Mohammed Hijab – Is Isis Similar to Israel – Muslim vs Jew

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles of the West against Islam, including the conflict of interest between Israeli and the United States, the influence of propaganda on politics, and the need for a new narrative of terrorist attacks. They argue that the West's actions are part of a larger strategy to destroy the West's position as a powerful ally, and that the Israeli government is not a legitimate state ownership, but rather a war agenda. The speaker also criticizes the stance of the Israeli government on mitigating ISIS and discusses the number of people living in Israeli and the threat to the security and peace of their country due to the Israeli government's actions. The speaker suggests that the Israeli government is not a solution to the Israeli conflict and the Hol Anything movement is a monster trying to wipe everyone's lives.
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Do not buy.

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There was a point there was a point I was gonna make to you, which was.

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Listen to me, the reason why I was saying Hamas was funded by Israel in 1980s. Yeah, the reason why that's an important consideration is because the main thread at that time was the PLO, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, organization. And the reason why they were the way they were, they were, they had the majority of the military capabilities and so on. And so what happened was that there was a conflict of interest or

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there was a southerner, sorry, there was a struggle for power, there was a struggle for power between habits and continues until this day and the PLO, right. And that struggle for power. The Israeli saw an opening, they said, you know, divide and conquer. If we find that hammers, we militarized them, then they'll fight each other. We don't have to fight that could be Yes, yeah. So it happens. I can't just

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justify the reason why I'm telling you this narrative creation, knowledge production. The reason why is because the idea of a terrorist. If you look at the, if you look at the 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 2000s, or you'll find that it was more to do with Arab nationality in the 40s 50s and 60s, right. It was about Arab nationalism versus Zionism. That was the struggle, right. Religion played a secondary, you could even say a tertiary, kind of it was a tertiary consideration at that point, in terms of the politics, the propaganda of both the Arab governments, not just in Palestine, but around it, like in Egypt, and Syria.

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The Muslim, the most dangerous walking around

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the country, do you mind if I just can just finish my point, the same actions were being done. Okay, all of this time, you got the Superman American Funding gene. And

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the reason why I mentioned this is because the same actions are being done. But the explanatory force has changed. The reason why these things are happening in the 60s and 70s. According to if you look at just for example, the propaganda in newspaper materials is completely different to how it was a 90 in the 90s 2000s. it shifted from a nationalistic agenda to a narrative about religion. And that was cause that coincided By the way, you have to know this with the ending of the Cold War, which happened in 89. And the final soldiers left 91. That happened a good 2728 years ago. So obviously, America needed a new enemy. Israel needed to kind of come with America. And they came

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together the elites of those countries, almost tacit collusion, reformat to create a new narrative of the muslim terrorist threat that happened. It was in the interest of the Israeli it was at the end, it was in the interest of an opinion. It was at the edge what why is it they have to

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listen, listen to it, listen to reality. Why, let me explain to you are some of the lessons we

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listen, listen, you're still you're still sorry. You're still thinking as broad as I want you to think? Well, I'm saying

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1979, which is a fact. You can find I have the newspaper clipping

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or killing millions. Yes. In fact,

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I'll be back. Muslims don't believe not millions, but

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hundreds of 1000s 10s of 1000s.

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In Iraq, Syria, was talking about Muslim but even then, are being killed. Fine. So I agree with you. So let's say one of these terrorists, and let's go through the Holy wars, and ISIS of proclaiming to the west. Well, I will say to you that what you're telling me, even ISIS show to Muslims won't be terrorists.

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It's everything to do with the West because they left the power vacuum. 2003

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I have a good discussion here. Okay. I'm just getting overexcited. Look, I'm saying to you, I'm telling you.

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Well, let me let me ask you a question. Can I please went into the Twin Towers, yes.

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pieces, okay. Sky bone alive and fell to the death. Now, why do the West prototype the Muslims? Well, it's got everything to do with the West. If you look at if we bet if we look, if we if we look at the Explorer, the jus ad bellum. And they're just below the justification for law that sort of beloved supposedly wrote, we don't know to what extent this is true. He wrote this. There's a first one he wrote in 1998. The first one he wrote in 2002. And

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that was, am I justifying this? Because the West because the West is no.

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Isaac, now you're playing games. Now you don't understand. Now. There's a language barrier. I really don't understand that. Well, let me explain to you. If you look at his fetters, and his modes of justification, how can you actually

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Can you give me?

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This is knowledge information you don't know. Right? So you asked me a question. I'm giving you the answer which

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you should. Yeah. Okay. So, what Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri and others. Yes. Before he went after him how they justify the canceling out of non non combatant immunity. Yes. Which is a principle that islamically is upheld even by them, by the way, even by them is upheld. The reason how they canceled that that principle out of non combatant immunity is what they say is the principle of reciprocity. They say that they're killing our listen. They say something lots of said, and he's fetch 198. Why? Why are we killing you? Because you're killing us? He said that his fetch one 2002? Two, same thing. In other words, the reasons why ISIS can even exist, is because they

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justify the acts of terrorism. Yes. Through the actions of the Western world, according to them. Okay. According to them that justifies the person's actions.

