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Villa rajim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah should have been more sensational Mohammed Ali wasafi ah mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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are you doing and hamdulillah we Sokoloff a to do this that recited our normal team is all busy with the exam. So we also love to make it easy for them

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to assist them in the studies and in the Quranic you know, memorization and to our guests, every year we come filburn is a little taller Alhamdulillah soon it's gonna be taller than me and hamdulillah Allah bless him and grant him to finish the health and honor the parents for the sacrifices I mean, well hamdulillah we continue with surah Yusuf. And on that vein of parents and children, tonight's lecture, a very deep part of the sutra, and perhaps the most painful part of the surah. And the shift the story shifts from abusive to not be at home to his father. So now remember, last night, the brothers were,

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you know, arguing with begging basically, the Aziz abusive to take to give them Binyamin and take one of them because they said there's no way we're going to go home and tell our dad that we lost Binyamin after we saw what happened to him. When we told him that Yousuf was gone. If he comes to know that vignette, we lost Binyamin as well, number one, you won't believe us. And number two, he might not even be able to be the Cece you'll be so devastated. And of course, none of us have said that if we were to imprison an innocent person and punish a naked in exchange of a guilty person, and this is the only thing that is unjust. And I can't do that. So eventually, they decided to give

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up they no longer realize it's not they're not going to get anyway with Aziz. And and so they decided what to do the eldest one amongst them, he said, Okay, fine, I'm going to stay here. And I'm going to continue trying to get me I mean, the rest of you, the nine of you go home, and you informed that what's happened. So now they come to nebia. Club. And last night, we said how they mentioned, it'll be our hub will sunstone. And we couldn't do anything about that. And we can't control the unseen and ask all the cities, we came in the people that came with us. It's not just as we have like hundreds of witnesses. And so now via cube now gets the news. And his response is the

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same as when they told him that they, that Yousuf had been eaten by Wolf Cola, he said, well, so whether local and fukumura or other you souls have enticed you to something meaning I don't believe this, I don't care who says what I know my son, my son is not a thief. And he says it's you, you and the people have fabricated something, you've invented a lie, this cannot be possible. The same thing he said, when they say that Yousuf was eaten by a wolf, he said, I know this is not true. No matter how much evidence you bring me no matter what, I know, this is not true. I know my son. So he said, this is from you. You guys have invented something here. And eventually we say, look, I can't

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explain this, I don't understand. And you know what jacoba was correct. This was a plot, not the plot of the brothers. But this was the plot of use of he intuitively understood his children something in abeokuta racism. He's mentioned so many times in the Quran, not by name, but bunnies are the children of Israel. Israel is mentioned so many times. Basically, as a dad, he's the superdad of the Quran, that he is known because of being such a great father, that he, you know, had so much confidence in his kids. He loved his kids so much. He was with them. And he says, I know my son. I don't care what the evidence is. He's not a thief. And he was correct. He wasn't a thief, a

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thief. But of course the sun is gone and he is basically in prison according to what he understands. So he says for sovereign Jamil, then for me, there's nothing but beautiful patients. There's nothing I can do the math is out of my control for sovereign Jimmy when he says Isola who needs to be him Jimmy, in Who?

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Will Hakeem. So he says patience is all I have. that's best for me. And I still hope I hope that Allah will bring all of them together back to me. Now what

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is his use of Binyamin and the eldest one, the eldest one is also in Egypt. So he says his last three sons, he said, I hope Allah will bring all of them back to me, I still have hope that all my sons will come back to me in it is he who is the knowing and the whys. Allah knows everything and he's wise. So he knows that Allah subhanho wa Taala has put him through this test, and he can't understand the test. But he says Allah understands and this is from the wisdom Allah so I only can be patient with Allah's decree. Now nebbia, who is obviously heartbroken and he turns away when you move slightly to one side, and whom he turns away from them, we'll call that and he said softly, but

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they could hear Yeah, as a further use of his or her own my sorrow, my grief over use of he just got news that two of his sons are not the Binyamin and the eldest one, and he still says I still feel so sad over use of now he said it a bit louder than he

