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We got to the ninth of the tip, which is truthfulness.

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His title.

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What was the title? A Saudi put I mean,

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a Saudi woman, the truthful and the trustworthy

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what is truth? Allah subhanaw taala is Allah.

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Allah Azza wa Aquila Komarov say the truth is Europe. And that is the reason why La ilaha illa. Allah is a reflection of the truth. The one who accepts this is truthful. The word or denies it is untruthful. That is why the word Kaffir. For example, the word Mushrik is a definition term. It's not an insult. In Arabic, you call a farmer cover, not because he's a he's not a Muslim. Because he hides the seed.

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He buries the seed. So the one who buries the seed is called is not a critical target. That's his job. That is what he does is plant the seed he's gonna cover because he is doing this, he is bearing this burden. So the gaffer is the one who denies the truth of what is the truth? Alico mirabito. Europe is dark. The one who says there is no God is denying the truth. The one who's who's combining somebody with the horror of Allah is again denying the truth and he is doing something else which is sherek he's making his mache because he's making sherek.

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Allah subhanaw taala called the Day of Judgment, the day of truth.

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Why for two reasons, firstly, because that day will happen.

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Radical Yom with Huck Finn Shah taka Ihlara Bhima Abba, let the one the Day of Judgment is that is truth and let the one who believes in that maker Wait what is wrong? Let him do what needs to be done. So it is called. Why because first of all, it will happen. It is the day of truth and secondly, because on that day only truth will prevail. There is no injustice on the Day of Judgment.

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Last Wilma Yamanaka said there's no soul about this day. Truth only truth will prevail. Injustice,

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lying, cheating will not work.

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No deception on the day of judgment

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or truthfulness is the quality of all Gambian there's no enemy who lied. There's not really who was not truthful. But truthfulness is a very special quality of Rasul Allah, he's a defining quality of ourselves. And again, millions of examples but some of the finest examples are in the revelation of the Quran itself. There are highest in the Quran, for example, the opening ayat of surah to Abba, the opening ayat of surah, Tarim where Allah subhanaw taala revealed I had which were with due respect, I'm saying they were critical of rasa.

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In so taba, Allah revealed in the bigger Surah saying that might be frowned at the blind man. I was sitting with some of the surah of the Quran some of the wealthy people operate when Abdullah and Octo avellana he came into the into the masjid and he was a blind man. He came to him with a syrups rasa as a wrestler didn't want to be disturbed in that meeting. So he turned and he looked at us at Abdullah Dr. Annie had a frown on his face. Now, remember,

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the mind is blind he can't see that he does not know that there was a frown and there was a did not do anything as he didn't say anything to him. He didn't treat him in any way. So the man has no clue what has happened unless we reveal that and he said that might not be frowned but maybe the poor man has is more deserving of your company because he is, you know, in search of truth whereas these rich people are not going to come to the truth no matter what and so on and so forth. Even if you read the opening passages of rasa you will see this now point be here of truthfulness.

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The eyes were revealed the ad referred provisional Salam personally.

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Allah did not even say that tell people that they should not forget it says this is what might have been. The man who was within quote, supposedly the recipient of this round was not even aware it happened. Why didn't I

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tell people that these are the times

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when they did not reflect on him positively. That is the greatest mark of truthfulness of the heavy saucer. What Kalam came to him, he conveyed here to Allah him IRT Allah said make a lot of the ayat which have come to you recently, whether those is reflected on him positively or negatively, so to speak.

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He conveyed similarly I had also the Hareem opening I

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say the I should say that half Sarada la manha they did not like going to

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says Ira I believe that is the other wife that they had an issue with. So she used to even when I went there says when I used to give him honey water mixed with honey which you like to drink so when he came here there's these two made a pact and they said when he comes to our to you or me and will tell him there is some smell from your mouth, which is unpleasant, I was extremely sensitive to unpleasant smells.

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So he said okay, I will not read this thing. The ultramarathoner said you have made haram on yourself, what Allah made haram because of your wives. Now, again, this is not a gender hokum for people, it is not a matter of you bother, it's not a matter of luck either nothing.

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But these are came, communicated as they came without any change.

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And that is the quality of truthfulness. And that's why La ilaha illallah is a reflection of truthfulness.

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Final point

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before we come to that, let me talk about one more incident of, of this issue of truthfulness is very important, which refers to also being truthful not only in word but also in action. Abdullah

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was one of this one was a solemn, he was a

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he was a brother.

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By because they both went to the HEA and found out that they were what we call milk brothers. So they had the nurse on the same mother. Now, Abdullah Hamza was he became Muslim. He used even record he then he left Islam, he became more than went back to Makkah. And then he started writing stuff and saying that this is why he so it was a very serious and extremely, you know, repugnant action. So he was one of the seven who were sentenced to death by an Amazon seller.

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So when after Hatanaka so now

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I'm gonna wear bizarre I went to his brother Amanda and he said send me Suzanne Robinson No, I will take you to a salon you go and accept Islam.

