Yasir Qadhi – Heart Matters #17 Being Thankful The Blessings of Shukr

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Sh Kentuckyover sheds light on gratitude and manifesting blessings, with a focus on the heart and body. The Prophet system is emphasized, with emphasis on showing gratitude and realizing one's experiences. The importance of showing gratitude and learning from one's experiences is emphasized, as well as the need to strive to be thankful and appreciative. The segment also emphasizes the importance of mindful behavior and striving for gratitude.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. What accounts

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of the stations of the hearts that the one who wants to purify the heart must maintain? Is the station of Shuker of thankfulness? Allah subhana wa Tada tells us in the Quran further koroni of Guru comb Washko Rudy will attract foreign remember me I shall remember you and show shocker to me and do not be ungrateful. And Allah says in the Quran, what is the other than Allah Bukola in Shankara Tamela z then the comb, your Lord has announced a decree this is announced in the higher heavens, it is a maxim a rule let in Chicago tune let us see then como if you are thankful to me, I shall give you more. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah tells us in the Quran that He has created us

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mon notified and I'm sure ginned up 30 He He created us from a mixture of fluids, and we showed him the way ima Shakira on what IMOCA fleurop. Now man has to decide which of the two ways does he want? Does he want the way of Shakira to be thankful to me, or does he want to be the way of ingratitude ungratefulness so Allah subhanho wa Taala divided mankind into two you shall either show thanks to me, or you shall show Kufa which is in gratitude. And when Allah praises his highest servants in the Quran, like no like Tao who would when he praises the highest servants, he uses the word Shaku in the whole can now other than shockula He was a Shaku a thankful servant of Mine, so you shall never

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purify the bulb until your earlobe understands and appreciates, and acts upon the level of sugar, sugar or thankfulness rests on three pillars. The first of them is in the heart, the second is in the tongue, and the third is in the body. As for the heart, and this is where it all begins. Shaka begins by acknowledging and appreciating and attributing the good that you have to Allah subhana wa Tada will be coming near and Metin for me information Allah, you have no blessing except that ALLAH has given it to you what aspect of it come near Mr. Hoover Hera tell you about him. He has immersed you in His blessings, some of them you can see and others you don't even know about but you still

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have them. What in Tarot do Naira Matala Hilah if you were to count the blessings of Allah, you could not even count them. So Shakur begins in the heart by acknowledging the blessings Allah has given you and attributing those blessings to Allah subhanho wa Taala you are supposed to make a mental checklist of the blessings you have you are supposed to think about how blessed and fortunate you are. And Number One On The List of blessings. Number One On The List of blessings should be the blessing of Islam, the blessing of iman the blessing of being in the ummah of the Quran, the blessing of being of the followers of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then every other

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blessing Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned so many blessings in the Quran, he gave you summer and bustle of Allah Tosh Quran he gave you the ability to hear and see, don't you show Shuker? Notice after mentioning the blessings, Allah says show Shuker to me so number one the kalam has to acknowledge and attribute to Allah number two the tongue and the tongue of course what does it do it thanks Allah subhanho wa Taala we say Alhamdulillah many dozens of times a day we sit down for a meal we say Bismillah Alhamdulillah when we finish we say Alhamdulillah whatever we blessing we have we thank Allah for it. And when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada praised know when the Quran in the hookah

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evidencia Kurupt. Our Prophet system commented on this verse, and he said that every single morsel that Noah would eat or drink, morsel SIP Alhamdulillah not every cup, every sip, he would say, Alhamdulillah and Allah called their abs your code. So the second reality Shaka through the tongue, and the third reality sugar through the body, Allah says to the old Alayhis Salam, and Sulaiman adenine Salam ear MaryLu whoo the chakra show your Shuker in your Amel Oh family of Darwin. How is sugar shown through the almond sugar is shown through your ama through your deeds by using what Allah has given you to worship Allah. By taking the blessings Allah has given you. If Allah has

