Muslim vs Atheist Debate Sacramento California

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The speaker discusses a security meeting in California on April 10th. They mention a new security comm announcement and a break in the meeting. The conversation also touches on the topic of "any terrorist" during the meeting.

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As you can see we're here with the security comm I get serious.

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What's going into Joe? Why don't we got a break coming up? Yes. We're here in California. In Sacramento, California. Yes.

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On Wednesday, the 10th of April 2019, California time California time. UK time it's 11

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after a successful debate in New York, you could debate in an atheist on the 10th inshallah, California time 6pm UK time 11am on the next day 11. domicile inshallah gonna be in UC Davis, by the way, so yeah, for those who are local to the area is going to be UC Davis. Yeah, six o'clock, and it's going to be Yeah, it's gonna be an atheist, venue, any any terrorist when it comes to security is going to be very new security.