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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh This is the divine connection understanding the Quran. My name is Maya, conda and hamdulillah. We are continuing this week with our Tafseer of surah Allah.

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Last week Hamdulillah, we began looking at surah Pollock. For those of you who did not join us last week, I will very quickly recap the points that we covered in the previous episode. We looked at the reason for revelation for the surah that the surah was revealed in Medina when a Jew had attempted to see her on our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah had sent surah Allah Quran us with the angels as a means of protection from all forms of evil, including see her and magic.

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And then we spoke about the first two verses of surah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah who spoke about sort of qualifying for the hours for protection, it is one of the protection sutras Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call to the follow up is to run us together. Elmo was the thing, the two

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the two protectors, right you call it to protect us. And we spoke about how thiruvalla is there to protect us from a variety of different forms of evil, from magic and from Eve from the evil eye, and from jealousy. And then we spoke specifically about the concept of evil. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the second verse of surah, Allah, missionary mahalo from the evil that Allah had created. So we spoke in a bit of details about why Allah created evil, and how we are to

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interact with those around us. We said that evil that we see in the world is of two types, the evil actions of humans, which is our own actions that we need to be responsible for. It is our duty to make sure our actions are good and not evil, and what is perceived to be evil in this world. Things like death, and sickness, which many of us perceive to be evil. In reality, they are most of the time or rather, we see the always good Plus, it's just that sometimes we do not see the good behind it, we do not see the wisdom behind it. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us in a very beautiful Hadith, that the way of the believer is strange, or the the matter of the believer is

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a strange thing.

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Because when something good happens to a believer, he is grateful, and that is good for him. And when something bad happens to a believer, he has trouble he is patient, and that too will Good point. So only good happens to the believer. So this Hadees gives us a very powerful psychological edge. When things go wrong in our life, even then we know that this is good for us. So believing in this Hadees and following its teachings will protect us and save us from depression and anxiety and worrying about you know, things that might go wrong or focusing on things in the past that did go wrong. No, we know that everything that goes wrong if you are patient with it, in some good will

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come out of that what hamdulillah so that is a brief summary of what we covered last week. We just covered the first two verses of surah Allah Al Hamdulillah. And this week we move on to verse number three. And in verse number three, Allah subhana wa Taala speaks about the night that Allah Shahada says that we seek protection from the evil of the night. Now what is meant by the evil of the night because the night is something which Allah subhanaw taala raises in other parts of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran in many places that Paul amongst the signs is the creation of the day and night will mean it.

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Somewhat early walk the lovely lady when the hurry that from amongst the signs of Allah is the creation of the heavens in the earth and the alternation of the day and night. You will find this repeated multiple times throughout the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the night as being one of his great signs. Allah has created the day and the night he created the world such that it rotates between day and night. And this is a very interesting point in the Quran. The word used in the Quran for the alternation between day and night, in some of the verses is guara. Now the Arabic word over Amin's,

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which indicates that the world the Earth turns from day into night, which refers to the, you know, the turning around around in, you know, between the sun and the moon, causing the day and the night, which is again something which was not known 1400 years ago, 1400 years ago, when people spoke about the UN ID most of the people in the world thought that the Earth was static and the sun and moon that were going around the Earth. But the Quran states that it is the earth that turns from day to night. So this is one of the versions

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Because of the Quran, stating a natural fact, which was unknown at that time, and the Quran uses a variety of wordings to refer to this, the most explicit being over, turning like how a turban is wrapped around one's head, the Earth turns like that from day to night. So in Surah, Allah Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the night woman surely rcfe is a walk up woman, surely a horse you can either walk up from the evil of the utterly dark night when it comes about.

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Allah on one hand is sumangala informing us that the night is from amongst the signs. And he also tells us that he created the night at the time of arrest was a time of concealment was but in this verse, Allah is telling us to seek protection from the evil of the night. Why? Because the night is also the time when most forms of evil take place, you will find that it is in the night that places like the bars in the discos and the variety of other dens of evil are open. You know, we have pieces in the open all night for people to indulge in since it is in the cover of night that people come at the essence, feeling that nobody can see them. At night, that crime statement place more than in the

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daytime, because the cover of darkness is there to help them get away. It is at night that more car and magic takes place during the day. So most evil takes place at night when it is dark. And this was even more so in the in the past this was more so because didn't have lights. Today, even with the lights, the lights actually facilitating many of the scenes that take place at night. And so the night becomes a time of test for humanity. And humans have three types when it comes to dealing with the nighttime. We have those humans who spend the night sleeping hamdulillah that is good. We have those humans who spend the night in sin. Allah protect us from being amongst them. And then we have

