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Yassir Fazaga
AI: Summary © A woman tells a story about a man who talks about wanting to avoid the Prophet peace be upon him. She describes him as embarrassed and embarrassed, and later tells him that he was doing something wrong. She also tells him that he was praying inside theational church and that he was doing something wrong, but it became a talk about addressing an issue.
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One of the most beautiful stories, story collected by Mr. Muslim about this companion named up debate. He said that one day, I was at the outskirts of Medina. And I was enjoying the company of women said I was just sitting there chit chatting with the women, that I had no business to be there. This is I love their company and I was just chit chatting with them. So when the Prophet peace be upon him passed by, he said, notice this one. What are you doing with them women? And he said, Oh, I said I was so embarrassed.

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I had to make up a lie, he said, is that I had to lie.

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He said Yara Salama? Yes, not only hablan dijamin in shadows in nd it said O Messenger of Allah. These women are making a rope for me for a camel that just keeps running away from me.

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Said I knew I was lying. The Prophet peace be upon him knew that I was lying. And he said it was a pathetic life. Said he said nothing. He smiled and he just went by. So the next day I was in Medina.

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And I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam behind me. He said, I started working really fast, because I wanted to avoid him, said the Prophet peace upon him walked really fast, and he caught up with me. And he came next to me and he said, Keith, Hallo. Jamal,

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said how's your camels doing? said I was too embarrassed and I just looked down.

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So the next day, the prophet peace be upon him was ahead of me. And I was behind him. He said, I started walking really slow, just avoiding him. So the Prophet peace be upon him looked back and he waited for me. And as soon as I came to him, he said, Keisha. Hello, gentlemen.

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How's your camel doing? said I was too embarrassed.

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So the third day I was praying inside the masjid.

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And I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walk in, said, I decided to make it the longest Salah ever. Because I don't want to face the Prophet peace be upon him. Said he came. And he sat next to me. And he said, left open for him. He

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said, Don't make it too long. I am waiting for you.

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That I was done with the Salaam Salaam Alaikum Salam Alikum in the process, mind and with that man, he said, Ganesha had you in German.

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How's your camel doing? So the Prophet of Allah, I have such a good grip on it. It's not running away anymore.

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See, at that point, the man knew there was no camel.

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The prophets I seldom knew there was no camel. It became a symbolic talk.

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It became a talk to address something that this young man is doing. And the processor is helping him and the man knows. But this was not you know, avoiding it or just you know, pushing it under the rug. No man. This is about addressing the issue.

Short funny and moving story

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