Evolutionist Aaron Ra Caught Out by Saboor Ahmed

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Tell me this

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Aren't you make popular YouTube videos you've got millions of hits and you don't know the basics about instrumentalism realism, constructive empiricism, selection ism constraints

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are interested in philosophy. So if you're not interested in philosophy, why are you talking about metaphysics?

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Why are you dismissing?

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scientific and by the way, listen, here's the thing. If you understood the philosophy of science, you would be making statements you're making now. That's what I'm saying. And all I'm saying

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is that you are wrong. Still.

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Why am I wrong?

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metaphysics because you're trying to

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prove at this point, okay.

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correspondence theory of truth.

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Truth is,

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your statement is wrong. And using that connection ism is wrong, you then have to bring in

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exactly exactly

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the same.

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You believe in science? It sounds like you believe in scientific realism. Why? Because I would have thought that I believed in empiricism. No, no. Okay. Like, this is a really silly number. Right? empiricism scientific realism. Two different categories. No, no, no, no, it's two different categories. Right? They're both empiricism. Okay, for you to think scientific realism saying different scientific. Racism is two different things. They're descriptions again, okay, scientific realism, scientific instrumentalism. What are they? Okay, scientific realism is we believe in claims about observables that scientists make and we believe in claims which are made about unknowable

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unobservable entities, structures and processes. Give me an example. Okay. So for example, who would be a good?

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Give me the other one? Oh, no, hang on one second, because I don't think that no, no, no, no. Okay. Okay. So when it comes to general relativity, General Relativity says time and space is flexible. And it also makes other sort of claims and you have claims, for example, in quantum mechanics about the Copernican interpretation that this interpretation in many worlds one, okay, so a scientific realist would say, when scientists are talking about the unobservables entities, structures and processes, they are talking about actual things. Right. So that's realism. The second view is scientific.

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There are people who think that Republic God is not real. No, no, no, I'm talking about scientific realism and scientific instrumentalism. Okay, now, tell me whether you agree with scientific instrumentalism. Scientific instrumentalism says this, we believe in claims that scientists make about observable entities. But believe it in either case, I'm just giving you philosophical definitions. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I know you claimed you know, so claims about unobservable entities, processes and structures, we are going to be agnostic about them, we're not going to say they are true. We're not going to say they are false. We're just gonna remain agnostic about the right now,

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I've given you two divergent views. And there's some views in the middle right now, which ones use instrumentalism. Now, if you believe instrumentalism what you believe in, okay, okay. Do you subscribe to it?

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Then that basically means when scientists are speaking about natural selection being a creative force for the generation object again, okay, fine. Forget even look, forget

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that I asked you I'm not I'm not seeing the topic. Just give me a second, when scientists are talking about unobservable entities, processes and structures, right? They are not saying something which is true. They are saying something which they are in might be true or might be false diagnostic body. So if you're a scientific instrumentalist, that means Darwinian evolution which you've proposed, which you support. And what do you think Darwinian? Wait, hang on.

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Hang on, hang on, hang on.

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That basically means you don't believe it to be true. If you're an instrumentalist, so basically means this whole this whole time,

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Aaron, Aaron Aaron's

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made a little hole you walked into it? No, you just admitted your scientific instrumentalist. If you want to say that. You didn't say that. That means you believe science doesn't give you truth, but gives you instrumental useful theories. Oh, no, but it can show what is true.

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Don't deny that. Okay, that means that you That means that your claims about science gives you truth is false.