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those humans who spend the night praying to Allah into hygiene in gambling. And that is what we should strive to be. It is better to be sleeping at night to be comforting sense. But those who are closest to Allah are those who separate from the beds which they love and the sleep is they love to stand up at night and worship the creator and to breathe 100 and to create a family which is one of the most beloved to Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and also find about that, that is the time of the night we have lost the sense. And Allah subhanho wa Taala asked us that whatever we want, he will give it to us. So we have this opportunity every night. It is up to us to take it up. So the night is the time when the greatest good deeds take place at night is also the time when the greatest sins take place. And so with surah Pollack, we seek protection in Allah from the evil that can take place at night. When we are alone and it is done. And we feel that nobody can see us we are more inclined towards committing a sin. But if we fear Allah and we know our luck and see us, then this will protect us from falling into sins at

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night. So Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah Pollack specifically singles out the night as something to seek protection from and it will Kamal druzy Rahim Allah mentioned that this shows us why Allah says the surah would follow up with the dawn would you know the daybreak because the dawn of Allah signifies the end of the night, the coming of light, and this can be taken, you know, from a taapsee perspective we can look at this both figuratively and literally, literally fall out the door is the end of the night. The night the time when most sins and evil take place is ending and the dawn has come and daytime will come about and many of those who commit sins will go back into hiding. So

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let's really follow up is something good The door is something good which protects us from any sense of evil. And also figuratively, it could be referring, referring to the ulama the darkness of sins and nor the light of human good Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran constantly refers to guidance as light and to evil as darkness. And so you know, this can also be looked upon in that metaphorical sense based on those other verses in the Quran. So, this is the third verse of surah Falak, which deals specifically with the darkness and the evil which takes place at night. Now, if we move on to verse number four, verse number four deals with a very interesting topic which I'm going to discuss

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in further details.

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Verse number four says woman shearling leper 30 feel awkward woman shereena 30 feel awkward from the evil of those who blow on lots. Now from the translation is not very clear to understand what this verse is talking about. from the evil of those who blow or not blowing or not, is one of the many types of car and magic that

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takes place. And so what this verse is actually telling us it is seeking we are seeking protection in Allah subhana wa Tada. From magic from Sierra. Now what is magic? This is something we need to discuss. Because today you will find that people are two opposite

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ends when it comes to the issue of magic. Who many of us living in a modern world where we don't want to accept too many things of the unseen things which we can't explain rationally or through science, many Muslims have begun to deny that magic is something which is real. And you know, they see all forms of magic are just strictly trickery, or illusions. This is one idea which is going about today. On the other side, there is a lot of superstition, you know, every small thing is blamed on magic, every small issue is linked back to must be seen or must be magic. So we've got these two attitudes amongst us. Islam, as always takes the moderate part, the balance part. And

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Islam teaches us that a lot of what we perceive to be magic is either illusions, tricks, or superstition. Yes, that is true. But at the same time, magic is real. There is a form of magic which is real and which does take place. So we need to be able to distinguish between the two. Those people who go on stage and pull rabbits out of hats or pull cards out of the pockets. This is tricks and illusions. This is not what this verse is referring to this that is something much more milder. Likewise, you know, believing in good luck charms and bad luck, this is superstition. This is something which has no place in Islam. But the type of magic which is real is that which is done

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through the jinn.

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Now what are the gin, the gin are creatures which Allah subhanaw taala has created before humans who are made from fire and will also have free will. They also have amongst the agenda believers and the disbelievers. The believing jinn follow the religion of Islam, which instructs them not to interfere in the lives of humans. And so they stay away from humans and they live their own lives. But this believing genes include the shade bonds, right and she turns the shayateen devils, they unseen creatures have made a fire who go about trying to cause problems between humans and trying to lead humans astray. And one of the methods which they use to lead lead humans astray, is to get them

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inclined towards magic. The way magic works is that somebody who wants to do it would have to commit shirk, they will have to commit some shirk towards a gene. And when they commit that shift towards that gene in exchange, that gene will give them the power or will assist them with their powers in what seems to be magic, right. So the magic is actually done to the jinn who have some abilities which Humans do not have. So, we find that this is mentioned in Surah Baqarah

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surah number two, verse 102, which talks about Suleiman Elisa Lam, and the jinn. The verse that's oppressing omaka for us today Mr. Suleiman al Islam did not commit Kufa, he did not believe it's clearing up a misconception among some of the Jews, that it was Solomon who introduced magic and that's why they practice magic. Alicia has seen that tsunami and Islam has nothing to do with magic. Alicia says well, then Satoshi Nakamoto. But it was the devil's the shaytans who had committed Cooper. You only move the NASA her. They taught people magic.