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given you health, then show your health in your Ibadah Allah has given you wealth show that welten sadhaka Allah has given you whatever blessing then give of that blessing to those who needed and that is a part of your Shaka these are the three pillars of Shaka there are many blessings of chakra there are many

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benefits that come when you show Shaka of the blessings and the benefits that come ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Maya, Allahu be either they come in Shackleton mentum if you show Shaka to Allah the adab shall be diverted away from you. Punishment only comes upon those who do not show Shaka, those who show Shaka punishment is lifted up of the blessings of Shaka Allah subhanho wa Taala mentors I just recited that in Chicago tune literacy then come you want to be more wealthy show Shaka to your wealth, Allah will make you more wealthy, you want to be more healthy, you want to live longer, every blessing you want show Shaka Allah will increase those blessings and have the perks and

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benefits of sugar and the highest benefit of sugar. We're in Jesh Kuru your Allahu Allah com if you are thankful to Allah, Allah shall be pleased with you, your God who are all the Allahu Anhu Yoda who you want to get into the category of Radi Allahu Anhu This is our way to do so we're in touch Guru Yoga hula calm. Now the question arises, what are some of the mechanisms we can follow to attain chakra number one, our Prophet sallallahu idea who was setting them said Mala Yash Kuru NAS la escuela I did this in Abu Dawood. Whoever doesn't show sugar to the people does not show sugar to Allah began your sugar by humbling yourself to the creation. If you cannot Humble yourself to those

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that have done favors upon you. How can you humble yourself to others? You must begin by eliminating your ego somebody does good to you say to that person just knock Allah Who Hey Ron, may Allah bless you for what you have done show thanks to those who are good unto you. This is the beginning of shakur number two our prophets are some said hadith is an event manager. Our Prophet system said Concordia and Takanashi Coronavirus. Be content with what Allah has given you. You shall be the most shocking of all mankind. Be content. Don't be greedy. Don't always look for more things what you have, take advantage of it and thank Allah for it gone corny and tickled ash Coronas be content with

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what you have, you shall be the most thankful of all people. Number three, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said IDT isn't going to be the Hustla tiny two characteristics, whoever has them, he shall be shocked and saw that he shall have sugar and shall suffer. What are those two characteristics listen to this and memorize it. The one who when it comes to the religion, he looks at people better than him and wants to be like them. And the one who, when it comes to this world looks at those who are less privileged than him and is thankful for what Allah has given him. That person will be shocked and Abbott and sobbing that person will attain the level of sugar. One of the

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easiest mechanisms of showing sugar and appreciating and manifesting and feeling blessing is rather than look at the lifestyles of the rich and famous, rather than gloat over what you don't have, look at those whom Allah has blessed you over prefer you over privileged you over look at those who are struggling to eat to drink, struggling in any blessing that you have. And you will realize Allah has given me the whole world Allah has given me all that I need our process have advised us when it comes to the religion, look at people better than you and want to be like them. And when it comes to the dunya don't look at those that have more than you. If you always look at them. You're not going

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to be shockcord you're going to feel conceited and arrogant, you're going to feel greedy, don't look at them. Take those who have less than you as the people you look to so that you are appreciative and said hamdulillah Allah has given me so much and the final point and as usually have to summarize because time is limited the final point of the ways to perfect our shellcode our Prophet says that I'm taught more or they've been juggled this beautiful job it is enslave me my Muslim and others that oh my god, I love you for the sake of Allah so make sure after every single Salah you make this dua what does that do? Ah we all know it Allahumma are in the Allah. Vic Rica was shook Graeca Wahoo

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snare a bada tick, oh Allah helped me to remember you and to be thankful to you and to worship you perfectly. If we do all of this insha Allah to Allah it will help us be amongst those who are Chaka, final point brothers and sisters. It's scary. Wallahi it's scary. Allah has told us mankind is divided into two in my Shakira. We're in Makkah for if we are not shocked there's only one other category and we don't want to be in that category. So let us strive to be of the shack eating May Allah subhana wa Tada make us amongst them will continue to Moorish Allah somebody

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