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finances play a massive part in this. But let's say the peace loving are the ones that follow Islam in the correct fashion. Let's say in Saudi Arabia, they have billions, why would they not use that to instead of giving citizenship to you, but still, and now there's a massive platform certainly has

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platforms, their biggest, biggest channel and Saudi Arabia. And it's almost you could say a liberal channel. It's a liberal channel in the sense they promote, you could you could say you could argue a Western liberal narrative. So

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this is ironic in the sense that the biggest channels in the Muslim mode of promoting the same things that the West is growing, and that's due to the ties of money, oil, possibly it could be by genoways, is due to I think, a postcolonial reality. Now, Saudi Arabia itself was used as an example wasn't colonized by the British. But the majority of countries in North Africa. Yeah. Including Lamborghini from Egypt, were current colonized by or Egypt or by Britain or France. Yeah. So that mentality, and obviously, the African countries themselves have the opposite effect of that Muslim reality, which is why you'll find a lot of our countries you're getting an African or or or Jamaican

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or like, Caribbean. Yeah. So what you're originally African, let's say that reality has spill over to seeing things like, you know, Fair and Lovely, Fair and Lovely. The light

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is something that winds the skin basically. So it ranges now the postcolonial reality ranges from finding beauty aesthetically has been more why to actually be in agreement with everything the white colonial post colonial master tells you that it's true. And we don't know how much this is approached us. This is the question so much that now every question you ask, I promise you, it's going to have a Western colonial post colonial slump.

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And that's where you're going to say,

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agree, I would agree cuz even like before, when you mean, before you came in, Linda, that you had your pain? Yeah. And we both said, like, why did it happen? I think like you said, how the Western media portrays, that it

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should be the way the white man says is.

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look at because someone asked me platform and I put you up

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with regards to the Corolla digital smart grid.

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smart man finds out when a smart man recognizes a smart man that makes him smart. So tell him

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someone actually said that there are certain parts of the Quran as well as the Bible dated. So when I raised points surrounding violence, waging a holy war Jihad was, again, the postcolonial stuff, slot stuff that wasn't

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as important, isn't as important to you before, I'm going to be asking questions that people ask me goes well,

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as well, I'm a practicing Muslim. So I just want to know, when looking at the Quran, yeah. How can you see what is metaphorically? Maybe the case and what is normal?

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Okay, chapter three, verse seven, tells you that it tells you that the middle is

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too shabby. So it says that this book has innate

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verses, which are basically ambiguous, and other verses which are foundational, you know, how are you supposed to know?

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So basically,

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I'm reading the Quran, how am I supposed to know which ones are?

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The questions that answer that question is that those verses, which speak in a way, which can only be interpreted in a way, in one way, or the foundation of buses, for example, Chapter 112, verses one to four Paulo, I see a lot of one and only, we believe in only one God, there's no Muslim, has no ability to God or three, have a Christian might say, No, leave industry, free monitoring, we don't have that. We don't have that confusion. So we'll say kouvola is the foundation of US law. If you come back and say, hold on, you don't believe in rule of law, I have all we will have a different interpretation. No one in the history of Islam has ever said that. So that's the

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foundation of us. That's not a metaphoric verse and cannot be subject to a plethora of different interpretations. But then I think you're coming from a place of being educated because there's many people that I feel whether that be in rural places of the Middle East, or even here where they're looking for belonging and they attach themselves to certain groups. How would they how you eloquently explain that? How would they know that for example, someone messaged me saying in the Quran, it says and kill them wherever you find them and turn them out from where they have turned you out. Okay. So let me let me put

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Ansible question, okay. What you've what you've posited in the first instance is called an argument from ignorance. It's a fallacy in logic. Okay? So if you don't know something exists, it doesn't mean it's false. So if I say, Okay, this person doesn't know it, therefore it must be false. That's called an argument from ignorance. If I say, as was the case that Neptune doesn't exist, because I can't see it, you can see that, you know, one point, yeah, and they have to kind of find a natural nationality, they have to track it based on a planet. It doesn't exist, therefore it doesn't exist. That's not ignorant. So from a logical perspective, it doesn't carry any way. People don't

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understand things. They have to get educated that Francis Bacon said knowledge is power. It's not my problem.