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Senior that Devil's committed Cooper by teaching people magic Sue from data scholars have concluded that not only is committing doing magic act of gopher, but even learning how to do it wanting to know how to do it. Learning the steps is in itself an act of Kufa. Alice Wanda clearly states here that it is the jinn who taught humans, specifically the shaytans amongst the jinn who taught humans magic. So magic is something which is real according to the Quran and Sunnah. And we know the story of the reason of revelation of the surah is in itself proof that magic is real, when one of the Jews try to do something on the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salah. So the magic and its effects are taking place

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through the agency of the jinn, one of the great scholars of tafsir Lucy rahima hula in his book Romani, he speaks about magic in the Tafseer of the surah. And he says, What is meant by magic

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is an act which resembles a vertical but is not a miracle, because it is something which is learned, and in order to perform it the help of the devil is taught by pleasing Him with sins, and shall statements containing words of shirk and praises of the devil, and acts like talent worship. These are things which need people to get the powers of magic. So this is from the Pepsi Cola Lucy, known as Roma.

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Honey. And he clearly stated that magic is something done through the jinn. And it's done by saying was a shock and praising them. And you know, sometimes to Planet worship, we see this with astronomy, or astrology, that when people look at the planets and try to learn things from them in terms of predicting the future, and even as you know, some of those who are involved in car use the same steps to go into even deeper into

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trying to change color, change the future. So these are all acts of magic which are done through the agency of the jinn. And it is something which is Cofer and something Muslims should not even think about or go anywhere near.

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And check Omar aashka Rahim Allah who passed away a couple of weeks ago, in his book about the jinn, he says, real magic is that which magicians rely upon the devils, our Lord whose knowledge encompasses all things has informed us that it is the devil's who taught mankind magic. And then he cook he quotes the verse from

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Surah Baqarah, verse two, verse 102,

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joaquina Shaka, Zulu, ultimune and naseeha, but he was the devil's who just believe, by teaching people magic. Now we're going to put up details about this topic, because this is something which we don't talk about a lot, even in public, you know, even though we talk a lot about it in our private circles, it's a lot of Whisper and rumors about magic and the genie and how does it work and if it's real or not, and there aren't many lectures available, where we discuss this in public. Although this is a very, very important topic, which is mentioned many times in the Quran, and in the sooner.

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So it's important for us to know, what is the reality of magic, it's important for us to know that there are times where we think something is magic, and it's not sometimes it's just superstition, sometimes it's just our cultural baggage. You know, sometimes it's things like

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illusions and tricks, some people just trick you. And nowadays with technology, the types of tricks are becoming more and more advanced. So, for the most part those that is true, but at the same time, we should not deny the reality of magic It is something which has affected people in the past and right today, you know, there are many things taking place in the world, which cannot be explained by science. And you know, when you understand the concept of the gene and magic, you begin to understand how these things take place. So as Muslims we believe in the hype in the unseen and you know, we really have no right to deny the existence of magic. Now,

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how do we deal with see her and magic? You know, according to the Quran and Sunnah, there are a few prescriptions mentioned to keep us protected from this at all times. One of the prescriptions mentioned in the Sunnah is to eat a god it's one of the Hadees found in Sahih Muslim Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said that eating 700 dates every morning will protect you from see her for magic. So the at the consumption of ajwa, dates will is one of the things which have been

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revealed as protection from magic. But other than that, you know, is the Quran that protects us, Allah Subhana Allah has revealed the Quran as a means of protection. Specifically, the two equals which as I mentioned to the following surah NAS are called Elmo watain. The two protectors and pseudophakic specifically mentioned Olivia Robin Pollock, I seek protection in the law of the dawn, you know, from the evil of, of the magicians who blow or not. So it's specifically revealed for protection from magic, which we can even see from the story about why it was revealed.

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So with surah Pollock being revealed specifically for protection from magic, it is the recitation of the surah every morning and evening, three times and blowing on ourselves and our families that will protect us from magic.

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So very, very important. You know, I can't stress enough the importance of reciting the surah everyday. Likewise, surah, the ayatul kursi ayatul kursi is also revealed for protection, and

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a very interesting ideas about Abu huraira rajala. One who, that one night Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Khalid Abu huraira, in charge of looking after the Muslim Treasury. And he saw an hour later that night saw an old man stealing from the Treasury. So I worried I went and caught that man and the man, you know, asked him to excuse him sing and employ and have a family to feed. And you know that these let me go, I won't do it again. I felt sorry for him and let him go. The next day. Rasulullah asked him about demand. And you know, he told us what happened. And the story continued. The second night it happened again. On the third night, when this man came back to steal

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for the third time from the Treasury. Abu huraira caught him and said I'm taking you to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and I'm not accepting any excuse from you. Now this meant knowing the Abu huraira was a scam