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No, I didn't say justified. I said, that's what they're doing. Why Why is that the West problem? Because the West according to cause? I agree. Simple. True. I know, I know, I agree with you, though. Hold on. Let's be clear. We totally agree on that point. So one thing is if what is the West what to do with it? According to their justification methods, they say the West because they they've come into the US, Saudi Arabia, the village, they've come in as military base in Saudi Arabia, because of the Israel, they continually reference. Israel, Palestine, Bosnia, and Chechnya. They are talking about either the West's

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ally with Israel, or direct intervention of Muslim lands or acquiescence of Muslim death. That is how they've been able to justify it, in the same way, as the Christchurch killer was able to justify his murder. In the same way, by the way as he can begin, the president of Israel, excuse me, the president of the president of Israel, and his book, The revolt, which he wrote, which you can read, is a book a primary source material, he says in the beginning of the book, we hate those Arabs. And he tells us, he tells the people how he went into villages and killed all the Arabs, he justifies his never justified, what did I say that you did it? To me, I'm saying they're, they're just abello,

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just just abello their modes of justification is actually the same throughout the the Jews have the Jewish terrorists have the same way. The kruszewski has the same way. And so the Muslims say, it's the principle of reciprocity, you're doing it to us, we're doing it to you. So from that perspective, they can cancel that noncombatant immunity, and they can be on terrorism. In other words, in the West, I was just as responsible, and just as long as

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I'm saying that everyone, every time I'm saying every terrorist, every single terrorist, every extremist, every monstrous person that cancels out this principle of non combatant immunity, must first go through a justification program in their mind. That justification program has to start with a perpetual conflict, which they've proposed for themselves. We've been driven out of our land, we've been killed with this with that, and then killing children becomes legitimate. It's legitimate for ISIS. It's legitimate for the Crisis Killer and some agenda for the Israeli state. But my point is that you can't see that the Israeli government is ISIS, and ISIS is the Israeli government. There

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is no different really, there is no difference. The only difference is the Israeli government was not necessarily

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Israeli Government. Why they have the same principles. The only difference is the academic What's the difference? So what is a counselor they both they both do kill people.

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They both do for the country. That's why that's why I says

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that's why I says, you know, that's why she says, Look at their books, they have a look at look at the look at the magazines, have you read what they said, Well, that's right. Anyone that doesn't cover tuition, I'm going to butcher this quote about that. They don't say that. They do. Okay, I say

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I've read what I've read what they say I know they go to every Well Well, well, I'm going to say the same

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killing and killing man.

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Look, if it's not about you the conversion, it's about a genocide. It's about getting the people those Arabs out and keeping those desires out. But I'm telling you I'm not.

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I'm saying as of now, there is an argument to be

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they are very, they're living a life ISIS. USA, by the way if they don't Did you say the ISIS a legitimate state? No. Okay. Why no.

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No, no.

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They're not a legitimate state ownership didn't have anything. You You were saying Israel conquered, yes. That your justification for their existence is conquest. ISIS conquered their lands, you can make the same justification. No, I never said I was adjusted. You said

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that the British government if there is one, the British government. So what's the difference between ice and now?

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Let's be honest, let's be honest. You said the blanket. Yeah and expect me to buy it that the Israeli government is ISIS. Now I completely have the same justification that

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Israelis do not have agendas to kill people. No, no.

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no, I know what goes on over if you live in Israel. Have you seen Israel? Or do you think I'm allowed in the country like that?

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I came back

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from Tel Aviv to Stansted they

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don't trust me. They don't have a nice conversation with 10 Muslim I go there but not every Muslim if you if you're affiliated to a charity that boycott Israel they don't even know

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because your threat to the country. Well, if I boycott the door either don't

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I'm not gonna kill you. I'm just I'm saying though.

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you plant a flag in America that put you in prison? Why? Just because I've just that's what happens. People sorry. You burn an American flag. My friend.

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American flag. I know you can't be born in America.

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The point I'm making to you is this. If you're

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going to know for PBS PD now who's BB BB?

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Did you like the guy? what's the what's

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the top piece? And he said it you know this? He's not allowed

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to talk.

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He's sat down. Yes. afra all these people. Okay, he sat down with him. So the problem is

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that Saddam Hussein was a CIA?

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Yes. 79 they were friends of each other.

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Does that mean anything to me? So how's that evidence he I'm asking.

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not justified the

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basic question. What do you want? 6 million. Israeli it? Let's say you morally correct and there's room in the country? Yes. The problem is what do you want 6 million Israelis to do now? I think that this

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gonna kill people. They have agendas to carry them was knows. I'm telling you now. There's

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a major conflict. And it's

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not finished yet.

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Yes, give it two minutes.

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Yeah, yeah. I'm saying people are killing each other. And we know for a fact that our Palestinians want to kill Israeli I'm a judge could all Israelis. Okay. No, that's that's a fact. It's a given. I'm telling you now. I had friends.

