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Salam aleikum Greta please welcome to the deen show MIDI your host subscribe if you haven't already Andrew Tate

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I was in jail I focused on doing push ups and reading the Koran.

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A bit

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I will I will focus on the push up and I will read the Quran.

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Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you.

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What do we know about this case so far, he has been arrested not charged, has been under investigation for almost a year without any formal charges to the witnesses in the case say he's like family to us. And they've never filed any charges not Adam Adam and they tried to get the prosecution to get them off the victims list. The other two victims a stripper and a prostitute were spotted somewhere in the French Riviera parting walk correspondence between the two revealed and plotting against the two brothers and praising each other and how good of liars they are, and that they should win an Oscar and get on Netflix love or hate the guide. This is beyond that. What we

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want to know is that right after Andrew Tate accepted Islam and was slowly transforming his life for the better. For the first time we see him apologizing for pass Commons giving up alcohol and on his way to give up gambling. And this is only weeks into accepting Islam. That is reversion to Islam play any role into the arrest and what's the history of Islam in Romania. That's what we want to explore here today with our next guest Dr. Steph an academic historian from the ELMO Dima institute here on the D show.

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and His final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him? This is our religion, Islam. Nice, lovely sister dijo.

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was ready to talk about

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explaining how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to the deen show. The dean show

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well, Aiko, salaam Dr. Carter, how you doing? Che How you been Doctor stuff? Does that color her long time? No See, right. 100 real Alhamdulillah everything is going well. Zach

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on the show. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you for being with us here to explore some of this because you're an historian from the Kadima Institute. And you're somebody who's also very well versed into the history of Europe and beyond that so many people have on their minds, you know, I'm going to start off with this, this clip here. And this is right before his reversion to Islam. And we'll kick it off from there, um, fixes a lot of the problems that men are Carr currently facing problems we're discussing on this show Islam faith fixes all of them. Right? That's the first thing about Islam. And I'm not a Muslim, right? If I had to choose a religion, I would because I live in

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an Orthodox Christian country. I go to the Orthodox Christian church, I donate $20,000 a month to the church and the church. The church in Romania is very powerful, and I like having church friends, so I give them a lot of money, right? So I would guess I'm an Orthodox Christian. But if I had to bet on one religion, as if I were betting on the stock market for the future, you have to balance Islam.

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Because Muslims are brother in Islam, Eddie from the deen show is creating the teen center, which is a masjid and a Dawa Center, which is going to help non Muslims learn about Islam, Allah and the most beautiful thing about this is that we can all be a part of this, we can all take part in earning rewards from this simply by donating whatever we can to make this a reality, which is beautiful. Let's do it. Let's click this link. Let's donate what we can and let's make this a reality in sha Allah.

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Yes, all right. So this is before he ended up accepting Islam. You can see him talking about how he was giving so much money to the Orthodox Church. He was rubbing shoulders also with some of the prominent members there he liked that talks about being an Orthodox Christian, and then shortly after some time, we also had him on the program, and that was before he accepted Islam, and then he ends up coming back after accepting

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This lumped Romania and he had already been in under investigation since April. At that point, they brought him in for maybe a day or a day not even, and then they let them go. But this time after he accepted Islam, it's interesting that they have not released him since he got back into the country and he's been locked up ever since. So we wanted to explore a little bit of the history of Islam in Romania, we hear this term Dracula and other things. So let's see if this might have played a role into

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this lesson at the salam ala Rasulillah zakat, I've heard it again, it is a very interesting topic and rotate himself, Romania, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, which actually bought us through Romania. Romania is officially not really a Balkan country. However, there are some some definitions that put it as a Balkan country together with Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia, Albania and so on. So it is pretty much in that area, which we know that was once part of the Ottoman Empire. But interestingly enough, no but entertaining, entertaining the tape brothers, we have done actually a show sometime back with regards to and rotate and his conversion, with Amaka Dima, and it is very interesting to see that

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indeed, everything before before he became Muslim, which is very recently, by the way, just happened right some months ago, if I'm not mistaken.

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When he became Muslim, suddenly, the media

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were not really only sad before. However, from the moment that we became Muslim, it became even worse.

