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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara film ba one mousseline.

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Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah it he right only He will save you seldom to Sleeman Kathira Agatha Rafa Mavado,

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my brother and sisters,

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last of the series of what to do is to seek help.

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We all need help.

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And especially those in leadership positions, they need help more than anybody else.

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So the first thing to others is, if you're not in leadership position, don't put more pressure on those who are in leadership positions in your, in your organization in your home in, you know, your parents, your teachers, in your masjid, and so on. They are already under pressure, they are under FAR more pressure than you know. And they are in a position where they cannot show their own pain, they cannot show their own pressure. Because if they do that, it only makes matters worse, other people will get even more incensed, and angry, and so on. And

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there's always a fear that somebody will do something which creates more problems than good. So don't put pressure unnecessary pressure on people, number one. Number two, if you are under pressure and you feel that you need to seek help seek help. It isn't there is no shame in seeking help. We all need help from time to time, no matter how strong you are, I think we are there are times when we need someone to talk to we need a shoulder to cry on, we need a hand to hold. We need someone to hold our hand we need someone to give us advice. So seek that help but seek that help from somebody who is qualified to help you.

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To me, first and foremost, the biggest qualification is somebody who loves you, somebody who has your best interest at heart. Number two is also professional ability and capability. So somebody who's a qualified counselor or a qualified psychiatrist.

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This may not necessarily be the amount of humor because they don't teach psychology and they don't teach counseling in the mother is in the mother's house in the gym yet. I've been to one and I know this, I'm on the consulting panels of many others. They don't teach this, they should teach it but they don't teach.

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So you need to find somebody who is a qualified counselor or psychiatrist.

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Ideally find a Muslim

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because then he or she will speak to you from the perspective of the Quran and Sunnah. But if you can't find a Muslim, find somebody who is qualified to deal with you your emotional stress.

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You don't have to go it alone. Don't go to

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this, as I said, there's no shame in asking for help when needed. There is on the other hand, it is foolishness not to seek help, and then put yourself into a situation now where you are a library to yourself and others,

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especially those in leadership positions you are needed, right now you are needed more than at any other time. So you need to be psychologically healthy, emotionally healthy, physically, of course,

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and strong in order to be able to help others. If you break down, you're not helping anybody. So seek help as you need for people who run organizations I would say also provide help to others. So identify counselors psychiatrists

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who are available and you know, then then ask who needs their help and pair up with them if you have if the organization has to pay for it by all means, pay for it.

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These are the times when when the all of this is required

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do other things in in a collective form without turning it into a Buddha. So don't say recite this digger 10 million times and this will happen that will happen without putting numbers and stuff onto it but collective dua

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reading Konos Hoonah Janaza after Salat al Fajr and Curonian as Allah can be read after reading every for Salah Indore in a certain every Manisha

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in the last target after the Rico. There's a third because of the fourth regret. Kannada Nigeria can be read in all the

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Sabbath and this is a good time.

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Also make a lot of dua in Jamar good that's the timeframe for Joomla Joomla is the time when lots will have access to doors and there is one time one PSA in Joomla will accept the door of a slave or they

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We asked before, so make lots and lots and lots on the environment.

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Don't waste time in discussions and debates and arguments and so on so forth. As I keep saying all the time, it does not change the reality on the ground. All that debates and discussions will do is they will spoil your relationships with your friends.

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That doesn't help you don't have them doesn't help anybody.

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This is a time to keep hearts together. This is a time to talk the language of togetherness. This is not the time to talk the language of division, we already have divisions. The tragedy is that even an emergency situation even a life threatening situation is it seems that it's not enough to bring our hearts together. You seem there's not enough to take us out from this divisive mentality that we have developed. The

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the greatest miracle, if not one of the greatest miracles, modules out of resources was his ability to bring together people who are divided on many different lines divided on lines of color on lines of have race on lines of tribe, and lines of economic lines and so on. So, people who are completely divided and all of a sudden brought them together on one point and that point was that we are Muslim.

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In our book movement, Allah is what Allah said all the believers are

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brothers and sisters to one another.

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Unless manager has said

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that this ummah is one oma

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in Mojave not to come on bottom wide. We're an Arab Boko Ferragudo are in the hands of humor to come Oman Wahida, one Arab Boko fortaco unless there is a tool to surely and truly this ummah, this brotherhood of yours is one woman.

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And I'm Europe, so worship Me. And in the other place, he said, Surely and truly this OMA is brotherhood of yours is one OMA is one brotherhood, and I'm Europe. So obey me and and have my taqwa,

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my brothers sisters, what can be a higher and greater honor? That Allah subhanaw taala used himself as the adhesive as the reason why we

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why Ranma because we worship Allah. Why are we one brotherhood because we worship Allah, because he is our gender dinero. So whether you are Shafi Hanafi, Maliki humbly, whatever, right?

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You are the brother of another Muslim, because he's a Muslim, because she's almost because we worship Allah subhanaw taala and not anybody else.

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That's the reason why it's so important for us to

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speak the language of togetherness. This is not the time to speak the language of divisions. This does not mean that we lose our sense of right and wrong, and that we accept everything we don't.

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We follow whatever we follow. We follow the masa we follow we follow the map we follow. But we do not curse others. We do not sit in judgment on others we do not pronounce Jana jahannam. For others. The job of judging is the job for Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala said He's the judge. He did not appoint you or me to be judges. We are not assistants to all us monitor and all we learn to live let us stop pretending to be that

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doesn't make sure that we are people who

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do what we were sent to do, which is to worship Allah. Allah subhanaw taala did not send us to judge. Allah did not send us to pronounce,

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you know, to clear on others.

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Please understand that when you call another Muslim or cover

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and if he's not like after the New York office, unless Martin Sorrell systems it is very clearly. He said one one Muslim called another recover. One of them is a golfer

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when one Muslim called another one a disbeliever. One of them is a disbeliever. Somebody called Mohammed been humbled How to know the gaffer. And he said that he quoted this hadith and he said that I know that I'm not a golfer.

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So before you pronounce the fear on somebody else, understand that if that person does not deserve that, then you will go to Allah without Islam.

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Don't do that yourself. If you have done it to somebody already go apologize.

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Go apologist Take back your words.

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We ask Allah to save us from ourselves, especially from our tongues.

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And there is also salam said the thing that will send

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The maximum number of people into the Hellfire is

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to let us keep control of our tongues and say only that it pleases Allah and save ourselves from that which does not please Allah was Allah Allah Allah revealed Karim Allah Allah He was a board member