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But there isn't, excuse me, it's not moving that this was like someone's ignorant, God will take care of them accordance with the laws that they know, in Christianity, it says like, you will be treated on the basis of what like, you know, exactly, however, so let's look at in the most basic way possible, you have young people that are seeing that many of their family members are being killed due to restaurant bombings.

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And then they whether it's ignorant individual, that's lots of rumors, listen, the Quran justifies us going in killing these people that are killing

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me, let me put this in the simplest way possible. Try and make Yes, yes.

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Okay, so the Brown has in it. Like you just mentioned chapter nine, verse five. Yeah, what you just mentioned before, kill them.

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Kind of you can use it right? So you just mentioned chapter nine, verse five, okay. That's a problem, because why not mentioned in chapter nine, verse 12345, and six, then seven? Because that's what really are context. Yeah. So chapter nine verses one to four stipulates that there was some kind of agreement between the Muslims and at that particular time to take them out of there, I made an agreement, most of most of pagan, pagan Arabs.

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So at the time,

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there were people that I just needed become the people that stayed upon the religion of their forefathers and believed in the multiplicity of gods. Okay, so they believe the different statue Gods worship. Yeah. So there was an agreement between those two paths between the Muslims and the pagan Arabs. Now, the first verse of chapter nine, which is all sorts of Toba

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says that the basically that they have these pagan Arabs have not

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the agreement has been has not been taken care of. In other words,

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they have betrayed the agreement, then it continues talking about what you should do. It says find them where you show them where you find them, etc. Talking about in the context of war is now a war has been issued, just like in any international relationship, or you have a treaty that signed

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a treaty that signed from an international relations perspective that now has been broken. And now one party has the right to defend itself. So offend or defend itself on defending boy, yeah, Harrison, chapter two verse one mighty, it says, what possibilities do you have in the lie that you see that fight those people who fight you and don't go across the bounds? Because God doesn't like those people across the bow? Does that still relate to today? Like those people should fight you? Absolutely. So basically, it's not about pacifistic religion. So we're not saying that, you know,

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the idea of sorry, but I'm gonna put this in the crudest of terms and not offensive. But the idea of slapping someone that you can give them the other cheek. We don't have that. We have, if someone's like, super cheap, you are allowed to set them back on the cheap. Okay, you understand? So, if someone attacks me on the roads, yeah, I'm allowed to find them. So then would you say there's a lot of one, but basically, it's all events. So from an international relations in different countries being attacked, they must fight back. It's not about that they should fight back, will they have the option of fighting they actually have to do in a slap?

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So you will say nice, okay for them to to defend themselves.

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So, what's happening now, various groups will say, okay, so terrorism is basically because they'll say,

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you said that everything that we think about is from

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a Western ideology. Yeah. However, zi and myself have spoken about this in the past, were on air management, I'm not going to justify. However, I can understand that if I see continuous bombings in my country, if that means a couple of casualties here, how can you see it from the outside as necessarily a bad thing in a way but Western is asking for it to the degree, but is it justified or

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not justified?

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chapter five, verse two.

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It says, In normal paternalist kills,

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One person dividing us

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for not killing another person of love. Oh, great crushing Atlanta, and

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it's as if it could go dramatic. So killing one innocent person

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was killing like the whole of humanity. That's a very famous person on the line. The point being is this, he just said defense. Yeah, you know,

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the difference is this. If a combatant attacks you, that is a combatant, who wants to fight. Whereas if it's a non combatant, someone who is an innocent person, a Prophet told us you're not allowed to kill categories of people. of them are the non combatant women, children, even monks, priests have to cut down trees. very stupid question. Now.