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You see that people are really suddenly they come out with some things that happened years ago, as he explained himself, I do have, we do have a common friend actually, who knows him from Dubai when he accepted the faith in the Islamic center in Dubai. And we know that things happen that he was he admitted, he admits that many things happened during his time before he became a Muslim. And there was not really necessarily

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a guy who we admire to look back to. So but from the moment he accepted the faith, and he always showed admiration towards Islam, as he makes sure you mentioned this also in this in this clip that he showed, he actually stopped drinking.

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He stopped donating the money to the church and Orthodox Church, which is very strong in the Orthodox countries, as you might know, of course, yourself. Seeing that we come from this area originally, I myself, I'm Greek, and I know that the Orthodox Church is extremely powerful in the Balkans, and in Russia, and in Romania. And in these countries where the Orthodox Christianity is quite strong, quite a powerful, powerful institution. And he spent $20,000, as we just heard, on this institution, and for him to change that, that, of course, must mean quite something. And for an author's countries such as Romania,

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it might mean also losing one of the sheep who actually were quite wealthy. So there are so many elements, I don't even know how to start, where to start or where to end. But inshallah we're talking about Islam in Romania, which is another interesting topic again, and he also happens to be there. I don't think that he chose Romania, for Islam, or Firstly, because it's a minority, tiny minority religion, actually, it's not more than 0.3 0.5% of people around 60 70,000 followers of Islam in Romania. However, it has more than seven 700 years of history, Romanian Islam more than 700 years of history.

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700 years of history with Islam, with Islam, so before the Ottoman Empire even I mean, we're talking about the Ottomans arriving in that area in the 14th century onwards. But even before that time, we even before that time, there were Muslims in Roma in the area, which was Romania, which didn't was not called Romania at the time. Many people misunderstand the issue in the Middle Ages, the countries that we call nowadays, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Germany, they did not exist in the Middle Ages. They had there were city states, for example, in Germany, or Romania was two principalities were luckier. And

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I would have to think of the other one well, lucky is the one and the other one was Transylvania as well in there, which joined them later. But the two main the new principalities, which made Romania that time became later Romania. So

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it's extremely important to see that the these two counties that made

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that are nowadays counties that they're a part of Romania nowadays.

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When that time just a

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principalities are run by princesses. And these princesses even later when the muslin the Ottomans came, some of them in except that the faith became Muslims. So it is extremely important to see that Romania had a close connection to Islam, even before the Ottomans arrived even three to 400 years before. And this quite important, I would like to make an important point out of this one because people always believe that the Balkans including Romania, Hungary, and all these countries that were was part of the Ottoman Empire, just so Muslims from the moment that the Ottomans arrived, which is not true.

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Tell me the doctor stuff. How much does the church now play? I know they have some statistics, where it's about over 80 to 90% of people there are practicing Orthodox Christians, and how much does it play the church play a role in the politics

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vary, I mean, an Orthodox country in general,

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from starting in Russia, actually and going all the way down to the south towards Greece, all these countries, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, these are considered Orthodox Christian Orthodox countries, which means that from the very beginning of this institute, these these these, these nations that develop especially after the Ottoman Empire, in the 19th century, these countries were based on on on the institution of the Orthodox Church, the Orthodox Church is the one that actually

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fought or was on the side of the people when they were asking for independence from the Ottoman Empire, when Russia was fighting the Ottomans, the Muslim Ottomans, so the Orthodox Church is a kind of identity for the people living in that part of the world, in the Balkans, or in Russia, and so on. So more than as you said, Yes, more than 86 87% I just read recently, belong to the Orthodox Church in Romania. So it plays an extremely important factor in after the fall of communism, which happened in 1989 90. Romania had to find another identity. During the time of communism, Romania was a communist country, where religion didn't play a big role. However, it was still a part of that

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identity, but it has become now the main identity of the people who had to left the the roundness of the of the communist regime. And now they are basically orthodox Romanians. So it makes it gives them a sense of identity and understanding of each other. So it plays a big role. So it plays a big role, it just reminds me. And I'll make a contrast here because it's Romania's time, the church's time here to show if they are truly practicing their orthodoxy and Christianity, you know, and I'll start off with this story, we have so many of these stories, one of them comes to mind where the college the leader of the Muslims at the time Hollywood or the local and is a cousin of problem,

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Muhammad, when there was a Jew. And you probably know the story, I'm paraphrasing it, who Ali he was,

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he was in possession of a property of his and then they went to one of the judges there, and the judge ruled in the favor of the Jew.