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Any student of knowledge and somebody who loved him, he told him that should I teach you something which will protect you and your wealth? And I will read it or what can you teach me? He said if you recite aigle kursi every morning and evening, recite it every morning alone will protect you and your wealth for the evening. You recite it every evening, although protect you and your wealth to the morning. so

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worried I was very impressed by this and let him go. The next day Abu huraira spoke to Rasulullah laliga salaam and told him what happened. And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told him that even though that man who came three times to CTL from the Treasury is a liar. He has spoken the truth when it comes to idle cropsy that is an idle courtesy protects us it recited every morning and evening. This is the power that Allah has put in his words. And the Colombo law is specifically idle could see the most powerful verse in the Quran and Rasulullah something called Abu huraira that

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this man who came to steal Do you know who he was? A Buddha said no. And Rasulullah said he was a sheepdog, he was a devil, he was a jinn. So here we find that a devil and a gene interacted with Abu huraira and you know, taught how to protect himself from him. So, we find your idol kursi protects us and our wealth from evil and from the devils from the morning till the evening from the evening for the morning. So reciting ayatul kursi every morning and evening will protect us what happened Avila

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and also circle party ha Surah Al Fatiha is also a surah which has been proven from the Quran and Sunnah as being a means of protection, there is a story of one of the Sahaba when they were on a journey, and they came across a boy who was affected affected, was afflicted by some form of spiritual disease, you know, whether it was see her or evil eye, Allah knows best. But this harbor is kept reciting Surah Fatiha for him and doing bluing on him until he was cured of this spiritual sickness. So from the the scholars have said the Surah Fatiha is also a means of protection. So, Surah Fatiha, the pools in idle kursi as well as eating ajua dates can protect us from all evil.

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So without Hamdulillah, we have completed the first four verses of surah Falak. We only have one verse left to go through. So just a quick recap again surah Allah is a surah of protection. And you know if you understand it, it will protect us more because we understand what we are seeking protection from, we can take the necessary steps to stay away from it. And we know that these things are evil so we ourselves do not fall into it. So this is the surah Allah Allah, Allah I seek protection in Allah from seek protection in Allah, the Lord of the dawn, min Sheree mahalo from the evil which he has created an evil of which he has created will mean surely Hossein is our club, and

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from the evil of the utterly dark night when it comes about.

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And you know, then we spoke about the evil of the night and why, why specifically the night. And then we now we spoke about warming, surely number 30 will occur from the evil of those magicians who blow in knots. So we have only one verse left to look at. And that is woman surely has seen is a hazard woman surely has seen either hazard and from the evil of those who are jealous when they manifest their jealousy. Now, this is a very interesting verse, because it deals with two very, very important topics, which a lot of people want to know about. And one is the topic of hazard jealousy, and the other is a topic related to hazard. It is a more severe form of hazard and jealousy. And

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that is iron ore as it is known in order to desert, the evil eye. So jealousy is of two types. One is those people who are jealous, and they act upon the jealousy and they do things to harm us. And the other is a jealousy, which is more subtle, which is, you know, we can't really see it, but it affects us psychologically it affects us to the gym, and that is known as the evil eye. So let's first look at a line because this is a topic which comes up time and time again. What is the evil eye? Is it real? You know, how do we deal with it?

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And what let's look at the different ideas exist in amongst us of what is the evil eye.

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They exist among Muslims today, three main attitudes towards the concept of the evil eye. The first attitude is that there's no such thing. We hear people say this that there's no such thing as the evil eyes or superstition. This is a wrong understanding because our fula sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us in authentic Hades. I know.

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I know how Cody's towards I know how can the evil eye is real. The evil eye is real.

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These are the words of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. So if he said it in that is it that is true, that the evil eye must be real.

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So we know that I know how could the evil eye is real. Now they also exist amongst the two different understanding of what is the evil eye.

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Something the evil eye affects us in a variety of ways, that even if somebody looks at somebody else happening it can also cause evil eye. And you know, this is one understanding. The other understanding is that the evil eye is linked to jealousy, that if someone is jealous of somebody else, and you know, the jealousy becomes extreme, then this empowers the jinn against that person. And based on the different verses of the Quran in different Hadees that exists on this topic. This seems to be the correct understanding of what is the evil that the evil eye is based on jealousy. And no Kamal jusy Rahim Allah has mentioned, every person who has evil eye is jealous, but not every

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jealous person has the evil eye. So jealousy is more general. And evil is a specific form of jealousy. So what is the evil eye? And how does it work? The evil eye is not necessarily to do with it is not necessarily to do with you looking at someone? Or it's to do with the heart? For how do you feel towards somebody else? And the way it works is that if a Muslim or anybody had to look at somebody else, and feel jealous of them, that why does that person have something which I don't have, and this jealousy grows, and it becomes a form of malice, it becomes a very extreme form of jealousy, then this has an effect. It gives the devil's power it gives the shader the gene power