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So he covered him up we put him we mounted him on the on the mural on Santa Maria took him to the office or Salah and sat him down before the reason they

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took off his kneecap and he said yeah, so I have come to accept Islam Please accept me Islam La Ilaha illa Allah Allah Allah Allah Asha nagarsol. So that's the restaurant kept silent.

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I'm delivering Mohammed Salah said it a second time.

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There was surrounded by people, the lots of people that

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remain silent. He said it a third time.

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Now he's still remain silent. He said it a fourth time when there was a sudden took his hand and accepted is Islam. You accept Islam and became Muslim, therefore automatically all his sins are forgiven. The death sentence is gone is gone. Abdullah would have left the place. He later on he I mean not later on from that moment onwards, a very good Muslim and Allah He lived a good Muslim all his life during the Khilafah was one of the louder he was an army commander. He was the governor and he died in South Africa. So Allah Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gave him a good ending also

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somebody who becomes a Mirtha and fabricate haleness, Mandela gives him Jana. Mercy on us rather than anyway. So when this happened when the man left as well as Allah sallam said to the Sahaba, he said, quote, not one of you have taken up this man's head, didn't to realize that I was giving you time to do that.

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I did not accept Islam three times. They said jasola We didn't realize that because they're not used to nervous

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ordering and they said, we were we did not realize that one of them said yesterday, you should have simply signaled with your eyes you should have been to something we would have not read somewhere you should have signaled with your

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reaction is what he said it is not the way of the Gambia to signal with their eyes.

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So even deception

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by a gesture of minimal gesture

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was not something that also was an update.

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And that's the reason why I said do not lie even as a joke.

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Because you get used to it.

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One lie to like realize you get used to it, and then they start lying. And then you become known as a liar. And that's a very, very

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bad thing. And that's the reason why in the famous hobby somebody asked, like can a Muslim commit murder? He said, Yes, sir Derek and a Muslim commit Zina. He said Yes Can a Muslim drink

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Alcohol is a dear friend, a Muslim still is yes. He said he doesn't have what is it that a Muslim cannot do? Now he said that he cannot tell a lie.

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He cannot tell a lie.

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And I, when I first heard this his eyes, what is so you know, all of the other things are much more serious. Until I realized that Assad was I mean, the truthful and the trustworthy are the is the is the title of himself.

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And this is the title that he gave to his alma, who is a Muslim, Assad the Colombian

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image. This is the honor that Mr. Rosen gave us without don't lose it by telling lies. A man given to us as a young man he gave me full of all kinds of things. He said, I do Zina, I gamble. I drink alcohol.

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I don't want to do it. But I'm stuck. I'm like this. What can I do every week? But tell me I can leave one thing

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can leave everything they want. What should I leave? Out of all this? Money? Well, I

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said to him, leave telling lies.

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So not easy. And he's not telling he's not totally anything else.

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Now he goes up

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in the unit, he wants to go to his

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hangout place where he drinks with his friends than it is to himself. If tomorrow I meet Mr. Sullivan, he asked me where you will ask me What will I tell you?

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I can't even tell you. Well, I was thinking No, like, very shameful.

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And the same thing happened for all anytime you want to do something huge. If the prophets Allah, Allah meets me and asked me What will I tell him? I promise you I will not tell lie. So I'm telling the truth. And the stroke is so simple. How do I tell you?

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One thing which he gave up just telling lies, saved him from everything else.

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That is the benefit of,

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of not realizing, think about this. Why do we lie? We lie because we know we are wrong.

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No, I mean, otherwise, I will lie. If you know you're right, you're right. You lie because you know you're wrong. So instead of making Java, instead of correcting yourself, instead of apologizing to somebody, depending on what kind of thing you're lying about. You start to realize, you try to hide and lie upon lie upon lie. You build this until it collapses on top of your head.

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What is the biggest problem with telling lies? Is that you build a culture of suspicion. This is what our world is today. What do we teach our children trust nobody.

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Zabba did not even a word where they had to tell somebody trust nobody. They trust everybody.

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Because people don't like I mentioned this before, and so on. When I first went to South Africa, I was

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invited, invited all over the place. One of the place I invite with a lot of judges and senior advocates. One of them said to me that there was a time in this country during the apartheid, which was the white

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Protestant government, which was,

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you know, white supremacy, government. They're very religious people with their apartheid was part of the religion. So anti black segregation and so on. So he said during that time, he said, a Muslim when he was when he had to bear witness in court, a Muslim did not have to swear on the Bible or on the Quran, he or he did not need to take an oath to give witness. Why? Because they said Muslims don't lie.

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So who is saying this a Christian government?

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A Christian is not given that privilege. A Christian has to put his hand on the Bible and say, I swear to speak the truth, nothing but the truth but the Muslim in a Christian government

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does not have to take the oath, when he's bearing witness, because they said Muslims don't lie.

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Very Sadly, no longer the case. muslims also have to swear

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in and take an oath. At this we're having to a different meaning of the swear to but that's why they will take an oath

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of so telling lies, builds a culture of suspicion. And of course vital point is if you don't lie, you don't need a good memory.

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Nothing you don't have to remember or what are all this what is the whole story I built up not the truth. That is the truth.