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By the way, this is not something controversial. The only reason? And I'll tell you once again, the only reason why you asked me this question is actually this sad enough? and funny enough? I'll tell you why seven I think what's funny, is that because actually the same reason you're asking it is because the same Western colonial person that really let's say, there was the colonial master him to your parents country. Yeah, yeah. And they did that because they justified cultural superiority. They said we are cultural. Suppose we are culturally superior to your parents. Yeah, the African tribal religion and African tribal systems are inferior systems. And therefore we have a culture

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which we need to give to these individuals, culture, or culture. I think the same reason now now it's being moved from the colonial landscape to a post colonial landscape. We still have the Imperial demonic, Western USA, that is attempting now to go into the middle east rather than, let's say Africa as much as much for colonial economic reasons. So they've had to invent a narrative. This narrative is a narrative of what Samuel Huntington called a clash of civilizations, civilization, a civilizational passion between the Muslims and the Western Hemisphere. That narrative now has been invented. Yeah. People are starting to believe in it because they're not critical thinkers. They

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don't think okay, well actually, what is special about this verse in the Quran? Because actually, if you look at the Old Testament book of Numbers 3118 it says not only do you kill the the enemy, but you take the young girls as slave girls, and in the Old Testament, right? Yeah, so in other words, prepubescent, you take them, you slightly enslave them, you rape them, you can rate them.

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Most of the commentators have said that no one I know come across one Cebu come into their country that has actually differed from that understanding that literalistic understanding of the Old Testament. So why don't we do that first, because that was actually more dramatic than any version of Grindr? You know, I've spoken about that. But then when, when we look at the Old Testament, oftentimes, the

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death of Jesus does away with a lot of the old practices in the Old Testament. So the New Testament so much. So it says, Jesus says, I'm not coming to deal with

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them. What is the What a funny This is a discussion. But the thing is as follows, if Jesus Christ is God, if Jesus Christ is God, is that is the Nicene Creed 325 understanding of Christianity? Yeah, he is the author of the Old Testament, because the Father, the Son of the Holy Spirit, one therefore, those texts in Deuteronomy like Deuteronomy, chapter 21, verse 10, Judah Numbers, chapter 31, verse 18, and other verses, which are very, very much, you know, vicious, you could say, very vicious.

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These are not only authored by Jesus Christ, well, they're sanctioned by him himself, because he is. So if the argument is the Old Testament, the New Testament, yeah, well, Jesus must have been the author of the Old Testament, because he is God, ya know, the

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Trinity. But going back to defending your country, you'll say that in terms of you can defend yourself if they're the combatant. But my thing is how the Western world is set up in invading many countries. How would you then defend your country because you're not going to go to if you know, Trump says down to resume.

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For example, if you defend

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if you live in those countries, and people come into those countries, trying to attack you and take your sovereignty away as an independent, autonomous human being, you do the same thing as the Kenyans did when the British came to invade, you fight back?

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And it wouldn't be called terrorism, I'd be called fighting for that. Exactly. Okay. So so my thing is because we know now, that technology is so advanced, for when the Quran was written, then it's not as simple as soldiers running into your country and you having a punch up, this

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punch blows up. In fact, there's a heavy

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There's a Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed A gladis is a saying of the Prophet Mohammed kills themselves, just generally speaking suicide, they will continue to do that, and they'll fire themselves. Okay, so why do the suicide bombers do that? Are they getting it wrong? They must be getting a justification they get it from the front. How about that?

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This might sound like a salvage operation, but let me make clear. They get it from the Quran because of those salespeople, okay, which I call sales, marketing, in a way,

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which two groups of people have voted?

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One of them are the sonic haters. And the other one are the terrorists, that Islamic cases and terrorists have the same understanding.

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Both of those have that the understanding that actually those verses which are talking about war and clearly in the context as we've seen them, so chapter nine, verse five, is talking about international relations, nations treaties, etc.

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Those salespeople shackle salespeople, they've been able to manipulate the text using heavily school gymnastics. And so Jesus, can you tell me what?

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So many verses, there are so many buses?

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There's nothing in

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the office that says you can fight the enemy. Okay, the enemy who is the enemy? Now, basically, what I'm saying to you is the Islamic cases, and the terrorists have the same understanding of who the enemy is. Okay, who is actually any civilian, any civilian? Why are they the enemy? The way they justify it? So they've got democracy.

