Rewards Beyond Limits

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses plans to go to Rome, Milan, and beyond to fulfill Subhanallah's dream of achieving 700 times his reward, even beyond 2021. They also mention wanting to fulfill fulfillment of his dream by getting a full reward from fulfillment of his plans to Panama or Mexico. The speaker concludes by expressing their desire to receive a full reward for fulfilling their dream.
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When we get to Rome, Milan, if we're able to execute all that we've planned alone, we'll double, triple, quadruple and up to 700 times, you know, multiply that reward Subhanallah and even beyond the charities we're going to give in Ramadan, the other good deeds we're going to do in Ramadan. And guess what if a lockdown comes or is extended, and we're unable to fulfill some of what we have planned to fulfill, you're still going to get a full reward for having gone to the masjid to Panama or having fulfilled it the way you have planned it. Amazing. That's the gift of Allah.