Mohammed Hijab – Evidence of Religious Fraudster Preying on Married Women

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the divisive nature of a group and the potential for family issues to cause problems between husband and wife. They mention a report of a woman being brought into their home by family members, and how they were advised to share information with them. The speaker suggests that these individuals may try to get married to another woman, but may be motivated by desire for marriage. They also mention a trend of after separation and attempts to put themselves forward for marriage, which may lead to bullying and control of power.
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So no one. One thing we want to talk about is the divisive nature of this group. You talked about one of your main concerns working with the community on a grassroots level, you're very well known in South London for doing that, is that and this actually cause family strained family problems between even husband and wife? We've got reports that ever Khadija, for example, would be responsible for divorces. And actually,

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you could say misplaced. You could say,

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you know, metal with family business. Yes, it's just it leads to rumors about firsthand accounts from x. mucked up by individuals who I'm in touch with now, how they split him from his wife. So what can you tell us? Is this a case study? This is a case study, but I will refer to the one that I've got documentation from right, which a student in Medina, right, started getting calls from his wife, because she was being approached from some of the cult members, sisters, and saying that your husband has taken a position but about a particular scholar, right? I can't recall, which just got one of the big scholars and the husband, and it was a point of for not muscle

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issue. And basically, those sisters were saying that your husband is not selfie, and they were being driven by their husbands to do this. And he was writing. And the brother who was an arbitrator came to me and said, Can I share this information with you? I didn't know what I could do in that instance, but he shared and I read the information, the letters from the brother, the communication, and you said I want to speak to Mr. Khadija How am I not selfie? What are these individuals doing? Then? He wrote to another brother, my family, I do not know where they are. Wow. When he went back to the UK to Birmingham, they'd been moved from their home biohydrogen by the much of a lot. They've

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been relocated. Yes. From the UN, he said, this is what they have done. I don't know where my wife is. Wow. So this was something that was very serious. And I can provide you with the letters and everything. It was written in English by the by the brother. And as I said, I've been in communication with other individuals who have told me what happened with regards to the cult being involved in splitting their wife from from them. What is the incentive for this? I mean, when they do that when they split their wives, for example. Is there. Is there a marital incentive? Did you think that they try and maybe get married to these women after they've been divorced? Or? I can't

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say what the incentive is. Yeah. But then you do see marriage afterwards to a more staunch member. So wait, so you're saying there's a trend of after separation between someone, for example that they disapprove of, that they themselves will put themselves forward for? Or someone who's approved by them for marriage? Yes. Well, that says a lot to be honest with you is what else is there in terms of incentive, what is driving these individuals to be like that so divisive and so insular and the power and control power and control? Yes, I know students of knowledge, who have graduated from Medina, living in Saudi Arabia. And you can see that they are mouthpieces for these individuals, and

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they are almost scared to interact with other individuals who are known selfies, because of what may happen as a result, they may send out general emails of things they've translated. And I may speak to one or two of them, and they blind copy me and the other individuals in case those from the markaba seeing that they're including individuals who they have issues with. This is this bullying, you can only bully weak people. And the bully themselves are weak, as you know. Yeah. And this is a manner that they've got when more robust individuals come and confront or speak not just I'm not talking just about violence in that instance, but when they know individuals have a bit of

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testicular fortitude, if you like. You will see them very cautious in that particular

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