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intended because he moved to one side and then an Alesis will be a duck in the middle who's never worked with him and his eyes had become equal he has by this point in life he has gone totally blind Allah sees his eyes became white from the grief from excessive crying that he had over use of now even though he knew abusive was alive, he knew abuse was alive, but he was missing and anyone who's been separated from a loved one know that knows the pain even though you know that you're your uncle, your, your dad, your your kids on the one side of the world, they okay they find, but that separation, you know, we feel that anxiety and so he doesn't know we use if he doesn't know if he's

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okay, but he's alive. And so he says Allah sees the sadness of losing use of has caused him to go blind for work of him but he was a suppressor meaning he kept his grief to himself. And this is this is troubling me that while he is dying on the inside, he's been torn up on the inside. He doesn't complain to anyone on the outside. He only goes to a loss of Hannah Medina with his shuttle. He's not a buzzkill. It's not more but he's not looking for sympathy from anybody. But he said this a bit loud and so his sons hurt and they said galu de la he again to lie By Allah, the deaf guru use. harridan otaku namirial halycon by Allah will you not stop remembering use of this brother thing,

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you still remembering you just had two sons are gone. And you all you can think about his use of Will you not stop thinking of use of until you become you know of those you become fatally you become an old old man or until you basically die Will you continue like this about thinking of use of side notes. They thought that if they do the same, we could use about the picture, when yaku will stop thinking of use of and he will think only of them. And the opposite happened. He actually began missing use of even more, even though so that he

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said in a way that Subhan Allah is the most difficult of tests. Allah subhanaw taala describes the different forms of loss that we will go through in the Quran. Whenever one near completion in the middle, hopefully we'll do a similar module was summer not that we will go through life Allah says that you will go through life, you will be tested with poverty, with fear, with a loss of money, with sickness with a loss of life. And the last thing with a lot of fruits, by fruits, it means children, that is the most difficult of all losses. And as we said, that very few of us are tested by the loss of a child. And this is the we're not engineered for that vandala use when we lose a

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parent we are very sad, but the family that I you know, Allah has made such that we continue on but for a parent to to lose a child This is something very, very difficult. And that is why this kind of patience is the highest form of patience. Allah describes patience in the Quran as a quality of the believers over 100 times in the Quran. He describes patience as an quality of the believer. And in fact, when I Allah sponses as for patience, he will give them that he would be really he said that there is no limit to the reward of patients when God awards for everything. There is a limit if you give one round in charity, there is an upper limit of how much you would you can get. But as for

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patients, there is no limit to that. And voila one of the lessons of Ramadan is of course to attain patients. In fact, an episode says half of patience is forcing off of the lesson learning of patience to hold yourself back restraint. Because we are as human beings are not built to hold back. But never Yaqoob Allah says, Well who can be held back that episode Salaam says that we will all go through a hard time, some way in life, as we said like never use it, we will have those dips, we will get sick, we will lose money, we will relationship or break a marriage Mike in swannanoa someone we love my die a lot behind the profits of the system even for as for the that, how

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wonderful is the fee of the believer? How wonderful is it to be a believer for everything that comes to him is something positive in his life. And this only applies to someone with a man who also because if goodness comes to him, Allah blesses him with something he gives sugar is appreciative. And obviously that's good, that sugar allows him to increase him in that. And if something bad happens to him, then he basically with patience, and this only increases in goodness. And this even takes him on that higher level of success. That is life SubhanAllah. And one of the big themes of surah. Yusuf is you'll be tested with ups and downs of life. We all end up the same, we began the

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same, we in the same but the ups and downs. So just a question on a paper. And it's how we approach this. As for losing a child, as we said, mela predicted we don't experience this. For those of us who are parents may we never ever have to be tested like that. Because only in that kind of situation. Do you know the level of your Eman but as for those who have lost a child, maybe a child was born, you know, a fetus that wasn't developed a child that was born still even more difficult some a child that was born and died in May, especially as a toddler or even older than that and it's vinylon I know of

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A few parents who've lost children and when they go through that, that never ever gets better. And your life sort of stuck in that. And that's why there's a beautiful Hadith on the parent who's lost a child.

