Mohammed Hijab – Is Homosexuality Comparable to Incest

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of pursuing natural biases and enacting natural biases in one's own life. They also address questions about gay sex and privacy issues, including the legal framework for gay sex and the potential for privacy issues. The speaker suggests considering one's own values when making comparisons between sex and avoiding harm. They also discuss the crucial role of sexual desire in the brain and how it is impossible to prove that it is a driver of behavior.
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Basically, before we start let me just introduce it to Islam.

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Islam as a religion yeah whereby

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Islam is a religion. Well, we believe in one God.

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One God worthy of worship.

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One God worthy of worship. Yeah.

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One God worthy of worship.

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We believe Look, this won't believe there's a verse in the Quran I want to introduce you to it. Yeah.

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Not too long, not too long.

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There's a verse I think it's chapter 39 verse 29.

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It says, Bala Bala whom Flm Rajan fish or cat water Shaka sundararajan basically says that God has put forward a parable

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of a man who has many slave owners.

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And another man who has only one slave owner, and then he says, held yesterday any masala? Are they the same? Yeah. Now the point is this, you know, there was a philosopher, his name was Rousseau. Yeah, he said, man is born free. But everywhere in chains, man is born free by everyone chance.

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The idea is this. The idea is that we as Muslims, we believe that you're going to be a slave to something in this world. Yeah, you're going to either be a slave to social expectations.

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And it's a good way of putting it. So we say, Look, let us choose who we should be basically submissive to or what we should be submissive to. And in our conceptual conceptualization, we say that the most appropriate thing for us to submit to is the one who created everything, and the one who knows everything, the one who's aware of everything, and that is for us God. So that's why the Quran gives.

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Yes. Okay. So in that case, because

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so do you accept?

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Like a

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magnetic thing going on? And

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so everybody agrees? Yeah. No, that's good way of putting it. But I just want to say to you, I want to put this to them. So for me, like, if you asked me about my morality, what do I get my own morality?

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No, but if you do, I'll say, look, there's a there's a rationality behind them, really. So the rationality for us, is that okay, we believe that God created the universe. Yeah. That he is all knowing or hearing all powerful. And as an extension of that he sends messengers to certain peoples and certain times, and messengers came to people in certain people certain times at different times. Yeah. And the final one, we agree with the Prophet Mohammed who came for every human being. Right, those messages. Yeah. So basically, what they've, what they have with them are two things the message and the miracle, the message being from God, which is to believe in worship, and only one

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God, submit yourself to one God rather than submit yourself to aspects of the creation. And the miracle is the Quran itself, and it has a way of basically proving itself.

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Okay, good point. So having said that, when asked as a homosexual, yeah.

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I want to ask as a homosexual

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Do you feel is basically your opinion? It's so right. Juhi? It's absolutely fine, morally acceptable for you to be homosexual? In the sense that my natural urge, okay.

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Yeah, okay. I wanted to ask you a question, then. Yeah. Do you do you assert that everything that you believe and feel from nature, you should enact?

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depending on how you feel, depending on your own particular morality that you have, if you want to put this over the course of your lifetime, with your own experiences, and your own destiny based on your own, what you're here to do, and all of us are here to do something different. We're all here to develop in a slightly different way by religion shuts that down and makes you all the same. And I believe that, no, I'm with you. But, john, I put this on you, because I think your voice is load on my voice. So

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no, I was gonna ask you. Do you believe that? Yeah. But the question I asked you what you said it was why not to actually be a homosexual?

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And I do believe that. I'm not saying that you should. No, no. I'm saying

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My question is very familiar. Do you believe that every natural biological,

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you should be able to enact? Well, most of them because you have an urge to eat to shift to sleep siofok. So most of them, yes, I would agree with that. All right. What about you? What about you?

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which ones would you not? Okay, so that goes back to my morality. The ones which have come, what did you get your morality from your own life experience? Or did you get it from a book? Well, I think that's crap, then you have to get it from life. Okay, why do you feel because that's what we've got to go on.

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You can have guidance, you can have guidance. If you don't develop it through your own experiences and your own vision and your own

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past lives and everything else like what's the point of?

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I'm not gonna

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call you john. Yeah, there you go. john the baptist. Okay. JOHN brought Jesus pipe by

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paper cover stone.

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Point 1.1 i thought was

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a bit far from your Oh.

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So basically wanted to come in between and ask you a question.

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My question is straightforward. Say someone has a, say someone has

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to be incestuous

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in your in your conceptual systems,

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they have to check themselves and find out in my belief they they'd have to check themselves if they could stop that. I'm really truly find out where that came from, because that often comes from them having incestual

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stuff happening within their past. So that's where you're saying that because I'm homosexual, that I've had some homosexual thing happened to me in the past. So that blah, blah, blah, some there's a lot of different reasons why people are homosexual.