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over the person. And then we find that evil because that person, for example, there is a story which took place at a time of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam amongst the Sahaba that one of the Sahaba who had very faced in he decided to have a bath in one of the streams. And while he was biting in the stream, another Sahabi who did not have a confection like him and wasn't very handsome. He looked at this a hubby was barking and had a fair skin and he felt some jealousy in his heart. And the one who was biting fainted, he fell unconscious and rasulillah slows down when it was brought to the attention what has happened, he said that your brother has been affected with the evil eye, he has

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been affected with the evil eye. So we can see from the story that is something which has a real effect that when we feel jealousy for somebody else, this jealousy has an impact you know through the gym, which causes that person to have some harm before then. So this is something which is very real.

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So I know Hakuna evil eye is real, and you can manifest itself in these ways. And it is something we should seek protection from. So this is regarding the evil eye. And

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as I said it works with agenda is difference of opinion on that really it works the gene or it just works on its own, but based on different hobbies. The idea of it working through the gene seems to be more correct understanding and Allah knows best. Mo came or mo Allah has mentioned that everyone who has the evil eye is jealous. That evil eye comes from jealousy. But not everybody who has jealousy has the evil eye. So sometimes you might feel jealousy, but you brush it aside, or you don't manifest it with evil thoughts, then this is not on the same level as having the evil eye but it is wrong. So that's why he says he says that jealousy is general and evil is specific. That's why

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Allah Allah subhanaw taala mentions jealousy, because Allah says, I seek protection in the jealous person. That this includes both jealousy and the evil eye. So it's using a bigger word to encompass both. So this is a new part of the beauty of the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala speaks in the Quran, he normally uses the more encompassing word. So in this case, instead of seeing the evil eye and jealousy, Allah subhanaw taala just used the word jealousy which refers to both jealousy and the evil eye. So this is regarding the concept of jealousy and the evil eye. Now, jealousy itself even without the evil eye is wrong. It is also wrong. Rasulullah Slocum has told us that jealousy eats up

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your good deeds, like how fire eats up what it is not permissible for a believer to feel jealous of somebody else. This is not a way a believer should be. This affects us in a variety of ways.

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Number one, you know as believers also some has told us that law you know had to come head to head he might have seen that none of you truly believed until you love for your brother. What you love for

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yourself. So if you love for others what you love for yourself, you will never feel jealous as to why they have good. Rather, you will be happy. When good happens to anybody. If somebody else gets a new car Alhamdulillah you're happy for them. If somebody else does well in the exam, or Hamdulillah, you're happy for them. If somebody else marries a good person, Alhamdulillah you're happy for them. Jealousy does not have a place in the heart of the believer, because we love For everyone else, what we love for ourselves. So this is the first point as to why we should never get jealous. It goes against the Islamic spirit of brotherhood. Furthermore, this jealousy is a form of ingratitude to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala that we, as Muslims, know that whatever happens, it happens with the rule of law. And anything good which happens to us is because Allah wants it to happen to us, anything good that happens to others, is because Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted it to happen to them. So when we are jealous of somebody else, we are being ungrateful to Allah. We are saying that Allah that we know better than Allah as to who deserves what, and the Arabic word for ingratitude is Kufa. This is a major thing in the Quran. Allah uses the word Cooper with two different meanings. Southern Allah uses the word Cooper to refer to disbelief. Other times he uses it to refer to in gratitude. So that

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shows you the civility of ingratitude. Because when you are ungrateful, you are, you know, being disrespectful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when somebody says, Why me? Why not me? Why does he have a nice kind I don't, you are being ungrateful to Allah 100 Islamic sugar for what we do have, and Rasulullah sussan has taught us how to do this Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has told us that when it comes to things of this world, we should look at those who have less than us, and not those who have more than us. And so behind the law in recent times, a psychological study has shown that this is very, very effective way to get rid of jealousy. If you look at modern psychological

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studies, it has proven that if a person is feeling jealousy, they should go and spend time with people who have less than them, and this jealousy will be will disappear from their hearts. So Subhanallah what modern psychology is teaching us today as a cure for jealousy has been shown to us by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam went for 1400 years ago. So inshallah we will take a break now and when we return, we'll continue discussing the concept of jealousy in Islam. Before we went for a break, we were focusing on the topic of jealousy. Looking at the first verse of surah Pollock, the final verse of surah. Allah in which Allah subhana wa Taala tells us to seek protection means Sheree