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And people the general populace? Yeah. They actually endorse, yes. The leaders Yeah, this is the way many of the salespeople, they actually pitch in and say that they endorse their leaders, therefore, they are responsible for what their leaders from a foreign policy perspective,

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say and do. So if they're, if their need is lacking 2003, say, let's go to the rock and kill 100 to 3000 people, then they are responsible, that's how they justify it. So now they're able to shift the blame from the politician and the military complex, to the general populace, and therefore general populace, blood becomes, as, you know, as easy to get, as the, for example, the military or the politicians blog. So all of them become the

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people that want to call in, you can call it we have literally what half an hour left? Oh, 7951497878, calling speed 200 to answer your questions, you've got one guy who also have some outstanding talents, they put he's going in the future, right?

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Do you? Do you think that there should be a modern day writing of the Quran? Because like you, like you say that there are certain things that are taken out of context.

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What was worship? Okay, let me ask you a question about

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these people that I meet, okay, that when I speak to them about capitalism, or communism left, right, colonialism, they don't have to be the government that is not taught in the schools properly, unless you want to study in university. So when you have young, let's say, more even young, but when you have certain people that may go into prison, and there's a brotherhood in prison, that's going to protect them, they start reading the Koran, they don't have the ingenuity or the education behind it to be able to contextualize things,

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then that's why I'm saying should there be some sort of concordance or explanation next to these verses to stay that this is what it actually means? However, if you read enough of us, it can look like it's contradictory. Because

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sometimes the Bible is

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lot of Muslims

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know it's a Jesus is when scholars have the power of the Bible or any religious texts. Yeah, they interpret it in accordance with language, the lens, that image of God equal the home, you use the approach, the user will have used an approach. So they use different tools to access the religious text that is done everywhere. within Islam, Christianity, Judaism

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uses an approach and people that are studying the first time should look at this one stop. That's a good point. Exactly. So in other words, what a young

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terrorist want to be looks at the extra Jesus. Yeah, yeah. And he realizes

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The way he's interpreted the bar is not in line with the classical interpretation from day one for the first person to, according to my knowledge to

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avoid someone

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poverty and pretend Ah, yeah, then you have the name of someone very famous FCO versions of Jesus that was written in a sentence and before age, and others, like, for example, a Sufi row in my life one anyways, oh 911, which is actually funny is like 911. And that's what you like.

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And the point being is that this stuff this stuff is that the scholars have done the work. All that needs to happen is that the young people that are persuaded by the terroristic narrative, which is actually in many ways similar to the anti Islamic narrative are the same, they should look at those things

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before making a judgement. And when they look at it properly, they will then see that actually, what they've understood to be different, is disjointed. From the way the classical scholars from day one have ever seen. So how do you feel about a student who's talking about like this new trend of you know, it's cool to be Muslim. A lot of that I know a lot of PI's then resume and then when it comes around to random they're passing by has to be the cloud. Dude, whatever. What do you think about this whole new wave of

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Islam? Let me just put

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here him. Like, super long, big words. I'm not trying to be I'm not trying to pontificate.

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what do you do?

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Okay, what do you teach history?

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Okay, make sense? Okay, so basically what I was gonna say was this.

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I said, I don't want you to gain access to dating, right? Yeah. Which means that all the time, just talking to people or 10 people. And also, going back to basics, Islam generally just means submissions. But we believe that God Free University maintain the universe, he's the sustainable thinks, yeah. And that he sent messengers a full time, to respected peoples and localities, to respective civilizations to tell them of the message of God, which is to worship God to believe in him as much as well. But he said, Abraham, and Moses and Jesus have a Mohammed at the end. Yeah, and he's the final prophet. So that's foundationally, what Islam is. And two things that Islam comes