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And this was just illustrating the, and now this is the head of state. And the head of state is going now in front of a judge. And you have someone who you think, you know, just because he's Jewish, for example, that it would he had no chance to go ahead and to win. But this is the justice of Islam. So Romania to really again, if agitate, if he had done things like they are, they are saying then you bring the witnesses you come forward, but he's being held investigated since April with no formal charges. And then when we break down and you look at a case starts falling apart to Ford, would you say this is a great time for Christianity there to step up the church to step up and

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to show really their justice?

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It would have been had he still been with them?

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Again, he was spending $20,000 incisions himself before, I think, had he been still part of the of the church and the church.

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They would have for sure, because we also know another thing, the Orthodox Church is one of the richest institutions in the world. So I'm very sure that they would have been able in Romania to actually find one or two or three lawyers

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who would be on his side and would be able to get him out without a problem. But now seeing that he's a Muslim, and he makes he doesn't hide it. I saw him in in one of the interviews where he basically spoke to a non Muslim and he the very first thing he said was salam alaikum so he greeted, and non Muslim Piers Morgan, it was actually within with Salaam Alaikum

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So you can clearly see that he doesn't hide he here. He is a loudmouth. You know that he's, he likes listening to himself most probably so. So he has a lot to say. But that puts him also in trouble. And at this moment, he's he's really in trouble, although there is absolutely as you said, there are no charges. Now I don't really see that the church is going to step in and help him. I don't think that at all.

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What else can you tell us about? So you had this area here, you have a long history, you also talk about many of the misconceptions, many of the deliberate attempts in history, you know, that you are actually, you were someone who stepped out of that, and that is what helped you actually, as a Greek now, also a Christian, you also were somebody who was programmed to think a certain way as someone coming up into schools with the negative propaganda against Islam. And then you start to really study Islam, study the history, and you ended up accepting Islam. So do you think now there's some of these in this area here? Are there still a lot of these myths perpetrated? You know, I'm in

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Bosnia, obviously, if you're, you're somebody is, as a Muslim, the lot of the extreme Serbs there, they'll call you Turk. And they'll use some of these some of these terms and whatnot, because they're also programmed with some of this history now that negative stereotypes against Muslims, is this also the same thing? Is that I kind of identical or is it at a whole different level now in Romania, because you have more practicing Orthodox Christians? Can you kind of get us a feel because we can I can understand in this area in the Balkans with

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because I have family from there, but what about in Romania is a kind of similar the the atmosphere?

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Very good question. Very valid question. Actually, it is a bit different.

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It is a bit different. The situation is not entirely as it is on the Balkans. I mean, as I said, Romania in general is not considered being part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders to the Balkans, so it borders to Bulgaria in the south, and we'll get it is considered a Balkan country, and the Balkan Peninsula, in general, according to some definitions do include, they do include Romania, but in general, they don't include Romania, Romania and Hungary, have seen the Ottomans and have had an influence

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you even before the Ottomans, by the Muslims in Islam. The difference is that, because they were earlier, they became the getting independence much earlier than many of the other countries in the southern and their southern borders, such as Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, they had

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last time that they actually had the Ottomans in the country.

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They became earlier a Christian nation independent nation, and they became part of the communist bloc, which happened after the Second World War, until very recently until 1989, in 1990, so people had were influenced also by communist ideals. And communists were not very supportive of religion in general, or religion was something that for them was all the same, and we don't look at that, forget it. So basically, Romania was really a country where they allowed the minorities we must say that during the time of communism, the Muslim minorities who mainly live in the south, south eastern in an area called dope Russia, and in this area north of Redondo brugia, where many Muslims still live.

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Some of them are Turkish origin, some of them have an origin, which you might have heard of the gypsies, the Romans, as they call them nowadays, and some others again, have a tartar background. So and there are also some reverse martial law and this is quite interesting that we have nowadays quite a number of Romanian reverse nowadays are making that our down there. I've seen myself also that they are printing the Quran in Romania nowadays, distributing it, there is a bit I would say, if I compare them to Greece or to Serbia, I think they are a bit more open minded, it is a bit different, it is a bit different. Nevertheless, it is the influence of the church, it actually tries

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to, as it does, in all the other orthodox countries, it tries to tell them, it tries to sell them the idea that the church were there earlier, these Ottomans, they call them Turks, these thugs who were there basically, they enslaved us, and we had no during the time that we were under Ottoman rule. We couldn't develop as an independent Christian or European nation. So they kept us back and backwards. So even in a way that actually justify communism, they say even communism is nothing else but

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after the Ottoman rule, another enslavement again, which goes back to the Ottoman time. So they're trying to push it all back to

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The Ottomans as if everything had happened was was the fault of the Ottomans. But that's how deep it goes in these countries the hatred and misunderstanding of the history.