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has Eden is a hazard. Woman surely has it in is a hazard. No hazard jealousy is one of the major problems of our time, because of the modern lifestyle, and the materialistic and capitalistic life world that we live in. We live in a world where we have a rat race, and everyone is out to compete with each other. If somebody buys a new car, the next person wants to buy a better car. If somebody gets a big TV, the next person wants a bigger TV. If somebody gets the latest iPhone, the next person is trying to get the latest Galaxy phone. And we are constantly competing in this dunya we are constantly

00:33:27--> 00:34:09

reading and racing with each other to get better and better of this world. And if somebody has something good that we don't have, we can't afford in what happens we begin to feel jealous of them. Why do they have it and I don't, this is a completely an Islamic way to live our life. And Allah subhanaw taala talks about this in another surah which inshallah we will get an opportunity to do a detailed of syrup throughout the castle. wellness hunter tells us about her Kuma castle had the ultimate makabe that this, this competition to pile up the things of this world has strategy. It has distracted you until you visit the graves meaning until you die until we die we are distracted by

00:34:09--> 00:34:44

this world. And this we read the Quran and the standard and wake up. How many of us continue to live our lives like this, only thinking about how we can make more money, only thinking about how we can get a better car that that person will have a bigger wedding and so and so or to have a better house than another person. And we have this jealousy of our hearts of people who have what we don't. People are jealous of other people's spouses. They are jealous of other people's children. They are jealous when somebody else's child does well in school. We find this happen so often. Because we have been caught up in this world and we have forgotten our purpose in life. Our purpose in life is

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

not to compete with each other when it comes to this world. If we are excelling in this world, we should excel in this world for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah has told us whatever we do, we should do it with with excellence through any work and you

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

do our jobs, we do it with our son, we do it with excellence. We don't do it to compete with others. If we buy a new car, we buy it because we can afford it. And now we have a lot of money to buy, and we wanted it, we don't buy it to show off, we don't buy to put somebody else down and to make somebody else feel jealous. No these types of attitudes should not be in a believer, this should not be part of our makeup, that we are not here to do that. We are here to prepare for the next slide. We, the human race, were not created for this world. This world was created for us, we were created and put your as a test. And one day, we all will die. And we all will be resurrected. And we all

00:35:44--> 00:36:26

will stand before our Creator. And he will ask us, he will ask us about our lives. What do we do with it? Did we spend it and seeking the truth and trying to worship Him? And to get close to him? And to please Him? Or do we spend it in chasing after this world only interested in more and more more money? You know, so much older philosophers have said that people are such that if you had to give them an entire mountain of gold, what another mountain of gold, they will not be satisfied. This is how we are so unknown. Ask us about our life. He'll ask us about our youth. We spend it doing good doing social work, you know, serving the community doing human humanitarian work doing

00:36:26--> 00:37:08

our whatever good we can while we have young youth energy, or did we spend it in chasing off in this world and committing sins? Did we spend our time how do we spend our time? How did we earn our wealth? Did we earn our wealthy holidays? Or do we compromise the Sharia because we are greedy for money. Because if we truly believe in father, and we believe that everything is from Allah, and we will not compromise the Sharia, we will do whatever we do in the most halal of ways. Because we know we are still going to get what is up to us and allow for Baraka if we do it the way that it is? How do we spend our wealth? We spend it in uplifting the community in helping the poor in helping our

00:37:08--> 00:37:47

relatives who are not as well off as us? Or did we spend it on a lavish lifestyle, which made other people jealous of us. And we did it because we were jealous of others. So jealousy today is a major problem. It stems from this very materialistic lifestyle. And this is why as believers, we need to put our shelves out of the circle, pull yourself out of the circle completely. Take a break from the world and think about your life. Think about where we are headed. Are we headed towards the pleasure of Allah and eternal paradise? Are we headed in the other direction? And you know what I am referring to? So please my brothers and sisters, this issue of jealousy is a major issue. Rasulullah

00:37:47--> 00:38:17

sallallahu Sallam said that it eats up our good deeds, that how fire destroys the firewood. Imagine if you have a mountain of good deeds, but because you are jealous of other people, you are backbiting them, you are slandering them, you are trying to outdo them in the business and you're trying to put them down in the business so that they get they get run out of business or whatever it is just out of this jealousy that why are they doing well? Whenever good deeds you have will be taken from you and given to them. It'll be taken from you and give it to them and what will you be left with?