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A beautiful Hadith, the in a telemovie intellects the story, or that even CNN, even cnn is one of the therapy one of the pious people. He had just buried his son so even seen an abuse in an abuse, the father of Sudan, is now beating his son. And I will tell her, we're sitting at the gravesite of his friend Natasha is with him. So after they had buried the child, they about to get up and leave the maqbara. And they wanted to go out. So his friend took his hand took a boozy lunch, and he said, Shannon, I'll give you some glad tidings. I'm going to give you some good news. Yes, you've just lost a child. You're obviously devastated. I'm going to tell you how he's gonna be so solemn. And so

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the prophets of Salaam, said, when a person's child dies, Allah says to His angels, to the angels of death, now the ones who have taken heed, Allah says to them, you have taken the child of my slave, and you have taken the child of my slave? And they say, Yes, yeah, Allah we did. And then Allah will say, you have taken the apple of his eye, you've taken the thing that he loves the most. And the angels of death will say, Yes, we have. And then Allah will say, so what did my slave then say, after you have done this to him? What did he say? They say, the angels will say, he said, the person pleased you, you pleased a lot. And he said, in nearly law, you are in a Euro zone. And really, all

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of us, we come from Allah and ultimately, everyone, us, no children will all go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says, Now build for my slave, a place in Ghana, and call it the house of praise of Hammond, that I will praise Him because He plays me that it's a guaranteed place of gender. So this is one of those great rewards. Like you have certain deeds you go on how'd you get out of excellently? What does nobody want to compensate you except Jenna, you get later to cover this, nobody would compensate you except Jenna. Similarly, if you've lost a child, whether they were small, whether they were stillborn. And you have stolen, the man to praise and thank Allah and be

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patient, no matter how much it hurts them is the only thing Allah can compensate you with? is Jenna. I look good on all of us, Jenna, I mean, so they said, Allah, He will not stop thinking of use of after all these years until you die, you're going to still keep on thinking of Yousuf so then never use of CS and abeokuta says rather, in a school Betsy, who's Neela Levy, who basically says it's not in the slides, we missed the slides. They never Yeah, who basically says to them, I don't come to you and disturb you with my sorrow. I don't come to you with any of my subtle, rather, I take my bath bath is my my grief Hosni and my sadness to Allah. I only complain to Allah, I don't come to

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you about my sorrow. I never speak to them, who have never seen how his use of how his use of he never ever said that. He never did that. He said only to Allah, I complain. Now how do you complain to Allah? It is actually a good thing to complain to Allah. By complaint. I don't mean you say Allah, why did you take this and why did you do that? Why didn't you give me the permission No, rather it is to elicit the mercy and the sympathy of Allah is to say, yeah, Allah, you know how difficult this is, you know, that this this disease has done this and that to me, yeah, Allah, you know, I'm in this situation, financially, I'm broken Allah, you know, my sister, and I'm helpless.

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I'm powerless. Only you can assist me, helped me Look at my situation. This is what it means to be to be to have suffered, you're not to anyone else. And this is what nebia Cooper is doing for 30 years plus, he was doing this crying for the Wii U. And then he says to his sons, but still I have hope in Allah, I still hope Allah will return all of them to me. So go and look for your brothers go out there and look, I believe they still alive, go and find them and I believe Allah will bring them back to me. So we continue inshallah, tomorrow was the story of abuse of insha Allah last night's question. We said,

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we said in last night's question, what was the solution? This was not such question. I think this was the name was not sufficient. It was what was the reward for the one who found the king's cup? The answer is D. A common load of grain, right? The answer is D. P is wrong.

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When B is wrong, it's been a common load of grain like the man said Whoever finds the cup you will get a camel of grain that's that's his reward. So the answer is D I thought these were easy questions was find a law. I will make it more standard grading shovel going forward. How many sons have not yet Navy aku blues in total? That should be easy. One son two sons three or four. How many songs did he lose in total? inshallah equation? reminder. Phaedra photo and video Tinder and keyamo begins 21st Sunday evening. That's the last 10 nights please do our best to keep us in your doors. Thank you so much. It's so lovely to sit down, watch it live. But to get to