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The influence of Islam is not very big. However, in the night in the south, where you have the WHO region, you have actually even moved here, there is a multi, who is recognized by the government. And the Romanian government nowadays has recognized 18 fates 18 religions amongst the most Swiss law. So I think this is quite

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quite an important point to mention. Islam is also recognized in Greece and also in Serbia. But the difference is that again, because of the minority being much smaller than it is in Serbia, or in Greece or in Bulgaria. I think they're more open minded and don't regard Islam as being a threat,

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which might change if there are more, there are more Romanian reverts who are coming. So

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we heard this term for people know a little bit about history. This term Dracula, there has been movies made about him. How did the people there now, look at this person, this individual by the name of Dracula, Okay, excellent story, because it is very many people really want to hear of Romania the first thing that might go straight to to, to blood, like Count Dracula, as it's called. Now, we have to see that certain legends that have developed during history, and nothing else, but that legends. Now. Vampires, I think we all agree don't really exist, right. And what they have come up with this

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story of vampires which was developed in that area and Romania and surroundings.

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There was a once once this this voidable they're the ruler of Wallachia. So as I said before, there are two there were two principalities that actually have become now a part, Romania, the country, the nation of Romania, and Wallachia was one of the two and he was the ruler of Wallachia, during the 15th century, and in this 15th century, his name was valid. And his title that was given was a Vlad the Impaler of La typisch in Romania, Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracula, the dragon basically Dracula, his father had this name already. He belonged to the Brotherhood of

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the dragon and his son went over with this name. The Impaler is a very important title, it needs to be explained. And he was one of the cruelest, most probably rulers in Europe, especially in the Middle Ages, especially the 15th century. He used to impale his enemies. I don't know if you're aware of what it actually means or maybe the audience I don't know what if you can, what impaling means he used to take. How would you describe it in layman's terms should take a pole and put it through the the, the rear the * all the way through towards the neck? Absolutely. Right. Absolutely. I mean, if you why they were alive, by the way, while they were alive, a very important

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point while they were alive.

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And one thing that is extremely important to see blood history blood grew up or was for a longer period of time.

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The Ottoman Sultans cord and his brother as well. He had another younger brother Randall and Raju remained at the core of the Ottomans and actually was very loyal towards the Ottomans. He himself was a Muslim, his brother, his brother Adam, and Vlad Vlad the Impaler became he wanted basically power, he wanted the throne. And for that reason he fought the Ottomans and was going with whoever was on his side. Once with Ron Gary's, then again, again, again against the Hungarians. The Hungarians were that time a very big force in the 15th century, and they fought the Ottomans. So as soon as they fought the Ottomans, he was on their side. As soon as he fought the Ottomans. They

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weren't on this side. So you understand when they again attacked Transylvanian vet he fought them so

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that was real politic let's call it what it is real politics in his in the 15th century. And for blood it was really not religion didn't play a role in that way. He was just whatever whatever he could make use of was it the Orthodox Church? Was it Islam was the Sultan he did he spoke Turkish so he could actually also

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fight the the Ottomans and pretend being an Turkish Muslim for example, hiding amongst the people and escape for example, so all these things happened during his lifetime. And the important thing with regards to start with being the Impaler how all this started the the the hostility

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very strongly from the time from the side of the sword and so the men were fighting by the way, the one who opened Constantinople and the one who entered Athens as well. So so the member thought it was his biggest enemy, although they knew each other from before they grew up together at the same court. And so the men had finally started this whole hostility. Because Vlad the Impaler when he was sent

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to emissaries, Ottoman emissaries to give him a message.