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with is that message, which is a very basic premise, believe in worship one God, not three in one, not the Trinity, we disassociate ourselves from the Trinity. I'm not an atheistic, obviously narrative. But here we're talking about just believing in one ultimate entity creator, that has fashion users, is sustaining you and meeting you, in this universe, this cosmos,

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where we are significant aspects of that cosmos, and worship to submit to that all knowing entity, that's basically we believe, we have evidences to prove that this narrative is true. So to do two things come in handy and have the message and, and the evidence base. And all the prophets have come to their respective peoples, they have come with two things that come with the message of Islam, which is to submit to the Creator. And they also come with an evidence base, which is a range of rational evidence is given to human beings to prove that a message is true. So it's not comes hand in hand. Some of those evidences are things like religions of the future. Things like the fact that

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local art, as you mentioned before, is the only preserved ancient religious texts, the things like the fact that you will not be able to find the contradiction of on the fact that the Quran is inevitable. In other words, it cannot be imitated, etc, etc. So from that perspective, we feel we have a rational,

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coherent worldview. We have a coherent epistemology, our current ontology, we don't need a Western post colonial narrative, to tell us basically what modernity should look like what modernity This is easy for you to say, though, coming from the point of, like I said, an educated point where there's many generations here that they are westernized, however you want to just pick up that due to schooling due to maybe the watering down or how and by the way, I'm not against everything in the West. I'm just saying why don't want

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to just say

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you're okay, whatever you like or you're an African, your forefathers, were Africans in the continent of Africa, your full house.

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White men came to your country and took over parts of your land. Yeah, that's what happened. Now you might think those days are done. Those days are not done. Those days up continue until this very day, there is a post colonial reality. The way you dress the way you talk, everything about you screams I have been infiltrated and colonized once again, just

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my forefathers work. The only difference is that they will go full force. We teach our young people and yes,

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your forefathers were colonized by men on ground good boots, whereas you guys are colonized. I'm sorry. But with ideas, yeah, ideologically economize, you can't think outside of this box of modernity, Western discourse, whereas African tribalism

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is the only religion in Africa, which is actually the choice of the West. I'm gonna say that quick. Islam is the only religion in Africa, which is the choice of the West Africa. If your father was a religion with all of them, a lot of it was spiritual, isn't it? Yeah, I agree.

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I'm part of the Songhai Empire. If you look at the the gunner Empire, all of these empires were Muslim empires, and was the choice the African. If you want a couple of words about what was the choice of the West, African, non colonized person, we're talking about?

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Coming back to what you said.

00:26:08--> 00:26:15

Speaking on those things, let's set aside Islam for one second, how do you teach young people coming up?

00:26:17--> 00:26:20

How to think, void of Western

00:26:22--> 00:26:27

ideas, Western ideas are very valuable. I don't ever want you to take up like,

00:26:28--> 00:26:40

every single thing that I say you're saying is coming from a Western view. So my thing is this, there's nothing wrong with that to a degree. Yeah, it's important if you're saying that our forefathers are African, that we should be able to switch and things

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like that the truth is devoid of color.

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What I'm saying is this, is that when we are told that the truth is the truth, because the white man said, so the post enlightenment experiences, so the post colonial spirits and so that's what takes us back to why is that? Why don't we do that? Often, local farmers, then ask the question, why? That's what it is that Mandela Mandela, effect mountain is not my defect. Mine is mine. These people are these three hams are the way they are because they ask why. And then they are and then they said no. When I realized that they

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they asked why and they were not convinced to the answer. Then they said no, that's what made these people successful. That's what we are saying is what I'm not saying just throw the baby with the bathwater. I'm not saying let's take away, okay, all of the Western accomplishment because let's be frank, Western technological progress is bad. And the majority of the world Western scientific progress is

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in taken has been inherited by the art tradition, or by the Chinese tradition or by the African tradition, and has been built upon what we need and can take it as a good thing. There are lots of things like in the in the in the in the world that we live in. Anti racism, Canada inclusivity tolerance. I like that that stuff. I'm not saying this go that far away. What I'm saying is that the narrative they're missing out to the Western man has, has forced us to engage with that we should question they still haven't been asked.