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A genetic urge. Yeah, to be incestuous. Yeah. Should they be allowed to? Well, that's not for me to decide. That's for them to decide, okay, for you to decide. No, no, it's not for me to do anything is for them to sort it out? No, for me.

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That's not none of my business. I don't know them. They're not in my house. If there's a crime going on. If someone's been broken the law of the land, then obviously it's a crime. That's a crime in this country. What it is, yes. It's not allowed. So you'd get you know, you get the police involved, which is probably if it's not allowed to happen is probably right. Okay. So you're saying is you shouldn't be allowed to have it? Well, I'm not I'm not saying anything. I'm just pointing out that the law says that it's illegal. Okay. So the law says illegal.

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Relationships shouldn't happen. According to the law. Okay. According to the law, so if you go to a country where homosexuality is illegal, should you still be able to enact homosexuality? Well, I don't know.

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I severely disagree with you linking homosexuality within says, it's the same thing. Okay. So for example, I'm looking heterosexuality with *, okay. And I make a point and I link them I linked them all the time. You know, like, * and *. And I'm linking with homosexuality and dumping all in the same carrier bag and constantly linking them up. They're not connected, because it's adult consensual *. It's not going generational intergenerational

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intergenerational *,

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but what that

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what you just said.

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Okay, so

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Yeah, I think I think Jensen, gentlemen, I think gentlemen, you better come to the nitty gritty nub of your point and asked me it now. Okay. My point is this. You said don't compare. You shouldn't be making comparisons between incessant homosexuality. No, I know. I said I was really upset with the fact that he's constantly being linked with illegal sexual activity. Homosexuality is constantly being linked with illegal sexual activity, incense, *, etc. That's what I said. Okay. I was annoyed with some that you were doing in that case, if you go to another country where homosexuality is banned, would you be upset in the same way? If someone if you if you are not allowed to? I don't

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know, because I've never been to one of those countries? And I don't think I would. Okay. So what I'm saying is, if any homosexual forget about you, if any homosexual went to Nigeria or any other country where homosexuality is bad, should they or should they not be allowed to enact the homosexual? Well, I think it depends on them if they choose to or not. Okay, so what you're saying here is for homosexuals, you're saying they have a decision to make whenever they want to? They don't want that right. Whereas consent to adult * not intergenerational under age, *, under age, *, *, you're underage * for them within it within the same family or whatever. It's not

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illegal though. With a bob between brother and sister in this country. Yes, I think it is illegal in your country.

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In other countries, or then in our country, it's illegal in our country.

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Okay, cool. You probably more London than I am.

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In a non Muslim in a Muslim country depends on which country is the why UAE I think homosexuals can probably do a lot more than let's say Saudi Arabia. Right. So it's kind of like it, you know, I think they should be.

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I think they should. I think people should be free to do what they feel like doing as long as they're not hurting somebody else. And then I think people should be free to do what they want as well.

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long as they're not hurting by breaking the law, I'm happy you said that. Well, it's very confusing, but you're trying to box me into a situation and a box around by people. And I'd like to ask other people what they think about homosexuality. What do you think? What do you think about homosexuality? No comment. What do you think about homosexual? What do you think about no comment? No comment. Take your proceeds back. And don't ask these people. Why? Because you've asked me for like the last.

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Can I ask you a question? Yeah. You're you seem like a decent guy. Yeah. Well, Muslims. This is because to me the question, let me allow me to elaborate on my point. My point is that people ask us questions all the time about Islam. People ask Jewish people questions about Judaism, Christianity, Judaism, atheist, people will talk about atheism.

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Everything should be able to be scrutinized and criticized, including sexuality. So it's not fair. I don't believe it's fair. If you want to say it's freedom of speech, for us to say, okay, we should have parameters of that spiritual speech. I'm saying that if you're homosexual, just like I'm a Muslim, and someone's a Christian, all of us should be able to have engaging conversation while getting angry, actually rationalized.

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Okay, if you get passionate, okay, now, let me ask you a question or a question, right? My direct question to us that you can do whatever you want, so long as you don't harm anyone else. That's the harm principle side by Js milia. On Liberty, and

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basically, I'm telling you what this means. Now, it's a liberal. It's a libertarian principle that was comfortable philosopher in 1800s. I've got two questions to you. Number one,

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then if you really think about it, * between brother and sister. Yeah. Where they're both consensual over age, and your opinions should not be illegal.

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I didn't say that's not my opinion. So what's your opinion? Your opinion? No. Now I'm asking what is your opinion, is * between two consensual adults, brother and sister? They are both consenting and wearing protection. So there's no deformed babies. Is that legitimate? Is that morally acceptable? Or is that morally unacceptable?

