, another object outside of yourself can become arrogance. And so he also mentioned some other external things, pretension, and potential as basically you're just speaking and pretending to know what you're talking about. So that you can be seen as higher up reality, you know, you're that guy. Like, for

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example, when a child debates with more intelligent parent, you're being pretentious here. Because you know that, that that parent is more intelligent than you but you're just doing that, because you want to show that you're, you're clever as well, or something like that. Another reason is resentment. And how could, you know, you might resent somebody, so you think you know what this person is not and this has shaped satanic Luciferian this person, I don't like him, therefore, I'm better than them, you know, it comes quite easily comes naturally. Envy is the same thing, because what is envy, you want that person to lose their blessing. So if you're envious of something,

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someone that you're more likely to, to start being motor capital towards them as well. And so what he does in terms of now, what's the one treatment for these problems, because we've spoken here about some of the problems or the treatment for some of these problems? And basically, he says, Look, you need to it's the whole issue is one of ignorance versus knowledge. And he has a long discussion on the issue. But basically, he says that you need to know that you you are not as you think you are, you are not as you think you are. You don't you you are self deluded into thinking that your wealth has made you better or higher value or this or that, when you realize that you're

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gonna die that 100 years from now, you're not ever going to be mentioned that you're going to be under the ground. Yeah, that people are ever going to bear to be near your dead corpse because of how the stranger that certain corpse people are going to actively want to forget you. Can you imagine this when you remember these things, then you acknowledge that you are you're a temporal existence in this transient space called the dunya. When you have proper knowledge of that, then you don't really have a reason to you want to cap it at all.

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