00:38:18--> 00:39:01

So please my brothers and sisters, this is a heart This is for my heart I am telling each and every one of us that we should break away from this, we should break away from this. There is no place in the heart of a believer for jealousy towards others. We love for others what we love ourselves. Again, a reminder of the Hadees I mentioned in the first half, where the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told us that lie you may know arducam you will not believe you will not be a true believer that you have Buddha, he by you Hebrew enough see that nobody will be a true believer until he loves for his brothers. What he loves for himself. And brother over here refers to everybody. It refers to

00:39:01--> 00:39:43

everybody. Anybody out there, you want for them what you want for yourself. We need to become selfless. We need to become such that we want good for ourselves. Yes, we want a nice car, we want a nice home, but we want it for everybody else as well. We don't want to be the one person in the city, living a nice fancy lifestyle, while all around us our neighbors are dying of poverty. No, we want everybody to succeed. And that is the attitude of a believer. So jealousy goes against this concept. It is it is uncanny to to create it we are we are being ungrateful to our Creator. If we are jealous, and it is against God is against believing in destiny that Allah subhanaw taala he has

00:39:43--> 00:39:53

decided for us. He's already decided how much we are going to earn. Allah subhanaw taala has already written for each and every one of us how much we are going to go. The only choice we have

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

is do we earn it in a halal or haram way. That is our choice do we only do the halal or haram we

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

are we spending it in the right way and the wrong way? And that's what we're going to be asked about. That's when the judgment Allah is not going to ask you, how much money did you make in this world? How many homes Did you own? How many cars Did you own? No, allows me to ask us these two things about well, how did you earn that wealth? And how did you spend?

00:40:19--> 00:40:35

Did you earn it in an ethical way? Or in a way, which is displeasing to Allah? And was injustice put other people down? Or did you? Did you spend it in a way which was lavish and extravagant and selfish? Or did you spend it in a way which was pleasing to Allah?

00:40:36--> 00:40:44

So when it comes to this world, we need to be very careful, it is very, very easy to fall into jealousy. And one of the biggest

00:40:45--> 00:40:59

evils that come from jealousy is that it creates malice and evil in the community. And so we find brothers who do not talk to each other for decades for years, because of jealousy. Why did my brother do well, in his business,

00:41:00--> 00:41:39

we find this happening between father and son, and brother and sister, and sometimes even between the husband and wife, his jealousy has no place was if we have jealousy, we have to work on our souls, we have to purify our souls of this evil, because it can only lead to an evil and, and to cause harm to others as well as ourselves. So jealousy and the evil eye, from from amongst the most evil things in this world, and that is why they are specifically singled out in the surah. With the verse woman surely has it in his or her said that we seek protection from those who are jealous when we are jealous. And we also seek protection from being jealous of others. Not only do we not want

00:41:39--> 00:41:43

others to be jealous of us, but we should make an effort not to be jealous of others.

00:41:44--> 00:42:20

Now, when it comes to jealousy, in Islam, there are two types of envy which are permissible. Firstly, by envy, which is permissible, we are not talking about jealousy. In this sense, the jealousy which we have been talking about all this time, and being Haram is when you don't want good for others. But if you want good for yourself, and for others, then this is something which is part of the game that we want good for everybody. And this is not jealousy. This is something which is acceptable. Rasulullah saw some city specifically for two types of people you should have, that I want what they have, without them losing it. Those two types of people are number one person who has

00:42:20--> 00:42:56

a lot of knowledge and that knowledge, they are using it to make a difference in this world. Who would you want to have what they have you want that knowledge, but you don't want them to lose it? Or how do you want them to have it as well. You want them to continue doing the good work that they're doing, but you want to do it as well. This is something which is encouraged in Islam. And the other is a person who has a lot of halaal wealth. And he's using it in charity. He's using it in social upliftment. He's using it in humanitarian works. He's using his wealth for good. It is part of our team, that we want to be like him that we aspire to be like that. And we look at that person

00:42:56--> 00:43:20

and say, I want to be like that man. I want to be like that woman who is spinning her well, for the sake of Allah. So this is not jealousy. This is where you want that person to still have good, but you want it for yourself as well. And this is something which is part of our Deen and she's something which is encouraged. So we'll give jealousy is when you don't want for the next person because you want it for yourself and you are selfish, and this is evil.

00:43:21--> 00:43:24

This is something which Islam is completely against.

00:43:25--> 00:43:58

So even more important for us in seeking protection in jealousy is to make sure that we ourselves are not jealous, and we ourselves are not the cause of the evil I have the next person. And the only way to do that is to constantly check our intentions constantly purify our souls, recite a lot of Quran, understand it, follow it, practice it. Read your Salah, five daily Salah, pray extra Salah fast as much as you can do whatever you can to stay close to Allah and to avoid this world from entering our hearts and corrupting us.

