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Job 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products including premium Ethiopian black seed products. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. What a capsule How're you guys doing?

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It's a nice day. And it's a nice day to comment on something which is very viral on the internet, the neural link and obviously, brother, Zhi Shan from smart agenda has an entire video on this, which you can check out. But let me talk about this. Because actually, when I went to Santa Clara, I went to Santa Clara, which is also known as Silicon Valley.

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And I had a debate with one of the intellectuals there, or one of the people who represented a theism and atheism debate in Sacramento, and I was in California, and I went to Santa Clara. And there was someone who actually works with Elon Musk, who came to me and he said, he wants to have me speak to Ilan Musk,

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privately, and so on and so forth. And at that time, the schedules were conflicting. I mean, I had to go back to London, to go to LA first and then go back to London. And so the schedules were conflicting. And unfortunately, I wasn't able to make that that meeting. But of course, now, if we want to reschedule it, we can, and obviously, your musk or his employees, or anyone who works for him, can contact me on the email that belongs to this channel, you can obviously go to the About Us page or the section on the YouTube channel and send me an email with the appropriate titling. But having said this, now, the reason why I've just thought of Elon Musk is because of the whole neural

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link discussion that's being had. But before we have that discussion, before I comment on those things. Let's see what Elan musk actually said, which I thought was quite problematic. Let's take a look at what he says. Will you be able to save and replay memories in the future?

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Yes, I think in the future, you will be able to save and replay memories.

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And this is obviously sounding increasingly like a black mirror episode. Before I comment on this situation here with Elon Musk, I want to say something which is that you know, back in the days, magic used to be illusionary, you used to have some kind of, you know, trick to take the bunny out of the hat and so on. That would be magic. But I want to give you maybe a thought experiment, something to think about. If we brought one of our smartphones, or maybe a rocket or a car. And we transported it back to, let's say, the eighth century or the ninth century, what do you think people would say about this instrument, this technological instrument, I'm pretty sure that they would call

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this magical. And the reason why they they would call this magical is because for them is completely inexplicably, they can't explain it in any way, shape, or form. So they would attribute it to the demons, they would attribute it to magic.

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And magic really works best. When the person who's doing it is able to delude innocence deceive individuals into thinking that they can do something which is not actually possible, which defies the scope of the empirical reality.

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And I think that, to be honest with you, when I was growing up, I used to watch this. You know, when I was a kid, I used to watch people like David Blaine. And these, you know, famous magicians. Recently, I saw David Blaine, he's, he's on the gra Joe Rogan experience podcast. And he was vomiting out some frogs. And I promise you even Joe Rogan was felt sick and disgusted from this. And I don't think that we have room for that kind of illusionary type of magic anymore. It's boring. Now it's the thing of the past. So waste of time.

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And actually is quite disgusting in the case of the example I just gave you. But the most effective magic I see happening now relates to people speaking in technological terms, scientific terms, so called scientific, so cool, technological terms,

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in ways, which makes people think that they can do things which they can't actually do. And of course, from an Islamic perspective, and I know from a Christian perspective as well, the metanarrative is at the end of times, there'll be an antichrist, and this antichrist of Nissan's data gel will literally deceive people into thinking that they can raise people back from the dead.

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And of course, this is impossible.

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But it could be the case, well, lo alum, God knows best that

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the Antichrist does so using technological jargon.

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Because now almost if you use technology, like Elon Musk has, in the clip that we've seen, you can pretty much try and justify anything. So let's get to the point of why what Elon Musk said itself is really problematic. And it bypasses so many discussions that are happening in academia in such a you know, casual way

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Let's talk about it. So, when he was asked about saving and retrieving memories, Elon Musk states

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that he thinks it's possible to do so. But what our memory is really a composite off

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what our memory is really a composite of, because memories are not just the information retrieved from the five senses, they are not just the information retrieved from the five senses, memories are also the experiences or the first person subjective states, otherwise known sometimes as emotions that we had, when we were undergoing such things. So whatever it is that we were going through, so I want you to think of a memory that you you're acquainted with, maybe with a loved one. Now, obviously, if I were watching the same thing, if, for example, you've got that video of you and your son, daughter, mother, father, person that you love, and it was a really meaningful memory to you.

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And I watched it on a television set. Am I going to have the same experience with that information? As you would? Of course not? Of course, the reason why is because the feelings that you had, interacting with that information are completely different to the feelings that I have. Now, the question is, can emotions be saved, stored and retrieved? The answer is unequivocally No, they can't be because they're first person subjective experiences. And as Thomas Nagel says, science is the work of third person science works in the third person. So how can third person science access in the first place? First person's subjective experiences.