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I think you'd have to ask those to themselves and their parents and the people in their vicinity. I've got no, there's nothing Dude, I don't have children of my own. I'm asking you for your opinion. My opinion? Yeah, I've given you my opinion. So what's your plastic is between those two? Why was that when we talked about the linkage between between the concepts that homosexuality then go ahead, because they often link homosexuality with things which without the incidence of that, what's wrong with that? Because they're, so what's wrong with the mental link is made? So keep interrupting me. The mental link is made in people's minds that links homosexuality with *.

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*, though? The argument? No, I'm not. I'm telling you. That's what happens in the public domain. I'm doing it. No, no, you're not? No, I'm doing it let you try to do it. cut you off. And you didn't.

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I'm saying to you, what is the difference? If you say if you use the liberal harm principle, as a barometer, I'm asking you, what is the moral difference between homosexuality and a brother and a sister having * with each other? This is such a stupid discussion, and you're having such a stupid argument. But you don't have any responses? Do I am having a response and telling you what you're trying to do is very, very twisted and stupid. So why why is that? I've told you already and you didn't listen.

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to tape back now.

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Can you see why you're not giving any answers? I gave you the answer. What's the answer? What's the difference between * from a lawyer? what the difference was? One is a man having * with another man. Okay, one man having * with another man. And the other one is to the same family having one right and one's wrong. Why? Well, that depends on your point of view. And you're either like the link, I'm asking you why didn't like the link? Because it's inferred that homosexuality is somehow

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not right. There's something not quite right about it. There's something a little bit

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I'm saying, What's the difference between * and Hawaii? Why are you asking the question? Why not? Why not? Why not? Why are you asking that particular question? I feel I feel like it

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just fit what you do, like

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establishing his belief system. Oh, you see what how he works? I mean, he's trying to mindfuck people with his religion. And then when it's turned on.

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That's irrelevant. Thank you. So you can see here.

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Here's a good example of something which you couldn't just basically have lost the argument. Well, that's, that's in the opinion of the person who's listening to this not you or me. Okay, that's good. You have your

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logic to this. And so is all the people that are gonna watch this logic logically, they're free to make their own minds up and flush their own mobile phones down their own toilets, and cut the control system and Stop bullshitting around with these stupid religions that mindfuck you and allow you to be controlled on mass through different countries. Okay, so it's religion, don't stick down your, excuse me. He saw, he saw, he saw.

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He saw Okay, so

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logically, you have nothing to satisfy yourself with.

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Logically is only half the story, which is from this part of the brain, this part of the brain. The other part is the intuitive, the feminine, the sensual, the dancing, the sexual,

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You get my permission

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to listen. So hey, I'm still on Facebook. All right, anyways, so long as they're not harming anyone else

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or harming anybody else. And when they put those fans on people's backs in Guantanamo Bay and played heavy metal, they weren't harming anybody, were they? what's the what's the difference between?

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So if you have any answer, hey, let me ask you one last time. And if you don't answer it, then I think we can all make on it. We can all make how many points? I don't give a shit. We can all make our own mind up on this. Yeah. Thank you for your response. The difference between homosexuality and and? No, that's not my question. My question is, why is homosexuality, a man another man having sexual *? And the act of a man or a woman who happen to be brother and sister? Yeah, yeah. And they are consensual? Yeah, drink that because

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it's actually time.

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Okay, so I'm asking you, why is it different? You're like, it could be anything. Okay. No, no, thanks. I don't drink alcohol. It's not alcohol.

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so Okay, Okay, fair enough. I'm sorry. I prejudged you there.

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Anyways, this is once you.

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Fair enough. Question. question. Question. What makes homosexuality any more or less morally acceptable than a brother and a sister who are wearing

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who take contraceptive tablets or whatever it is? They do? Have wear protection, whoever is what makes one morally okay. And the other one not more than

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what you believe. Okay, so you're saying it's not like that there? So yeah. So in other words, you know, for you, yeah. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. You asked me a question. Let me ask you. So for us, it's very straightforward. Yeah. We say that. From a, on an objective level. It's impossible for us to prove morality. Yeah. Unless you have an all knowing entity which transmits the information to human beings. And we think that is actualized. In the last and final revelation, which is the from a Christian can say the same thing about the Bible. What do you think the point is? Now? I mean, you're asking me, let me ask you. So the answer is here.

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Let me ask you in this one word, we say homosexuality, the act of a man having sexual * with another man is equivalent to a to a basically a brother having sexual *.

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Well, you have no reason to feel sorry for him because you have no counter argument. Why is it wrong? I don't have to counter Okay. Sorry, my your society is brainwashed.

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Basically, what I'm saying to you is basically your society because you're living in a present time in the 21st century.

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countering you with this,

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check my own way. So have you got any reason to believe that one is more spirit or spirit? No, no, it's just you're

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very much. I think with that. I think you're free to make your own decisions up in life. Please don't listen to any Id put buddy above you. I don't follow nobody.

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Thank you very much.

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