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He impact he, he told them to take the turbans off and he knew that they wouldn't do that they don't take him that's not something that we'll do. So he actually nailed with three nails each one of them, that turbans on their head. So he made them pay for not listening to him. Next to this one, he impaled them and 20,000 it said in the history books, 20,000 Ottomans and other enemies

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impelled them wildlife, and all this, if you think of it Subhanallah I think nowadays, of course, we are not. We cannot judge really how people thought that time in the 14th and 16th centuries, there were different men thought different women's that are different that were also stronger. For sure. I mean, about imagine now I think anybody can understand, nailing the turban on somebody's head while they're alive and impaling them while they're alive. This must be a terrible situation. And he was feared by many people, Muslims, non Muslims,

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enemies, friends alike. And his his his game was trying trying to get the throne basically, of Romania to become the next Romanian emperor, or the next Romanian leader. And he had to fight with Hungarians because of a stronger power and also against them. So in general, the whole Dracula thing came up, because Bram Stoker who wrote the novel Dracula, he actually had heard something about such a cruel person. And basically, they even were saying that he would drink

00:27:08 --> 00:27:25

his enemies blood that made him a vampire, basically. So that's how this whole thing started. So it did exist Count Dracula, it did exist. It was his name, coming from his father, but he was obviously not a vampire in the real meaning of the word.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:38

As we imagined that power is nowadays. What's the association now current day with this figure with the Orthodox Church? Have they distance themselves from him? Or do they hold them up as iconic figure?

00:27:40 --> 00:28:24

And you should, we should never forget that nowadays with nation states is different to that time when the church churches were ruling actually, nowadays we have nations nation orthodox nations, such as Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and they do have their own nation, national Orthodox churches, which means that the church is actually serving the nation. So whatever the nation's the nation believes in and keeps up, such as blood being actually a national hero, believe it or not, the Romanians consider him as being being a national hero. So the church also supports the idea the Orthodox Church supports such a cruel man, saying basically that he is one of our national heroes.

00:28:25 --> 00:29:00

So Romania, the Romanian Orthodox Church and national church of Romania supports the man of the 15th century, who's considered a Romanian hero who did these these these cruel acts, which are unbelievable, actually. And I just want to make a side note here that this is something torture in this sense is prohibited in Islam. Is that correct? Correct. Absolutely. Yes. Yeah, this inhumane torture, this type is something that is definitely something that is not part of Islam. And tell me this, so if you have

00:29:01 --> 00:29:20

so you answered my question. It's kind of odd that so this person that did this kind of horrific these crimes today that we consider as war crimes, you know, these just it just does violent, inhumane kind of what is this called again?

00:29:23 --> 00:29:59

No, no, no, this the term in the stuffing this the swords are through the * up to the neck, impaling melee or the impaling, okay to doing this impaling and whatnot, it's just sick. So they look at him currently as a as a hero as somebody. Yeah, absolutely. So then that would bring us back to what we originally started now. So if you have a church and you have people who look to this person, as an hero, and they have this strong, what would be your opinion, did agitates conversion to Islam and

00:30:00 --> 00:30:24

After giving $20,000 Did he say a month? A month? Yes, a month and being someone who was an Orthodox Christian did this now, do you think this played a role in him still being detained to this day without any formal charges being held captive in this Romanian jail? Did his conversion and then him also walking into the court with the Koran?

00:30:26 --> 00:30:37

Yes. Yes. Again, he's, he doesn't hide his Mashallah. Which is, I mean, may Allah give him a really reward the reward that he deserves, and may Allah make him strong. He needs this.

00:30:38 --> 00:31:14

The I think it does play a role, it does play a role that he of course, has left the church, and that the church is not on his side anymore, that they would not support lawyers, they would not be on the on his side, that definitely plays a role. Why are they keeping him for months? I mean, we're talking about months now, this is not something that has been going on for some days or a week or something it has been going on for months. I don't know the exact time but it is months now it has been going on and they're trying. And again, they keeping them we should not forget Romania is part of the European Union nowadays. So in a European Union country, okay, with a very progressive

00:31:14 --> 00:31:38

mindset as they should, as they say, as they should have. They keeping a man in prison with no charges at all and this for months. Now, this is absolutely against any understanding of a normal human instinct of a progressive democracy, as they call themselves human rights. Human rights. Absolutely. What about all that?

00:31:39 --> 00:32:07

I don't think it's just Islam, but it did help. It does help. Okay, to make him an unwanted figure to make him somebody that people actually don't like, many women didn't like him before, because they called him misogynistic, all this stuff that came out about and rotate, which I don't even know if this is all true. But now it does not help, of course, him being Muslim, and supporting Islam and being so outspoken about Islam, as you said, Yes, he entered the courtroom of the Quran.