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Another issue is this. Say for example, we take the physicalist view, which by the way, is unprovable through neurology, because physicalism is an assumption is a metaphysical philosophical assumption. And you have to have this assumption in order to think somehow that it's possible to take first person subjective experiences and save them and retrieve them.

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But let's say for the sake of argument, we take this view, to be charitable.

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And say, we put an individual under an MRI scan. And we activate, for example, we stimulate their love center, for example, by showing them pictures or videos of people that they love, showing them on the other hand pictures and videos of people that they hate, and tracking in the brain, the centers that neurological centers, which activate when you know that when they are reminded of the people that they love, versus when they are reminded of the people that they hate, you'll see in the brain, in that mapping for the sake of argument, a certain area or certain neurons reacting in a certain way. Let's say for the sake of argument, they react in ways call it ABC, love, whenever love

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is present, ABC is present in the brain, this is a neurological kind of like, you know, a reaction to love ABC. And whatever hate is with the the the opposite whenever hate is that C D, neurological pathways are activated and firings happen in on the mind. On the brain. Sorry. And when this happens, okay?

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You think, as a scientist, so love equals ABC and hate equals C, D, right? Are you with me? So you got the brain under the MRI, and you're stimulating it with love and hate. And you think love is ABC and you think hey, is d c, d? Okay. Now, in the case of love, which is ABC, and the case of love, which is ABC, the question is, is neurological pathway ABC, only present when love is present? So David pepper neuron says no. And this is the argument and undercard for me, in the academic literature, which I believe Smackdown is a Smackdown argument for this kind of reasoning. If only love caused ABC, then you'd have more of an argument. But it's not the case that ABC is

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instantiated. Only when love is that. And even if that was the case, whatever love is there and only love ABC is that, then there'd be an issue with saying that correlation equals causation. So there's two layers of problem, which show us how is impossible even on physicalist grounds that emotions can sometimes somehow be saved and retrieved and then saved and then retrieved.

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So, this is where individuals who who use technology

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may not be who may not be acquainted with the academic literature on the topic on the hard problems of consciousness.

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We'll make such claims very casually. To make people think that they can actually do things which are not powerful.

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In fact, it's not possible to save, let me tell you this. Now, it's not possible to save and retrieve how you felt about anything. Because how you felt is a first person, subjective state, and how you felt is inextricably linked to how and what you did. And that is the equation for an experience and a memory. Otherwise, it's the same as me videoing something on my phone, saving and retrieving what's the difference in your link, you put it in your brain, video, something on my phone, there's no much difference, you see. So here, it's very important to note that those postulations that are made or false, because if we start to believe these individuals who speak in

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this technological ways, and these scientific ways in order to really make philosophical arguments, or at least make assumptions which have

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make arguments which have philosophical presuppositions, physicalist presuppositions, in this case, then that is the slippery slope,

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that will lead ultimately, to believing that these individuals are worth your innocence, mental subordination, quite frankly, mental, and ideological even subordination. And this is the pathway

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leading to the Antichrist from our perspective, leading to the digital from our perspective, so we have to be careful of those realities. So the reason why this is important to this whole narrative of the Antichrist, is because from our perspective as Muslims, that the job of the Antichrist will come at the end of times, and will tell people that look, I'm going to be able to raise your parents, I'm gonna be able to raise the dead, I'm gonna be able to do these things. And and then finally, is going to ask people for his worship, which is really and truly submission, mental, and ideological submission. So I say to Elon Musk, it'll be really interesting. You know, it was two

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years ago when I was meant to come and see you, in Silicon Valley, with the invitation of your, your colleague or your employee,

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in Santa Clara. And of course, I'm willing to do that. Still, we can have a conversation on zoom, and so on and so forth. But the point is, these are big questions about life and the Quran actually has something to say about life in general and about what you can and can't do. And by knowing what you can't do, then you can't aspire to impossibility. And the plan says this look,

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in the Latina town I'm in Dune La Land Yeah, Lu Baba, well, I would you tell me, Allah, those who you call besides gods and take as gods, in other words, you worship and you give them that mental subordination and that, you know that absolute subordination submission, besides the Creator God, Allah we call a lot

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Len yaku Baba, they will not even be able to create a fly.

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Because even if you get the chemical

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things that are required for a flight to be, you will never be able to, to put in that fly first person subjective experiences, you'll never be able to give that fly consciousness, life bearing consciousness and therefore you'll never be able to create a fly in the first place. Well, I would just somehow less analyze the Quran says even if they come together and try and do so. So knowing all those things, will let us know what the limits are to science and technology generally, and not allow us to give ourselves as slaves to such individuals who speak in scientific and technological jargon. But in 10, nothing but magic. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.