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Okay, people

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read Israeli newspapers, this terrorist attacks? Every couple of Okay.

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Well, as of now, by the way, it's not it's not a case. I've looked at the numbers. case, I'm telling you facts. I lived I've lived

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there for

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17 years of his history. So that's 117.

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As of now, it's like well, no, no, it's only one area as well. So you don't really have the full

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tax Reference Center.

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You do certainly know. This is fact. Yeah. What's usually the

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place called hand off in Jerusalem. Where a two years back, Frank. So what numbers are so look at the civilian casualties of Palestinians.

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As y'all ever just gone and done airstrikes on Gaza without rockets coming before? Never had you know, of course, it's rocket The

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reason I say

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your parents live 99.

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Yeah, excuse them. Right. So what was clear? Well, the only thing that's clear to me Yeah, is that your failure to recognize that I know you but you haven't

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been for a long time. He said the blank. Speaking for a long

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Or has it been quite even actually. Okay. But you don't say that.

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Okay, it's been

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discombobulated right now.

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For a couple of things, personal

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Yeah. So the point is that you said that Israel is a terrorist, the Israeli government as a terrorist organization, I What I'm saying is,

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I don't know, terrorist organization

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actually, can either have an agenda why I say that I say that look, God was actually my new job.

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My job is to document.

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Now, let me just finish off what you're saying.

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Yeah. So what I'm saying is that as of now, there is definitely a threat to the security and security of 6 million Jews living in Israel. Six minutes, Rooney's okay. And there's no threat on the policy these days. So which one is just a way? I don't know? You don't know. Okay, let's look at the numbers. Let's look at let's look at the numbers. You have how many people living in Gaza? How many of you? It's the most densely populated cities in the world. And it can they go out? How many?

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You've had a long time this week, and I have given you the over.

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Okay, okay.

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So what I was gonna say what I was gonna say he was gonna say to you, yeah, well, I was gonna say to you is simply just simply this. Simply this. If you're being honest with yourself, yeah, I'm willing to be

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very open minded, you know, that. If you look at the fact that in 1971, whoever it was, the fact that begin was allowed to become president of the country. You're just not let me speak. Okay. He was actually one of the people who you're talking about 911. You're talking about some Beloved, he was part of an operation, which went into a hotel. Yeah. And killed 91 innocent individuals.

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It's very wrong. But he was your president in your country for 10 years or something like that? Yeah. And then he asked him, the same party, which was actually, if you look at his history, with dilute the Likud party, when all

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in English we say looky looky pie unilateralis. Party. Yes, that party, which has its origins, historical origins in a terrorist organization, which is Oregon, continues to perpetrate this terrorist act all the way up until this time, it's done. So throughout the Intifadas, and up until this point in time, all of these operations that have been done and look at the casualties of Palestinians, compared to the penalties of Israelis, there is no comparison there simply is a cannot be any comparison. It's not even one that Israel is more capable of defensiveness Oh, I saw defending his attacking. That's what I'm saying. And his

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children have been killed. Is that something to be proud of? Is that your children have been killed in Israel? It's not many actually. Yes, I do know and not many. That's the answer.

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How many? How many? What are the official 1000s? I don't know. 100,000? Not hundreds of hundreds and 1000s. So no, no, even if you I dare you in the last 10 years to find me a statistic that says in the last one year that five Israeli children have been killed or 20 attended Israeli.

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Okay, it's minimal. It's minimal. But look at the

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rockets they

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used to do now I've asked you Okay, well, you're asking me the question of the million dollar question. Right. Okay. Okay, guys, it's a pessimistic future my opinion right? There is no there's no solution. Because you have these competing powers. They've all got interests in that country.

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And let me ask you one more last question. Do you find any problems that the Palestinians living in Poland Do you find any of you hold of everything that Palestinian citizens do so you've got any problem any problems with what the Palestinians do in Israel? You've got you with them 100% or you've got

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100% But yeah, absolutely every single Palestinian every whatever, but obviously there's no of course not that's that's a ridiculous position for anyone Yeah.

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So the all Palestinians do want to wipe every single one yeah, that's what I'm saying. Just I think

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Palestinians Isaac, the truth is most is most Palestinians main concerns are their own survival

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to London, every couple of days, but David has become Goliath and unfortunately, maybe maybe maybe the Holocaust kind of is the Holocaust industry kind of discussion. Maybe the Holocaust that that kind of rhetoric would have been totally except one is totally acceptable. But what we're talking about you are the bigger and stronger capable military do we get to these little groups of children and portions historic rocks and whatever? Your your sorry, Your case is no longer boy. Why? Why?

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Isn't innocent Israelis being killed? I don't understand. Okay, well let them be worried about not worried. It's a fact. Okay, let's let them be worried about that they have a right to be worried about everything. But here's what I'm saying to you is that look at the look of the ground. Look at the data. Look at this. Look at the history. Everything shows that this was this is a government. We are going to Creek, okay

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all right. Let's go

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