00:43:59--> 00:44:33

Because it is very, very easy to be corrupted, and to fall into this form of chasing after the world and materialism. Now, this is regards to jealousy. And 100 Allah, Allah Subhana Allah has revealed to us Surefire luck as protection. So whatever have mentioned, as things which protect us from the magic, also serve as protect us from the evil eye, and jealousy. So that includes surah Pollock, Surah Fatiha and I do karate. So hamdulillah These are some of the

00:44:35--> 00:45:00

ways of protecting ourselves from evil and whatever hamdulillah we have come to the conclusion of our fear of the surah we have spent two Wednesdays two hours discussing a five verse surah of the Quran. This is the power and the depth of the Quran. That is why I always encourage everybody, don't just read the Quran, understand it, because the more you understand the Quran, the deeper it goes. every verse of the

00:45:00--> 00:45:24

Quran can be spoken about for pages and pages on it, because every word of Allah is so deep and so full of wisdom. And we see this in Surah Fatiha that it took us two hours to do a Tafseer of Surah Fatiha, which is only five lines. And if we wanted to go even more detailed because it made us even five hours, you could have spent one hour each of us and is enough to have seen of the sooner you do that.

00:45:25--> 00:45:31

So, a quick recap of what is the Tafseer of Surah Fatiha before we conclude, we mentioned

00:45:32--> 00:46:13

that last week, the Surah Fatiha was revealed for protection from evil. And we said that it was mentioned specifically three types of evil I mentioned specifically in the surah. The first is the evil that takes place at night. Because at night is the easiest time to commit sins at night is a time when most forms of evil take place. So if somebody wants to rob someone else's house they normally do tonight, reciting surah Pollock, where we ask Allah to protect us from the evil that takes place at night includes robberies, it includes those who try to rob our houses at night. Right. And other evils also take place at night, our own sins, magic, all these things take place

00:46:13--> 00:46:53

during the night, the darkness of the night, when people think nobody else is watching you. And we ask Allah to protect us from that. And the sacred thing which was mentioned was see her magic, which we mentioned, even though most of what we see today is superstitions or tricks or illusions, there is a reality to magic It is something which really exists. And it is something which can you slap is evil. And it is Cooper it is disbelief to learn it and to practice it, it is something we should have nothing to do with whatsoever, and that we should seek protection from. And finally, from jealousy and the evil eye, that jealousy is something which does not have a place in the heart of a

00:46:53--> 00:47:31

believer. Our hearts should be full of love our hearts, our hearts should love for others. When we love ourselves, our hearts should want to see everybody succeed. You know, we should not want to see somebody else calls so that we can succeed. This cutthroat mentality that for my business to do well, I have to put the other person's business down. This has no place in Islam. Muslim should never think like this. A Muslim should want to succeed with all the brothers and sisters in Islam, and he should not be selfish. We should never ever be selfish. It is selfishness, which is one of the causes of jealousy. So if you want to remove jealousy from your heart, start becoming selfless,

00:47:31--> 00:48:06

start giving to others, you start spending on others, and you will see that this will be removed from our hearts. And the other method mentioned for removing jealousy is to look at those who don't have what we have. Spend time with people who don't have a car. And you will be grateful that at least you have a car even if it's an old car, spend time with people who don't have children, and you'd be grateful for your children and stuff. And you stop complaining about you spend time with people who are not married and you stop complaining about your husband or wife. Right people today we are we are so caught up in complaining about what's going on in our lives. We forget about people

00:48:06--> 00:48:13

who don't have what we have. So think about those who have less than us and this will ensure that the benefit to us.

00:48:14--> 00:48:23

So with that inshallah hamdulillah we have completed our tafsir of Surah Surah Allah is a very important surah Rasulullah saw some call it one of

00:48:24--> 00:49:04

the two protectors along with Uranus. If we understand it and use it properly, we can protect ourselves from all forms of evil, especially the evil that occurs at night, magic, jealousy and the evil eye. Thus, we must recite the surah It is recommended in Islam but in this lineage we must do it for our own protection every morning and evening after budget and after McGriff, Salah. And of course we have to pray five times a day we weren't allowed to accept our doors. So we have to do this every day for seeking Allah subhanaw taala protection from this evil. So inshallah next week we will continue looking at the other protection Surah Surah. And that's because as you say Rasulullah

00:49:04--> 00:49:42

saw Islam. He said both of the sutras together and he called him Alma over the theme that to protect us. So we have looked at one this week we'll have the de la inshallah next week we'll continue with out of here and look at the deceit of the next Surah Surah NASS, which is the second of the two protection sutras and that surah do specifically with protection from the whispers of the devil and you know the evil which he tries to lead us towards. So he will speak in details about the Devil Satan, and, you know, how, how we try to lead people astray, and how to stay away from the evil. So inshallah We look forward to discussing that topic next week. So, until we meet again, Jesus Allah

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hi Ron. quatro, Davina and hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh