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Alright guys, I have some more goodies for you a couple of weeks ago, I shared this with you. And I think we were all in utter shock from what was written here. You guys all know National Geographic, right, which you know, they had their first publication in 1888. It is the largest nonprofit organization for scientific and educational facts, archaeology, geography, whatever. So I did some digging, and I don't tell you what I did to get this, but I found a copy from December 1947. National Geographic, right. Let's look at the second topic here an archaeologist looks in when you see this, Palestine. Thank you, Palestine, National Geographic, again, not me here. If you go to

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page 739, what does it say an archaeologist looks in Palestine? And then if you flip over just two pages, two very close pages over here. What do you see? You see the map of what what do you read here? What does it say? Palestine, you cannot change history for God's sake, you can just wake up one day in the morning to say, Oh, guess what, it's not Palestine. But not just this. I was able to get a very ancient Atlas from 1839, I believe it was. And here again, if you look at this, this was actually an atlas that was taught in schools in the UK. Look at this, what does it say here again, map off Palestina, Palestine. And where was this taught? Let's see here. I'll show you real quick.

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I'm sorry. Everything's kind of falling apart.

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college and school books. Oh my god, it's falling apart. But this was a college and school book from 1839. And if you see it up there in the top corner, and then another one this was in UK, by the way, in England, you can see how old it is right? There's another one here that was actually published in the USA. And again, here this was actually falling apart. This one's very, very delicate.

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Look at this map of

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I don't see no Israel here. I see Palestine. I only see Palestine, Palestine, Palestine and Palestine. Here. If you look at this over here,

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this is again published were in 1850 53, Philadelphia.

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This here is how it's falling apart to see how old this is. and this and this.

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And this is going to be my kids inheritance. Teacher kids learn. Understand that you cannot change history. You can't wake up in the morning and decide Guess what? You don't exist. I am going to exist doesn't work that way. It does not work that way. It is full of thean belongs to them. It's their land. Please get your facts straight.