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And next to this one, I think his brother accepted the fate as well. His brother embraced Islam as well, and a friend of his recently, so, you know, the influence that he has on youngsters and young people, even in the UK and in the West, in in Europe, is amazing. So this man opens the door for youngsters in Europe and people who like him to actually look into Islam, at least look into Islam, and forget all the prejudice and all the the the negative ideas that were going around, which is good for Islam, and good for us, but not good for them, obviously. And you would want somebody if somebody had some some views, you know, of the past some things you'd want, because Islam is the

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medicine, Islam is going to help you to go ahead and transform your life. So we saw that just weeks after accepting Islamic Ivanka Hall, his good friend was saying that he talked to him about the gambling, he was going to give up a lot of these sites. For many people, this thing takes years, right, these things, but he was after weeks, he was starting to, for the first time we saw him apologizing for past comments that he made. And we see him on a road to transformation. So it's a good thing Islam will, because we don't support any of these things, alcohol, gambling, these only fans, whatever these things are this process, you know, whatever the all of these evils out there in

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the world, Islam as against that. So you need Islam, Islam helps you to transform for the better. Is that? Is that correct? No, of course, no doubt about it. I mean, what can I say I myself transformed since I became Muslim for 30 years now. Hamdulillah. So I, myself come from that area. Again. As we mentioned, I'm Greek. And I understand fully the position of the church in these kinds of countries.

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The position of the population that we're told myths and lies and legends, and all this, they believe in the grow up like this. So you can't blame them entirely the population. But once you must grow out of it as added Hamdulillah. And you must question certain things. I think as a human being living in the 21st century, you should be able to question and you should be able to make a choice. And Andrew Dade made this choice and made his choice. And I think we should leave it to it. And as many others make our choices. So I don't think it should play a role. But I do believe that it did play a role that he did accept Islam. And it doesn't it didn't make him more sympathetic towards the

00:34:39 --> 00:35:00

west and towards other people who might have been in between, shall we support I'm sure will not support him. So many in the end actually decided not to support them. That's it. For people who want to who are history fans and who want who like learning about history. This is your specialty. Where can people go you have

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

An institute that we mentioned earlier in this program. And if people want to learn more about the history in this region, and clear up any of the misconceptions that people have in their minds, where can they go and visit to learn more? I look up the is basically an institute which we set up in London two years ago. We're now in our second year. And we are teaching the students who are interested Muslims and non Muslims alike about this very important work but even how don't even know how to do and was one of the biggest scholars actually of Islam in the 14th century 1514 to 15 centuries, and he wrote this book called mocha Dima. So according to this, we call this

00:35:40 --> 00:36:24

program as mocha Dima, the Mocha Dima program is written without an age by the way, there is another website or Mocha Dima was an age that combat we asked is Elmo Kadima without an So, there we will, we basically look into his work, which is very important work for the father of sociology, as he as he called in the West. So even Hal doon is considered the father of sociology. So we're looking into sociology, political science, religious and Islamic Studies. We're looking into history and historiography, economics, all this unbelievable things, all this in one book. So I really consider that a very important work and we all Muslims and non Muslims should actually know about

00:36:24 --> 00:37:06

him. And by the way, Mark Zuckerberg was actually mentioning America in his book club. So He wants His people to read them Kadima in his book club. And we all know Mark Zuckerberg, we know he's not a historian. So why would he read such a book, which is full of Islamic elements, and references to Islam? No doubt. So it is very interesting indeed. So I really think that for anybody who's interested Elmo Without the age, take a look at our institute. Take a look at what we offer. The program starts again in September, October with a new year. Dr. Cerf. Thank you very much. Zakka Thank you for having me. We're a salami crumpled cut. Why they call Salomon,

00:37:07 --> 00:37:43

brothers and sisters, we've all had loved ones that passed away. A mother a father, brother, sister, a close family member, but one of the mercies of our dean is that with the right intention, we can go ahead and continue to do good deeds on our loved ones behalf and what greater of a continuous good deeds so the kajaria than investing on their behalf in the D center a masjid in Naga Tao center that will benefit generations to come in sha Allah. So click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you I cannot leave without giving you a gift. If you're not yet Muslim and you're tuning in to see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the

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Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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